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ASUS MeMo 370T could be a Kindle killer; Tegra 3 for $250

memo 370t placeholder Image via: TechCrunch

Earlier today, a press release for the ASUS EEE Pad MeMo ME171 was made available that put consumers on the edge about the tablet. According to the release, it would launch with a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm 8260, Android 4.0, a 7-inch 1280×800 display, 5 megapixel camera and up to 32GB of storage. We speculated that if it was priced anything like the Transformer Prime, it would probably come in at around $350. Well NVIDIA has just pulled a rabbit out a hat, announcing an improved MeMo model that will come with a Tegra 3 and retail for just $250.

The Kindle Fire and Nook tablets have both sold well over the holiday season. While the content available and advertisements surrounding the devices certainly helped, seeing the $199-$249 price tag is what really had shoppers pulling the trigger. Power users and Android enthusiasts however, weren’t quite as tempted by the low prices. You definitely pay a lot less for a device like the Kindle Fire over the Transformer Prime, but it shows in performance. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the power of the Transformer Prime in a Kindle Fire-like device that actually cost around the same amount of money? That’s where the EEE Pad MeMo 370T from ASUS comes in.

With the MeMo 370T, ASUS will completely blow the competition out of the water. For a mere $250 dollars, you get a a 7-inch 1280×800 display with a killer pixel density and a full blown Tegra 3 processor. You may argue that the Kindle Fire has Amazon’s ecosystem backing it, but with Google Music, the Android Market, a wide array of video apps and a certified Kindle reading app, the ecosystem boosting the MeMo is just as robust as the Kindle Fire’s, if not more so.

When it comes down to it, if you’re in the market for a smaller tablet, the ASUS MeMo 370T is a no brainer.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the MeMo for release date information once it’s made available.

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  • YMS123

    “Could be ” sarcasm right? And why just Kindle killer?, more like any 7 inch tablet killer

    • Taknarosh

      I agree, look at the stats as far as activation go with the Fire and Playbook over the Holidays.

      The Memo has, superior software, hardware and is priced right at the throats of the other 7-inch tablets.

      This is a clear winner, now ASUS just has to push it out. I’me really surprised how they didn’t pump the hype machine for this tablet. It clearly is setup to be THE tablet for the mass market.

      People want Tablets, that’s clear. BUT most don’t want to stomach the $400+ price tag.

      • Jeff Pan

        Yes, this definitely looks like a killer device!

      • LukeT32

        Pretty sure I found my birthday present to myself!

        • Nathan

          Can I call it that if I get it 6 months early?

      • epps720

        This definitely destroys all other 7″ tablets. Let’s just hope that Asus get’s this launch right for once. Ship out a proper amount for launch and make sure everything works, i.e. GPS on the Prime.

        • jojo921

          The GPS works well on the Prime. The Apple fanboys are flooding the web with bad comments because they are jealous. The wifi is a lot better on my prime than on my Asus notebook pc. I get wifi in places the pc doesn’t. So all these bad comments are bs

  • Lightning7

    Looks like the Nexus tablet has some more competition

  • dacatalyst41

    I wonder what the specs on the shooters look like? Camera’s make a difference. With that being said, there is no CURRENT market competition at that price point.

    • TaoRenCe

      Engadget says it’s 8 megapixels!

      • jz

        But no front facing camera…. that is a killer for me.

        • moonpaladin


          • jcasti

            Actually, a front facing camera is somewhat of a deal-breaker for me as well, at least as a primary tablet (I like to use my iPad to Skype/Facetime). But the low price of this thing will make it a very nice second tablet.

        • Jimbo

          Come on don’t come with that, I think the $250 price tag is the perfect sacrifice =)

  • DroidPower

    They have to market this real well… surprised to see that not many manufacturers have advertised their product with Google’s own apps on their devices to showcase that they too can compete with ecosystems that Amazon has.

  • rantmo

    Now *that’s* what I’m talking about! That’s a great-looking tablet at a competitive price and whether or not it does anything to the Fire’s sales (a point that I’m frankly a little dubious about) it will hopefully help establish a strong middle price range market and start driving tablet prices down into an affordable range.

  • phaet2112

    be interesting to see their distribution channels, since the nook benefits from being in store.

  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    I am going to get one of these, get me a Google Voice number, buy a gigantic belt holster, and use this sexy sumbitch as my phone.

    • Dustin Earley

      I’ll foot the bill if you engrave “PimpFone” on the back.

    • Kenny Gates


      comment Eva!!!

    • Big J

      LoL! Nearly choked on my green tea after reading that comment. Good one.

    • millgate

      Hello Jess,

      Coming to you from the UK ….

      This product is’nt as big as you make it sound … it will probably go into your shirt pocket.

      I recommend you get yourself a good earpiece+mic from Plantronics. I’ve used my Dell Streak 5 like that ever since I bought it. Works very well.

      The only problem you’ll be left with is signing to people that you’re on the phone … grin !!

      Have a lot of fun ….

  • 2C

    I’m really interested in this, but I’ll be holding off just a bit to see what Google has up it’s sleeve. I have to admit I want this in the worst way though.

  • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com pryvateid

    I was just about to ask “When’s it coming out?”, lol. A tablet is a late birthday gift from me & my parents have been asking on a update on which one I want, so…………..lol. Sometime soon would be nice that this thing releases.

  • spazby

    Sign me up

  • txbluesman

    Wow! Get that thing out on the market. I’m ready for something like that. Thanks for that info Dustin.

  • AsakuraZero

    so apple wanted to release a cheap 7″ ipad, well looks like Asus is the one being bit on its toes by apple.

    the tegra3 power horse for 250 bucks have become THE tablet of chose for the 7″ form factor.

    now with the Prime MK2 (let me call it the mark2) asus its sure Whipping the rivals and hard…

    lets see what samsung have under their sleeve

  • Danny Calderon

    At $250 I would definitely buy it

    • Andy_jr

      I agree. If other companies can get it down to this price, things will get very interesting. If not, Asus will have a field day.

  • cb2000a

    Very nice….anyone want to buy a Acer Iconia 500?

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Hard to resist, I am sure this will be added to my collection.

  • Anne A

    I’ve been holding out on grabbing the Nook Tablet, just in case CES holds some nice surprises. And, I’m certainly glad I did! I can’t wait to see what other 7″ tablet goodness comes out from the competition ^_^

  • Raptor

    HAHAHAHA “killer pixel density”

    You mean 215 PPI ?


  • sunrise

    Will it have GPS? Bluetooth?

    • androidindia

      i guess so , thats like the minimum required specs these days :P
      back then only my nokia had GPS XD

  • Slith

    Wow, I sarcastically guessed $199 on another post, but I never imagined $239 with a Tegra 3!

  • http://daniel.friesen.name dantman

    Tegra 3, reasonable price, nice… though personally I really can’t go for the 7″ tablets, I’ll need a similar spec and price 10″.

    • mcgillicutty

      ….. you’ll be waiting a while for that, 10″ screens with screen resolutions of that quality are pretty gosh durn expensive in their own right, you may get that kind of performance but it’ll be a few years before capacitive 10 screens with high pixel densities are going to rival the 7 inch models, it’s usually a $100 price difference retail for the bigger capacitive screen

  • lokidokie

    That’s an amazing price point for Tegra 3!!!

  • Hall Lo

    $250?! :O ASUS your crazy! But i like it xD

  • nivekkev

    WOW!!! This is starting to win me over already. Now when is that release date again?

  • Ps3y3Ops

    ASUS certainly has been bringing their “A” game these last 8-10 months! With all of their proverbial “eggs” going into the Nvidia basket…keep it comin’ I say

  • staryoshi

    This would be a blast to tinker with and use as a development platform. I just might bite on it.

  • Zhi Hao

    Finally, a tablet that warrants my attention.

    But will it warrant my cash? :)

  • Smallet-Mallet

    hope this one doesnt end up with a bad battery or bad camera……

  • vid500

    Really great and the price wow. Ok that’s really a killer tablet.

  • _Diego

    Sounds like a sweet deal to me :-)

  • Thomas Taylor

    The photo looms like a smaller device than a Kindle or Nook Tablet to me. If it’s actually the same size, that’d be awesome. I’ve been leaning towards a lower priced 10″ though – maybe a current gen item that gets discounted when these CES devices hit the street.

  • K2theIzzo

    Wow. I’m buying this sight unseen.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great! Cheaper prices on tablets. I’m still rocking the hp touchpad and I love it but with all these new tablets coming out I’ll be able to afford an android tablet thats worth it and give the touchpad to my kids. Asus is really stepping it up.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    $250 for Tegra 3? That would smash a lot of players in the tablet market, even put a dent in Apple’s iPad market share. Plus I’d have TWO tablets if something like this came out!

  • triangle

    I love it. Great price for a product that looks amazing. Hopefully, it’ll bring other 7 inch tablets down in price and up in specs. I can’t wait until it’s released.

  • bellken

    dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm 8260 processor, It does not have a Tegra 3 processor

    • StabMasterArson

      Check the article again. “Well NVIDIA has just pulled a rabbit out a hat, announcing an improved MeMo model that will come with a Tegra 3 and retail for just $250.”

      • bellken

        from the article:

        Earlier today, a press release for the ASUS EEE Pad MeMo ME171 was made available that put consumers on the edge about the tablet. According to the release, it would launch with a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm 8260, Android 4.0, a 7-inch 1280×800 display, 5 megapixel camera and up to 32GB of storage

        They are some inconsistencies with their article. note: the switch in model numbers.

        • Trinhbo

          Did you even read this article? ASUS plans on releasing two separate Memo models, the ME171 and the ME370T. The latter is the one that everyone here is excited about.

          • bellken

            I stand corrected, if the ME370T is 250, I wonder how much the ME171 will sell for?

  • Nathan D.

    If this works then this is going to sell just the word “Is more powerful then the kindle and around the same price” will make it sell.

    • jawabba

      Amazon has a niche market that isn’t directly related to the actual tablet being good. Just being part of the kindle family helped it sell tremendously. This 7″er will sell well to tech people who keep up on this stuff, but not to those who don’t recognize the branding.

  • prakreet

    This is the perfect device for me. Awesome specs at an equally awesome price. i want more of these..

  • Mil

    For $250, I would definitely get one but how could Asus afford to sell at that price? Surely they’d be selling at a loss and can’t see how they would make their money back. Unless of course they are going to release it which ties it down to their own new services for apps, music, books etc.

  • PurboPathik

    Good price point..I will get one for my parents.

  • Jöran Schlömer

    I am definitely buying one of those! I hope they release it rather soon :D

  • http://www.droidweb.com triplem

    This is too good to be true… I would seriously consider buying 2… maybe 4 of these

  • Mil

    I wonder what price point it’ll come out at in the UK. No doubt it’ll be around £200 to £250 (typically rip off Britain).

  • honourbound68

    wow.. hope this doesn’t take too long to come out. i just bought the evo view for xmas and if this is coming out soon, i’m selling it for $200 asap lol

  • Datdoodted

    Kindle Killer? How ’bout entire 7 inch market killer?

  • Rex

    It will Fail.

  • Jeremiah Akin

    Knock another 50 off and I would be game.

    • masterpfa

      That could be done, but with either a Tegra 2 CPU and Honeycomb or even less.
      Only you know your budget, but you can’t seriously expect all that for $200? I would say in that case get the Kindle Fire, problem solved

  • oddball

    Not only is this a truly impressive device at this price point but you can certainly tap the Amazon infrastructure with ANY Android device. The only thing that is in any way difficult to access is the cloud drive and with box, dropbox, or Asus’s own cloud storage access that really doesn’t effect the device in any negative way.

    • jawabba

      The problem most have is using these while traveling. If you have a hot spot its not a big deal, but for many having to wifi access can be a problem.

  • Girnar Lion

    Where can I find specs. Will it have Bluetooth. I use a tablet to run Torque that requires BT.
    Also I want to transfer pictures from Nikon D5000 to the tablet while traveling.

  • Futureboy

    Finnaly! This finally hits the sweet spot with specs and price. And with ASUS behind the updates, I would get one in a heartbeat. Just say when and where and I’ll be there with money in hand.

  • smeghead68

    Wow, looks nice! Great specs and a nice price. Wonder how much it will go for in Canada.

  • bassman4

    Can’t wait

  • OnIn2

    I love that HW manufactures are aggressively pushing the boundaries of tablets. Don’t stop !

  • jawabba

    I think the most alarming thing is the craplets that are all over ebay. If any one has used those and find them good or bad, then they probably will buy/ not buy another based on that information. I was blown away at how awful those tablets were. I am happy to say that the money spent on a tablet seems to directly relate to how good it is.

  • Christopher Wueste

    I want one like a fat kid wants cake.

  • jeffo

    A Tegra3 powered Android tablet that costs only $250 is something I would buy without any hesitation. Thank u ASUS!!

  • drphil

    i will diffinitely recommend this to lindsay.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Oh Asus, don’t ever change.

  • Dirge

    Thank you, ASUS! Lead the way in great innovation and economic pricing.

  • Deserthi

    OK, my nook tablet goes back to B&N tomorrow!

  • Kumite

    A quad core tablet running ice cream sandwich and it has extremely high resolution…ALL for only $249. This will definitely crush any tablet out there…including the ipad.

  • Jai Kumar Dar

    I think the specs and price are fantastic. Will hit other Tablet makers where it hurts most. I wonder if the device (ASUS EEE MEMO 370T) will have the facility to take a 3G/4G sim to make voice calls; and will it be possible to use it as a modem for surfing the internet.
    J K Dar

  • Kumite

    You won’t need a modem to surf the net. You will have wifi. As long as you are near a hot spot you’re fine.

  • Wayne Burman

    This would be great for skyping the folks back home, allowing me to show them my house and family, but I read elsewhere that it wont have a front facing camera! That is madness! ASUS if you read this, please be sensible here.

  • masterpfa

    I personally, have held fire (no pun intended) from buying a tablet to date, because at the current price point, I could not justify ownership, especially since the purchase of my Galaxy Nexus.

    As with most people I already had a laptop which cost the same or less, (until recently), than all the decent tablets that were available in the UK, with none of them having the functionality of my laptop at all, but only boasting portability over the laptop, not a luxury I was willing to pay for especially for my needs a 10″ form factor being just too big and the Samsung Galaxy Tab although the right size, appearing to function just as a large phone with it’s Gingerbread OS 2.3

    That was until the Asus Eee Pad Transformer hit the streets with a price point (including the keyboard dock) that undercut all the quality competition along with overall functionality also surpassing tablets in all forms and OS, when viewed as a complete package.

    Further down the line Amazon dropped a bombshell on the world with the Amazing Kindle Fire, which alas, was not to be released in the UK, at long last I thought a tablet I could justify owning and at a price-point I was willing to consider.

    So in answering the OP’s question am I looking forward to this? “Hell Yeah”, all the benefits of all the tablets named above, Galaxy Tab, Asus, Kindle Fire, with hardware of Tegra 3 and OS Ice Cream Sandwich , a next generation tablet all in a pocket-able affordable package.

    Please, Please, Please, Asus, bring to the UK and soon all at a comparable ($-£) conversion rate

  • Trem

    I can’t believe I have just read that this may not be coming to the UK market. Instead Asus will be pushing their Padfone! I’d rather have the choice of the little quad core Memo and seperate phone altogether than old dual core mix phone/tablet.

  • covimom

    hope it comes out soon.. My son wants the Fire, he would like this better. Hopefully will be able to “allow unknow sources” for non-market applications. Not be locked in like the Fire and Nook Tablet (unless you Root). Then all we need are more sources for digital college text books available for android as well as pc!

  • kim07

    the only lacking specification is a front facing camera and if it will have a front facing camera then i will certainly buy it :)

  • KC+NFC

    Now that we know the ME171 comes with a Tegra-3, wonderful! But I’m more interested in an NFC device. Does it comes with NFC?

    Useless without NFC, since everything from hereon, will be NFC-ed (Android Beam, ePayment, etc.)

  • Aimdean

    When is it being released?

  • androidindia

    is that an international price ? :/

  • D

    I will buy it. It will be my first Tablet. I will get 3 of em!

  • Steve

    Hmmm… Had I known about this device I probably would have not bought my Prime. I really dont need the 10 inch form factor (but it is nice to have) and this would have been perfect for me. My only issue would be if it didnt have expandable storage. And the fact that it has a rear camer but no frot camera is a head scratcher to me. I mean, seriously, how many people use their tablets as a point and shoot camera. Yes, its cool to have and I have taken some pics with my Prime, but the front facing camera is the one that matters, to me at least. With the right hardware and good Wi-Fi, skype and ooVoo are fantastic apps to keep in touch with friends and family. A better front facing camera really makes the device to me. I simply will never haul my Prime to the school function and take pictures (ok, maybe video so maybe I’ll take back what I said about the rear facer) but a good front facing camera is a must IMHO