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ASUS almost ready to update OG Transformer to Android 4.0; not ready to add 3G to the Transformer Prime

Asus tablet with Tegra 3 and Intel processor

ASUS has managed to make itself one of the most popular Android tablet manufacturers. Not only are its devices featuring the best specs, but their prices are almost unbeatable and those updates are coming quick. ASUS is not quite ready to give up on the OG Transformer, and the Ice Cream Sandwich update might be coming sooner than we expected.

Soon after the ASUS Transformer Prime got its Android 4.0 treatment, Android was informed that the update to the OG Transformer would start rolling out during early February[1]. It looks like this update might be coming earlier than it seems, though. ASUS has mentioned via Facebook that the update is currently in the process of being approved by Google. As soon as Google gives it thumbs up, things are set and ASUS can start rolling out the update[2].

In other news – it seems like the Transformer Prime will not be getting a 3G (or 4G) antenna. Despite recent reports that ASUS would release a 3G-capable Transformer Prime, ASUS has reported that it does not plan to add 3G data connection to the Prime, and that it is currently not in their plans (according to Focus Taiwan)[3].

This device may lack that functionality, but there is definitely a market for all data-hungry users. ASUS also mentions that they do plan to add this feature to other high-end products in the “Transformer family.” That might take some time, though, so lets not hold our breath on this coming anytime soon. Instead, we will have to rely on WiFi and tethering for our data fix for now.

There is no doubt that the option to connect to the internet outside WiFi connectivity would be nice. ASUS makes it all up with its offerings, though, and they definitely know how to keep their costumers happy. Many of us would say that timely and consistent updates are better than 3G/4G connectivity, as is affordable price points, which is something ASUS is very well known for.

The simple fact that ASUS is updating its past-generation tablet tells a lot about the company. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to upgrade to a data-connected tablet?


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Source: ASUS North America (Facebook)

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  • ben dover

    can’t wait! I love my OG transformer!

    • Jeff Pan

      Asus is the best!

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I am disappointed. What’s the use for a tablet if it doesn’t have 3G support? If I want a WiFi only device, I can buy a laptop for the same price, the functionality is better anyway. Why should I even consider buying a Transformer Prime (even the fullHD Prime announced), when the first Transformer is just as good and it has 3G? Don’t serve me benchmark scores, they are good when you announce a new device, they don’t help you when you have it. Tegra3 is not yet worth it, it is too expensive and you pay more for the same performance. These are my humble 2 cents.

      • Taknarosh

        There are several uses/advantages for a tablet over laptops/netbooks regardless of 3G capability.

        ARM is far more battery efficient than x86, so a smaller battery will last you far longer.

        The App ecosystems of iOS and Android offer a plethora of applications that are aggregated to easily browse and search.

        And Tablets are mainly content consumption devices rather than content creation. Thus specialized for content consumption and do it very well.

        Laptops and netbooks on the other hand are more like jack of all trades thus can do just about everything but not excel in at anything in particular.

        Also worth noting 3G enabled netbook exist just haven’t taken off (just like 3G Tablets) mostly because of the way carriers price them and require a data contract.

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          Most people buy notebooks just for portability. If you want serious firepower, you get a desktop, you get a better price/performance ratio this way. Even the most serious business laptops last for 4, maybe 5 hours maximum, a tablet lasts for 8-9 hours at least. I know that the hardware behind devices like smartphones and tablets are more power efficient, but tablets are also lighter :)

      • ben dover

        nice way to hijack my post to get your comment up top :-P

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          That was not my intention. I replied to a post that replied to mine. I also replied because I got a little too much negative feedback. I still stand by my opinion, people should not give the “thumbs down” if someone is not agreeing to their opinion. Sorry for the off-topic and for hijacking your post (this time for real).

      • WilliamJR

        Come on !
        If you have a 3G mobile – a recent one I mean – you’ll just have to share your 3G by activating the “Hot Spot Wifi” in your WiFi connection settings and benef Internet, thanks to WiFi association ^^
        Unless you want to donwload movies directly on your device, you don’t need your own 3G connection onn the single Transformer…

        Easy… No ?

        (Apologizes for eventuals gramatical or vocabulary errors. My English is not as welle as I expected it to be ! (I’m French, Huhu))

      • GH

        If you are doing a Transformer and on the Android system, if you have an Android smart phone, why not hot spot your phone or use PDA.net to tether for free using FoxFi instead of paying for 3g? There’s a reason why we android users are not in iPhones and iPads :D

    • WhatDude

      Why do you call it “OG” what does that stand for?

  • zykan

    Love my TF Prime – not happy about the wifi and GPS or the new TF Prime serious being released so quick.

    I can’t be mad at anyone but myself though for this , although my Fiance got me the tablet for Xmas LOL


  • redraider133

    Can’t wait to get ics on my transformer. Asus is doing a great job with updates, the other manufacturers should take notes.

    • delinear

      This is definitely the way all manufacturers should do it. Hopefully this will pay off in a big way for Asus, it’s only when the others start losing market share that they’ll realise they need to give people what they want, not lock devices down – tablets aren’t phones, they’re more like netbooks/laptops and we expect to be able to have the latest OS on them.

  • mrkrstphr

    Is that 4k friend requests? Not that I’m impressed…

  • Tornato7


  • WlfHart

    Understandable that they aren’t cramming a 3/4G radio in given their trouble with the GPS and WiFi. And honestly, tethering isn’t so bad… Can’t wait for the 700 though!

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. I dont need another data plan a month. I will just tether my LTE Nexus. ;)

  • inviolable

    Can’t wait for 4.0. This thing will probably fly.

  • JDea

    Nice! Can’t wait for the update! Love this tablet,
    Currently put the beta of ICS 4.0 on nook color and ICS is definitely improved over honeycomb

  • Arturo Castro

    I would like to hear more about rumors that the prime is being discontinued due to them being not in stock anywhere. They’re not even on amazon for pre order.

  • Paul Jamieson

    I was looking for a 3g and or 4g tablet, and found out that europe got the Asus Transformer 3g version .. now that pisses me off ..
    Oh well, Samsung Tab 10.1 will get my business I guess .. lol
    I was wondering what the ‘OG’ stood for ? (ie, OG Transformer) …

  • dwilson6

    They’ve found out that they can update it to new versions of Android much quicker if they don’t have to deal with carriers.

  • Slith

    Time to hit up eBay and find a OG Transformer!

  • ondore

    Wau, no 3G for Prime? Are they joking? With kbd it this piece ideal for travelling professionals and not only nice movie player for your trips… Hope series 700 will solve this problem.

    • AsakuraZero

      HOPE NOT, they need to fix the price of the MK2 (aka prime 700), i always have my phone with me and i can always tether to whatever i have near.

      i like asus, their products and how they are acting with everything, they should stop producing prime MK1 and just ship the MK2 because having 2 models of the same specs its just kinda stupid.

      good thing is that my tf101 will get its update… more reasons to use it more~

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Enjoying ICS on the Prime, looking forward to experiencing ICS on the original.


    if the update hit the og like it hit my prime.. you guys will be very pleased and surprised

  • aranea

    This quick turn around for the updates brings Asus higher in my list of possible tablets to buy. I’ll be buying one or two in the next a couple of months.

  • Hall Lo

    Aha! Asus is really doing a very good job these days :) makes me wanna become one of their fans ;D

  • kungpaodragon

    Awesome! I can’t wait! This will hold me until the Nexus tablet comes out. IF it comes out, and IF it’s better than Transformer Prime. (copyright owned by Hasbro, blah blah blah)…

  • angermeans

    I want to like the asus transformer products but how they have treated early adopters (which lets face it early adopters is us that read these blogs) in that they release a product likw the transformer prime that they have even said is not working correctly beacuse of a design flaw. They have no intentions of fixinf this or even discontinuing the prime in its current form instead they will fix the problem and add a higher res screen and sell it as a premium to the prime. This is a mere month after release? I have a problem with this. I have a problem with moto as well and i hope this trend of releasing a product and then two months later releasing a better product (like the droid razr maxx) is a joke and a kick to their die hard fans. At least in this instanxe the original droid razr works as advertized (at least from what i have heard as every moto product i have ever owned has been almost unusable plagued with bugs). I really have a hard time seeing how people just accept this and call it good as asus took off gps as a feature as for me they lost a future very excited prime want to be owner and i doubt i will trust them with my money in the future evwn if the 250 dollar 7 inch quad core tablet is looking mighty nice

  • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

    It’s good to see a company who keeps their “costumers” happy ;) Nobody wants to see a bunch of pissed of people in fancy dress.

  • benben

    I am very pleased with my OG TF. Asus is doing really well with maintaining a reputation as a company that cares about their customers.

  • Matt Yearian

    Honestly, I hope they stay away from carrier options for now. Focus on making the tablet the best and cheapest is what is more important. I don’t think it’s that popular of an option anyway. Most people who have a tablet probably have a smartphone capable of tethering anyway.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    ASUS ready to update OG Transformer?

    pekosrob is ready to GET HIS TRANSFORMER PRIME! C’mon Amazon, crossing my fingers it’s less than 2 weeks away. I still want my Transformer Prime TF201 instead of the newer version, the back is so much sexier in the OG Transformer Prime (I can’t believe the Prime already has an OG model, but then I can, because this is Android afterall!).