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Qualcomm’s in-house game studio will produce one Android title per year


Earlier this month Qualcomm launched their GameCommand application into the Android Market to showcase all the titles that are optimized for their Snapdragon devices. The app couldn’t be installed on non-Snapdragon devices and the design of the layout was rather uninspiring, but Qualcomm is investing a lot of resources to make sure that GameCommand is a success.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Durnil, Director of Advanced Content and Gaming at Qualcomm, who provided a quick walk-through of the app and talked about the future of the program. He told us that the next version of GameCommand is already in development and it should launch next month around the time of Mobile World Congress. New features include the ability to add custom RSS feeds to the news reader, a landscape layout for tablets, and new filters to sort games by category, publisher, and more.

Dave also told us that Qualcomm now has an in-house studio dedicated to making Android games for Snapdragon devices. We don’t know the exact size of the team, but we were told their goal is to release one flagship title per year. Their first game will be a full blown sequel to the mini-game Desert Winds.

GameCommand already boast over 100 titles, which is more than NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone. Not every game is a blockbuster, but Qualcomm has already made deals with Gameloft and EA Mobile to release exclusive titles. Both Gameloft and EA Mobile were originally listed as partners for Tegra Zone, but we never saw any games come from that.

Qualcomm actually shipped more mobile GPUs than anyone else last year (thanks to the integrated Adreno GPU found in Snapdragon), so developers have a lot of reasons to target Snapdragon devices. GameCommand has yet to crack 5k installs, but if Qualcomm refines the app and pumps out some exclusive titles they might be able to catch up with NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone (currently 1 million+ installs) this year.

If you have a Snapdragon device, have you tried out GameCommand yet? Let us know what you think of the app and list the things that Qualcomm could do to improve it in the comments below.

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Source: GameCommand

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  • scores87

    A big difference in download may be because anyone can install tegra zone, and only snapdragon phones can download gamecommand

    • Jeff Pan

      This exclusive garden is what android is against! Why are these companies trying to enforce it on Android?

      • metafor

        Once nVidia did it, everyone else kinda has to. I agree, I don’t like it.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Most of the “exclusives” are just for a limited time. The developers want to support as many devices as possible to sell more games. We should thank Nvidia and Qualcomm for encouraging game devs to port their titles to Android.

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        I fortunately own a Snapdragon phone, but unfortunately they enforced the stupid country filter! They’ll lose more potential customers this way. I can’t even see what’s the deal with the GameCommand app… It’s a no-go for me.

  • delinear

    I hate the idea of exclusive content – just release it all to the market, we don’t need more division.

    • scores87

      they are released on the market this is just to get more views or temporary exclusives

      • THo

        What ever happened to open standards – OpenGL ES 2 in this case?

  • Androidcrazed6

    Hopefully the new app will have a sort of a black, grey, and red combination (to resemble the picture above).

    And a much better layout.

    Fingers crossed!

  • classic_hero

    i cant find it in the market, where is it?

    • classic_hero

      nevermind got it!

      • classic_hero

        nevermind again, doesnt work for original incredible :(

  • DRAD

    I have the rezound and today i was finally able to download and play some of the games. Not much for my phone yet which is kinda disappointing for a high end phone but then again its 720p and a lot of apps haven’t updated for the the hi res screen yet. Hopefully ICS is coming soon.

  • lokidokie

    I have a Tegra 2 phone and Tab and have never been too impressed with TegraZone.
    Maybe I’ll upgrade them both to Qualcomm and thr this out!

  • tarwinia

    Honestly, if they don’t open it beyondvthe US it could hurt games more than it helps (well, if games which are exclusive are only available through the app, if they’re still available to adreno devices through the normal market then it’s not really harmful, but neither is it beneficial).

  • steve

    tegra zone actually has 2 million+ downloads. game command has some work to do to catch up.