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Motorola’s solution for a non-removable battery on the RAZR? Why, the RAZR MAXX of course!


Today must be “Introduce a new device that addresses problems with a device we released not too long ago” day in the Android world. One of the biggest beefs we had with the DROID RAZR was the phone’s lack of removable battery. Though the RAZR actually had a decent battery life (and is still one of our favorite Verizon phones), not being able to have a backup or extended battery for an LTE phone is the kiss of death.

Motorola has solved the DROID RAZR’s lack of removable battery problem by introducing a new model, the DROID RAZR MAXX, which also features a non-removable battery, but is way bigger. We don’t know exactly how much bigger the battery is, but Motorola and Verizon are promising a whopping 21 hours of battery life on the RAZR MAXX while maintaining the same svelte profile of the original RAZR.

The DROID RAZR MAXX will have 32GB of onboard storage and will run the customary $299.99 when it’s released.

Verizon and Motorola have also announced a purple version of the original DROID RAZR, which should launch in the coming weeks. It’s identical to the original RAZR spec-wise, but with a shiny new purple finish.

Motorola and Verizon will likely have the DROID RAZR MAXX and purple DROID RAZR on the show floor at CES, which opens tomorrow. We’ll bring you more on these phones from Vegas in the coming week.

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Show Press Release

LAS VEGAS, NV and BASKING RIDGE, NJ – From the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) today announced an expansion of the DROID RAZRâ„¢ family. In coming weeks, customers will see the DROID RAZRâ„¢ by Motorola in Purple and the DROID RAZRâ„¢ MAXXâ„¢ by Motorola. Both new DROIDs are powered by America’s fastest, most reliable 4G network and build upon the successful DROID RAZR by Motorola.

DROID RAZR — Thin, Powerful and now in Purple

DROID RAZR in Purple will debut in the coming weeks with 16 GB on-board memory and gives customers a third stylish option from which to choose. Regardless of color — classic Black, pristine White or Purple, the DROID RAZR is equipped with the same great features that let customers search the Web or download more than 300,000 Android Marketâ„¢ apps at breakneck speeds on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. The DROID RAZR in Purple will be $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

Taking DROID RAZR to the MAXX

The DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola will join the DROID family for customers who want all the great features of the DROID RAZR, but need a smartphone that overachieves. DROID RAZR MAXX is designed for customers who spend their days and nights multi-tasking. This smartphone is a marathon runner with enough endurance to let customers talk on the phone for more than 21 hours straight on a single charge. It’s the longest-lasting smartphone on the block, and at just 8.99 mm, the device is still impossibly thin. The DROID RAZR MAXX comes equipped with 32 GB of total memory and will be $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

The DROID Family by Motorola Complete with Tablets

The DROID family also includes the two recently launched DROID XYBOARD tablets by Motorola. Both boast the blazing speeds of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network and the power of dual-core 1.2 GHz processors for lightning-fast Web browsing and multi-tasking. Customers can select what size XYBOARD they want to command by choosing either the 10.1-inch or 8.2-inch DROID.

Ice Cream Sandwich Update

DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are powered by the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network and run on Androidâ„¢ 2.3.5 Gingerbread, to be upgraded to Androidâ„¢ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The DROID XYBOARD tablets will also be upgraded to Android 4.0. Both DROID smartphones will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at www.verizonwireless.com in the coming weeks.

Additional Features and Smart Accessories

A full suite of accessories that extend the power of DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola are also available from Verizon Wireless. Accessories compatible with both DROIDs include the 10.1-inch Lapdock 100, 14-inch Lapdock 500 Pro with built-in webcam and Ethernet connection, HD Dock, HD Station and vehicle navigation mount. Plus, each device has all the software needed to customize DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX to the fullest. Stream music, photos and videos from home or work computers straight to the smartphone with MotoCastâ„¢, or automate everyday tasks by creating rules using Smart Actions.

Data Plans

Customers that purchase a DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan beginning at $39.99 monthly access and a smartphone data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data. Customers that purchase a DROID XYBOARD tablet will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband data plan starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

For more information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to www.verizonwireless.com.

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  • Bryan Stoner

    If it’s bigger can it still be considered a RAZR?

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      It’s still RAZR thin at 8.99 mm.

      • AsakuraZero

        too bad its not a S4 o tegra 3 chip, it would be the bomb of a cellphone (and trow me the GSM bone too plase).

    • sunrise

      The article above states “Motorola and Verizon are promising a whopping 21 hours of battery life on the RAZR MAXX while maintaining the same svelte profile of the original RAZR.”

      So I’m assuming it isn’t bigger than the original Droid Razr.

      • Bryan Stoner

        -.- Read it wrong. I feel dumb. Well I would certainly feel bad for early adopters.

  • josegb2011

    I would be mad if i was one of the the people bought the normal razor..i would feel cheated..but than again i got a gnex so im fine…

  • T1392

    Wha wha whaaaaa, well when’s MWC? So much for the predictions of stock Motorola devices…. was really hoping for some. Still no ICS beast either? SMH

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    And Motorola wonders why it does so crappy sometimes.

    Seriously, who signed off on this? Should have not made the RAZR with a built-in battery (but then again it probably wouldn’t have been so thin if it wasn’t).

    Still sounds dumb – I mean a phone that’s EXACTLY the same except it’s fatter cuz it has a bigger battery? All of that production for ONE CHANGE?

    I’m no CEO, but it seems like the MAXX was a bad idea (or the RAZR’s non-removable battery).

  • spazby

    i would not want to shave with this RAZR….

  • McLovin

    Non-removable batteries are a sin against civilization. Thanks Steve Jobs!

  • droilfade

    Come on Moto…don’t be an ‘apple’ in a bunch of oranges! Give us the freedom to remove our batteries….flash ROMs, soft reset (remove battery) our phones when the flash goes wrong…insert & reinsert them enter recoveries and download modes! Wait…what was that about battery life?!

  • psipher

    The only good thing about the Razr Maxx is that it dropped the price of the regular Razr to $199.


    it becoming sadly apparent that we need to wait a month before we adopt a product

  • Hall Lo

    21 hours? Thats quite impressive :) but still a removable battery would be better

  • alexanderharri3

    Finally an OEM realized we need bigger batteries?? I’ll sacrifice 2-3mm any day for a bigger battery. The thickness difference between a Thunderbolt and Razr is enough to pop in a HUGE battery – that is still a dream phone…poor Razr owners..seems like a trend these days, huh Verizon? Poor Bionic owners….infinite wait, rapid obsolescence.

  • rashad360

    Non-removable battery cover is a deal-breaker for me, it kills the longevity of the phone if I can’t replace the battery when it inevitably goes bad. Also, I have had to do my fair share of battery pulls in my ROM flashing efforts

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Just imagine: Motorola never released the RAZR, instead it waited for the RAZR Maxx, and equipped it with ICS. Even if it comes with the YouCantCallItMotoBlur, they will still get a lot of positive press, sell a tons of it, and cut down the needs to support more phones.

  • thekaz

    yeah, it doesn’t solve the problem with the original RAZR… well, not for those who already have it, that is…

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, we know.

  • phor11

    I thought the major problem with the RAZR was the screen, not battery life…
    It still uses a Pentile display right?

  • BTM

    Son of a b!tch.

  • http://Note Uncemister

    Doesn’t bother me one bit. My droid razr has had outstanding battery life.

  • weezeremo

    Of course there is a new moto phone to outdate the razr already… i should have bet money id have like 20 bucks right now

  • Nathan D.

    Well it good, but It not enough to of a upgrade if you already have the original razr unless batter life is your #1 thing for you.

  • classic_hero

    damn 21 hours, thats crazy

  • phaet2112

    $1 they sell it with sir mix a lot’s baby got back

  • BJ Beier

    Personally, this is not a fix for the non-removable batter issue on the RAZR. Not only that, but the RAZR MAXX has the same issue, but it will just take longer to irritate you. I hate to say it, but this is just another one of those things that takes away from Android’s openness. Android is all about customizing everything from the home screen to battery life. But if you can’t buy an extended battery because it’s built in, or you can’t root your phone because the boot loader is locked, then it really isn’t that open, is it? I understand that this is due to the manufacturers and not Google, but still, it’s ridiculous. OK, I’m done ranting now.

    • booyay

      You do realize you can still root your phone if the boot loader is locked…right?

  • Scott Strang

    Motorola just doesn’t get it. Being both a Motorola product and using Android O/S means that the phone will lock up with no way to reset it.

    Total idiots.

  • John

    Ya should make a droid 4 maxx too! i will buy the droid 4 when it has the removeable battery!

  • Dino

    Non-removable battery is a bad idea to the consumer every way you look at it. It’s great for manufacturers and carriers because now they’ll keep you coming back to them to spend on either replacing the battery or upgrading every few years and wanting to save with a new contract and buying insurance. All this instead of a $5 replacement battery. It’s planned obsolesence. Do they even listen to consumers? Where are all these blogs complaining that the older droids were too fat and ugly? Might as well get an iphone.