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AT&T introduces two more Galaxy devices to their lineup: Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

galaxy note att featured

AT&T must really have a thing for Samsung’s Galaxy devices, because the company has just made the Samsung Galaxy Note and its third Galaxy S II device (!) official.

We’ve been expecting the Galaxy Note to come to AT&T for quite some time now. The AT&T version of the Note does include four capacitive buttons and access to Ma Bell’s LTE network, but other than that, not a whole lot has changed. The 5.3-inch 1280×800 Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz processor and pressure sensitive S Pen are, thankfully, all still there. It should be available in the next few weeks.

What we weren’t expecting from AT&T was a third Galaxy S II device. The Galaxy S II Skyrocket was released just a couple months ago, one month after the original Galaxy S II was released on AT&T. The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD trumps both earlier GSII models. (Good for anyone still looking for a GSII, bad for anyone who’s already bought one). Advertised as a “sliver of a smartphone,” the 9.27mm Skyrocket HD comes with LTE, a 1.5GHz processor and a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED 1280×720 display. Presumably, the same display on the Galaxy Nexus. If you missed your chance to ride AT&T’s Galaxy S II train the first or second time around, your third chance will arrive in the months to come.

Last but not least, Samsung announced a third LTE enabled device for AT&T, the Exhilarate. Designed to be a budget/eco-friendly device, the Exhilarate will be available on contract for just $50, and is “constructed from 80 percent recycled post-consumer materials.”

Do any of Samsung’s new AT&T LTE handsets interest you?

Show Press Release

Galaxy Note combines HD Super AMOLED display, supreme portability and advanced S Penâ„¢, creating a new type of smartphone

LAS VEGAS – January 9, 2012 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S. 1, today announced the Samsung Galaxy Noteâ„¢ will be available in the United States with AT&T in carbon blue and ceramic white.

Bringing a new category of smartphone to the U.S. market, the Galaxy Note has a larger screen, and new user input technology, while retaining a pocketable design. The Galaxy Note combines the core mobile benefits of various devices and utilizes AT&T’s 4G LTE* network, to create a premium user experience.
The Galaxy Note is designed with a 5.3” display with HD Super AMOLEDâ„¢ technology, a high-resolution screen that provides a bright, rich, colorful viewing experience. The Note includes a creative tool called the S Penâ„¢, which delivers fast, responsive and precise control to create fine lines and detail on the device display, much like an ink pen and pad of paper.

“We welcome the Galaxy Note to the U.S. and are pleased to expand on our popular Galaxyâ„¢ family of premium products,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “The innovation in this product including the capabilities of the S Pen continue to show Samsung’s leadership in bringing cutting edge design and features to our customers.”

State-of-the-art Display
The Galaxy Note’s 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display provides vivid clarity for the best viewing experience for videos, photos, documents and Web sites. The superior screen also offers a 180 degree viewing angle, allowing videos and images to be seen .

Full Screen Utilization
The high resolution display ensures that documents, presentations, web-pages, news apps and e-books can be viewed comfortably with minimal scrolling or zooming. Samsung has also included a smart professional planning tool that makes full use of the device’s large screen. The calendar integrates the phone’s to-do list and schedule; control and navigation is intuitive, helping users to comprehensively organize their lives.

Capture, Create & Share
The Galaxy Note features S Memoâ„¢, a multimedia application designed to capture all forms of user-created content captured by the S Pen. Pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings can all be combined via a single application, converted to a ‘memo’, and shared as desired.

An easy screen-capture function also allows users to instantly save any screen, then these screens can also be personalized with the S Pen before being saved or shared.

Superior Usability, Powerful Performance
The 1.5GHz dual-core processor ensures the device is incredibly fast and a smooth user interface ensures seamless usability. Lightning fast network speeds on AT&T’s 4G LTE allows for the device’s super-fast connection, ensuring a quick and seamless browsing experience.

The Galaxy Note has met extra rigorous security criteria to be categorized as a “Samsung Approved for Enterprise” or SAFEâ„¢ device. The addition of SAFE certifications ensures that any organization’s mobile work force can be remotely managed and securely connected to corporate applications and data while away from their desks.

The SAFE program is comprised of multiple components that outline Samsung’s business-to-business foundations for its mobile devices. These “pillars” of SAFE are designed to offer customers essential enterprise functionality and security and include: Mobile Device Management, On-Device Virtual Private Network (VPN) and secure access to Corporate Email/Calendar/Contacts.

The Galaxy Note is outfitted with a premium accessories portfolio designed to highlight the product features and device functionality. Docking solutions include a Desktop Dock to get the most out of your Galaxy Note at home, while the Spare Battery Charging System allows for a convenient backup charging solution. Galaxy Note owners can also customize the Galaxy Note to fit their personal style with a protective Flip Cover Case, available in multiple colors.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit offers a solution for users in need of a more traditional writing instrument. With a spare S Pen included, the S Pen Holder secures the navigation tool inside and offers a comfortable grip and allows for more detailed use.

The Galaxy Note is also compatible with the following universal accessories: Micro USB Adapter, HDTV Smart Adapter, Car Power Charger W/ Detachable Data Cable (Micro USB), Micro USB Data Cable, Travel Charger (Detachable W/ USB to Micro USB Cable), and the premium Refined Sound wired headset.

Key Product Information:
5.3” HD Super AMOLED touchscreen (1280×800)
Integrated S Pen
Enabled for 4G LTE
1.5GHz dual core processor
Androidâ„¢ 2.3, Gingerbread
16GB onboard memory
Expandable memory up to 32GB with optional microSDâ„¢ card
2500 mAh battery
8MP rear facing camera
2MP front facing camera
Mobile HotSpot capable
SAFE — Samsung Approved for Enterprise

Visit www.samsung.com for more information on the Galaxy Note.

[1] Number one mobile phone provider in the U.S. claim for Samsung Mobile based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics, Q3 2011 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Reports.

*Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. 4G speeds delivered by HSPA+ (with enhanced backhaul) and LTE, where available. Compatible data plan required. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Learn more at att.com/network.
About Samsung Telecommunications America
Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC, a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., researches, develops and markets wireless handsets and telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information, please visit www.samsungwireless.com.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2010 consolidated sales of US$135.8 billion. Employing approximately 190,500 people in 206 offices across 68 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LCD. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. For more information, please visit www.samsung.com.

AT&T_Galaxy_note_front1 AT&T_Galaxy_note_side21 AT&T_Galaxy_note_stylus1 AT&T_Galaxy_note_stylus21 AT&T_i717_Galaxy_Note_front AT&T_i717_Galaxy_Note_side2 AT&T_i717_Galaxy_Note_stylus AT&T_i717_Galaxy_Note_stylus2 Samsung Exhilarate galaxy note att featured Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    So is AT&T just going to keep releasing a new SGS2 every couple months with tweaked specs? Brilliant strategy hah…

    • Jeff Pan

      Haha lol! So true. Certainly getting the customers confused!

    • triangle

      Verizon seems to be following the same strategy with the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx.

    • gpmillerjax

      Wait, you mean the Apple strategy?

      • damambt

        Has me confused, now i dont know if I should buy the Galaxy Note or wait out for the Galaxy Note Skyrocket?

      • LukeT32

        Apple is atleast yearly. :P

    • CJ LaFleur

      All of these phones yet still no galaxy nexus? I want to get it subsidized but at&t doesn’t carry any good phones besides their 3 galaxy s2s! I feel like i should just buy it from negri electronics. What do you guys think?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Wow ATT is on fire good for their customers. Now T-mobile go announce a quad-core phone and/or the Galaxy Nexus :)

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      You really think that’s good for AT&T customers? The more phones they have like this, the worse the quality will be on the phones and the longer it’ll take them to get software updates. I think it’s a terrible thing for AT&T customers!

      • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

        most “normal” consumers do not care so yes I do. More options for the regular consumer. Especially with the Galaxy Note, I do believe the skyrocket should have been the HD originally though.

    • BiGMERF

      its becoming more and more evident tht if you want a good Tmo phone your going to have to import a pentaband capable device from overseas

      • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

        T-mobile gets good phones but it takes a while, and I am willing to wait if the Nexus sis not out soon I’ll wait for the next Nexus(hopefully it comes to tmo) or the SG3, HTC edge, etc

        • BiGMERF

          im not saying they get bad phones. but they are far and few in between compared to the other carriers. Sprints,Verizon and even now ATT are announcing beast while Tmo has been silent since they announced the sgs2 and Amaze. Im not going to count the white one, that would be silly. by the way , since this and Android site i of course am referring to that.

          • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

            I get what you mean

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        So true, but importing is the better option anyway. No contract, plus you can have basically any phone you want, without carrier branding, and preloaded carrier apps.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Gingerbread showing it’s UGLY FACE on the Galaxy Note just brings down this device the only thing wrong. Otherwise let me chime in on at&t and the USELESS DATA PLANS THEY HAVE. Nobody will ever be able to enjoy a device of this quality. As much as i would love to couple this device with my Galaxy Nexus i will wait because isbound to make it to Verizon and when it does it will have Ice Cream Sandwich not Gingerbread….

      • damambt

        youre thinkin’ within a box. Im looking at the Galaxy Note and all the great things devs will be doing with it, which in turn will make love the device. by the way they have ICS even on the G1, so Gingerbread as stock is only a small hump.

      • squiddy20

        1. Ahhhh how close-minded and slow you are Dicky. As I have said before, ICS was released not even 2 months ago, which means that, aside from Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus, every other manufacturer has only had access to ICS for… you guessed it, less than 2 months! If you really expect all manufacturers to drop all Android development on 2.3 in favor of ICS, especially for devices already out/coming out in a month or so, you have no clue about anything. It takes months upon months to develop a phone from the time it’s conceptualized to the time its in customers’ hands. Try getting that through your ignorant little head.
        2. “Nobody will ever be able to enjoy a device of this quality.” Considering there’s millions of people who are perfectly happy with 2.3 or even lower, you are again wrong. Some people don’t even know (let alone care) about Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, or even ICS. What a delusional old fool you are for thinking you speak for everyone. Grow up or shut up. I know 12 year olds more mature and more thoughtful than you.
        3. I should point out that not even 4 months ago, when you were still with Sprint, you always found a way to point out how “useless” Verizon’s network was, how “overpriced and underspeced” their phones were, and how you would never switch to Verizon if your life depended on it. And here you are, you’ve ditched Sprint, switched to Verizon and are now bashing AT&T just as strongly as you bashed Verizon those few months ago. What a child.

        • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

          It’s also quite hilarious how he always used to bash Samsung devices, and praise HTC. He went from being a complete Sprint, HTC fanboy; and now he’s a complete Verizon, Samsung fanboy. One thing I love about Android and Me is the Squiddy/Yarrell wars. (The best part is Squiddy always wins.)

        • Richard Yarrell

          Your PITIFUL… Let me guess you own a skyrocket or galaxy note or let me guess you have the galaxy s 2 skyrocket hd. It amazes me how you comment on every one of my posts but you have NEVER OWNED any of these devices. Question loser when was the last time you purchased anyrhing WORTH WHILE. No wonder your so PITIFUL and filled with so much hate. Guess it’s a lonely world in that 50 foot ditch….I can’t help but laugh at all you HATERS i have had the htc hero, htc evo 4g , evo 3d, lg revolution, skyrocket, galaxy nexus. And the funny part is i can purchase the galaxy note and skyrocket hd if i want to. Least when i speak of a device it’s because i had the devices not because i am TROLLING…and never owned the device. Sounds like you need a new life and job if you ever had one..

          • squiddy20

            1. “Let me guess you own a skyrocket or galaxy note or let me guess you have the galaxy s 2 skyrocket hd.” Ummm… you shouldn’t need to “guess” Dick. I’ve stated quite plainly and many many times that I own a Samsung Moment. You’ve even insulted me about it less than 5 hours ago. Talk about short term memory loss…
            2. “…but you have NEVER OWNED any of these devices.” …Neither have you Dick. You own nothing pertaining to AT&T, so why are you commenting here, hmmm? 6 months ago you were making the same pitiful argument when you commented on Verizon articles, and you didn’t own of their “devices” then either. Talk about a broken record or even an old dog not being able to learn new tricks…
            3. Reality check: you’ve never owned the HTC Hero. For the past 2 years you bragged about how your “first” Android phone was the “grandaddy” Evo 4G that you got on release date. And now all of a sudden your “first” Android phone is actually the Hero? Please. It’s quite easy to see you’re only lying out of your ass, probably because you have nothing better to say. How sad.
            4. “Least when i speak of a device it’s because i had the devices not because i am TROLLING” If I recall, I seem to remember you having some very harsh words not even 6 months ago about the “Thunderdud” and various other Verizon/AT&T phones that you’ve never owned. Again, just little ‘ole you, lying out of your ass again. What a loser.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Wow, Galaxy S II overload! This cannot be healthy for Samsung nor the customers purchasing these AT&T Galaxy S II phones! I thought we were on a trend to slow down all of these releases. What are these guys thinking??!

  • redraider133

    Pretty soon at&t is going to run out of room for names with all these sgs2 variants. I can see a lot of angry customers who just got the skyrocket and now another minor upgrade over it like the skyrocket was over the sgs2.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Is it just me or is the Galaxy S line turning into an Apple-like product with its “same phone, better specs”…

    • AsakuraZero

      its not you its AT&T who need to stop doing that, and samsung should deny any other shipment like that.

      the fewer phones the better, hope samsung doesnt learn that in the hard way, oh well

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Except for the fact that Apple releases 1 updated phone a year, but Samsung releases 3 in 4 months.

  • slurms mckenzie

    seriously they gotta stop with these tweaked up variants. just fucking realese it like that in the first place

  • commanderastig

    All i care about is the Samsung galaxy note that is it! This will be my upgrade from my dell streak. Dream phone? Oh hell yeah!! Lte, super amoled screen, dual core, 1gb ram and so on and on and on….huge plus for the third party extended battery that just made available couple days ago too! :)

  • Jeff Pan

    What is T-Mobile doing? :duh:

  • CTown

    Clearly one can never have enough Galaxy devices!

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    So, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD is basically a Galaxy Nexus sans ICS and NFC … why doesn’t AT&T just release the Galaxy Nexus?

    • nateysmith

      I believe that the Galaxy S II Skyrocket does have NFC, so I would expect the HD would too. It is just not enabled.

      • Rushir

        The regular Galaxy S II on AT&T has NFC as well, it’s just not enabled (Skyrocket as well).

  • Hall Lo

    How many different versions of Galaxy S2 are out there actually?

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Currently using imported Note on AT&T. It is my favorite smartphone leaping ahead of the Galaxy Nexus in my electronic toy box. LTE wiil be a nice enhancement to an already top notch device.

    • Bulldog_Reagan

      Why do they keep releasing phones out with old operating systems? Now the note is coming out with no ICS on it? Really….when are they going to update some of the older phones seems like they need to change there stragety up a little bit and remember that the comsumer is only allowed one upgrade every two years unless they want to come out of pocket big time. I think it would be better to slow down all the different Galaxy phones and just focus on releasing ICS for the phones they have now.

      What about the Galaxy Nexus LTE version for ATT is that comming their way? I have the 16 GB imported GSM version and thats a solid performer IMHO. But would like to see it here on LTE and with 32 GB on it. The imported one is just to dang expensive and not LTE..Camera and speaker isnt the greatest but I think what really makes that phone is the ICS on it real smooth and I rooted it installed another rom and it seems to be even smoother.

      Feb 28 I think there going to annoucne the Galaxy S 3…I am sure that will probably have old andriod OS on it.

      • squiddy20

        “Why do they keep releasing phones out with old operating systems?”
        It takes many months for a phone to be developed. First you’ve got to visualize the final product, then get all the hardware together and cram it inside the concept, then you’ve got to make sure all the hardware works together correctly. Add the OS into the mix and now you’re spending a few months at least to make sure the hardware works with the software, battery life is at least ok, make the OS optimized enough for the device to make it run ok, etc. Gets shipped off to the carrier where they do at least a month of their own testing between the network and phone alone, a possible send back to manufacturer to fix bugs/more optimization, back and forth a 1 or 2 times, product is as good as it’s gonna get for the masses, then send it out. With all of this to do, giving about a month for each “step”, you’re looking at upwards of 5 or 6 months from concept till the time it’s in your hands.
        Now, keep in mind that ICS source code was released literally a few days less than 2 months ago while the phones that are coming out now were initially designed with Gingerbread (or even Froyo) in mind about a half YEAR ago. See the problem?

        • Richard Yarrell

          Part of the real world is experiencing android and what it has to offer. Don’t waste to much time being squiddy’s lady because as you can see someone with a 5yr old laptop and 3yr old samsung moment can’t be to bright when it comes to the tech game. Real men purchase what they want and handle their business not get on the internet trolling comments because they can’t afford to enjoy technology at it’s best. Don’t tell me sqiddy20 has invited you to his dark room in that lonely basement

          • squiddy20

            Hahaha! Seriously? You talk of “real men” and being “bright when it comes to the tech game”, but you forget how wrong you’ve been in the past. You flat out told me that rooting is for “2plus year old devices”, when that just isn’t the least bit true. Even your Galaxy Nexus, which may I remind you is less than two MONTHS old, has a huge root/modding community behind it here in the states. You’ve told me repeatedly the processor found in the HTC Sensation is inferior to the one found in the Evo 3D, despite the fact that they are both the same in every way except for the wireless radios (cdma/gsm). You told me the Evo 3D would definitely be out June 4th, but that certainly didn’t pan out like you “knew” it would. You said the same thing of your Galaxy Nexus when it was first revealed back in November, and you got it only a few weeks ago. Hell, even on your “review” of the Evo 3D, you couldn’t answer a very simple question posed to you by jrdulog. I answered it, as cited right here: http://androidandme.com/2011/07/reviews/richard-yarrell-reviews-the-evo-3d/comment-page-1/#comment-120921 and I have never even owned the device! Not to mention I’ve been proving you wrong practically every time you open your stupid mouth, like right now. I guess you really have become my “lady”.

  • redman618

    So does anyone want to trade me there Samsung Note for my Samsung Skyrocket???

  • jk0l

    I want to see Apple lawyers reading the list, one-by-one, of all phones of Galaxy S line they want to ban.
    Or anyone wants to take that challenge?

  • kwills88

    If the galaxy s II had a higher display, in all honesty it would be a better overall device than the nexus minus the fast ota’s and ICS already on board.

    • Hollyw0od

      Except it has TouchWiz.

      Automatic loss.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottomline the normal trolling fool called squiddy20 who has trolled here since being thrown off of phandroid has never in his BORING PITIFUL LIFE owned anything better than some no named 5yr old laptop and some useless samsung moment that he has rooted and placed custom roms on to a point the phone must think he’s RETARTED…Message loser there comes a time in life where you buy new give that a try or do you need help. These forums should be about people’s overalk experiences with devices …When was the last time any article appeared here on androidandme about the samsung moment??????? I wonder how many LOSERS actually have the USELESS DEVICE. One thing for sure it matches the LOSER you was on phandriod They were smart to bounce you off there and now your trolling here…And for the record i had the Sansung Skyrocket on at&t for 3weeks purchased on Wednesday before thanksgiving it was an before black friday special off amazon.com and just returned it 2days before purchase of my galaxy nexus. I’m sure credit doesn’t exist in your sorry dark world you live in. I have more that can be thrown away on a bad day than you have ever oened in your PITIFUL USELESS LIFE…Go back to phandroid and troll over there….Oh i forgot you can’t …You and that useless 5yr old laptop can’t leave comments on that site. You made phsndroid a better place now it’s time for androidandme to get wise to your BITCH ASS SISSY WÀYS…I have to admit your sorry useless soul is funny when you try to act so intelligent. Gingerbread 2012 is just as STUPID as you and your shitty crllphone that you can only use for texting and making calls. How’s google maps or multitasking on that garbage you have….Ha Ha Ha…..

    • squiddy20

      1. You tell me I’ve been “thrown off of Phandroid” but that just isn’t so. I still have the ability to post there, under the same username I’ve always had. You on the other hand, were banned from the website a minimum of 4 times before you stopped posting there. In fact, I’ll give you proof that I can in fact, still post there:http://phandroid.com/2012/01/10/first-look-lg-viper-4g-lte-for-sprint-ces-2012/#comment-407914548 You’ve already made a fool out of yourself in the past 24 hours with your incompetence, just stop while you’re behind.
      2. “I wonder how many LOSERS actually have the USELESS DEVICE [Samsung Moment].” Why don’t you take a gander over at the Moment section of SDX, hmmm? Shouldn’t a “real man” like yourself be able to google “Samsung Moment” and find out for yourself? I think you’ll find that it’s still somewhat active and a lot more so than you would like.
      3. “These forums should be about people’s overalk experiences with devices” …and yet your comment that I am now replying to makes almost no mention of YOUR “overall experiences with devices”. You’ve made numerous posts within the past 48 hours alone TELLING people they don’t own what they say they own or think what they think. What a hypocritical little child.
      4.”How’s google maps or multitasking on that garbage you have….Ha Ha Ha….” Actually quite well thank you very much. I used it just this morning to check traffic flow ahead of me as I was driving up I-95 to get to my local college, all while streaming Pandora. Your assumption that my phone under-performs based on how old it is is completely ridiculous. I’m seriously laughing in class right now at how utterly stupid your statement was. It makes no sense.
      5.”I have to admit your sorry useless soul is funny when you try to act so intelligent.” I’m not really “acting so intelligent”. I’m just using common sense that apparently easily escapes you. It’s not my fault you can’t see your errors in your own words. All I’m doing is pointing out your errors, and then you reply with even more wrong words and I again correct you, etc, etc. Maybe if you would just think for a second, you wouldn’t get so much stuff so horribly wrong.

    • JohnC

      HAHA Richard!!! You have got to be more stupid then anyone. You are not rich… You have no money. Who the hell cares you can buy a couple
      Of phones? I have more electronic stuff then you’ll ever dream of. I guarantee you have the crappiest car and crappiest little trailer. Just because Obama became president doesn’t mean you can come post stupid ignorant/arrogant comments. Go get that Wellfare check for the month… Don’t forget to go sue if they don’t give the check right.

  • Gabriel Feo

    Is that processor an Exynos, from the Note, or that same Snapdragon from the original Skyrocket?

  • spazby

    squiddy20 and Richard Yarrell exchange is the best part of this site.

  • donger

    haha more phones to choose from.

  • itzxdjx

    O man i cant wait! It such a hard choice! I have an upgrade avalible what should I go for skyrocket hd or Note… Im thinking the note. Thiness or boldness….

  • Emily steves

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