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Could the Samsung Galaxy Note II already be on the way?

Samsung Galaxy Note pen input

The Samsung Galaxy Note is already being considered an undeniable success, and it hasn’t even launched in the US yet. But could Samsung already be working to release a second one? Logic tells us that of course they are, considering how quickly they’ve pushed out new Galaxy models, but it could coming sooner than you may think.


Two unknown Samsung devices have been spotted in the WiFi Alliance's database recently, the Samsung GT-N8000 and GT-N8013. While neither the N8000 or N8013 have ever been spotted before, there's good reason to believe they could be somehow related to the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note carries the model number GT-N7000. So it would stand to reason that the N8000 is the Note II, right? Well, not so fast. You see in the past, the second device in a series of Samsung devices usually has a different second number, while the first number stays the same. For example, the original Galaxy S has a model number of i9000, while the Galaxy S II had a model number of i9100. So could we be looking at two totally new Samsung devices?


At this point, we're not quite sure what to think. One thing is for sure though, Samsung will be releasing some killer devices at Mobile World Congress a little over a month from now. What do you think the N8000 and 8013 could be? The Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 11? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PhoneArena

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  • Chuck Mullen

    I havent even got the FIRST ONE yet and they are dropping NEW ONES! Damn them!!! Scuba Steve!

    • Phil


    • Jeff Pan

      Lol! So true! Image you get the AT&T version and they announce the Note II weeks after !! :P

      • m0nk

        7xxx has Samsung SoC and 8xxx that undisclosure 1.5GHz different SoC seen on CES

  • YMS123

    Nice drawing :)

  • spazby

    keep up the fast pace… in order to stay cutting edge, i need to buy a new device every 2 weeks or so, it seems…

    • iamXiV92a

      My brain screams “YES!!!!” while my wallet screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

      I’m voting that it’s the Galaxy Note II though

  • honourbound68

    decisions decisions… wish i had more money :)

  • WlfHart

    Well, maybe T-Mo will at least pick up the Note II since they seem to be skipping the original.

  • RRR

    i like your speculations. The problem with the Note is its pencrap matrix. This is no-no on huge display sizes unless you have at least 500 ppi while Note is barely the half of that so the red and orange texts on black background are not readable and red part spectrum solid colors and also white&gray exhibit dirty carpet effect.

    • RRR

      the matrix if keep pentile must be of at least double linear red subpixel density making it equal to one of green. Don’t see any smallest technical problem with this increase, it’s not a blue

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      It’s quite obvious that you haven’t held, or even come close to the Note. You would not be complaining about the pentile matrix display if you had.

      • raptor

        Lol. It’s quite obvious that you have no clue on the subject

      • z10m

        bullshit.! Obviously You don’t know what you are saying.
        I’ve seen and played with note and galaxy nexus and on both I can clearly see spaces between sub pixels.
        If you can’t see it than there is something wrong with your eyes.

        • damambt

          go troll elsewhere

        • RRR

          Of course we will see them.
          The PPi for red and blue subpixels is 143 ! Dumbos do not understand that you do not have to go to the moon to see it’s not from the cheese.

          It’s pity this site gathering so many 12 y.o. kiddies and braind#ad m#rons as no other site.

    • PRNDS

      Anyone that thinks 5.3″ is HUGE clearly has a size complex! haha

  • rino19ny

    what i have yet to see are reviews on the Note used as a phone..

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      Well I have one sitting right next to me, and can say it works great as a phone. Awesome call quality, and it doesn’t feel too gargantuan against my face. At most you will get a few funny looks from people thinking you are using a tablet as a phone.

    • Jesse

      i have had my note about a week…as far as using ig as a phone its great no issues love it beyond functional as a phone makes great calls of superior quality…you get past the size of it as a phone fast and become comfortable almost instantly. …. This is being said by a major iphone fan…still love them but they haven’t dazzled me in a while…through galaxy note functions…phenomenal as a phone or tablet…take it from the iphone fan….i call it like it is…and it is amazing

  • URABUS0924

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of those model numbers is the Note 2 with LTE for Sprint due to be released in the middle of the year. :)

  • Paul Atreides

    My guess is the Note for AT&T and the one rumored for Sprint. I want it to be the Note for Sprint and the Galaxy SIII ;))

  • http://www.jdotreach.com Joshua Reach

    I don’t care if it’s version one or two, I just want a Galaxy Note! Oh the things I could do with that screen (like, sketching out design ideas on the fly).

  • slurms mckenzie

    omg yes!! was thinking about getting the note but i already have the gs2 and it really wouldnt be a worthy upgrade . when i upgrade i want it to be major with EVERYTHING on my phone to be upgraded not just some things. im banking on the gs3 or the note 2 (its set in stone for me). havent seen them or heard anything about them except for fake leak specs on the gs3 but i already know its gonna be one of those two cuz samsung imo doesnt dissapoint hardware wise

  • z10m

    only super amoled plus works for me
    I hate that pentile crap that’s on galaxy note and nexus.

    • David

      OK. We all know that you don’t like “pencrap”. Honestly, with the risk of sounding like a zealot (which I’m not), I wonder why people come in a page about a product just to say it, not once, but twice (or more) how they dislike a given feature that everyone already knows it’s in there.

      I mean, we all know there are people who dislike pentile and those who do not care. Why do we need this all the time when we talk about a pentile device?

      On a new product, when nobody knows, that’s ok. But every time? People who don’t like pentile: move along, this is not for you.

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        +1 thank you! I wish I was able to word things the same in my post up above. There are so many people that see pentile in the specs, and automatically assume it will look like complete crap. I’ve showed my Note to several people. (Typically people that know what pentile is.) And only one person could even tell that it had a pentile display. (After staring for quite a while.)

        People need to stop automatically assuming, things aren’t the same as they were a year ago. At least give the device a chance and look at the beautiful display, before making a judgement.

        Most people haven’t even seen or touched a Note, and feel the need to assume things.

        • David

          That’s my opinion as well. I bought a GSM GNex a few days ago and it’s great. I finally can’t see any pentile artifacts under _any_ possible normal usage (dead/stuck pixel apps and solid backgrounds don’t count). I come from a Nexus S, where I noticed the pentile because of some text blurriness (my previous Milestone/Droid was better in that aspect). On the GNex, nothing bad at all. That phone is almost perfect.

          But please remember that I wasn’t even judging pentile quality. I was talking about the repeated rants about pentile. Even for those that are bothered by the pentile artifacts, do we need these rants again and again and again? Obviously not. If you’re just ranting, move along… those devices are not for you. And guess what? We that don’t mind pentile are also OK with your choice.

          • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

            I came from the Nexus S as well, and completely agree with you.

  • UntakenUsername96

    Whatever it is im guessing that one is gsm and the other is cdma.

  • christopher

    Please come to verizon. You’re my only hope.

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    I never stop wondering Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s the phone of my dream. 2011 results for the mobile development world http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2012/01/2011-results-for-mobile-development.html

  • lokidokie

    I don’t see the point of the first Galaxy Note… Maybe it’s just me tho (and apparently it is!!)

  • Samar

    Whatever it is, I just hope they don’t overwhelm us with a hunk of devices again. Release less, but quality devices. Moto seems to have taken that route like ASUS.

  • Ogy

    Not sure if its Note II or not but one thing I am sure about. Original Galaxy Note is by far the best portable device ever created. Got it for about 1 month now and wouldn’t even think of having anything else but perhaps Note II :p

    I was always dreaming of a single portable / mobile device that does everything (all in one so to speak) and with release of Galaxy Note my dream has come true!

    While I love tablets they are simply not practical enough in a sense of mobility… While ‘standard screen size’ smart phones are great, their screens are simply too small for certain things.

    Galaxy Note, with its 5.3″ screen, is perfect! It is awesome for movies and games, websites and books and it truly shines with comics. As a bonus you get stylus too which is perfect for anyone in need of doing quick sketches / drawings and similar.

    It is perfectly portable – meaning it will fit into any pocket so you don’t need to worry about some bags or what not…

    As said before, it is literally THE ONLY mobile device worth my money and I can only hope that Samsung carries on with the series since I will be buying v2, v3 etc… when they come out.

    Yes – I am fan!!! Huge one at that :)

    • thecalmcritic

      It’s great that Samsung scored 10 pts for you with the Note’s form factor. For the next revision however:-
      1. Firmware updates/policy NEEDS to change. Like NOW. Note or any other suitable Galaxy devices for that matter. Samsung atm can’t seem to seed sources out to the community fast enough and even when they come around w/ their official OTAs it’s not well thought out. This is a deal maker or breaker to me.

      2. Newer A15 powered Exynos 5250 please even if I don’t really care much about multi core. I’m not paying 2012 RRP for a 200Mhz speed bump or an addition of LTE radio. Future proofing is better.

      3. Dual speakers at the very least. I mean come on even SE’s pitiful Live’s speakers sounds a heck of a lot better to Note’s obvious higher classed product segment.

      Do just these and I’ll bet the farm that Note II will break the records all over again.

  • Peter

    Probably a color variants of the Note or mp3 player, maybe even a 5inch wifi tablet

  • Richard Yarrell

    I sure would love this on Verizon i would add line #3 so fast to my account. I want to add this with my Galaxy Nexus but only on verizon. Otherwise i will just wait till the Nexus tablet by google that will d

    • Richard Yarrell

      The Nexus tablet will be on verizon for sure.

      • squiddy20

        After the crap Samsung/Google put up with from Verizon and the release of the Galaxy Nexus, it ‘aint happening. So, as usual, you’re wrong. Just like you were wrong about the release date of the Evo 3D, how rooting was for “2plus year old devices”, and other relatively stupid crap. When will you ever learn?

  • keef

    oh shit!! i’d bought the first 1!! i will be regrets if Note 2 will coming .
    i hope it will be Galaxy Tab 11!! hahaha

  • AAL

    I am a user of Note, just got it last week, and boy oh boy I have been loving it till now. The main difference is the Super HD screen, its so vivid and bright that it just kills any other resolution with its amazing HD display. On top of that the battery is a killer, it has a superb battery so far and works amazing well above 16+ hours heavy usage. I am a very heavy user of phones, as my background is from Mobile Industry, however to use it as a phone it is truly amazing. Yet fits fine in my pants, jeans as well on top of that, its just like a computer in your hands.

    Amazing device so far. No issues what so ever, definitely a worth buy :)

    SGN II haha =) lets see!

  • douchebaggy

    my guess is that they may be phones that may have the Note’s form factor but either lacking or sporting a few features (no S-pen perhaps?), but still, worth waiting for what comes out next from Samsung, cheers!!!

  • burak

    I hope it is the next Galaxy Note with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, buttonless full touch screen, 1.6 GHz processor, more battery power, better screen resolution, 10MP camera and a smooth killer design by Samsung. I really do hope so.

  • burak

    I hope next one will be much better than the Galaxy Note.

  • squishysdomain

    More, bigger, faster better .. Yada Yada. NO, not really – reliable and useful is all that I want.

    On the useful side – This is clearly the best phone/tablet hybrid on the market and I would have bought one already if I could believe that the battery was ok.

    I’m an early adopter – had a Nokia communicator smart phone in 1999 and the thing it had that even this phone doesn’t have (according to some) is the ability to be there when you really need it. I don’t want a quad core 2GHz beast that’s 2mm thick – and lasts 5 minutes on a charge. I need to be able to pull out my phone having left it in my pocket (having forgot to charge it for a whole weekend) and make a call.

    This phone seems to be better than most, but the battery still isn’t big enough. Samsung, if you do read this free marketing advice – please double the battery capacity on the Note II so I can forget to turn WiFi off and still not have to carry a separate phone just to make sure I can make a phone call when I really need to! I had to permanently turn off Wifi & Bluetooth on my current phone before the battery life was even half way acceptable. That makes it an expensive brick :o(.

  • Heroe Bravo

    yes, Samsung is the best…People love Samsung electronic devices, gadgets and phones. !

  • eric

    5.6″ is the best size for pocket phone.

  • Phred

    I bought the Galaxy Note I when it first came out. I loved the features, but the reliability was so bad, that it spent most of the time in my sock drawer.

    The GN 2 came out. I asked, about reliability. Everyone told me about all the new functions but nothing about reliability.

    They had both at the store. I chose the iPhone 5. I no longer trust Samsung not to lock up all the time. Too many problems.