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ClockworkMod Touch beta goes live for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S

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Android developer Koush has been working on a touch enabled version of his popular ClockworkMod Recovery for quite some time now. He posted a teaser video on Friday, January 27,  and already there’s a beta version available to download for the Galaxy Nexus and GSM Nexus S.

Announced on Google+, both versions (Verizon CDMA, international GSM) of the Galaxy Nexus are supported in the beta, but only the GSM Nexus S is. Not much information was made available on the beta, but so far reports seem good. There’s over 50 comments on the original Google+ post with download links, many of which are users confirming everything works well.

If you’re comfortable with Fastboot and understand the risks involved with flashing a recovery still in beta, head on over to Google+ to download Koush’s touch-based ClockworkMod Recovery now. To get an idea of how the recovery will work, check out the video below. If you decide to install the recovery, let us know how it works in the comments below.

Source: Android Police

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  • Nate B.

    I am so happy for this. The darn volume button to go up and down is crazy on the Galaxy Nexus. it skips like 3 times up or down when you want to just go to the one right above it or below. I think he should give it a sharp ICS look as it goes on. Koush!

    • booyootoo

      I have it running for a few weeks now and its awesome. Especially when flashing roms and going through a while list just works great.

      It also features gestures to go back and confirm so no physical button is needed at all.

      I had zero issues with it (beta 4 i think).

      I can recommend it to everyone.
      (galaxy nexus owner)

      • booyootoo

        Well, gestures are out of the final version (as far as i can see now).

  • spazby

    Great for nexus owners

  • Thomas Biard

    Even though I have volume buttons that work fine, I would love this! Especially when trying to scroll through a list of files to flash. I’m really looking forward to another gem by ClockworkMod

  • Zak Lambert

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. I know there are others that do it but I’d rather stick with Koush.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    I’ve always loved the Clockworkmod recovery. Glad to see Koush is trying the touchscreen route (like other recovery images), it will make my ROM flashing even faster and more addicting.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    To be honest, custom recovery UIs haven’t been intuitive ever since they lost the trackball on the G1. “Volume up, volume down, now try each one of the capacitive buttons until you figure out which one means OK”.

  • taketheleap

    ClockworkMOD is still one of the reasons I push Android over iOS to friends and family.

    • Dustin Earley

      Is everyone in your family into hacking phones? ;)

      • vij


  • Nathan D.

    That looks cool I wish I could test it out but the video isn’t bad either :-)

  • classic_hero

    this should alleviate some occasional hassle

  • Billy

    Sweet. Looks very cool … probably unnecessary .. but still very cool and come on … this is where half the fun resides!!!!

  • Anne A

    The current ROM I’m using uses 4ext Touch Recovery and I’ve enjoyed using it because the volume rocker selection was really getting old. I wouldn’t mind giving this new Clockworkmod Recovery a try, though I’m still hoping that Amon Ra will release his recovery for Sensations. LOL. I know I’ll be waiting forever…

  • Silgrond

    Can anyone share the wallpaper that’s in the article’s image (on the phone)?