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Resident Evil 4 now available on Android, but not for everyone


The Resident Evil game saga has made a huge impact on our generation. Among other classics, these zombie-killing games have been one of the most acclaimed, and one of the most popular ones is out today for Android – Resident Evil 4.

Don’t go rushing to the Android Market just yet, though. This treat is not for everyone, as LG has exclusivity for a while. The sad part is that this is not only exclusive to LG users, but there are a couple more requirements one needs to fulfill to enjoy this game.

This Capcom hit will temporarily only be available for Korean users that own an LG 4G LTE U+ device. We are sure that 4G LTE is not a system requirement, though. Any device with the appropriate hardware should be able to run this game.

Resident Evil 4 runs for â‚©5,500 (about $5), and is available today if you happen to fulfill all the requirements. We certainly hope that this game makes it to other devices, as well as other countries, as soon as possible. But for now, let’s just be jealous for a while and stick to our current games.

Will any of you be willing to spend $5 on this game? What other games are you still waiting for? I know I am still dreaming about playing Final Fantasy 7 on my Android devices.

Via: The Verge

Source: LG

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  • cwjones4

    This was one of my favorite titles for gamecube. I would get it again for $5, if only for nostalgia’s sake

    • Jeff Pan

      I want to play Age of Empires on Android!

      • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco


      • scores87

        too bad that ensemble studios doesn’t exist anymore and that it was owned by microsoft (I think they would use it as an exclusive for WP7)

      • vicky

        Yeah me too

  • spazby

    Final fantasy rules

    • Edgar Cervantes

      LOL! Totally true…

      • Urwa

        How can I download it

  • mustybooks

    Got to love Resident Evil and please let them bring FF7 to android! Got the classic FFs on emulator though ;)

    Anyway, at the rate of hardware improvement we’ll be playing FF13 soon enough.

    • mustybooks

      on our phones that is

  • trev186

    Ff7 has run on android for almost 2 years via an emulator perfectly….as does 90% of other ps1 games

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Seriously, Google needs to approach Nintendo and lure them into making Android games (make it Android exclusive, please.) Nintendo is feeling pressure from the smartphone mobile gaming challenge, and Google has a chance to form a partnership with them if it can convince Nintendo that such a deal is good for their future.

    • DroidRocker

      That would b a good look we need more games coming to the Android. Apple has so much great titles street fighter just to shoot out there, I think developers will finally look our way this year

  • curtis

    I can’t wait for the USA market to get resident evil. I am currently playing dead space on my HTC 3D EVO and shadow gun. I am huge FF7 fan and would scream like a 12y/o Justin beiber fan if it came to Android.

    • trev186

      Search FPSE in the market and start screaming

  • BigCiX

    Another way how to make a person buy their phone. JUST UPDATE MY DAMN THRILL 4G already LG!!!!!!!

  • josegb2011

    One game they need to bring is god of war..that will be epic..come on sony surprise me with the xperia play 2 and some gow..


    This its so dumb. Certain system, certain country, certain brand… Blah blah

  • Bryan

    Keep an eye on xda it’ll be up soon

    • jonathan rung

      Yeah, it’ll surface in some murky corners of the internet before the international launch, but XDA? XDA explicitly prohibits promotion or discussion of warez in any way, shape or form. And not just because they don’t want a lawsuit: it’s a community of developers, many of whom earn their living from their software revenue!

      I’m not offended by your comment, I just wanted to defend XDA. We may be entering a brave new SOPA/PIPA world and I don’t want our overlords to take aim at XDA. If our elected officials don’t understand the problems with SOPA then I have little hope they would understand ROMs, bootloaders, root permissions, etc.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Lg still is USELESS…..

    • squiddy20

      And you’re still just as stupid as you were 2 years ago, only difference between then and now is that you’re less of a cheerleader for HTC and more of one for Samsung. Same boring old insults (calling everything “useless”), same stupid outdated saying (such as “suck rotten eggs”), same misinformed “tips” (such as telling everyone to uninstall the apps they don’t use on an hourly basis simply because they’re “running in the background and draining the battery”- not true of most apps), same extremely biased, conceited viewpoints (“My Galaxy Nexus rules all forevarrrrrr!”). Nope, nothing’s changed. Remind me who’s “useless” again?

  • damambt

    these are the kind of games that are going to make the Galaxy Note popular!

  • MoSDeeb

    Can anyone recommend a good Bluetooth controller for mobile gaming?

  • donger

    nice, can’t wait.

  • Kerb

    I am so tired of the Chinese and Korean public getting these new devices! Why can’t the Americans get something new for a change and be on the top of the device world again?

  • Lana

    I remember when I bought my first resident evil game, played it in the dark and got so scares that I actually returned the game. LOL. The good ‘ol days.

  • JK

    Japan = Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera
    South Korea = Samsung, LG, Pantech
    Taiwan = HTC, Acer
    China = Huawei, ZTE
    Finland = Nokia
    USA = Motorola

    This is why Americans can’t get something first.

    • jay miller

      Moto did give us the xoom, and its running ice cream sandwich today.

  • Paul Readman

    I finally found out the answer i was looking for and what the hell are LG doing with Res 4? The Game which i actually played when i had an 3gs iphone was fantastic and there was another resident evil game as well, which was free. NOw i have an s2 and google play have finally relased giftcards, when to find it, nowhere to be seen. I thought here we go, only for iphone. What the hell is going on release the game to android and i will buy it. Mainly the reason i bought the card in the first place. Capcam, what did you give LG only right, does not make sense at all