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Android and Me CES Preview


Every year, in the first quarter, two technology conferences take place that set the pace for how the mobile industry will play out for the 12 months that follow them. There’s CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain.

First on the list is CES, which officially kicks off on January 10th. The Android and Me crew is lucky enough to be headed out to Vegas to cover every nook and cranny CES has to offer, brining the latest in any and all things Android directly to you. So just what do we expect to find once were out there? Three things: thinner tablets and smartphones, more smart TVs, and lots of LTE.


Samsung generally leaves their big announcements for MWC, like the expected Galaxy S III and their next flagship Galaxy Tab, but don’t think their presence will be absent from CES.

Samsung has already released a teaser for CES 2012 that leans heavy on smart TVs. And you can bet Android and Google TV will be a big part of what Samsung has to show at CES. A solid Google TV system from Samsung has been a long time coming. They make some of the best selling phones and TVs out there, so it’s about time we see the two come together.

As far as phones go, Samsung should be showing off two major devices.

Samsung has been teasing US availability of the Galaxy Note since the device’s initial release. Thanks to an accessory manufacturer slip up, we now know that Samsung will be announcing the Note for AT&T at CES. But Ma Bell may not be the only one showing off their own Galaxy Note, Sprint is also rumored to carry the device.

The other big device Samsung will be showing off is the Galaxy Nexus. The latest pure Google device may have already been released on Verizon, but the GSM variant has yet to surface in the US. It’s possible that Samsung will be showing the GSM version of the Nexus for T-Mobile and AT&T, along with an LTE version just for Sprint.

Last year Samsung only debuted a couple handsets, the Droid Charge and Infuse just to name two, and there’s a good chance this CES will play out the same way. Again, MWC is where Samsung tends to bust out their latest flagships.


HTC always puts on a good show come CES, and there’s no reason to believe this year will be any different. Generally, HTC likes to show US only devices at CES. Several HTC devices have leaked online in the last couple months, and there’s a very good chance we’ll see at least a couple.

Not much is known about HTC Fireball, but it did appear in Verizon’s systems as the ADR6410 around December 19th. Rumored to be some sort of Rezound-esque variation, there’s good reason to believe the Fireball will be shown at CES.

The HTC Elite is another good bet for CES. Rumors peg the Elite as launching with AT&T LTE, possibly under the name the Congressional. We could be looking at yet another Rezound clone, but with AT&T LTE, the Elite should be a hit. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for this one.

While the HTC Ville isn’t rumored to show up until MWC, the HTC Edge could very well make an appearance at CES. Rumored to come with a Tegra 3 and Android 4 among other beastly specs, the Edge could very well steal the show if HTC debuts it.


Motorola has released so many devices in the past couple months, it’s hard to say what they’ll be showing off at CES.

Speculated to be an HD variant of the Droid Razr, the Droid Razr Maxx has been spotted in Verizon’s internal systems, and may finally be unveiled at CES. In fact, we could be seeing a lot of the Razr at CES.

GSM versions of the device do exist; don’t be surprised if Verizon’s exclusivity period ends, and AT&T gets a Razr of their own.

The Droid 4 has been pushed back far enough at this point for it to be detailed and on display at CES, but other than that and a couple low-end handsets, we’re not quite sure what to expect from Motorola.


Last year, LG came out swingin’ at CES, showing off some of the most exciting handsets of the show. This year, we’re hoping for more of the same.

LG has finally announced that they are ready to debut their first Google TV set. And it looks amazing. Set to release in two sizes, the LG’s Google TV will come with polarized 3D. That’s the same 3D technology found in movie theaters. There’s not many more details surrounding LG’s smart TVs yet, but we’re really excited to see what they have to offer.

We haven’t seen many handset leaks from LG lately, save for the LG Optimus U1. It’s supposed to be LG’s first device with Android 4. The validity of the U1 has been questioned since pictures first emerged via an anonymous Twitter user, but CES would make for an excellent opportunity for LG to debut the device.

LG is also slated to to produce the hardware reference for Intel’s new Medfield system-on-a-chip powered devices. Whether or not the device will make it to market is unknown, but it will be on display nonetheless.

We know LG will show up with more than two Android device at CES, so we’ll be paying close attention to what they’ve been keeping under wraps.

Sony Ericsson

Sony could be one of the most popular manufacturers at CES this year, with two killer devices rumored to be on display.

The Experia Arc HD, or Nozomi, is slated to come with a 4.3-inch 720p HD display, 12-megapixel camera and a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor.

The LT28at sounds even better, boasting compatibility with AT&T’s LTE network, a 720p front-facing camera, 13-megapixel camera and a 4.55-inch 720p “Reality Display.”

Expect to hear a lot more from Sony in the months to come.

Wrap up

Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson aren’t the only one’s who will have Android devices on display at CES.

Archos, Acer, Asus, Huawei, ViewSonic, Kyobo, Velocity Micro, Pantech, Toshiba and Lenovo are just some of the other manufacturers set to unveil Android devices this CES.

Don’t forget all the other exciting tech that’s going to be there as well. Audio accessories, video games, low-power displays, phone cases and everything in-between should be on display.

And of course, carriers always use CES to make big announcements too. Sprint should further detail their LTE network, along with AT&T and Verizon. No one knows what T-Mobile may do, but they very well could have HSPA+ 84 in working order.

Follow us live from Vegas at androidandme.com/ces

As far as covering the event from the ground, we’ll have six guys from the Android and Me team (Clark, Taylor, Keivan, Nick, Edgar and Sean) hitting all the keynotes and best booths in Vegas. We’ll also have a home-team at the ready to cover anything that comes across our desk, making sure you don’t miss a beat.

At androidandme.com/ces, you’ll find our masterfully crafted custom CES channel that features everything you could possibly need from the show. Not only does it show the latest posts and tweets related to CES, it auto-refreshes. So all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy.

Thanks for joining us here at Android and Me for CES 2012. There’s going to be a lot to take in this year, and quite frankly, we can’t wait.

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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      Don’t think it will show its face till MWC.

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    Sounds like it is a lot of work, but I know it could be lots of fun as well.
    Good luck and hope you get to try out lots of new tech!

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      I hope sony’s phone aren’t weak again I loved the 2011 lineup design but they were all single core so I bought an Atrix but I don’t realy like motorola

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    Hopefully we see some stock Android phones @ CES from Motorola I wish other carriers would take a virgin mobile approach and only accept stock phones. I was a fan of the Motorola triumph was exactly top tier but was nice.

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      Maybe next year? I don’t think we are there yet.

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    The most exciting part of january… Looking forward to it every year….

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      Agreed. It’s even better than my birthday

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    I really want to ask … are the OEM going to skin their Google TV? And, are they going to treat us like idiots and only update their old top model for no more than a year? You know, it’s not like we are going to buy a new TV every 2 year. Man, I guess I won’t even upgrade a set-top box device every 2 year!

    It looks like both Google and Apple is losing out to Microsoft (or should I just mention the Xbox brand) when it comes to the living room device — neither of them are securing any major content deal, when Xbox keeps signing up content providers. At the same time, while you may not see people upgrading their Apple TV or Google TV, I bet a lot of people are waiting in line for the next Xbox.

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      bad ass gaming console > sub par tv experience

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    Great wrap up dudes.. When are you flying me out to CES with ya’ll? :)

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    Thanks for the CES warm up guys! The special CES page is pretty slick too.

    Really curious what kind of processors the new google TVs will use. Specifically if they will support the Screencast app.

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    I’m probably the only that wants a new HSPA phone on AT&T in 2012. Highly doubtful though since they are so dedicated to LTE now.

    Here’s the catch – all AT&T LTE radios can’t be downgraded to a lower speed level like 3G. The battery life suffers and throttling happens very fast in mere minutes. Makes no sense at all.

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    Hoping for official AT&T or TMo Galaxy Nexus announcement.

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    Really can’t wait that CES starts. I think this year it will be amazing, a lot to show. Now with the ICS and all the new hardware, it will be fantastic.

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    I think it would be cool to see some posts on layout techniques and theming. There’s definitely a large gap between the basic beginner standard UI elements app and the high quality custom themed apps like Pulse. Perhaps a post showing how you would create a popular app’s UI (purely from a layout perspective). Android app development