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Acer Iconia Tab A200 now available; basically an A500 with improved software


The Acer Iconia Tab A200 was announced earlier this month, and while we expected it to be released last January 15, it is just now hitting Best Buy stores. When announced, the tablet seemed like just another A500, but the difference seems to lie on its software.

The specs are pretty much what we are used to from any 2011 Honeycomb tablet. It comes with a Tegra 2 dual-core processor, Honeycomb OS, 16 GB/8 GB of internal storage, a 10.1-inch (1280×800) display, 1 GB of RAM and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Not to mention the fact that this device comes with a flurry of ports, which is typical of Acer Android tablets (USB, micro USB, 3.5 mm headset jack, proprietary power port and microSD card slot).

What really makes this better than the A500, though, is the customization that Acer has integrated into this bad boy. If you remember, last week during CES we covered the Acer Iconia Tab A510, which was a Tegra 3 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich. This tablet had a UI overlay that really caught our attention. And whether you like custom manufacturer UIs or not, it actually brought some rather cool functionality.

The A200 has the same features we saw with the A510, and a bit more. Aside from the virtual command center, Acer has decided to include an HTC Sense-like lock screen. It includes accessible shortcuts that one can activate by dragging the unlock “bubble” to one of the icons. To see what this is all about, check out the video that the guys from Android Central have put together.

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 does not come with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), but Acer promises that it will be getting its tasty upgrade in February. If you are interested in purchasing this bad boy, the 16 GB version is now available from Best Buy at $349.99.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Do you guys like Acer’s UI features, or would you rather stick with stock ICS? At this price, would you rather wait for Asus’ $250 Tegra 3, Android 4.0 beast?

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Source: Best Buy

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  • http://willoughbyjunction.com Jayson Olson

    I’m gonna have to pass on this one Alex and wait for the Asus.

    • Jeff Pan

      People seems to be waiting for Transformer. But wait there is going to be a certain Galaxy Tab to be announced at MWC ;)

    • HoustonHeart

      THe A200 lacks some features of the A500, and once the OS is unfied across the A100 200 and 500 series, it will be apparent.

      Basically the A200 is a cost effective version of the A500 but lacks the rear camera and a key other feature.

      In the latest Acer display demo’s there are no difference in the interface and softaware, except the A200′s contrast ration seems to be lower.

      THe A700 proto however is really nice with that 3d display.

  • spazby

    Waiting for new transformer

  • dacatalyst41

    I would be waiting for an Asus Prime or an Asus MeMO. 2011 specs arent as impressive anymore and considering that, Acer shouldve prices this around the $250 price point with the MeMO.

    • AppleFUD

      Think I’ll be going with the MeMo for $250. The 7″ tablet is just easier to use when laying around and in bed (when I use it most), and a 10″ Transformer’s keyboard is a little cramped–would much prefer an ~12″ Transformer.

      Was considering some of the other 7″ tablets but the MeMo looks to have all you could ask for at that price. Until these tablets have the power and software to replace my laptop they pretty much toys and the 7″ wins there imo.

      As for this Acer tablet, not a chance. might as well get the previous version–at least it has an aluminum back. This tablet looks to be a total fail. And how bad is their “new software” going to make things? I’ll pass!

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    The company I work for has been selling these for a couple weeks now. I have to say, I am not too impressed with the hardware nor the UI skin.

  • Beachman59

    No hdmi out is a big minus. Should have read” basically an a500 with improved software, no rear camera, plastic back, and NO HDMI”. You can download UI themes and launchers from the market if u want to change the UI . The a500 is a $450 tablet that can be found for$350. The a200 is a $350 tablet you can buy for $350,no discount because it is new on the market. Who does this guy work for?BB?

  • Jason Berek-Lewis

    I’d really love to pick up the $250 Acer tablet as my first taste of ICS and Android!

  • New Android Tablet

    The Acer Iconia Tab A200 remains cool

  • vid500

    I’m sciping this one and wait again a few months for the new transformer P, but I think it’s worth waiting. But they are certenlly not playing in the same price class.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I’m just stoked my Transformer Prime from Amazon should be getting here Monday!

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    I’m excited for the $250 asus tegra 3 tablet, i’ll pass on this one. :)

  • OnIn2

    That strategy confuses me. It sounds just like my A500. Why would they make to 10 inch tables with basically (tweaked) the same specs ?

    HW manufactures using Android need to focus on fewer items, and just make them really good.

  • Jeremy

    I’m totally picking this up. As someone who more wants than needs a tablet, it’s at a great price point. I had a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and though I liked it, I hate that it lacked any ports, an SD slot, etc. I don’t need a camera, I have a nice point and shoot, and my Amaze 4G has a great camera on it. For the price point, this is a great featured tablet.

  • Perry

    I had the a500 and returned it for the OG transformer. The wifi reception on the acer was horrible.

  • CaptainBuck

    If you care about sound from the tablet, the A500 far and away had the best built in sound. I’m guessing from the look of the back of the A200 that continues. I’ll take this firmware for my A500 and be happy. .

  • ratm4ever269

    I have the Acer a200 and I love it. I bought an iPad when they originally came out and this Acer blows it out of the water. I will always be an android lover now BC of my Acer tablet