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Motorola RAZR Android 4.0 BLUR leaked


Based on the latest ROM leak, it looks like the Motorola RAZR may be one of the first devices in Motorola’s lineup to be updated to Android 4.0. The leaked build shows off some of the customizations Motorola is planning to implement on top of the new UI elements from Ice Cream Sandwich. So far, the camera and lock screen have been skinned, but we’re a bit surprised that the only changes to the home screen include MOTOBLUR icons. While we would like to see Motorola scale back their custom UI, it’s probably safe to assume that the leaked build simply didn’t include an updated version of Motorola’s launcher application.

droid-razr-ics razr-ics1 razr-ics2 razr-ics3 razr-ics5 razr-ics6 razr-ics7

What do you think of Motorola’s skinning of Android 4.0? Will Motorola release the Android 4.0.3 update for the RAZR with the stock launcher, or will we see another iteration of their “don’t call me BLUR” launcher once the update starts rolling out to handsets in the coming months?

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  • Jeff Pan

    Looks like a diluted version of BLUR. Which is actually good!

    Good Job Motorola!

    • zerosix

      Deblurred version of BLUR:)
      That 4 circles on lock screen look quite bulky.

      • delinear

        Could be a nice feature if it lets you assign apps to the two extra circles so you can go direct to them, though (assuming two of them are the standard ICS unlock and camera).

        • jordan

          It does

    • chochopr


  • spazby

    Not bad. Has anyone heard about photon being upgraded?

  • Thomas Biard

    Awesome! This Not-to-be-called-Blur looks more like what I would call Andro-blur. Has some nice tweeks from ICS but still keeping the true thrill of ICS. Hopefully they didn’t cut down on the ability to freeze bloatware.

  • oddball

    I suspect that this may actually be closer to what we will see than we expect. When Google takes over a company they tend to require that the people working for the company meet THEIR standards. The software engineers that made Blur need to prove they can make decent product rather than the obscenity that Blur has been.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    As long as they don’t let too much of the Ice Cream Sandwich melt they will have something pretty great. Still early though… but it looks nice thus far. Keep it up!

  • tyler

    When will the droid bionic get ice cream sandwich”

  • Alan Reboli

    Wow, I stand corrected. This doesn’t look like crap. Good work. Hopefully once we go deeper it will remain not stupid.

  • Toonshorty

    Why couldn’t they just leave it at stock?

    • delinear

      The same reason none of them do. They want to ensure there’s an upgrade path and stock Android makes it too easy to stay with your current phone and just grab the latest updates.

      In reality, most people seem happy to get a new phone whenever their contract is up (even those who have installed a custom mod and could have the latest Android version on their existing phone) so I think their logic is flawed, but it’s the way they’ve always operated and companies don’t like change, even when they can see how well it has paid off for Apple.

      I wish at least one manufacturer would try doing only vanilla Android on their phones to at least test the theory – they could end up defining an entirely new (and better for us) business model.

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    Yeah, I am highly doubtful this is the final version of Blur for the RAZR. Even with Google, Motorola will not release such a de-skinned version of Android.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I honestly thought it would look much worse than it does. Good job Motorola!

  • Hall Lo

    Not bad! Let’s all hope its the final version of motoblur tho :/

  • Shane Dumas

    It would be nice if companies would do one of two things. Make a few phones a year and give the options to have their skins on them or not. Or maybe make a few phones at a time one with a skin and one without. That way people who like a particular manufacturer can have a phone the way they like it. I know that will never happen but we can always dream.

  • chochopr

    I Thought Verzion doesn’t SUPPORT nor ALLOWING MotoBlur on their Phones????

    • h0ruza

      This is the GSM (world) version of the razor not the Verizon phone so it may change for you guys.

  • Nathan D.

    Well since it is a bit more scaled back I like it nit as much as stock but at least they are getting better with their “don’t call me blur” skin

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Now why the hell cant they do the same with touchwizz? Make it look more like vanilla?

  • Mark


    • honourbound68

      nod… just this once maybe????

  • lokidokie


  • Alpster1

    When bloggers use the term Blur, they are referring to the “skin”, what Motorola has actually called MAP for most of the last year.

    BLUR actually always referred to the cloud service that Motorola uses to deliver content to the phone automatically – if you set it up.

    There are no more phones with BLUR logins, but the economical push service for Social Networking, RSS feeds, web based email, etc… is still there if you set up the widgets and provide account information.

    It ended up as the de facto name for Motorola’s interface because HTC had Sense and Samsung had Touchwiz, but it has never been as invasive as either of those designs.

    The only pain point was creating a login when setting up the phone and trying to remember what it was later. Unfortunately, when Motorola did away the login as customers asked, their phones could no longer be tracked directly from a user portal website that would find/wipe your phone if it were lost. There are some good apps that do this now and ironically no one complains about creating a login…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Let’s just see what happens. Won’t jump to any conclusions. Nothing beats stock android plain and simple..

  • redraider133

    I hope it stays like this and they take a minimalistic approach to blur on ics. Will be interesting to see how much it changes before it makes it onto the razr.

  • Commandante

    Hi, guys! Yesterday I`ve got this update via recovery mode. My first impression is doubt – on the one hand interface is looking good but icons of wifi and 3G status is very bad (non-contrast and very small). Also there is some troubles with smart action app- it is periodically crashes (so I moved it out). Widgets adding is complicated too. Music store works fine. Smart mode app is crashes. Market, camera, camcoder, account sync is working well.
    IMHO the notofication area should be a little bit wide.
    But it is a first step to ICS on RAZR so I think that final version wil be pretty good (as on my Asus prime).

  • Anderson

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  • Gregg

    why alter something so clean like ICS stock. BLUR is such crap. I really wish google would stop the UI mods.

  • max

    How long i must wait for de update android 4