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Rumor: LG and Google are partnering to release a next generation Google TV


In an attempt to seamlessly integrate their next generation Google TV software with top of the line hardware, Google may be looking for a TV manufacturer to partner up with. According to industry rumors, that partner just might be LG.

In the past, Google has only introduced their pure experience devices once the market becomes saturated with third-party UIs, and a pure Google device became necessary to show the latest in what they have to offer. They’ve done it with both phones and tablets, but until now, Google hasn’t had to do that with Google TV. That time may finally be here.

Google’s last update to Google TV turned out to be a mess. Logitech and Sony were faced with more obstacles than intended with the update, creating a less than desirable experience for consumers. This, plus the upcoming widespread adoption of Google TV (therefore third-party customizations), and rumors of an Apple manufactured TV, has lead Google to initiate a partnership with LG to bring a Pure Google Experience TV to market.

As the world’s third largest TV manufacturer, LG is a leader in bringing innovation and quality to TV sets across the globe. This CES, LG showed an interest in Google TV when they introduced a 55-inch CINEMA 3D equipped with Google software and Magic Remote capabilities. While there’s no word on the hardware LG would be supplying to Google, there’s a good chance it will involve 3D along with voice and movement integration.

Of course, this is all rumor and speculation for the time being, but it certainly makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the outcome of this partnership by Google I/O this summer.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • spazby

    I think it is a great idea as I love anything pure google!!! I do wish they reconsider and switch to samsung as their tv sets are top notch. Wouldn’t it be cool if they put this on the LG’s new OLED?

    • Kevin

      I don’t want them to use Samsung for the displays, which are agree are great, because I want it to be in set top box form. I tv is a big purchase and it’s going to be hard to get people to buy a new tv if the one they have now still works. Sell it as a set top box, the price won’t be as outrageous and you’ll be opened up to a much bigger market. Though, I’m still not sure what Google TV can do that a PS3, Xbox 360 or PC can’t do. But hey, I’ve got an open HDMI port so why not give it a shot.

      • zerosix

        Well, somebody can say “I’m still not sure what smartphone can do that a phone+camera+ipod+PSP can’t do”. It’s the queston of simplicity, you buy one device instead of 3.
        Google will make pure Google expirience, some other manufacturers will do STBs. Don’t worry, due to their open nature, google products are to be opened to the biggest markets.

        • Jelle

          Yes but that would be a combination, a PS3, Xbox or a PC can all do those things stand alone though.

      • magnum80


        Replacing a phone every 1-2 years because it does not get updated to latest OS version and because hardware ages so effin quickly is hadrd enough. Doing that with TVs?

        I want a Google Nexus TV box, too. I think LG is a good partner because they show with their magic point remote that they get user demands from the couch. Plus, LG offers a smart TV box already to upgrade TVs with LG smart TV. So hopes are there, that they (rumors being true) could release a Nexus TV and a Nexus box.

        Dreamer believer :)


        • yankeesusa

          The aging part I don’t mind, it just means the next phone is even better. The not updating part and having to purchase one so that you can have the latest update, now that is what blows! Sprint had this taken care of with allowing some customers to renew every year for the full discount, then they went ahead and screwed it all up just like att and verizon do. Hopefully the lg/google partnership is just the beginning.

      • yankeesusa

        Agreed, agreed. I only use my ps3 now for netflix. My xbox 360 is collecting dust after I sold my halo reach game waiting for the halo 4. I would use 360 more often for espn and netflix but right now I’m saving money. Xbox definitely has the best game system ui and it beats ps3 hands down so when I find a cheap 12 month xbox live gold I will buy it. But for now its my ps3 and my sony tv. I was going to get a logitech revue and I still probably will depending on when this google/lg tv comes out.
        In the end my goal is to have my ps3 and 360 in living room with a google tv and a revue in the other room.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    I would *much* rather have a pure Google STB.

  • Jeff Pan

    Samsung too might jump in by late 2012

    • DroidPower

      Samsung is going to be everywhere!

  • lokidokie

    OLED Google TV!!!

  • BigCiX

    LG and Google need to partner up with at&t and release gingerbread all damn ready for my Thill….this is ridiculous!!!

  • aranea

    I Think the way Roku is going with its stick that you connect to HDMi port is the way to go. It’s small and doesn’t take up extra space like a box but also flexible enough that you can buy a new tv and still use the same box. Google should also focus on something like that not just a tv.

  • Billy

    Pure Google … yummy. LG seems to be stepping it up big time with android based products and ideas. Awesome stuff.

  • AceoStar

    I love this. I cant wait for the GoogleTV battle to heat up. Hopefully it’ll stick closer to stock than phones are. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll try to differentiate through actual technical capabilities and warranty. Realistically, someone could build a TV that should last for the next 5-10 years, thats a pretty big selling point. Google and Vizio have a great opportunity to flood the market with cheap TVs. I spent a bit extra on my Viera, but next time I’ll certainly opt for GTV.

    Exciting times!

  • RafaelVatury


    im getting crazy about all the changes around the world atm, the android os is becoming the “King of the hill” these days.

    and i had to agree with AceoStar, a TV that will last for 5 – 10 years as it is a high end tech it would be amazing!

    go Google, No Metter What, work with LG/Samsung/Apple I dont care!!! JUST BRING IT! :)

  • vid500

    That’s great, but I would allso like to see if Google would reather do this with Samsung or maybe Sony. I personally don’t like LG becouse of there quality issues. But otherwise this will be certanly great.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great. A family member just bought an lg 3d tv with 240htz and its awesome. I love that’s it’s passive 3d and the led makes it really thin. I was a Samsung, Sony guy but lg has won me over. My next tv will be an lg. They are just great tvs, good reviews from professionals and users and their prices are very competitive. Can’t wait to see what google and lg come up with.