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Casio G-Shock GB-6900 smartwatch hands-on


Many of you showed interest in the Casio G-Shock GB-6900 when we reported its announcement last month. While it is more of an accessory compared to other smartwatches in the market, this device has its lures (mainly its battery life), and we got a chance to play around with it for a while during CES.

If you have not heard of this watch, it’s basically a classic G-Shock, but its functionality is not limited to time, chronometer, alarms and calendar. This little guy pairs with your device over bluetooth, bringing features like call, SMS and e-mail notifications, a phone finder and time synchronization with your smartphone.

Granted, this device is not as sophisticated as the other smartwatches. It does not have access to apps, nor a touchscreen, and the screen is not even in color. This gadget has a battery life of 2 years, though. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology, which is a standard in Bluetooth 4.0.

After using it for a while, the GB-6900 turned out to be a much better device then I expected. It may not be as fancy, but it offers simple and useful functionality. After receving a call or message, the device lets you know who the sender is, and you can even see the song name when listening to the music player.

My favorite features happen to be the phone finder and the distance notification. Long press on a button in the watch, and the smartphone will start playing an alarm. The signal range is only 2 meters, so it may not be too functional if you are very far from it, but there’s a solution for that as well. When paired to a device, this watch will give the user a notification when walking away from the phone.

When this was first announced, we didn’t know if it would make it to the US. But the guys from Casio have informed us that they plan to release it stateside in mid-2012, and it will go for $150. This price is not bad, considering that G-Shock watches have never been cheap.

If you are in the market for a watch and would like it to have some good interaction with your smartphone, this just might be the way to go. Check out the video to see more about it, and stay tuned for future details.

Will you be rocking one of these G-shock devices?

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  • cthonctic

    Hm, this looks just like a regular G-Shock at first glance.
    What I would like to see is a smart / connected watch with an eInk or Mirasol non-touch display that has a battery life of a couple weeks, maybe a month.

    I won’t need the watch to play youtube clips or mp3s, just display the time and date (obviously, it’s still a watch), caller ID, how many messages/mails/other notifications the phone has received… and that’s pretty much it. For all this, I think a grayscale eInk display should more than suffice.

    Oh yes, and the design would need to be a little sleeker too. Not bashing G-Shocks, but I’m simply not digging their still-pretty-90s design that much anymore. ;)

    • Andy_jr

      > What I would like to see is a smart / connected watch with an eInk or Mirasol non-touch display
      > that has a battery life of a couple weeks, maybe a month.

      I agree with that. But I’m a geek. ;^)

      This watch looks interesting for a different target audience (and price point). And I also agree that there should be a version with a little more everyday/formal style.

  • spazby

    80s are back!

  • Futureboy

    Interesting, but I would love to see integration of features like this in a classy, non-runner-style watch that I could wear to work or to a formal event.

  • cabrone

    agreed with Futureboy. That would be something! I much prefer to have the Bond watch, too! Fancy, and lethal.

  • smeghead68

    futreboy, you hit it on the head. Need something a bit nicer looking.

  • oddball

    I work in a warehouse so I love my g-shock. I wish they had included the solar cell that most of the non smart g-shocks are coming with now. That would make battery life a non-issue which would have let them add extra bells and whistles if they thought it would increase sales.

  • cad13

    Is it functionning with all smartphones or only BT 4.0 smartphones ? (in that case, only iPhone and RazR)

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Now that’s what I’m talking about.. Half the price and still does most of the things that “I’m watch” does.. It would be perfect for casual wear or sports

  • geoone

    Why to use very small display? why no to use the full area with a high resolution monochrome LCD matrix and show different screen just like the old (candy bar) cell phones? It will be great to use it as an extension to the main display in an android device. In idle state it could only show the classic Casio interface with the time and date, but when an email, text or call is getting in, it could notify to the user on the screen with more than just a small icon.

    An eInk or mirasol (as said cthonctic) will be awesome!!!.

  • donger

    pretty neat.

  • atul0002

    Nice idea but the design is Waaaaay too old.
    I mean who would wanna spend more on a watch (which is usually worn for fashion and not looking at time) that looks just like a watch i used to wear back in 1998?

  • Thomas MacDougall

    A cool design would be if they put like an e-ink display underneath actual watch hands as well as a sleeker profile

  • danielmkim

    Can’t forget, G-Shock’s are like “wonder woman bracelets”. You could block bullets with that watch.

    • cad13

      If only you were right and Casio add a Gorilla Glass on its watches ! I have lot of Casio, and the main problem are the scratches your can have if you are not very very careful…

  • Hall Lo

    Very nice! Only if they changed the design a bit it will be perfect…

  • http://www.jdotreach.com Joshua Reach

    I like that it lasts 2 years on one battery, but yeah, I’m with @Hall, the design is kind of lame. It’s “classic” but not that fun…

  • johnnycsx

    I actually love this design, wish this’d come sooner. I really like the rugged look of G-shocks.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t buy a G-Shock for the fashion statement. A G-Shock is a “man’s watch” that is virtually indestructible. You can pound freaking nails with these things. Mine is somewhere between 5 and 7 years old and works like new with only some minor cosmetic blemishes. The glass has only a couple minor scratches that you can only see if you angle the light just so, and I bang the crap out of this thing.

    If you want a fashion statement, go plunk a few million $ on a Louis Moinet that doesn’t even have numbers on the face. I’ll stick with my bomb proof G-Shock that is actually USEFUL.

  • anjew

    g-shock watches are comming back in style…. i see tons of people wearing it also.

    based on the responses, it shows how dated the user demographic is for android? =)

  • anjew

    or maybe just this site lol

  • Nikos


    Does anyone have the manual of the upcoming clock?

    On the video you mentioned 150 dollars? I think the official price is about 230dollars. Am i right?

  • Troy

    Where or when is g shock g6900 GB LE watch at so I want to buy this please tell me where or what online store had it? Thanks reply me ASAP :)

  • Richie Rich

    Does the Casio bleutooth watch work with android smarth phones?Such as the Samsung Galaxy S3?I have asked the same question to different webshops dat sell the watch.But nobody gives me a decent answer.One says”The watch only works with IPHONE 4 and 5.The other said”You can order de watch and we will send it over to you.Then you can try of it works with your phone.if it won’t work the way it should then you can send it back to us.Anyone has the answer?