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Netflix app now available in UK and Ireland

netflix Image via: Lifehacker

Netflix made its popular content streaming service available in the United Kingdom and Ireland yesterday. Previously exclusive to the US, Canada and various parts of Latin America, our friends across the pond can now enjoy movies and TV shows streamed to their TV or internet connected device.

This launch also brings with it the Netflix Android application, so any Netflix users will also be able to stream movies and TV shows straight to their Android smartphones and tablets. The Netflix app is the same one enjoyed elsewhere around the world and includes recent UI improvements Netflix has made to the application.

If you live in the UK or Ireland and haven’t yet signed up for Netflix, be sure to head over to the Global Signup page to get your account started. Accounts start at £5.99 or €6.99, and usually Netflix offers a 14 or 30 day free trial. If you have signed up for the service, you’ll certainly want to head over to the Android Market and download the Netflix application. Let us know how you’re enjoying the Netflix service and application by leaving a comment below.


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    Sir Keridel. I know your happy :)

  • delinear

    This is good news, but data caps are going to be a real headache for people initially. I bet most people in the UK don’t even know what their data cap is, because they never hit it while merely browsing the internet/Facebook/etc, but they’ll burn through it once they start streaming movies.

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I never expected them to go outside North and South America. When will they come to Europe? If they don’t move fast enough, some European company will take their place. I am not even mentioning Asia, I consider it an even bigger market than US or Europe.

    • Futureboy

      The question is, in the UK, are you charged overage fees for data or are you just throttled?
      If it’s the former, it will be a hard lesson in data management. If it’s the latter, it will at worst be inconvenient. Either way, if your phone doesn’t have a native data manager, there are a few really good free ones on the market that give you both widget and notification bar status of data usage.

      • delinear

        It tends to be throttling for home broadband (where some providers still have woefully low data caps, and even the unlimited ones throttle you if they consider you’re going over their “fair use” cap) and I believe overcharging for data (although it’s been a while since I looked at this since my last contract had unlimited data and ICS has built in data management). Either way I think you’re right, people are going to learn that data allowance isn’t a bottomless pit and they need to be careful.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Great to hear that more people can now enjoy Netflix! Wonder if there is any special content that the UK and Ireland will get that we don’t here in North America. Good news either way.

  • alterSchw3de

    Is the content the same like in the US and is there a cheap UK VPN provider?

  • vid500

    Ok now just bring it to the rest of Europe. That would be amazing.

  • Painman

    We have an up and coming network in the UK called 3 that are offering truly unlimited (No FUP) data and more included minutes and texts than you are likely to ever use.

    This network was made for this type of content.

    Bring it on :)

    • haz

      I just like how Avatar made the preview picture. What a great show

  • yankeesusa

    Hopefully this helps netflix in the us by giving them some needed revenue. I just read that netflix is getting ready to sign contracts with sony, disney and some other company. This is good news.

    • delinear

      I signed up last night and tried out the app on my phone and the xbox so I thought I’d give some initial views for anyone thinking about trying this.

      Content seems to be a bit thin at the moment, hopefully more is on the way. There’s probably enough on there to keep me occupied for a couple of months (a lot of what I consider “good stuff” I already own but it’s a bonus being able to watch it without digging out the disk) but not a lot of recent stuff, and the TV section is much lighter than I expected (actually I was more interested in this for the TV shows than the movies).

      Playback was nice and smooth on the phone and via the XBOX app over WiFi (I’m on the lowest tier broadband my cable provider do – 10Mb I think). I also had a quick try over the mobile network, the picture was obviously downscaled a little but still watchable on the Nexus, I didn’t play with it too long though – I’m still getting used to having a data cap. A nice touch though is that you can also pick up on one device where you left off on a different device, so if you do catch part of a movie on the phone you can carry on watching it on the big screen later without having to hunt around.

      The app itself seems more responsive on the phone, scrolling around on the XBOX took ages but it’s quick and smooth on the phone. The search function helps with this and it’s nice to get recommendations for “similar” films/shows, but I’d like this to me a bit more fine-grained (like show me movies with the same actors/directors/etc). Again, the search shows up the current lack of content.

      Overall definitely worth a try – you do have to give them a credit card number to sign up but the first month is free, which should be more than enough time to try the service out, and they claim that you can cancel at any time (if you cancel after the first month you only get billed for that current month) and that the process is all online, so no arguing with some “customer service” person on the phone in order to cancel, both of which take a lot of the risk and hassle out of this IMO.