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Samsung Galaxy S III rumored to miss Mobile World Congress

Samsung Unpacked

Here’s an interesting rumor. Chris Ziegler of The Verge along with several other German sites are reporting that Samsung will not be announcing their flagship Galaxy S III smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

This comes as a surprise because Samsung unveiled their Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year at their Unpacked event, the day before MWC kicked off. Many were expecting a repeat performance at this year’s MWC show that starts February 27th.

Ziegler speculates that Samsung was “uncomfortable with another long lag between the global launch and US availability” of the Galaxy S III, which is an interesting theory.

The absence of the Galaxy S III from MWC could also support my own speculation that Samsung might delay the device until their next-generation Exynos 5250 is ready. It is widely believed that Samsung System LSI is already manufacturing Apple’s quad-core A6 processor (based on the Cortex-A9 CPU core), so Samsung might try to one up them with the first mobile processor to use ARM’s Cortex-A15 core.

Earlier this month at CES, I saw the Exynos 5250 in action and I believe it could arrive sooner than expected. Most were expecting the first Cortex-A15 parts at the end of 2012 or early 2013 (like OMAP5), but I think Samsung LSI could deliver the part by early Q3 2012.

At this point we have no real clue what the exact specs of the Galaxy S III will end up becoming, which makes it fun to speculate. MWC is only a month away and I’ll be traveling to Barcelona to dig a little deeper, so hopefully we will learn more soon.

Via: The Verge

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  • AsakuraZero

    as i said before GSIII should have a A15 based core and this aims my hopes to that~

    • taketheleap

      I will happily wait an extra few months for them to include an A15. It would let Samsung leapfrog the competition.

      • Shane Dumas

        Wait a few months. I agree with you there but we may get lucky and not have to wait at all. That would put the release date at about the time half of the US carriers get the device anyway. That would be great and maybe a global launch at that time to compete with the Crapphone 5. I would love to see the new processor in there and showing off against a Crapphone.


    i guess thats a good thing… makes sense to distribute it all at once. but if i were to get it i would import anyway. assuring my self of no bloat and a more timely updates. Samsung is recognizig how they screwed last time AROUND

    • delinear

      It depends what the delay is caused by. If it’s just that they are struggling to make enough to meet global demand then I agree it’s not fair to prioritise certain markets. If, on the other hand, it’s because laws or regulations in certain regions make it more complicated to release there, or special requirements by telcos in certain regions have the same effect, then it’s not really fair to hold up everyone else’s access.

  • YMS123

    I hope these rumors aren’t true… And if they are, maybe Samsung will at least show a concept, or tell us a few specs…

  • spazby

    Actually I don’t mind. I am up for renewal with sprint in August and am looking for top notch phone on LTE… This will be it, I hope.

  • Dan13

    I hope this isn’t true, my contract is up in March and I was really looking forward to this phone. I guess it’ll be alright if they use the extra time to make it better, but still…

  • http://normanma.net/ darkhorse166

    I have no doubt it has to do with waiting for the Cortex-A15 part. And Samsung are doing their damned best to accelerate that process.

  • ericl5112

    Interesting. I would love to see Samsung run a solid top of the line set of phones, all announced at the same time, year after year. Line up the SGS, SG Note, and a smaller Galaxy ~4″ for the people who like the smaller size to release at the same day. Might even make updates easier to have a more limited range of phones to update.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I think it’d be really cool to see Samsung one-up Apple’s A6 processor. I’m curious to see how much better a processor on a Cortex A15 is as opposed to a Cortex A9 CPU.

  • cwjones4

    Interesting rumor out of the Foxconn plant today about the iphone 5 possibly being released in June. lets hope apple doesn’t beat samsung to the punch with a quad-core CPU; if that’s the case I imagine samsung may take a sales hit with the general population.

    That said, I would love for the A15 core to be present in the SGS3, just don’t rush it. Also looking forward to the all day battery life that they promised they would be working on a few weeks ago.

    • Y314K

      I think HTC, LG & Samsung and other Android makers will beat Apple to quad core phones… But the cream of the crop which Galaxy S III will probably be should be delayed for A15… And that won’t be a bad thing… No point of just matching Apple… The Appes will buy what ever Apple throws out there so it won’t matter… Laughing at Appes a few months after they upgrade their phones with a A15 device will be worth the wait… LOL

  • Naitsaves

    Noooo!!!! I’ve waited to get another phone for too long. I still have the nexus one with a broken power button and screen issues. I’ve been saving my upgrade just for the GSIII :(

    • Y314K

      if u’r on TMobile….. Get a used HD2 to tie u over…. I think the A15 is worth a couple of months delay….

  • lokidokie

    Pretty sure this will be my next phone… whenever it comes out!

  • Orion78

    This may just be a good thing. There was a long gap between the International and U.S. versions. So hopefully the rumors are true for a world wide release or at least a 1-2 month gap. whatever the case, this is my next phone. My upgrade is on April but I’m saving it for this beast.

  • Dirge

    I really hope this comes to Verizon as an LTE phone. They got the first Galaxy S, but skipped the S II. Perhaps third time’s the charm? :D

  • Eli

    Gee…Samsung practically releases new model every month…pity when it comes to updates its slow as all hell.
    I’ll stick with the iPhone-gurantee updates & resale value. Got burnt with the Galaxy Tablet 7″ when the sale value dropped by 60% & yet to receive an update. Samsung, you lost my business!!

    • Dirge

      Thank you, come again.

  • RRR

    Things are not that easy. For example can this site “launch” EDIT button in user comments before Barcelona or we will wait two years more ?? :-)

  • cthonctic

    I’m truly heartbroken now. :’(

    An A15 ARM would definitely be nice but I’d rather not wait another couple months to upgrade from my venerable Galaxy S.
    Sorry to say that, but I could hardly care less about US launch dates (especially what with those insane carrier exclusivity deals you have to put up with). Nothing personal, you see, I just need a fix of teh Galaxies, and soon.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung is going to be so busy througout the year. You can bet the next nexus will have A-15.. Yeah i want the next nexus in Dec 2012..

    • Orion78

      Nobody gives a damn what you want. This article is about the GS3.

    • squiddy20

      Haha what a hypocritical dope. You tell me to go “buy a life” and “stop commenting here” because I don’t own any of “these” devices, and yet you don’t own the Samsung Galaxy S3, nor do you even speak of it in your comment. Try sticking to the real topic once in awhile there, Dicky.

  • Bpear96

    I hope sammy uses, on screen buttons with ICS. If so they may be able to actually keep the design the same :D, well atleast on gsm carriers. But then again they will probably all want to make it difficult and get there own design.. They dont redisgn the iphone (like apple would let them) but they insist on getting redesigned galaxy s’s :P

  • yankeesusa

    I hope it was delayed so that it could be released with sprints new lte network. That would be awesome.

  • Nathan D.

    If it has quad core then it would be alright but if it has a A15 core that would be awesome.