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HTC customer service confirms Android 4.0 update for HTC Flyer coming in Q1


Over the past two months, HTC has been rolling out Android 3.2 updates to the various HTC Flyer models across the globe. The Honeycomb update gives the Flyer a new UI and access to tablet specific apps on the Android Market. Most Android enthusiasts have been ecstatic about the update, but there has been some public outcry from the general public since the update completely changes the UI, removes all home screen customizations that have been made by the users and forces them to live the an HTC Sense which does not really work that well within Honeycomb.

Advanced users who are not pleased with the changes made in the new update can always downgrade to Gingerbread, but what are the options for run-of-the-mill consumers who want to use their devices as the manufacturer intended? According to an HTC customer service rep, those not satisfied with Android 3.2 on the HTC Flyer can send their device in to have HTC revert it back to its out of the box experience or they can simply wait for the Android 4.0 update (Ice Cream Sandwich) which should be avaialble within the next few months.

HTC: or wait for the update to ice cream sandwich.
Bruno: When is the update expected?
HTC: the first quarter of this year.

Since we’re already nearly a full month into Q1, HTC Flyer users should expect to see an Android 4.0 update in less than nine weeks. But I wouldn’t get too excited. A passing reference from an HTC customer service rep is nice, but we’re still waiting for an official annoucnement from HTC. Let’s also not forget that HTC promised a quick update to Honeycomb when the Flyer was originally announced and we all know how that played out.

Based on the tablet’s hardware, we’re expecting to see an official Android 4.0 software upgrade for the HTC Flyer in the first half of the year. Will it come in Q1? You tell us.

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC-Hub

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    i woudnt hold my breath.. but hopefully this means the sensation will see it q1 also

    • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

      I’m sure we’ll see ICS for the Flyer in Q1….
      Just like HTC said the Flyer would have Honeycomb in “Q2″ last year…

    • Jeff Pan

      There was a leaked document which said Sensation would get ICS in January. Dont think that is going to happen though. Might come in February. Yay!

  • Adam

    Sure… still waiting for honeycomb for asian model.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Nothing to get excited about here it seems. I would wait for the official announcement and then expect to wait some more after that. Too bad…

  • Paul Jamieson

    Funny, I don’t see any mention of my Telus HTC Desire HD OS and UI update. I got one last Friday to boost me to OS 3.2.5 and UI 3.0 ..
    I was hoping to see ICS, but I don’t think HTC has included this phone on it’s upgrade path .. :(
    Lucky for me I am getting the Galaxy Note in 2 weeks .. Yippy !!
    And Yes I know .. the Galaxy Note only runs ver 3.2.? at the present moment .. :( .. but a ICS version is in the works … :)

    • delinear

      Yes, I’d expect to see the Note updated relatively quickly, otherwise it will already be outdated while still on the shelf as more new ICS devices start to appear (and that’s definitely not in Samsung’s interests).

    • MarsWarrior

      I have a Note, and it runs on 2.3 and not 3.2! I’m also waiting for ICS, as I want the USB host functionality, which I hope is included.

  • spazby

    I will believe it when I see it

  • fletchtb

    I hope the rumor is true. I have a couple of these at home that I would love to get a stock ICS build running on.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I doubt HTC will be putting out a stock ICS update. HTC Sense might not work that well on HC, but HTC is fully committed to HTC Sense on all of their devices.

      • delinear

        Yup, I suspect rooting is the way to go for vanilla ICS, and if you’re going down that route you don’t have to worry about waiting for the update to be pushed out. Bonus :)

  • romy134

    Will I buy one? Nah…

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I love rumors like this. I just bought an EVO (the flyers “4g” cousin) I absolutley DO NOT like Honeycomb. Hopefully, it’s true and hopefully it works better than Honeycomb.

    Finger Crossed.

    • honourbound68

      same here. bought the evo view while it was on sale this past xmas. HC is meh. hope we get ics

  • Hall Lo

    That’s some good news! :) ICS on more devices YAY!

  • Nathan D.

    Maybe a wave of update are coming to some htc devices

  • yankeesusa

    HTC has never let me down when it comes to updates. If the flyer gets ICS update I may buy it if I can get it at a decent price. This is one reason why i have stuck by htc ever since the htc touch with windows mobile 6. I hope this is correct and htc really comes through with this update.

  • Sam

    Hey Guys!

    Its past Q1, 2013. Is there any news on ICS update for HTC Flyer ? Or, we have to forget all about this.



  • dave

    I have an HTC Flyer, and it crashes whenever I try to open most of my apps. I can read a book on it, and i can play card games, but that is not what I got it for. Simple stuff like watching you tube crashes the system 50% of the time. Noom crashes me every time I go to use it… I have uninstalled most of what was on it, but I will never own another HTC product. It’s too bulky for my pocket and too small to do any work on, and the tech people tell me to update my operating system…. To what? I cannot find an upgrade anywhere. This is so typical of industry today. Go for the money… It don’t matter about supporting the product so that it works. This is garbage. I suppose it is (crashed again) what it is, and I can always get something else, but i am still in a $65 monthly contract to have this junk. Sorry for the bad attitude, but come on guys! Where is the new system that brings us up with the rest of the world? Where are the solutions?
    Dave the disgruntled…

    • dave

      I went to the US Cellular store last week and the contacted their tech guy who told me USC have dropped the HTC flyer. There will not be an update for this operating system, and i was offered to be put on the waiting list for a used Samsung tablet instead. So far as I can see, there will be no point in keeping this tablet. What a waste of my time.

  • Adrian

    Yeah.. Agreed that HTC sense is slow on honey comb wonder If it’ll be good on ICS (icecreamsandwich)??? There is a jellybean rom for flyer called dexters jellybean but it has a lot of bugs with the flyers hardware. I hope they get the drop down notifications bar back and the on screen buttons like the nexus 7…

  • Adrian

    @dave I have the flyer from uscell and to get it updated to 3.2 they did it in store and didn’t care about if it was dropped or not they just flashed 3.2 to the system. I wonder if I could flash the update myself with stock recovery