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Global survey says 70% of consumers want a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note


With all the Galaxy Note news going around today, one might wonder exactly how many people think a 5.3-inch quasi-tablet and advanced stylus is the right device for them. Well according to a global study performed by Samsung, 70% of consumers are looking for a device that can offer the same functions and features as the Galaxy Note.

Samsung recently performed a survey that included 5,000 people across 10 nations. When consumers were asked if they’d “like to carry one device that included a real writing experience,” Samsung gathered that over 70% would. Some of the more interesting use case preferences include:

  • Both men and women in all regions agreed/strongly agreed that carrying multiple devices to meet their mobile needs while on the go is a burden.
  • Both genders responded that a device with handwriting-type functionality would help to lighten their load. If given the opportunity to replicate the experience of using pen and paper on a mobile device, 64.6ï¼… would stop carrying a pen and paper.
  • Globally, 75.7ï¼… of respondents stated they would like the ability to hand-write sharable notes directly on images, maps, documents or websites using a smartphone; this figure was especially high in Asia (84.3ï¼…), leading to the assumption that the need for handwriting may be higher for Asian-language speaking consumers due to the unique characters.

Answers on what consumers would actually do with a Galaxy Note-type device varied from logging engineering designs and taking notes to sending personalized messages and drawings to family members while away on business trips.

After seeing Samsung’s numbers, we have to ask: Do you have a spot for a smartphone/tablet that reproduces a pen-and-paper-like experience in your life? Is the Galaxy Note your kind of device? Let us know by participating in the poll found below.

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  • dcormier

    I bet most people participating in this poll have not had a “pen and paper experience on a mobile device”. Anyone ever used any computing device with handwriting recognition? I’ll take a keyboard (software or hardware) over that, any day.

    • n25philly

      I have a HP touchsmart TM2, and I could never go back to a traditional laptop. The handwriting recognition is awesome on Win 7 out of the box and unbelievable if you take the time to do the training.

    • Dinesh Muciliath Jayadevan

      I don’t agree with your observation fully. I had been using a Pocket PC (HP iPAQ) for years and until three years ago, and the only input I used was handwriting recognition. It had an amazing recognition accuracy. Since the Pocket PC I was using had a resistive touch screen, the response was instantaneous. Whereas, in the Galaxy Note, I find the response is half a second or so delayed. That could affect your handwriting experience.

      • delinear

        I’m a former iPAQ user too (2220), I loved my lil PDA but I rarely used handwriting recognition. The tactile feel of it wasn’t very nice compared to scribbling on a real pad (admittedly with the stock weedy little stylus, a better pen stylus might have helped) and the recognition was hit and miss (again probably my fault for having such bad handwriting), but mostly the screen was too small to write comfortably. Where the stylus was a bonus was navigation, which on those old devices was more like a squished desktop experience, obviously less of an issue for today’s touch-optimised devices.

        I think the question is a bit of a leading question though. If someone asked me if I wanted a pen and paper experience I’d say “definitely yes”, if they asked me if I wanted a stylus experience I’d say (on my admittedly limited experience) it would be a nice bonus (and the Note looks like a fantastic phone so a nice bonus on top is not to be sniffed at) but not a “must have”.

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    “Both genders responded that a device with handwriting-type functionality would help to lighten their load.”

    Sorry, but this is fucking MENTAL. Prime example of users not knowing what they really want.

    Handwriting does ABSOLUTELY NOT solve the input riddle on mobile devices. It’s slower and more clunky than a good virtual keyboard (which are still less than ideal).

    While great stylus input would be excellent in several use-cases, to say it would “lighten the load” is patently insane.

    • http://twitter.com/simontaghioff caffeinedependent

      Stylus input is only slower than a virtual keyboard if you’re trying to use it to write an email or do a ‘keyboard-like’ task.

      A good stylus implementation would need the right hardware and software to make it a proper replacement for the pad and paper – see Microsoft’s discontinued ‘Courier’ for a product that might have delivered this experience.

      Agree it would never lighten the load – a large surface good for pen use would make a laughable phone. You will always need those two form factors. What it might kill off is the insane ‘it’s a giant iPod’ tablet market.

    • Ion

      You are not thinking of Asians who have to write special characters and strokes.

      Yes, if you’re writing in English then keyboards are faster. But spare a thought for that guy who wants to say “I love you” to his girlfriend in Japanese.

      This may be a shock to you (and most here) but the world speaks (and writes) in other languages. Gasp!

  • Jeff Pan

    I would definitely prefer a stylus based touch screen over a finger based touch screen

    • cb2000a

      You can always buy a capacitive pen for any capacitive screen device. I use one on my tablet.

    • Andy_jr

      I want both. Fingers are good for quick things, but a pen is useful for detailed work.

      I used a Palm Pilot clone for years and loved it, and I could “type” pretty fast using Graffiti.

  • Earthrazer

    Nonetheless, it’s so lame that it’s US release is AT&T only.

    • n25philly

      Why are you surprised that the manufacturers and carrier are pulling their usual BS. It’s not fun for them if they aren’t screwing someone.

    • kevin

      T-mobile and I’m in. ATT has terrible coverage in Fort Collins

    • Android4Life

      not only that, but they are going with the 4 touch button design. I’m using the international version on AT&T, and I love the physical home button! I find it functions better for waking up the note rather then having to tap the side power function and the 3 button layout will merge seemlessly with ics.

  • aranea

    There are already some note taking apps out there that you can use handwriting/drawing Skitch comes to mind. I also like Google’s Gesture Search. Yet I agree with the comments above that handwriting recognition is not very accurate ~50% if you don’t have a very neat handwriting with block letters. On the other hand handwriting recognition is just one aspect. You can write a quick and and mms or email it. The receiving person will be able to read it even if the cell phone can’t. So I see potential there with some ingenuity.

    My problem is that screens shouldn’t have to be huge. When I carry a phone around it’s in my pocket. These tablet-like phones don’t fit well.

  • M3rc Nate

    I think what it really comes down to, is they (mainstream consumers) SAY they want something, or wish they had something, but you then walk them through a store and show them all the options, and what they said they wanted, they cant stand and would barely ever use.

    Of course…we ALL saying we wish we had one device that could do it all, but when it comes down to it that doesnt mean i want to carry around a 6″ cellphone (too big), or a 6″ tablet (to small).

    Granted im not specifically attacking the Note. Besides the average internals, lack of ICS and Samsung UI, i dont hatefully disagree with their concept. Its like having a PDA phone back in the day. They were bigger than regular clamshell/razr phones, but it was nice to have a computer and cellphone in one, even if it was bigger.

  • http://pryvateid.tumblr.com pryvateid

    That would be kinda cool. At 1st I was against the Galaxy note because of the screen size. Then again being like a fushion of a phone & tablet isn’t a bad idea. I really don’t like carrying numerous devices for 1 task each. Plus, maybe this would allow me to actually play games on my devices. I mean I have a 4.3″ HTC Sensation, but maybe an extra inch would be good. Too bad this thing looks like it’s only set foot on AT&T. I wish T-Mobile would be more aggressive on snatching up some of these devices -__-

  • Ryland

    I drawing tool for a phone would be cool, but I can’t imagine holding that device up to my face to talk to someone. Between 4.3 and 5.2 inches for a screen is off-limits to me.

    • Johnathan Prochaska

      So you would use a phone with a screen size of 5.3 inches or bigger?

      I’m being an ass I know haha.

    • Android4Life

      you actually get adjusted to the phone against your ears quite quickly. the thinness of the phone just makes the size virtually non-problematic

  • weezeremo

    Im a tech guy in the military and all of us carry notepads to jot down.. ip’s, settings, etc and this would be perfect to eliminate the old notepad that gets washed in your uniform and ruins the pockets. … well as long as you dont wash the device lol.

  • staryoshi

    I want a Note size phone with a 720p res or higher, newer dual core or quad core processor, 2GB ram, and 32gb onboard storage plus a sd slot. I’d much rather have a larger phone than a phone and a tablet.

    • Raptor

      Plus Win8

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    Maybe this explains why I sold my Galaxy Nexus. Then bought two white Galaxy Notes, for my wife, and I.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Count me as one of the 70%. I want one, I won’t be getting one until Tmo offers it.

    To those saying that “consumers don’t know what they want”, I think that quote was previously used by some (now dead) juggernaut in the tech industry. I don’t think I need to comment anymore on that.

    Just because you can’t see the use in the stylus doesn’t mean everyone will. I picked up an EVO View mainly because of the stylus and I’m now using it more than I thought I would. It’s like a paper tablet with an INFINITE amount of pages. Seven inches may be a little on the big side but the not is a lot more pocket-able.

    Personally, I’m more excited about the Note than I was about the Galaxy Nexus. Too bad Tmo is dragging their feet on either one of these devices.

  • tarwinia

    I have a flyer and I bought it for the stylus functionality so yes, I like having the ability.
    People have to remember that no one’s saying that it’d replace the keyboard. It has different use cases: like circling a hard to find link on a webpage capture, drawing instructions on a map (it’s easier to read that for some than gps, especially for places not properly in map apps), quick notes, especially of the sort that mixer a lot of numbers and figures, diagrams, etc. Sure, handwriting recognition on cell phones/tablets sucks or is none existent but it can be done (windows Vista worked for me using cursive back when I had a notebook with pen input).

    Skifta and apps of the sort are not the same. You don’t have the precision you want. Those are good for silly stories and the sort, nothing more.

  • DroidPower

    5.3 inch screen? how big can the phone/device get then? Remember the time when being cool meant to have the smallest phone possible? Now it seems to be headed towards the widest phone possible.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I have been in the game a while now and i really want this device like everyone else does. This will be heading to verizon sooner or later. This would be the perfect monster to couple with my Galaxy Nexus…

  • BonnieM

    I would love a stylus if I could also have the shorthand I had with Palm where gestures translated to text. I got very proficient at it, including symbols and Caps, just by practicing. As for size, I’m sure that will fluctuate, be patient. Technology changes with the wind.

    • serenada

      I do remember the Palm. I thought it would be a pain, but it really wasn’t that bad. Man, that was a long time ago.

      I have a stylus for my Tab 10.1, but barely use it. I would like to find the right app, so I can copy simple diagrams, or maybe some sort of Visio lite. That would be useful on a 10 inch screen.

      I hear things about this Scritch. I should look.

  • Hall Lo

    Well yes I do want a device like the Note… Not as big as a tablet, but not as small as a normal smartphone

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    Samsung Galaxy Note is the phone of my dreams. I find it very convenient, nice-looking, and usable; and I like phones with large displays. The one problem is its high price. 2011 results for the mobile development world http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2012/01/2011-results-for-mobile-development.html

  • Nathan D.

    Wow the statistics are crazy! But I wouldn’t mind having one for taking notes in class.

  • Chad

    I want a device exactly like the Note except stock Android 4.0 OS. Touchwiz is messy to me

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Have the Note imported from Amazon, it is already my favorite. The screen is huge, yet device comfortable to hold. Annotating a screen capture with included digital stylus can be a major convenience for the business, or even leisure user. Performance with Gingerbread is fine, ICS upgrade should be fantastic.

    Unless there is particular reason you require a small screen device, check out the Note. Videos, browsing, and your favorite apps looks impressive on that high resolution, vibrant color screen; the included digital pen is frosting on the cake.

  • WlfHart

    Personally I’d love a nice stylus based touchscreen phone as I often write math equations to tutees and having to write it on paper and send a picture is not as convenient as just scrolling it on the phone.

  • honourbound68

    i’d love this if it was pure google :)

    • donger

      agreed, it was between this and the gnex.