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Boost Mobile recycles unsold Replenish inventory for their first $100 Android phone


Boost Mobile is Sprint’s foray into the prepaid network market that offers a $55 unlimited plan for Android smartphones that flexes down to $40 per month the longer you’re with Boost.

Sprint launched the Samsung Replenish back in May 2011, and we suspect sales of Sprint’s first eco-friendly device were less than stellar. Today, Boost Mobile has announced that they have laid claim to Sprint’s unsold Replenish inventory, and will make the Samsung Replenish their first sub-$100 Android device. Starting today, Boost Mobile customers will be able to purchase the Replenish for $99.99 from select Boost Mobile locations and online at Boost Mobile’s site.

As a refresher, the Samsung Replenish specs are as follows:

  • Android 2.3 with access to Android Market
  • 2.8-inch touchscreen and QWERTY keypad
  • 2MP camera with video
  • GPS-enabled
  • Stereo Bluetooth technology
  • Easy Access to Gmail and Google Talk
  • Wireless Web Enabled

If you’re on Boost Mobile’s network, and are in the market for an Android device, you could certainly do worse than the Replenish, and at the $100 asking price, we think Boost will be able to move a few units.

If you do happen to pick up the Boost Mobile Samsung Replenish, be sure to let us know what you think of the device in the comments.

Show Press Release

The New Year means Time to “Replenish” Your Wireless Service and Get a New Android at an Affordable Price from Boost Mobile and Samsung


Boost Mobile gives consumers the opportunity to save even more money with the launch of new Buyback Program


IRVINE, Calif. — Boost Mobile, ranked Highest in Customer Service Performance and Purchase Experience among Non-Contract Wireless Providers by J.D. Power and Associates1, starts off the New Year with a new eco-friendly Androidâ„¢ smartphone, Samsung Replenishâ„¢. An Android touch/QWERTY smartphone enabled with Mobile ID, Samsung Replenish will be available Jan. 16 and is Boost Mobile’s first Android priced less than $100.

Samsung Replenish, Boost Mobile’s first eco-friendly2 Android smartphone, is partially built with recycled plastics3 and is the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who wants the latest technology with a no-contract offer on a dependable nationwide network.

Boost Customers can get additional “green benefit” by simply trading in their old device as part of Boost Mobile’s new Buyback program or by simply making on-time payments with Boost Mobile’s $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinkage. For every six on-time payments, a Boost Mobile customer’s monthly cost will shrink by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk, text, Web, email, and calls to 411. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for these savings milestones.

“Consumers are smarter about where and how their money is being spent, and Boost Mobile offers a considerable value,” said Andre Smith, vice president-Boost Mobile. “We offer first-class affordable Android smartphones, like the Samsung Replenish, on a reliable network with a no-contract offer that has payments that shrink over time.”

The full-featured Samsung Replenish includes:

-       Android 2.3 with access to Android Marketâ„¢

-       2.8-inch touchscreen and QWERTY keypad

-       2MP camera with video

-       GPS-enabled

-       Stereo Bluetooth® technology

-       Easy Access to Gmailâ„¢ and Google Talkâ„¢

-       Wireless Web Enabled

Samsung Replenish will be available Jan. 16 for $99.99 (excluding taxes) at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations across the country, and atwww.boostmobile.com with free shipping. Samsung Replenish will be available in additional national retailers by the end of the February.


Buyback Program

Customers can save even more money with Boost Mobile’s new Buyback Program, which allows customers to trade in an old device in exchange for an account credit. Ineligible devices can still be sent back for proper recycling. For details and a full list of devices and their values, visithttp://buyback.boostmobile.com.


Mobile ID and Boost Zone

Samsung Replenish also comes preloaded with Mobile ID, an exclusive service from Boost that allows customers to download and install “ID packs.” The packs deliver a complete mobile experience, including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers, in a few simple clicks. ID packs are designed to meet a customer’s individual lifestyle or interests, such as sports, entertainment, fitness and music. ID packs that can be loaded on the device include MTV Music Pack, E!, Socially Connected, Professional, Entertainment, Lo2Yo Latino, Lo2Yo Mujer and Lo2Yo Futbol.

Additionally, Samsung Replenish features Boost Zone, a centralized place on the device where Boost Mobile customers can access their account, pay their bill, get assistance with their phone, and stay up-to-date on Boost Mobile’s products and services. Boost Zone will be coming soon to all Boost Mobile CDMA Android devices.

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  • triangle

    It would be nice if Sprint allowed customers to buy this device at $100 as well. I’m thinking of a scenario where someone loses their phone and needs a replacement. $100 for low-to-mid level phone sounds like a great deal, though I think anyone that is a regular to this site probably will want something better.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Excellent Point. If only they had a cheap smartphone that you could use as a back up until your contract was up for an upgrade/renewal.

      Heck, someone needs to just sell unlocked cheap phones for that purpose. And by someone I mean like an OEM. But they probably don’t want to deal directly with consumers and would rather just sell to big buyers like wireless carriers and huge retail chains.

  • dpleus

    Does anyone else wonder how pre-paid carriers can make any money when they sell off contract phones like this for lower rates than a traditional carrier. And on top of that, they offer comparable, if not better, service plans for less money as well. Sprint’s contracted Unlimited plan is what $99 a month, and yet the prepaid side of the company sells the same service plan at $55 a month, why?

    • jawabba

      I wouldn’t buy this phone, and I hate the service. I’ve tried em all. VZW is the only one that gets me what I need. They are waking up as far as phones go as well. If we can just get MOTO to deliver their phones unlocked…..

    • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

      They can be cheaper because cost is lower. Erecting and maintaining cell phone towers is incredibly expensive for instance. Just getting them up can take years sometimes because of the paperwork, zoning etc.

      Prepaids merely rent the existing towers from other companies. Far less expensive. Even though boost is owned by Sprint they are treated like their own company. You almost wouldn’t know of the relationship. The same goes for Virgin Mobile, also owned by Sprint.

      Typically speaking you also won’t see a high end phone on a prepaid either. No Evos or Nexus on Boost, (at least being sold that way)

      You lose some things though. You don’t get customer service through Sprint when on Boost, they have their own. And trust me when I say the difference is obvious.

    • Mike

      Boost can charge less because you only get service on Sprint’s network. With a Sprint service plan you get nationwide roaming which increases the coverage dramatically. Just compare the coverage maps and you’ll see the difference.

      • Amanda

        On Boost you also get nationwide roaming at no additional cost. It is a truly unlimited plan. I have Boost and my husband is currently in CA out in the Mojave Desert where coverage is spotty to say the least. He had excellent call quality just like when we were on Sprint.

    • jt

      meh, boost drops a lot of calls..,

      And its a numbers game, you have to buy the phone and they are counting on you losing it or getting it jacked like what just happened to me.,.however I have spent less on smart phones through boost in the last 3 years than I would have spent on one iphone…sooo 6 1/2 of one or half a dozen of the other…literally…

    • deth

      cause you dont get sprint tv or sprint music on boost.

  • spazby

    If only I didn’t want to have top of the line phones…

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      but…but… i read somewhere that you can root it. And I’m sure there has to be all kinds of one custom ROM you can flash. haha

  • Chuck Mullen

    100. #AreYouSeriousBro?

    100 for this?


    • stenzor

      That’s $100 off-contract isn’t it? I think that’s a great price for a low-end phone!

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        yeah, it’s $100 without a contract.

  • LOW!!

    OK – Just got the Phone, got IT ON charge.. Just wanted 2 know if there are any real problems with the phone..