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Android ads get parodied


Maybe you already saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 parody on reddit, but did you check out the new Asus Transformer one yet? Videos after the break.

Source: Raboneable (YouTube)

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  • van

    Hahaha. “Did the battery die in our own commercial? Sheeeit, goddamn.”

    • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

      ^^^ Best part of either video

    • Gir

      I had to replay that part because it was too much, but really, now I dont know which one to buy. They both make you look so good haha.

    • alejoar


  • Thomas Biard

    NSFW Language fyi.

    • Gabe

      Not safe for weaklings? Like you?.. Just sayin.. k bye

      • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

        … really?

      • Thomas Biard

        Hmmm thought I was helping out for those watching at work. Apparently haters gonna hate.

        • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

          Haters gon hate.

        • Gabe

          Wow.. how very productive of you to be watching YouTube videos during work. I’m sure there’s 1000s of skilled unemployed people wanting your job right now..

          • Morten

            Not everyone has a job where stuff happens all the time ^^

          • Matt

            90% of the people I know watch youtube at work. Its the perks that come with being an adult!

  • Gabe

    Fuck Yeah!

  • DALF

    HAHAHAHAHAH to much cursing! xP

  • Kenji

    Functionality wise, the Transformer or TF Prime is the best out there. Love mine, lasts all day. And undocking makes people go “Woah!”

    • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

      haha it really does.. people are always impressed by it.

      • Paul Jamieson

        Impressed by my dong dude .. there impressed by my dong ..!!
        Fuck ya !!

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Can’t wait to do that in person whenever I find a TF201 dock!!

  • McLovin

    Yeah, too much cursing. I would have loved to share that on FB, but I can’t.

    • ihatefanboys

      christian ? Cursing is awesome ! But sometimes funnier when theres a whole string of “bleep,bleep, go bleep your bleep, in self, bleep”

  • n25philly

    There are ads for those products? I’ve never seen any of them

  • Angie Wimberly

    Haha! The voiceover almost sounds like the killer in Scream.

  • Prime


  • spazby

    Too funny

  • moelsen8

    these are hilarious. never heard of or seen the original ads. i like these better. haha.

  • lokidokie


  • Avi

    I like parodies but I didn’t find these at all funny or creative.

    • h0ruza

      Its funny because the original AD’s aren’t funny or creative.

      No matter the manufacturer they all look like this, painting random scenarios for people to aspire to.

      The only differences is the money spent on the AD’s. That’s why the Old Spice AD’s are successfully funny.

  • h0ruza

    Ace! They should replace the real AD’s

  • Thomas MacDougall

    love how they just call it an iPad thing

  • hurric

    lol the voice over guys is awesome

  • cristian cristiandonose

    This is just sick :)) yeah