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Acer teases their first quad-core Android tablet


Today Acer announced a new pair of ultrabooks, but the real star of the show was an unnamed Android tablet they teased for about five seconds. No details were provided on the tablet, but we recognized it as the previously-leaked Acer Iconia Tab A700.

The only details that Acer provided on the tablet was that it had a quad-core processor and 10-inch display with native full HD 1080p. Earlier leaks suggested the Iconia Tab A700 also features¬†1920×1200 resolution, Tegra 3 processor, 5 MP camera with flash, Dolby Digital audio, micro-HDMI port, microSD card slot, a dedicated rotation lock switch and a¬†9800 mAh battery.

We got to spend a few minutes of hands-on time with the A700 and found it was running a mostly stock version of Android 4.0. The only addition I saw was a “ring UI” that appeared on the lock screen and allowed you to quickly launch multiple applications. An Acer representative said they don’t really plan to mess with the stock Android UI too much. Instead they will focus on other value-added services like AcerCloud.

No release date or pricing information was revealed, but we should learn more at MWC next month. Check out the gallery below and come back in a few minutes to see the hands-on video. (It’s uploading now).

acer-unveil IMG_5185 IMG_5186 IMG_5187 IMG_5188 IMG_5189 IMG_5190 IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5196 IMG_5197 IMG_5203 IMG_5206

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    why would they spend on 5 secs on it ?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It was only a tease. Today’s press event was all about ultrabooks.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Woah. Its aqesoke to hear that Acer wont be messing with the stock UI because there’s really no need for it. But that 1080p resolution sounds amazing. And that battery is huge! Lol

    • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus


  • lokidokie

    That actually looks pretty awesome.
    I’m probably going to pass on the Prime, so maybe this one?!?!

  • stenzor

    1080p videos in my lap? Sounds like a deal… this may really improve Acer’s name

  • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

    It’s fantastic to see manufacturers recognising just how good ICS looks already.

  • M3rc Nate

    This is great except i really want a Transformer Prime haha. Its probably a mistake to jump on the Tablet band wagon right now, considering resolution keeps getting better and better, so does the glass used, camera specs, etc. But idk…that Prime+Keyboard dock is EXACTLY what i want. Im sure i will be more than happy with it for 2 years then sell it and get something new.

  • thekaz

    This looks great, but with the iPhone 5 rumored to be quadcore, all the Apple Fanboys will be talking about how revolutionary it is and why didn’t anyone think of quadcore before??

  • droilfade

    An so it begins :D Boy, I can’t wait to see what we’ll get outta CES this year! This seems like a good start.

  • DroidPower

    Way to go Acer for saying they won’t mess too much with the UI. Wonder if this is Acer’s way of saying they want to be the manufacturer for Google’s own tablet in the future…

  • AsakuraZero

    i stay with Asus, their desing is just beautiful and the keyboard dock.

    i can live with the resolution, i mean i have a 17″ laptop @1080p i can see the pixels on it, even the dead ones are big >_> i can live with the resolution of the prime. people is just….

    now we need to see how asus push the ICS, but with they record its going to be little to no modified at all

    • sunrise

      Did you not hear the Asus Transformer Prime has a “design” flaw?

      The aluminum back interferes with GPS and WiFi, resulting in very poor signal strength and performance that is not resolvable with a software update. Asus themselves released a statement confirming the problem and they also admitted that they have removed GPS from the Prime’s specification list.

      So much for thoughtful design. Yes it is beautiful, but beauty should never interfere with the functionality of a technology product. That much money for a faulty product? No thanks.

      Faulty GPS and WiFi definitely removes the Asus Transformer Prime as a consideration for top Android tablet. They will release a 3G Prime with a plastic back which will remedy the problem in 3G models.

      I look forward to this Acer tablet. Acer makes great products.


      • honourbound68

        If this is true then it’s disappointing

  • YMS123

    2012 Year of the Quadcore!

  • spazby

    I am drooling already…. CES rules

    • sunrise

      I might be wrong but I don’t think CES starts until January 10, and ends January 13.


  • Arun01

    It looks good but where are the speakers?

  • dacatalyst41

    Price point is going to determine where Acer makes its mark in the tablet world. Asus is now able to sell a tablet at $499 because they captured consumer attention with the Transformer’s high end specs and lower cost.
    Message to Acer: Earn the right to match industry pricing by using a quality product with lower price point to foster a faithful following.

  • Nathan D.

    Why do they tempt me so!

  • kevin n

    Why didn’t you go into the settings page!?

  • Matthew Reynolds

    pretty sure this is going to be my first tablet :D ( well i had the a100 but had to return it :( )

  • aranea

    I’m excited about this one.

  • Steve

    Price and release date please.

    Great looking tablet, but I’m very suspicious on the price & release… Q2 and you are possibly looking at competing with iPad 3. If the price is above $500 and you are also.. possibly looking at iPad 3 price range.

  • integrate

    Quadcore ICS and still a laggy POS.

    If Jellybean doesn’t fix all this BS, I might seriously think about switching over the Apple products.

  • Hall Lo

    1920 x 1200? That’s insane!

  • r

    1920 x 1200 = more more lagggggggggggggggg

  • vid500

    Really nice. I’m glad that the resolution of the tablets is getting bigger.

  • BigDog1

    I was set on the ATP until I really start to look at the specs and realize that aside from the sd card slot it has no other input, now with the design flaw revealed it is really out for me. Acer A700 will fill the slot nicely, most of ATP specs, higher resolution screen and MAINLY usb host port. this means I can carry a couple of 1080p .mkv movies on my 64GB stick and still have my sd card free for other things.

  • Claw Digital Review

    For Android its the other way round (especially on ICS) – on tablets I find it mediocre but love it on phones. Have yet to see a flagship ICS tablet when my opinion might change. Claw Digital Review