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Opinion: ASUS shows they understand the tablet market with the $250 MeMO 370T

memo 370t placeholder

By now, you hopefully already know about the ASUS MeMO 370T. On paper, the MeMO 370T is a spec’d out 7-inch slate that features nVidia’s powerful Tegra 3 quad-core system on a chip. This tablet screams top-of-the-line, yet ASUS will offer the tablet to consumer for $250. Why would they price this thing so low, you ask?

In short, ASUS simply gets it. They understand that consumers want tablets, perhaps to even replace their laptops, but they don’t want them at laptop prices. Instead, consumers largely see tablets as cooler netbooks, and are looking to spend between $200 and $400 on these devices. Of course, the $500 and up iPad/iPad2 have bucked this tradition, but Apple has a long history of pricing themselves at the very high end of the market (or above), and still selling a multitude of devices to their fanbase.

The biggest reason Android tablet sales haven’t taken off is because they’ve been priced to compete with iPads instead of netbooks. Amazon proved this when they launched the Kindle Fire, the $200 eReader tablet hybrid that in 2 months has sold as many or more units than all previous Android tablets combined. HP’s Touchpad tablets sold out in minutes when they were dropped to $100-150 in HP’s inventory eliminating fire-sale. The $250 Nook Tablet has proven no slouch either, making Barnes and Noble’s nook line one of their most profitable divisions.

In order for tablet makers (including Apple) to compete, they’re going to have to continue to offer tablets for less, a point ASUS has certainly taken to heart with the MeMO 370T. The launch of the MeMO 370T was likely the biggest and best surprise of CES 2012, and we’re happy to see companies starting to offer powerful tablets at incredibly affordable prices. We hope to see this trend continue; in fact, we think it has to¬†continue if Android tablet sales are ever going to take off.

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  • taketheleap

    Someone send this article to RIM.

    Cuz Blackberry sure as hell does NOT get it.

    • Taknarosh

      RIM’s problems run much deeper than the superficial failing of including KEY aspects of their business like EMAIL support in the Playbook.

      They problem with them, IMO, is that they have gotten TOO big and TOO bureaucratic. When their R&D come up with an idea or product it probably has to go through a retardedly long approval process that not only fails to stop shortcomings like the lack of email but also makes potentially good product fall behind the competition.

      Had the BB 9900 come out at the time 1GHz processors was high end (think the time around the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD, Motorola DROID X) it would have been A SOLID competitor. Instead it got delayed to the point where Dual-Cores were the norm,

      In any case, ASUS is most certainly THE tablet manufacturer to be if the can get the MeMO 370T on shelves ASAP. They will need to sort out their supply line issues that slightly hampered sales of the Tran former and Transformer Prime. If the do, add a bit of marketing muscle behind the MeMO and raise awareness of this kick ass tablet they not only dethrone the current crop of 7-inch tablets, I see them as a REAL threat to the iPad.

      I know that sounds like a repetition of the Kindle Fire, but the Fire is hampered by non-Google support and the fact that Amazon App Store as good as it is for US citizens is non existent worldwide. To really rock the boat you need the attention of the world and the MeMO 370T certainly has the chops to do so.

      • TruFactz

        What about Toshiba? The Tech that they come out with? Is fantastic!

  • Galen20K

    Oh, I absolutely agree with this Article! Price MATTERS in our economy.

    • Kaote

      While I agree Price MATTERS in our economy. I would say that price absolutely matters anytime.

    • Jeff Pan

      Exactly! Prices does matter in any economy.

      if the Android tablet makers had approached the market a bit differently they would have been all over iPad by the end of 2011. Instead they are still playing catch up!

      Imagine if Xoom had come out with a $250 7 inch version in 2011. It would have been a run away success. The next step should have been a $500 Wifi model and then $700 highend one!! In reality they went in the opposite direction.

      If the $250 version had succeeded in March 2011, the number of tablet Android apps would have twice of thrice of what it is now.

      They is no point crying over split milk. The way forward is to make best use of the next available opportunity and I guess this is a great step by Asus.

      If Asus succeeds, its a major boost to Android tablet ecosystem and all major tablet OEMs in general.

    • Jon Garrett

      price does matter but advertising matters more !! the price is only half the reason the Kindle Fire is a success.

      the average consumer knows of apple’s products even if they don’t own them and have never touched one. cant say the same for Android unless you’re talking about the Kindle.

      the LG G-Slate is a perfect example of a great Android tablet that NOBODY knows about. even in the t-mobile stores where it was being sold, it was NEVER on display at all the stores I went to, you had to ask them for it–if they sales reps even knew what I was talking about.


    lets ope the trend continues

    • SCJaredJ


  • teleknEsis

    I think Asus has understood the market since the release of the original Transformer. At the time it launched you couldn’t beat the hardware and it was the cheapest tablet in its class. They did it again with the Prime and the new Memo takes the cake. I for one will DEFINITELY pick one up so I can have a 7″ and a 10″ tablet

    • RRR

      ASUS understood the market since their shocking $200 netbooks nobody believed in. Subsequent crash of the economy helped them even more.

      Now they start to understand hi-end users base too not just cheapos with 10% discount coupon in their hand.

      The tablet = design +processor + screen.

      They have made with first two, now it’s time for true HD screen.

  • ranwanimator

    And yet they’re pricing the Transformer 700 at $599.

    • M3rc Nate

      Your right you get a lot for that $599, especially compared to Apple’s current offering in terms of specs. However what really hurts the wallet isnt just the T-Prime 700T, its the 700T+ Keyboard dock.. I am in denial about how much money i will be spending when i pick up both lol. $750? Yikes.
      Makes you wish Asus would be a EVEN cooler company and bundle them together for $25-50 less or something. Or at least a deal of “Buy the 700T+Keyboard dock and get $25-50 cash back, or credit” or something like that. Take the edge off the huge amount of money being spent.

      Though i can look at what my sister spent on her 32Gb iPad 2 Wifi+3G ($720+) and what i will have for my $750 and be VERY happy because in every way, my T-Prime will dominate. I bet it will still be even better than the iPad 3 in terms of specs and hardware.

      • M3rc Nate

        Completely agree with both statements. I am just saddened by the lack of “Loyal customer spending big guys” discounts. I am spending a whopping $599 and im sure they make a huge profit, then add to that i want your $150 peripheral?

        PLUS im sure Asus has statistics showing me buying both means i will most likely return to them for their next tablet or android related device/peripheral. Just a little something like you said, $25 worth of Tegra games, or Android DL’able movies or music or something…something that 1 takes a bit of the bite off, and 2 shows you the customer that they notice and appreciate how much you are spending on their product, and that most likely you will come back for more of their products, and they reward you for that.

        But thats wishful thinking. Very FEW companies if any recognize loyalty or big buck purchases and reward it. I would feel this way times 10 if i had owned the Origin Transformer and now was getting a Prime 700T and a KB dock? Wowza id want to be patted on the back and slipped a $20 bill on the D.L.

      • wildkarrde21

        While I agree that you’re not just getting a keyboard, I am slightly disappointed by the fact that the previous Transformer’s keyboard dock is not usable with the Prime models (from what I’ve heard). I thought I remembered them saying that the dock would be forward-compatible when the original Transformer was released, but perhaps reality set in and it wasn’t cost-effective or realistic for them to do that. I think it would have gone a long way to build customer loyalty if they had implemented that, but I understand that it may not have been practical.

    • masterpfa

      I agree with you 100% When the Xoom and all the other tablets came out, I managed to see them all side by side at a large store here in the UK, no I won’t give them free advertising by mentioning their name :-), Absolutely all of them failed to impress, until I saw the Ee Transformer at the end of the display desk. I spent quite some time trying it out, not only did Honeycomb seem to run better, but Asus UI was less intrusive and seemed yet to offer more.

      With a friend who owns one singing it’s praises daily, with the prompt updates of OS as well as their own UI, this all bodes well with a manufacturer you hopefully can look forward to their products, as I am with their 7″ Tablets

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    This makes me giddy. Finally someone gets it. I hope this sends a message to other tablet manufacturers. The price is really what has been holding me back. I haven’t wanted to “settle” for a poorly spec’d tab just because that’s all I could afford. Buy these people! At that price you could justify getting a new tab every year, and that’s what we want as Android people… to immerse ourselves in all the Android goodness/devices.

    Also, I truly do wonder how Apple would respond if a tablet, other than theirs, was taking more and more market share.

    • astria

      sue everybody… that’s wat Apple will do…

    • epps720

      The other tablet makers (other than Apple at this point) will have no choice but to drop their prices now that Asus has joined along to undercut them. Asus just need to get the Prime on board with this pricing which s/b $400 for the tablet and maybe $550 – $600 with the docking station.

      • wildkarrde21

        Indeed. Forcing prices lower also encourages innovation (i.e. how do we make something even better for cheaper). Nobody benefits from companies sitting on their laurels…for too long, at least.

  • madtnotn

    I am glad to see it is not all about the money.

  • droiddewd

    Agreed. Asus not only understands the correct price point but seems to *get* making sure their products are top notch and up to date too. An allround great company that I intend on keep my dollars going toward as long as they keep it up.

  • fulaman

    If this pad has an optional accessory keyboard, then sign me up.

  • Billy

    Price is huge … but it can’t be crap either. Decent product at a decent price. I think a lot of tablets will sell as prices decrease.

    • delinear

      Asus have a good track record here. Back in the netbook heyday they got their EEE range spot on – build quality wasn’t sacrificed but price was still just right (on the other hand it wasn’t over-engineered, it did just what it was supposed to do, which helped a lot). I’m quite hopeful they’ll get this right.

  • triangle

    They definitely have the right idea. If they can execute on this plan for a highly spec’d 7 inch tablet for $249, they will shake up the industry. Why would anyone pay $400 or anything close to that for something similar? Most people would pay the extra $50 for a full featured tablet compared to the kindle fire. I hope that Asus can bring this soon because I’m looking for to what everyone else does in response.

  • jaynoon

    Quality matters too. My (second) $500 Transformer Prime is a piece of junk. Returning it as soon as I can.

    • jaynoon

      Sorry, I honestly thought the issues were so well-known at this point that I didn’t have to list them.

      -All units: GPS doesn’t work. Asus has removed it from their specs page rather than fix it.
      -First unit had a broken vibration motor that made a grinding sound
      -Both units: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth performance is very poor. Much reduced range compared to other devices.
      -Both units: Quite a bit of light bleed around the edges of the display. Appears to be very common.
      -SW: The Honeycomb build was buggy-tons of hangs, force-closes, weird glitchy boot animation, and even straight-up reboots (haven’t had a chance to try ICS yet, I’m traveling)

      Those are my issues. XDA Prime forums are absolutely crushed with other people’s issues. Can’t vouch for them but the volume is alarming, and my experience at least supports that Asus’ quality control is weak.

      • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

        Not doubting your experience, you must have bad luck to get two bad units. My experience has been different: I received my Prime on 1/10/12, same day ICS became available. Was your unit one of the early shipments received in December?

        GPS is not an issue for me since I will not use it. However, since it was initially advertised with that spec, agree it should have worked.

        I was concerned about WiFi before receiving my Prime since I will be using the Prime from a floor below the router. WiFi signal is fine, as good as my other tablets / mobile devices. Have not tried Bluetooth yet.

        No light bleed on my Prime, or original Transformer.

        Upgraded to ICS when I received the Prime. My shipment arrived the day ICS was available. My original Transformer with Honeycomb is very stable, at least as stable / reliable as my other Honeycomb based tablets.

        Hopefully ASUS will correct the situation so all future users have my positive experience, and avoid the negative experience you, and other had to endure.

      • M3rc Nate

        Assuming it would work with the original T-Prime, Asus should definitely offer the new 700T’s back plate for free to everyone that owns a T-Prime original. I think that new back plate (supposed fix to let the GPS/BTooth etc signal out). And your other issues related to Honeycomb would have been fixed with the ICS update. So besides bleeding which im sorry about, you would have been all good.

        Should the tablet to begin with work out of the box as advertised? Yes for sure. And if i were you were i return it for either 1) A replacement without the bleeding issue or 2) Money back, and buy the 700T.

        And if you choose 1, like i said you can update it to ICS and hopefully Asus will release the new backplate to either be sold or free for original owners. All issues solved.

  • AppleFUD

    Are you sure Asus gets it or is it the case the Amazon and B&N have pretty much forced all 7″ tablets to be around this price?

    • Trinhbo

      Yeah I think you raise a good point. ASUS may have priced this comparably to the Kindle Fire but ASUS just showcased an updated model of the Transformer Prime and priced it at $600! If they “got it”, they should have priced that updated model at $500 and phased out the Transformer Prime.

  • AppleFUD

    Are you sure Asus gets it or is it the case the Amazon and B&N have pretty much forced all 7″ tablets to be around this price if they want to sell any?

  • DokiChan

    And once again the UK are left out in the cold… these delays and no-shows for tablets in Blighty are playing right into mostly Apple’s grubby mitts… or worse, not bothering as it’s too expensive

  • txbluesman

    I said it once and I will say it again….I would love to put one of these bad boys in my pocket. Thanks for the artical Anthony.

  • Mil

    I couldn’t agree more. Hopefully Asus will lead the way for other manufacturers to follow suit.

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    My question is why did it take ASUS (or any of the other manufacturers) this long to “get it”?

    • txbubba

      I suspect that they’ve known the price point but that they’re just now getting the parts at the prices to make those numbers. In particular, I thought the SSD prices were among the parts that needed to drop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Let’s hope they lower the price for Transformer Prime as well.. That will be amazing then.

  • Slith

    I can’t wait to get one, but I wonder what the profit margin is for Asus. It’s been said that Amazon loses money on each Kindle Fire only to make it up on the media sales. I’d guess the Nook operates in the same way for B&N.

    Asus can probably buy enough volume of each component to be successful. It’s almost certain they are Nvidia’s chosen manufacturer and are receiving the best Tegra prices out there.

    All and all it’s great for us!

    • thekaz

      This is true, but I think Apple’s strategy with the iPhone and iPad is to make most of their money off of other people’s work (apps, movies, music, etc.) B&N and Amazon can do this with movies and music and, to a much lesser extent apps. Of course, the problem (at least from B&N and Amazon’s perspective) with the Android tablets is that you have other options for content.

      You look at a tablet from other manufacturers, and they don’t have the luxury of making a lot of money from selling content, so it is more difficult to lower the price.

      I am very impressed some have managed to bring the cost down.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        Yea, I don’t think Google is sharing Market’s revenue with device makers — it really should, to encourage OEM to lower the prices. In addition, they can give a bigger share to OEM that makes use of the stock OS.

        • jawabba

          Is that a tablet in your pocket? Why yes it is. I call is Asus.

    • astria

      from the perspective of a computer hardware maker, they dun ve to make a lot, but they need to ship a lot…

      Asus is basically using the marketing model of Eee PC, sell cheap, sell a lot…

      and add on the long partner relationship Asus has with Nvidia in the past making GeForce GPU and nForce motherboards…

  • prakreet

    Can’t agree with u more on this one. This is d main reason android smartphones are selling like hot cakes. Customers want a “smartphone” which they can afford. Not all can afford to buy an iphone.

    And the second reason is of course the freedom of opensource software.

  • joecyclone

    Hopefully the article is correct in the assertion that someone has finally gotten it. As Android as struggled in tablet acceptance against the iPads, consumers need a reason to give it a try. Give equal/better performance, but price under the iPad. Once Android tablets gain traction in the marketplace, then you forget about having to win on price.

  • 666

    I kind of disagree. Android tablets work at $250 because they don’t offer as much (either perceptually of realistically) when compared to the iPad or laptops. At $250 they are iPod touch like devices at a much larger form factor. It works that way. I don’t see Android competing with either the iPad or Windows 8 machines at all.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Android bashing is not appreceated here. As nice as it may be the ipad has about the same limitations as Android tablets have.

      I do agree with what you say about tablets not comparing to a windows 8 (7 and xp) machine. From my 3 year old netbook (XP) I can connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and have a full “computer” expirience. With a tablet I’m limited to one screen that is dominated by the aplication that is running up front. Until Android can offer me a similar expirience I will continue to carry a crusty “underpowered” old netbook.

      The thing about this, and other inepensive 7 inch tablets, is that it offers a little less tablet for a lot less money. I carry my EVO View with me where ever I take my netbook. I gets used more because it’s just faster and easier to use and at $250 I think it was monney well spent.

      The Asus Memo 370t will apeal to pretty much anyone that is cool with getting a 7 inch device. For what it offers, hardware-wise, it can’t be beat.

      • ABQNuts

        I have a work computer.
        I have a work laptop.
        I have a work smartphone.

        I know have a personal smartphone (Galaxy Nexus).
        Next is one of these MeMO 7″ Tablet.

        I plan to use the MeMO when I am on travel for personal use. Unrestricted surfing of the web, running netflix, getting on facebook – cause these are all things I am not able to do with my work devices and the 7″ screen is plenty for on-the-road.

        At $250, I can afford the luxury of a personal road-warrior entertainment/connectivity tool.

      • 666

        I agree – the iPad is the same category of device, a large iPod Touch. Thing is that the iPad has a huge developer following and much better branding. My point was that Android can succeed but it can’t fight Apple at the $400-500 level, it needs devices like this to attack the low end market. Apple will take the high res, powerful GPU mobile tablet market, Android will take the low end market, and Microsoft will probably change the market altogether by being the ones that finally make tablets that replace laptops.

    • thekaz

      I don’t think iPad offers as much when compared to a laptop…

  • astria

    honestly b4 there was Kindle Fire, i think only Asus and Acer understand how they should sell the tablet becuz they sell it like laptops, instead of others (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc) who sell tablets like phones… sell it cheaper and sell a lot…

    Kindle Fire and TouchPad are anomalies in the whole picture… the former has the whole Amazon book store and app store backing it up, so Amazon can afford to sell it at a loss (juz like gaming consoles)… the latter is juz to clear inventory and nothing else… but they did act like catalysts and showed other hardware makers at wat price are people comfortable with…

  • danny8x8

    I’m a bit confused. Was the memo launched and you can buy it now, or was it just showcased, without a definite launch date?
    If it’s the latter , then I would be skeptical.
    My heart says please let it be true, while my head says it’s not gonna happen.
    Somebody please enlighten me.

    • ABQNuts

      Supposed to become available around 2Q of 2012. It’s a definite purchase for me if/when it arrives.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I love the fact that Asus is trying to drive the market with lower prices.

    The only thing is (good or bad) Android is starting to look like Windows. A lot of makers, some better than others. Hopefully, Android will continue to improve and not get bogged down by crappy hardware makers and OS bloat.

  • wayne

    sounds good,hope that other companies also offers tablets for this price

  • kimminer1

    Very eager to see it in person

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Great tablet for a perfect price! It’s gonna make my wish list as soon as it’s released :p

    • William

      Perfect price. Perfect software support on ASUS’ end when it comes to keeping their current (and previous generation) devices updated to the latest firmware possible.

      The combination of these two are just undeniable success and generates loyal customers.

  • Jason Ivers

    I just don’t understand why they can make this 7″ tablet for $250… but a phone that has a fraction of the power costs 2.5 times as much. I realize that you have to add the 3G/4G chipset, but surely you could make this with just a smaller screen and smaller battery and not increase the price by more than $100.

    This is a phenomenal device at a great price… and it seems like the tablet market is headed in this general direction. Why can’t we get phones done the same way?

    • tequilya

      The problem is the components behind that smaller screen also need miniaturized. That process tends to drive the price up. There are fewer chips on a phone but each chip has to do more and is specialized to that particular device. The innards of RAZR are impressive:
      What’s next for making these things smaller? Printing circuit board traces on the case directly? At any rate, don’t underestimate the effort it takes to get those guts from the size of a 7″ tablet down to a pocket sized phone.

  • sunrise

    GPS included? Yes/No?

    • ABQNuts

      Saw one of the pictures that either had a quasi-spec sheet next to it or had a view of the Android settings that showed GPS. I don’t know if that is a default attribute of ICS settings view.
      Hoping it does but GPS is not critical to me.

  • tequilya

    I’m liking ASUS more and more all the time. My last two laptops have been ASUS models since they seem to really nail the price + performance. For my personal laptop I want it to be a capable gaming platform as well as be a desktop replacement for getting work done. This G73jh is outperforming my work desktop and includes a top tier graphics card for when I’m on my own time.

    For testing and development at work I had the company pick up an ASUS transformer with a dock and it impressed our sister company’s CEO enough he picked one up for his daily driver.

    To see ASUS now come in and make a run at capturing the high and low ends of the Android tablet market at the same time is awesome. I never expected this nice a tablet to be coming at that price point or I’d have delayed my son’s Kindle Fire purchase a bit in favor of a full tablet. His Fire has been upgraded to full Android/CM7 and we have a workaround for no volume buttons, but we occasionally bump up against not having a camera, gps or mic.

    Go ASUS! Keep those incredible models coming!

  • Jason Hernandez

    Like others, I’m literally dying to get my hands on one. I’m hoping this tablet will be a scorcher in terms of sales numbers. I guess I won’t be waiting on that Coby ICS tab.

  • WlfHart

    If they slapped a better resolution screen on this thing I’d buy it in a heartbeat… even without the res this thing is a beauty!

    • ABQNuts

      Wow! It’s got the same resolution as the Transformer Prime TF201 on a smaller display. I doubt my eyes are going to tell much difference. If you need the higher resolution, look to the Transfomer 700T or the forthcoming Acer Iconia 7″ Tablet promised for 2Q of this year (don’t know the expected MSRP).

  • spazby

    This is so great and it will put tons of pressure on other manufacturers when you put out a top notch device at such a great price.

  • Vyrlokar

    Disclaimer: Long time Asus user here, my last two desktops had Asus Mobos, my netbook is an Asus eee PC 901, and my tablet is an Asus eee Pad Transformer (not prime) with dock.

    Personally, I’ve always felt that Asus got it, when it came to computer hardware. They might not be the cheapest, but they offer excellent quality. My eeePC901 was the best purchase, computer-wise, until I got the TF101. Asus seems to understand that consumers want good quality and reasonable prices. They’ve rushed the prime, and that has caused issues (Still, they also rushed the TF101, and had to RMA a lot of docks, not mine though)

    BTW, I personally feel that both 7″ and 10″ tablets have their uses. I plan on getting a memo to complement my Transformer (and the next tablet I’ll get will have to have at least 2560×1600 resolution as the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6)

  • reddragonman

    It could also be that Asus is using this as a way to introduce people to their tablets and brand. Let them try at a cheap price with little or no profit margin, give them a little taste of their tablets, and rely on return customers wanting something bigger and better like the prime. New customers are the hardest to get after all, then you just need to keep them happy to have them come back for more.

  • lokidokie

    Couldn’t agree more. Great job ASUS!

  • glennw

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    I have always maintained that tablets should be similarly priced to netbooks, since they are similarly-sized, and typically can’t do as many things as netbooks.

    When non-Apple tablet makers started pricing their things similar to the iPad, it did not surprise at all that they did not sell as well as the iPad.

  • aranea

    Price matters yes but specs also matter. Nobody wants to buy a tablet for cheap that doesn’t work in the end. That’s I think this tablet is good, it has the latest CPU at an affordable price.

    • DroidPower

      Absolutely agree, and this also introduces customers to the ASUS brand if they’re not already familiar. Looking ahead, customers who buy the memo370t might consider upgrading to the more higher end tablets made by ASUS. Great move.

  • inerdtia

    But I thought the market wanted $99.00 WiFi only 16GB 10.1 and $150.00 WiFi Only 32GB 10.1 tablets, TouchPad anyone?

  • cb2000a

    My fiance wants one. She will give me her transformer if I get her one of these. She likes the 7″ format and I said sure as long as I can game on it once in a while.

  • Ryan Gails

    This is going to be awesome! It’s about time someone “got it” and lowered the price on some of these. I bought a Nook Color from BN eBay account for 200 to use as a tablet and I haven’t been upset. Mine’s even running ICS pretty smoothly right now actually. I know a few friends that want one of these Asus tabs and I’ll probably buy one when they come out. Would be perfect for school, watching netflix, and what not. Kudos to Asus

  • Hall Lo

    Sounds like ASUS is going the right direction and getting more people to love it ;)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/ChessenClook

    Now I just want the Kindle Fire available in the UK; yes, I only want that one specifically because it’s kindle and amazon make it, but it’s not like I ever had an eReader…

  • Christopher Wueste

    I will be buying one of these on release day. I already have the money set aside that I was going to spend on a Nook Tablet but ASUS deserves major props on this tablet. This kind of power at this price point just isn’t available from any manufacturer at the moment. This makes the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet and for that matter all other 7″ tablets look silly. Prices will drop on all the others hopefully as a result of this release. GO ASUS!!!!

    • Christopher Wueste

      I really hope it has an unlocked bootloader as well…I don’t understand why the Prime has a locked one.

  • vid500

    That’s nice, but I hope when the prices will fall that the quality won’t suffer to much. I am ready to pay more for good quality, but I gues the high end devices will keep thare price. But it’s true, if they wont to compete with kindle fire, thay will have to do something about the price. A good way to start.

  • Jon Garrett

    At $250 it looks like my 8yr old will get his first tablet !!

  • honourbound68

    I’m now an Asus fan.

  • Justin Ellis

    Lets not forget about availability. One of the reasons Apple is so successful is because they announce a product, and its available soon after. Companies cant announce these great products, then fail to make it available for purchase in a reasonable time. Consumers arent going to wait around for these great Android tablets when the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and iPad are readily available.

  • Stella

    Hooray for ASUS for understanding the customer and offering options. I’ll definitely check out this 7-inch tablet when it comes on the market. Hopefully, it will be soon.

  • vady00

    I have 2 problems with Asus, no accessories for their products: docstation for transformer, usb adapters, cable extender, cover and other things like this are very well welcome. Second why, why asus made prime with aluminum back that killed wi-fi and gps reception as expected so I will stick to my transformer and get the 7″ for wife as a reader


    The Asus 370t looks to be the ideal tablet. It will be my first pad & I can hardly wait for the release day, just cos I’m in my 60s doesn’t stop me feeling like a kid waiting for a birthday.Know it’s gonna be worth the wait.