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Refreshed Galaxy Nexus Plus with faster CPU and improved camera on the way?


Could Google be working on a slightly updated version of the Galaxy Nexus? It wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer refreshed a device just months after the initial release. A recent benchmark score spotted on the Nenamark site shows a Galaxy Nexus featuring a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor.

The faster SGX544 GPU is included with Texas Instruments’ upcoming OMAP4470 processor. This is the successor to the original OMAP4460 found in the Galaxy Nexus, that includes the older SGX540 GPU.

While it’s true this result could have been spoofed, we have seen evidence of a Galaxy Nexus with a different processor speed before in a leaked ad for Sprint. Samsung underclocked the 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 to run at 1.2 GHz in the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s possible they could underclock the 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 to run at speeds around 1.5 GHz.

Nenamark2 benchmark: OMAP4460 on the left, OMAP4470 on the right.

Even though the two processors feature very similar model numbers, the OMAP4470 is advertised as offering 2.5x the graphics performance of the OMAP4430. We recently saw the OMAP4470 in action at CES, and witnessed a Nenamark2 score that was around 70% faster than the previous generation.

The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus is coming soon, but we still don’t know much about the official specs. Rumors have suggested it could feature an improved 8 MP camera (compared to 5 MP of the original), so it’s possible that Samsung and Google could update the processor as well if a faster one is available in time.

I’m sure a few owners of the original Galaxy Nexus will complain, but I’m happy to see a Galaxy Nexus refresh in the coming months, if these rumors turn out to be true.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: NenaMark

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  • spazby

    Come on sprint, pimp it up

    • mac08wrx

      YES come to me buahahahaha

  • josegb2011

    I will be pissed off..

    • thekaz

      My wife’s due for an upgrade soon.. wonder how she’d feel about a (my) second-hand first generation galaxy nexus?? :)

    • Jeff Pan

      I know I know. Just think of it as a new phone coming out!

  • Nate B.

    I’m with Sprint and Big Red so hey. It wouldn’t bother me though. All in all, it’s the same phone.

  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    Oh yeah!! Come to Sprint… And baby you’re mine!

  • Foo

    Damn. Just start work on that quad core next gen Nexus already. Why create differentiation within the same phone model?

    • xsynth

      Agreed. I’ve passed up on this one waiting for a quad nexus

      • luis

        i hate when i see people say oh ill wait for the next phone to come out. if you keep waiting for the next thing than you wont have a phone because i guarantee you after 1.5 quadcore phones come out youll then start to see 2 ghz then what will you say ill wait for the 2ghz

        • xsynth

          Difference being I never ‘keep waiting’. I passed on GNex because single > dual core wasn’t enough of an upgrade to warrant a new phone for me. single > quad, hell yes.

          • ab

            I don’t really see the point for a quad core phone, personally. Would just drain even more battery life.

    • Daniel Killam

      I thought the theme for Android this year was going to be fewer, more meaningful product updates?

    • andrew

      Who will ever utilize a quad core in their phone?? Most people barely take advantage of having 4 cores in a PC. Give me a 1.8Ghz dual core that’s more efficient and I’m more than happy. A little more ram and upgraded GPU wouldn’t hurt though. Seriously people tell me how you are going to use 4 cores on a phone… Maybe in a year or so I could see editing 1080p videos directly on your phone but for now it is not necessary.

      • malc

        Quad core is actually more efficient than current dual cores. They have companion cores that work at lower frequencies that allow you to achieve better battery life AND better performance doing the same tasks.Quadcore Tegra 3 tablet gets 30% more battery than its dual core Tegra 2 other brother.

        Even if initially most apps don’t make use of 4 cores and we are relying on basic OS implementation and SoC speficic games, the pure fact that they are available will push 3rd party software to make use of them. The new tegra 3 quad core processor is supposed to have some sick games coming out.

        I am one of those who make use of quad core on PC, and i cant wait for the day i can take my work with me on the go and not have to lug around a laptop.

  • BigCiX

    Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX, Droid RAZR developers edition, Galaxy Nexus now Galaxy Nexus Plus……this is getting old!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      AT&T Galaxy S II
      AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket
      AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD

      • BiGMERF

        Tmo’s various Vibrants

        HTC sensation
        HTC Amaze

        GALAXY S2……..
        GALAXY S2 White

        Oh wait thats all Tmo gets SMH

  • cybik

    If the GNex architecture is anything like its predecessors, I’m just buying the 8mPix camera sensor and shoving it in the GNex Series One.


    OMG WTF! This better not be TRUE ! Please GOOGLE do not start to pull this crap. I like the yearly releases, please do not start with this updated re-release crap! I will never trust your first release again ! I expect you very best once a year !

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If people complained about the 5 PM camera in the Gnex, and Google can fix it, why shouldn’t they?

      • BiGMERF

        got me all wrong. From a business standpoint I understand it.

        from a consumer prospective I do not like it. I come to expect the very best effort from them , once year… You have a year to work on the phone. Make it your very best. They know what the industry standards should be. there were many 8mp capable phones out month before they started manufacturing it. I f your going to tell me at the debut that you used this processor that size camera because you believe it is what you feel will make your phone superior, then why update it?

        • 666

          The Sprint Nexus will likely not be released until around June. Will you really be that mad? It’s a half a year later.

          TBH, I was super pissed that us Sprint users would have to wait for an already old GPU.

        • BiGMERF

          all i know is the nexus line is losing a lot of its sex appeal. with its poor launch,carrier branding and now this refresh crap .I’m becoming discouraged. the direct updates and new os are the only things keeping it unique

          • 666

            …and that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t give up my NS4G for anything other than the next Nexus. Dealing with no updates and buggy custom ROMs ain’t worth it.

          • Nikijs


          • Mark

            It’s just a phone, Merf…jeez. >_>

          • BiGMERF

            mark – im not mad like that trust me.. just expressing how i feel and giving my opinion, isnt that what we all are here for?

      • sunrise

        I disagree Taylor. They should have been wise enough to release it with the proper specs to begin with, so it wouldn’t need “fixing” a few months later.

        This is their flagship device. Nobody wants to purchase a flagship device only to find out two months later that the 500-$700 phone they just purchased is getting a “refresh.”

        It’s just bad. This is also the kind of shenanigans that gets an Android fan like myself thinking about iPhone as my next purchase.

        Google…stick to one year hardware changes please.

        • Ken

          It’s their flagship device, but only insofar as it is the baseline hardware to run their newest OS. It isn’t an iPhone, designed by Apple to be all magical in your hands. It is a reference device for developers and manufacturers. Reference, so when they create a low end ICS phone it will hopefully be as good as this device along specs and usage. If you want to have one stable release per year so you don’t feel left out in terms of bleeding edge tech, then go to Apple. This is the AndroidOS galaxy. Devices are given incremental changes to help raise the low sales of a launch device (Droid RAZR, GNEX, HTC Thunderbolt).

          People need to realize that what they are buying is a carrier discounted PHONE. If you care so much about specs, use the money to buy a high end laptop or desktop. Buy a custom made tablet. It is a phone, no matter how many bells and whistles it gets it is a phone. Apple can afford to make only ONE device seeing as how it is the only manufacturer using its iOS system. If they had competition from say, Motorola or even Sanyo in making an iOS device, they would be pumping out little incremental iPhones every 3-6 months.

          So instead of complaining about how this is an unfair business practice, which it is not, enjoy the fact that you are getting high end device after high end device. You can always wait until a phone that you feel will fit you comes out and purchase that device; no one has a gun to your head at the carrier. It is all tech; it is outdated about 6 months before it even shows up in stores anyway.

          • sunrise

            I AM SORRY BUT I AM SO FREAKING SICK and tired of people FALSELY referring to the Nexus exclusively as you said, ” It is a reference device for developers and manufacturers.” That is something the developer community pulled out of their ass and everyone runs with it.

            I have not seen any marketing material from Google referencing the Nexus as an exclusive device for “developers” only as so many on XDA claim.

            All the marketing material from Google points to otherwise. They want the Nexus to be as common as the iPhone. They want it in the hands of every normal person, not just developers. So take that false statement elsewhere.


            ALL PASS IT ALONGers
            -GOOGLE NEXUS

            Did they say “calling only developers?” No!





            Clearly, Google and their marketing team see the Galaxy Nexus differently.

        • Arenaboi

          I was JUST thinking the same thing. I left Apple to get away from their games, but 1 phone a year with the BEST hardware (that Apple will offer that year at time of release) and an OS that the carriers don’t touch is sounding more and more appealing. Say what you want about the iPad for example, but that came out last March and the GPU in that is pretty much STILL unrivaled in most phones and tablets (maybe JUST now with the Tegra 3). I have the G Nex from Verizon (which I tossed my Droid Bionic for). With Motorola’s games, and now Google/Samsung following suit, I am FED UP

      • squiddy20

        5 PM camera? Does it only work at that time then? :P

      • luis

        i agree

  • Lucian Armasu

    Taylor, I believe they’ve only said it’s 2.5x faster than OMAP 4430 GPU. They said the OMAP 4460 is 25% faster than OMAP 4430 (clocked ~25% higher, 384 Mhz vs 300 Mhz), and that OMAP 4470 is around 75% faster than OMAP 4460 (which seems to be the case from your demo).

    If you do the math, it comes out that OMAP 4470 is 2.2x faster than OMAP 4430.

  • Hue Three of Five

    This is getting old. Now Google is jumping on the “alienate your customers” bandwagon by releasing the same phone with better specs, months later. Where do we go now, iOS, WP7.5, palm in september?

    • Twittleydee

      You guys are funny. People in general are funny. if sprint doesnt get this phone until June, why the hell would you be pissed that its getting a slightly better camera, a processor clocked at what ours can already do if unlocked and the underclock removed, and maybe a stock battery thats equal to VZW’s extended one at the expense of waiting 6 months for it?

      Thats the way technology works folks. 6 months from now, like it or not, the GNex is going to be dated. This is how Google makes it worth buying on a new carrier 6 months from now, so it can compete with the quad cores with 12mp cameras. If you dont like it, dont buy a phone because I garuntee you that the constant upsets of not waiting for the next best thing will never stop.

      • Hue Three of Five

        You make some good points, and it doesn’t make the Version that one has a horrible phone, it’s the fact that these manufacturers have the technology to release a “finished” more polished phone, but instead they release an unfinished device and then release the “finished” version a couple months later. We spend top dollar on these devices and we should get a finished device. In the case of the Nexus, it isn’t as bad as what Moto is doing but still shows how Google limited the Verizon version in order to provide Sprint with some incentive.

        I own the Bionic and Motorola could have totally bypassed that phone and just went straight to the razr, but instead we have the unfinished Version called the Bionic. Not to mention most all developers have abandoned the Bionic..

    • kensaysrawr

      With the way VZW shat on the GNex by bloating it up with their crapware, and disabling features that are native to the GNex like Google Wallet, If I was CEO of google, I’d bump it up and sent it to a carrier that respects the android and Nexus brand to let it live up to it’s potential.

      Go Sprint!

      • Roamdeus

        Sorry but sprint’s doin the same thing to there gnex …..fatin it up with bloat

        • Robert

          Not true. I work for sprint and they have yet to bloat up a nexus device. Speculation is not doing you any favors. In fact VZN disabled the google wallet which sprint is pushing as a main feature. Also consider that google voice is fully integrated with your sprint MDN compared to other carriers. Sprint and google get along quite well.

  • Usman

    I just hope they update the GSM version as well going forward, once existing stock has been sold. I haven’t bought one yet, but that would just accelerate my purchasing timeline.

  • Robert Rollings

    Oh please be for Tmo. I can’t afford the international version.

    • ablkida

      I concur… please sweet baby jebus!!

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    If they have to go through all the troubles to beef up the CPU, and the camera, please make the battery bigger, too! The RAZR Maxx proves that a bigger battery doesn’t necessary make the phone significantly bigger. I am willing to see my Galaxy Nexus 1mm thicker if it has 1000mAh more juices.

    • tjmc22

      This. If the rumoured refresh specs are true, increased battery life/capacity is definitely expected.

    • Level380

      Oh please add a bigger battery!

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    This is going to make all the Galaxy Nexus owners upset… well, maybe not all of em, but I definitely would be. But then again, all of us here know that there are always variants pushed out all the time, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    BUUUUTTTT then again this would be the first time a Nexus device got a hardware update, right? And I’m not counting the WiMax radio in the Sprint Galaxy S.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      And by Galaxy S I mean Nexus S!!!

    • David

      As long as it doesn’t change or make it more difficult for the updates to come to my gsm gnex, I couldn’t care less. Technology always improves, especially with this new pandora box called mobile.

      If you always buy stuff thinking of tomorrow, youll never enjoy what you have today. Cliche, but true.

  • Hue Three of Five

    Soon there will only be 1 developer per phone, as they are already spread thin by the 80 billion fragmented models of Android phones.

  • T1392

    Sounds like something Samsung & both Motorola do. Started with DROID² & DROID² GLOBAL with multiple colors by motorola Samsung went with Vibrant then Galaxy S 4G on tmobile. Now we got Motorola with their RAZR with multiple colors then RAZR MAXX & coming soon is Dev RAZR & possibly Dev RAZR MAXX??? Sammy got galaxy S II & Galaxy S II Skyrocket on at&t so what I’m saying is Imo It seems like Sammy & Motorola competing to see who could beef up there top phones the fastest.

  • triangle

    It will be good for Sprint to get an improved phone since it is coming out months after the original launch. Sprint needs all the help it can get since it is lagging behind Verizon and AT&T.

  • 666

    Please let this be true!!! Sprint make this happen.

  • Darknight42020

    Having the SGSII and the GN (GSM) I’m not even going to sweat this one. Samsung has got enough of my money already through 4 consecutive devices. A few tweaks will not be enough anymore. As to making convoluted device trees, just plays hell with dev and user alike.

    Good for Sprint users if it drops to them, but if it’s not a “Carrier” specific model (ie: Sprint), why bother? Hold the minor changes to add to a list of upgrades/features that will after accumulation make for a much bigger change of a device when released.

    The “cookie-cutter” manufacturing of devices is getting out of hand. I would be more inclined to form interest and a desire to buy if a device came out that was a “breaking” release versus a minor tweak or mod applied to pretty much a same device just released from the same manufacturer. The SGS Vibrant then shortly after the SGS 4G release is a good example of my point. A FFC, radio, NO internal sd card… but still just a slightly better built Vibrant spec-wise within a short time span of releases.

  • robb

    are we serious? At least IOS just does a hardware refresh yearly. Im starting to have my fill of android as i watch it destroy itself and turn into windows.

  • cwjones4

    Man i hope this comes to sprint. I feel for you all on verizon though…first verizon screws you over with the launch process, then they release a better phone (hopefully) just a few months later. If sprint stays with unlimited 4G LTE with this phone it will be a dream come true.

  • Ari32

    I just died a little bit on the inside…

  • http://luggagedesigners.com Mike Hanel

    can T-Mobile get some Nexus love???? :(

    • Anthony

      Don’t understand how the nexus line started on tmo, now tmo get gets no love from Google. N1

    • kensaysrawr

      buy an unlocked version. It’s supported.

  • romy134

    tech gets old the day its released it seems..

  • Ps3y3Ops

    What??? Is it policy now that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again (and again) ?

    • Matt

      Hasn’t it always been?

      Do you follow If at first you don’t succeed then quit?

  • Mr. Green

    Which means a sweet price drop for the older Galaxy Nexus! Soon… soon I’ll buy you old Galaxy Nexus!

    Bring it on!

  • AnthonyRyan

    T-Mobile needs the GNex or the GNex Plus.

  • Malte

    Google should better concentrate on that buggy ICS.
    Its not running smooth, there is judder in many many apps.
    And the context menu mess is a no go in gui design and fuckin up the user xp.

    Its no fun to see this on a 2012 device and os.
    i thought after switching from 2.3.4 an nexus one, this jumpy GUI would be gone.

    But fail.

    Now on iphone 4. And i must say, its running smooth like butter.
    Not to mention the camera, thats worth the name.

    GN is a big disappointment.

    Sorry Guys, maybe see again @ Android 5.

  • Moebius

    I understand that everyone of us wanted a better camera MP, but look at it this way. I’m on Tmo and I currently have an unlocked Nexus One. I’m trying to get a full price (I know) unlocked GSM GNex so I can also use it abroad with other companies. Any GSM version is not sold in the USA. I’m waiting maybe one day it will be sold (The reason I don’t want to buy it some place else is for warranty purposes).
    Maybe one day I get tired of waiting and I’d buy it in England or something. If Google-Samsung plans to have partial releases, people like me won’t ever buy the phones.

    WHY GSM Versions (I’m talking full priced) of the Nexus line are not sold in the USA?
    This is OUR Google and OUR Android. Why someone else can have it and we can’t?

    For those who want the CDMA can sign up with Verizon or Sprint.


  • droilfade

    Wanted to upgrade….but….no rush….I can wait… :D

  • aranea

    Will this plus version be available in GSM phones too?

    One more thing can it be a tablet? You know the rumor is kind of mixed up somewhere. If so that’ll be cool.

  • sunrise

    I think Google is making some really bad decisions with the way they are handling the Nexus line.
    This is their flagship device; this is the device that says, “this is what the Android experience is all about.”

    First, they should have never allowed any carrier to have an exclusive on the Nexus.

    Second, it should have been released with slightly beefed up specs at initial launch.

    Lastly, don’t do refreshes. You decided on certain hardware specs at launch, stick to those for at least one year until you release the next generation of Nexus. I like what Apple does…waits one year to make any kind of changes to the phone. I just think doing these silly refreshes a couple months after release, e.g., Droid Razr Maxx, turns customers off, especially early adopters.

  • Bob

    Wait I get timely updates before anyone else on my Verizon Gnex…so why am I still on 4.0.2, when 4.0.3 is out on the Galaxy S and still suffering through horrible signal?

    • sunrise

      Horrible signal? Probably because Samsung made the device.

  • Billy

    Sweet .. nice upgrade but I am already on VZW. Love my Nexus .. hope to see fellow sprinters rocking it soon .. even with upgrades!

  • mike

    this is what the galaxy nexus should have had in first place
    not an OC 540
    now ill be interested in GN if this is true this will be a beast

  • Mark

    How DARE Google release a slightly better phone?!?! I don’t care if my phone is still a great phone but knowing that there is a phone out there that is slightly better than mine makes me feel like I have a tiny pee pee. **nerd rage**.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    i hope Google doesn’t pull the new phone a week deal

  • kazahani

    I’m so anxious for the Sprint version! They always price their top-tier phones at 199.99, which is the most I will ever pay if I’m signing a 2-year deal.

  • The Omega Man

    A) If you can buy it at retail stores, then it is already technically obsolete. This is the natural order of modern technology.

    B) wow these are the specs for the galaxy nexus phone should of had to begin with I don’t believe the new processor was ready when this product was ready for market.

    Samsung is hell bent to beat apple any level of specifications on their hardware or software platform. Frankly the apple iphone4 s blows the doors off of any current Android phone with regards to gpu performance. I don’t think that this sits well with either Samsung or Google. Especially as the flagship Android phone with google’s name on it.

    C) Keep in mind that there is a new iphone expected to arrive this year. That means the comparable or superior Android devices will need to be released this year, to compete.

    D) For me, I have voice dictated this comment using my two week old galaxy nexus, so therefore I do not feel that am missing out on any of the current technology.

    Would I have preferred to have the same camera as that on the samsung galaxy s II? Yes!

    But for me, this is still a step up from what I had. By the time I am ready to upgrade again the technology of the galaxy nexus plus will be old.

    I’m sure that sprint who needs customers would gladly have a more advanced version of the galaxy nexus to try and lure some customers away from other carriers.

  • Fahad

    I don’t even own a Nexus and i’m pissed, they started this shit when the vibrant first came out, I was on the receiving end of that and I’m still bitter to this day. I hate how they think this is acceptable primarily because they just fucked so many consumers in the ass. The only thing I’ve learned from these type of situations is never buy the original cause in a few months the better version of the same phone will be coming along.

  • n25philly

    add an sd card slot or I will continue to not give a damn about it.

  • aburgthing

    Put a freaking micro SD slot in the thing and I’m all in. Without it I’m waiting for the next big thing.

  • butchyon

    Hey, I just upgraded to the latest and greatest Android, the SGN, here recently after two years of using my original DInc. I’ll be eligible for another upgrade in two more years. And it’ll be whatever the latest and greatest is at that future time. In the meantime, I don’t give a hoot if somebody releases a new phone that spits-out free Ben Franklins. I still won’t be upgrading until 2014! :)

  • DroidPower

    this is so sweet. hope it comes out right when the contract expires

  • whosaidwhat

    I see a lot of people getting upset but I think if this is true, then it’s been the plan all along.

    First of all, we all know two specs were circulation the interwebs months before the Galaxy was announced. I even remember some leaks saying that a newer more beefed up version will be released soon after the Verizon version was released.

    If this news is true then I think Verizon had a lot to do with the specs in the current version but Google wanted something more powerful to showcase the OS. We all know both companies did a lot of fighting about Google Wallet. It wouldn’t surprise me if they couldn’t agree on the hardware specs either. I personally thing Google should have cancelled the Verizon version all together and release a single powerful phone worldwide and all on carriers.

    I think a lot of people are waiting to see what the GS3 has to offer anyway. I would love a Nexus device on T-Mobile but I wouldn’t mind a different device.

    People need to buy what they want and forget about what’s coming out next month. In life, there’s something better right around the corner. Don’t buy a car and keep on looking at the new and improved versions coming out 10 months later, don’t buy a TV and keep on looking at the ads for newer models coming out with better features. Unless of course you don’t mind feeling like crap. It’s just a phone.

    If you like phones as a hobby then get used to craigslist and ebay. Sell your new old phone and use the money on your next fix…LOL

  • scores87

    I hope they don’t release it and if they do please don’t US exclusive and sell it unlocked with gsm 850 bands

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I think this is neat for some consumers. For the ones who have the original Galaxy Nexus, this stinks :\ lol. I personally don’t like the idea of Google starting to do this with their Nexus line. The Galaxy Nexus+ wouldn’t even be considered a Nexus device anymore! Why would they start doing something like this?

  • Dan13

    Please let this be true. The only thing keeping me away from the GNexus was the camera (I know it shouldn’t matter that much, but to me it was a deal-breaker.)

    • kensaysrawr


      Same here bro. I played with the vzw one in a kiosk and the camera was no better than my Sprint HTC Hero 2 years ago. I was disgusted.

  • Nathan D.

    This is one of the reason why itaipays to wait a little bit in order to see if something like this happen so you don’t feel screw over. But the gnex now is still beast so don’t feel to bad if you already have one.

  • fc1032

    While this makes the Gnex that much more impressive (IMO, just up the build quality a bit and it will be perfect)… This hurts current Gnex owners.

    I mean, I only owned my Gnex for a month and the main reason to why I got a Nexus is that the nexus are long supported despite being “behind” in hardware sometimes. If there is an intended “refresh” why didn’t Google just release to start with (or maybe announce the Nexus later all together)

    :( SIGH

  • Skis03

    I wonder if Verizon will jack it up too because I want it still!

  • K2theIzzo

    I hope this is the Sprint version!!


    I don’t see the big deal. Is this just the natural evolution of the wireless industry? Everybody who buys a phone understands that in 3 to 6 months time, there is going to be something bigger and better available. And anyone who doesn’t understand that, probably doesn’t care in the first place. You can’t go out there, buy a phone, and expect innovation to stop for 2 years until your contract is up.

    And, I’m sure if this is all true, Sprint is the driving force behind it. If youre getting a phone 6 months after its release, make it 6 months better and differentiate yourself from the competition.

  • Joshua Melling

    What about at&t folks?

    • Fone_Fanatic

      I’m wondering the same thing, but I have a feeling we’ll be holding our breaths till we pass out :(

  • booyootoo

    I see in the comments that this new version isgoing be released in June.that’s ok with me. I’ve got an eu gsm version and i know that 6 months is a long time in mobile phone land.

    If they would release it in June like it is now, it would not be a nexus phone. It would just be another mid range Samsung mobile.

    By beefing up the specs They can attract new consumers to the nexus line.

    I’m totally ok with this.

  • h0ruza

    I didn’t think the GNex needed more speed but the camera was the one thing holding me back/keeping me content with my GSM (Giant & Lady Killer) GSII.

    Not that I’m a photo snob at all, it just felt odd to build an all guns firing phone and come up short on the camera weaponry when every other flagship phone has good camera chips, optics and 8mega pretzels.

    They better not call it the Galaxy Nexus S ;-)

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will be sprints version they should be happy. I am happy with my Gnex on Verizon….

    • Steve Jankowski

      Of course you are, you left Sprint because Dan Hesse didn’t let you suck him off, so you left in a huff to move to a real provider. Where are your stupid youtube videos with your butt-buddy and his little dictionary, Richard? Where is the “Verizon is useless” comments? How dop you make phone calls on a network that is “useless”?” Go get a dictionary, and look up the word “useless” it’s spelled exactly as I typed it, I know you’re too stupid to spell it on your own, so copy-paste it to a dictionary site, and see if that fits the deswcription of Verizon. No? It has a picture of you instead? That makes sense.

      • Steve Jankowski

        Yes, I made a few typos, the difference is, I actually know how to spell, I just didn’t catch them until after the post went up. Just figured I’d save you the trouble of trying to point out something irrelevant.

      • Mica32


  • UMA Fan

    I hope this comes to T-Mobile with HSPA+ 42

  • lokidokie

    I’m currently on the fence whether to grab a nexus or wait for something more. This upgrade may force my hand!

  • Fone_Fanatic

    Are they going to pull an Apple and call it the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S?

    • kensaysrawr

      no. Samsung is a little more mature than that….

  • Anderson

    New Android mobil from L
    G (LG Optimus L3)! It launched in February in Sweden, where it will be launched in other European countries do you think?

  • honourbound68

    the suspense is killing me.. i was ready to pull the trigger on switching to Verizon since Amazon wireless has the Nexus at $99. But now, I guess I’m in a holding pattern waiting to hear whether Sprint’s GN will have better specs. Go SPRINT!! don’t let me down!

  • Louis A

    If this is true and the make it for verizon, I am selling my current Gnex to get that. Better yet, if sprint LTE network is available in my area by then, I am selling my current Gnex and moving to sprint. If I sell it for $450-500 I can pay off my early termination fees and move.

  • theJP

    Now I’m stuck again… I was going to get the Galaxy Nexus in the next little while but with this news I think I should wait a little bit longer and see if there is a new version coming. Decisions decisions.

  • greeny42

    Why must these companies always slap early adopters in the face?

  • Mich

    This renaming and updating every few months is only hurting Android.

  • spookz

    It should be called the Galaxy Nexus Plus Maxx
    Pump in that 3300 Mah battery!!

  • spacebar2012

    Not a bad move and nothing to worry about as it would still be a Nexus and get the timely updates. The question though is, will it be a universal upgrade for the GSM and LTE models or just one specific version for Sprint?

  • lilyleco

    I Hope this is true!!

  • stuart26

    if this happens please come to at&t!!!!!! the only nexus device we got came over a half of a year later after it originally came out.

  • andrew

    Who will ever utilize a quad core in their phone?? Most people barely take advantage of having 4 cores in a PC. Give me a 1.8Ghz dual core that’s more efficient and I’m more than happy. A little more ram and upgraded GPU wouldn’t hurt though. Seriously people tell me how you are going to use 4 cores on a phone… Maybe in a year or so I could see editing 1080p videos directly on your phone but for now it is not necessary.

  • John

    LOL – There’s and old tech saying that goes: If you have it and it works, it’s probably obsolete.
    Never so true. That said, if these become a reality I sure hope they end up on Google Play as GSM variants.