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CyanogenMod teasing the idea of a root only, banned app store; think Cydia for Android


If you’re on the hunt for root only apps, or looking for something that was taken down from the Android Market due to carrier or company complaints, you’re pretty much on your own. You could always check forums and other file sharing sites, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of go-to root only app store for modded Android devices? The folks behind CyanogenMod think so, and there might just be one on the way.

Koushik Dutta, CyanogenMod team member and the developer behind apps like ROM Manager, has taken to Google+ to ask if members of the Android community would be interested in a CyanogenMod App Store.

I've been bouncing this idea around for a while now, and it seems like an even better idea now, given my recent brush with this problem: we need an App Store for root apps. We also need an app store for apps that are getting shut down for no good reason, other than carrier, or some random corporation doesn't like it.Koushik DuttaCyanogenMod

Essentially, we’re looking at Cydia for Android. A standardized app store that specializes in root only and banned apps, that would be available to use in any ROM.

Dutta has already talked with Amazon about bundling it with their app store, but they aren’t interested in participating at this time. So CyanogenMod may tackle the task alone.

Personally, I’m all for this. Not only would it be much easier to find tweaks and mods for rooted Android devices, but it would help keep the Android community’s most active user base funded. A portion of the profits from app sales out of the CyanogenMod App Store would go to funding the development behind the ROM, as their unique user install base has grown past one million and become rather costly to maintain.

To voice your opinion, and help get the word out, check out the original post on Google+.

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  • YMS123

    A black market for rooted devices, cool

    • LukeT32

      Seems like a no brainer. VZW cut out all the tether apps from the market and until I had rooted/installed cm7 I wanted to punch them in the face.

      • Trinhbo

        Just keep in mind that even if you get another tether app from this “black market”, Verizon may still detect unauthorized usage of tethering and bill you accordingly.

        • cb2000a

          That’s why I am no longer with Verizon (among other reasons). Great idea about the rooted only market!

          • damambt

            Im all for it — I love the idea of zero limitations and no laws, probably because i have never experienced both of them. ANARCHY ANARCHY!

        • LukeT32

          I haven’t had any issues. I stream pandora all day @ work so I am a heavy data user anyway.

          For awhile I started using my phone to tether and download torrents when my internet provider sent me one of those nasty letters about pirating copyrighted items. :)

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        It’s not a black market like we would imagine it. I would love to be able to install some IP-banned app (I can’t install Google Voice, for example). Talk about buying/supporting my favourite apps! Stop teasing and release CM9 so we can all again enjoy the latest Android release at its full power :) Only if it’s stable enough!

        • nah bah

          There’s an CM9 unofficial on xda search cm9 unofficial on Google you’ll find it…I’m running it right now on my evo 4g and its fast,stable,and saves battery too :D u should really try it out

  • spazby

    great idea, to each its own

  • lukeap69

    nice one.

  • RioT

    Sign me up. An app store like this would be the first place I look. Banned or not….

  • DarkMetatron

    This would be great, but don’t make the same mistake that Google made and let me pay with something other then creditcard, because I don’t own a creditcard so I can’t pay even if I want to.

    • Jake Gall

      Atm cards with a credit card logo work, ofcourse even if you didn’t have either I’m sure most people do so your probably assed out.

    • Dustin Earley

      CM does all of their donating stuff through PayPal (at least they used to) so I’m guessing that would be an option.

    • zerosix

      Actually, I am a bit worried if some *@#$!* anti-pirate organization finds out, that I use black market and probably I am a pirate.

      • cb2000a

        Aye we are pirates matey! LOL..

    • Andrew

      BitCoin FTW!

  • Matthew Varallo

    2 words, hell yes!!!

  • WlfHart

    Fun stuff, I look forward to seeing this happen.

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    This would be awesome! A centralized market for these apps would do well. I’m all for giving Cyanogenmod some sustainability. They give so much. This might also give people even more incentive to root their phone.

  • http://kestrelsaerie.com Steve Hall

    If SOPA passes, I have but one word: Fuggedaboudit.

  • McLovin

    I think this is a great idea. Can this be done so it won’t attract the lawsuit trolls?

  • BlkSquad

    I think it’d be great if it doesn’t turn out just like Cydia and everything that is worth a damn is $5+. I’m all for supporting devs but I don’t wanna spend that much on an app that I’m not gonna use all the time.

  • Josh Fowler

    Personally, I’d be MUCH more willing to pay for quality, root apps on an appstore like this than I would be willing to pay for root apps through the regular Market where the app could be shut down at any time.

  • Jay

    LOVE the idea!!! PLEASE make it happen!!!

  • Fulaman

    I am currently using a near fully polished build of CM9 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). I am on a Galaxy S Fascinate (one of the several original Galaxy S phones). I would definitely want a CM market, it would be great.

  • bigsmoothz88

    This seems like a great idea until “Big Cell” somehow finds a way to shut it down.

  • cthonctic

    This would be so very cool.
    Banned stuff can always be had via filehosters and forum if need be, but one central haven for root-only apps would be great.

  • aranea

    It’s about time guys. Come on do it! :)

  • druie

    sweet! that’s a great idea!

  • JGarrido

    Between Amazon, SlideME, Appia (previously Handster), and GetJar, do we really need another ‘alternate’?

  • n25philly

    Like Cydia? Does that mean that Apple is going to sue them?

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      Cydia is not supported by Apple and it is not their trademark (thank God for that). Apple can’t do anything about it.

  • jamal adam

    This a great idea and one that would create more space for rooted devices to buy and install apps as well as a great place for those apps that were denied by the Google. CyanogenMod is headed in the right direction, not that they ever were in the wrong direction.

  • nrorm

    this would be good if there was some security or oversight—-what’s to prevent spammers nailing this thing?

  • Slith

    This is an awesome idea. I hope they put it together. My guess is that they could get backing from some of the handset and tablet producers out there.

  • donger

    yes, great idea.

  • lokidokie

    Just follow me down this dark alley, I’ll show you some ‘banned apps’
    Who wouldn’t go for that?!!

  • TJungus

    Yes, excellent idea. I would totally donate to this cause.

  • classic_hero

    I approve

  • Dre

    A million times yes. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to go hunt down a root app or a app I really liked because it was pulled from the market

  • Cayce

    Better be careful, apple would probably sue if it’s anything like Cydia ;) they think they own that too haha

  • Ion

    Awesome ida

  • Hall Lo

    Very nice idea! Much easier way to find root apps :)

  • renn9420

    Sounds like a great idea. Hope it is up soon.

  • Terrence C

    I’m totally 4 this, it would give the power users back their ability to decide what they want on there phone as opposed to major companies or corporations dictating what’s to be allowed in market and on a device which we rightfully purchased with our own hard earned money. I’m honestly beginning to feel like this with me your phone companies, give me a day to give me minutes I’ll handle every other aspect myself

  • kinderdm

    I hope to see this. Would be nice to have everything all in one place. Maybe they could provide versions of the apps to devices which aren’t officially supported such as giving a download location for users of the fire for sideloading without having to get it on your phone and exporting out.

  • Adondo

    Oh, yes, this is a GREAT idea. I personally find the “official” market to be a PITA anyway.