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Gaming on the quad-core Tegra 3 powered Transformer Prime


We were in attendance for the NVIDIA press conference at CES last week and while the $249 Asus MeMO stole the show a bit at the end, it was the capabilities of the Tegra 3 processor powering the MeMO and of course the Transformer Prime that were highlighted for the majority of the presentation.

If you missed the livestream of the presentation you can watch the videos now on NVIDIAs Youtube account.

While some other apps were covered, along with the new DirectTouch capabilities tied to that 5th “Ninja core,” there was a big focus on gaming which along with media consumption still seems to fall high on the list of priorities for tablet owners.

The first demo was of Shadowgun’s multiplayer streaming over WiFi and it looked really solid. (The game did anyway, the guys that happened to be playing were completely unable to find, let alone kill one another.) I’ll be interested to see how it does in a less controlled setting, over 4G for example, but it bodes well for multiplayer mobile gaming on Android coming into its own this year.

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is a Tegra optimized version of the standard Splashtop screen sharing app that is generally available in the Market. What exactly the optimizations entail wasn’t clear and probably isn’t a huge concern to most users, but the basic claim was that running the app on a computer with any NVIDIA processor paired with the mobile app on a Tegra based device would result in superior performance.

Huang demonstrated the basic screen sharing capabilities before offering up the ultimate test of playing Skyrim and as you’ll see it seems to handle it with ease. (How many times did he say “it just works?”) Now everyone isn’t probably going to have a setup capable of running Skyrim so that specific application is a little more niche, but it’s fun to see what’s possible.

For the time being NVIDIA remains just a scrappy upstart in the mobile market, but they appear to be making the right moves to turn that around. Based on your reactions here Tegra 3 devices are at least hovering at the top of your lists. Based on the demonstrations at CES, we can’t wait to see how they perform in the real world.

Source: NVIDIA Youtube

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  • triangle

    Can’t wait to get a quad core device, but I’m waiting to see what else is coming. I would love to get the 7 inch Asus tablet for $249 if it ever launches…

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I have to believe that one is definitely going to be a huge seller if they really get it to market at that price.

    • LukeT32

      I would pre order it right now if i could….

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Awesome, guys stop SOPA!! The goverment is trying to take away OUR rights. Say no to SOPA!

    • cb2000a

      Already emailed my Senators and Rep. Sopa is just another nail in the coffin for Americans and ourreedom. Will most likely get the 7″ tablet.

      • cb2000a

        *freedom (why no edit button?).

  • TaoRenCe

    Wow! Tegra 3 is proving to be a monster for Android gaming. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • honourbound68

    I am sooo buying this.. it’s a steal for $250


    simply awesome… games running fantastic on mines

  • Zak Lambert

    I can’t wait for these to get inside phones.

  • jsweetser2

    back in my day, we lugged around 40 pound cases, 50 pound monitors, and 20 cables – to someone’s garage, and LAN’d all day, then lugged the gear back to our houses. Now, i buy a tablet, carry it in my back pack to my friends house and Splashtop my PC from his gigabit ethernet, and we don’t even have to be in the garage anymore. SWEET!

  • Slith

    Is the upgraded TF700 available anywhere yet?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Sadly not, I want that too. Is it wrong to own both Asus tablets?

  • nivekkev

    If they can get that MeMO out for $249 I would be able to get more than one for the family and not have to share mine!!!

  • Exspyguy

    So….the device has so much hardware and is so powerful that he has to kill currently running applications to ensure the game runs good enough? And then he demos wave rider and shadow gun, both good games, but neither runs the unreal or rate engines and the android version of shadow gun isn’t even supporting unity3…no deferred lighting, no occlusion, no real time shadowing, flares or godrays…and he is touting 60 FPS? The Xoom and the iPad 1 can accomplish that on the Unity1 game engine.

    Then he connects controllers to it? Why not just strap an Xbox to a galaxy tab 1 and claim you have just created the best tablet gaming experience in the universe?

    It’s a tablet. Use it like a tablet. Use the gyroscope and the accelerometer, and use the control scheme the developer designed into the game.

    Don’t turn a high powered tablet into a hub you plug stuff into to make it more like a console game.

    That is a complete FAIL. Nvidia shareholders should be pissed that an opportunity to showcase next gen technology at such an incredible venue was squandered on what might as well be the equivalent of pong on a tube TV.

    What a joke.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The controller isn’t connecting to the tablet, it is connecting to a power source. And the developer did build controller support into the game.

      Quote from NVIDIA website: “The Tegra 3-optimized version of Shadowgun features console-quality water, enhanced rag-doll physics, particle effects, enhanced shaders and dynamic textures.” I’m guessing you’ll still be unimpressed, but just thought you should be aware that this may not be the version of Shadowgun that you think it is.

      I’m all for games that solely rely on the tablet as display and control, but I don’t see it as damaging to have additional control options for some games.

  • Nathan D.

    its funny that I’m watching this post on my prime :-D

  • spazby

    I have my $250 ready….

  • WlfHart

    I wonder if Riot would port LoL to Android… if a Tegra3 could run that I think I could ditch my laptop!

  • Vance

    If only my Prime would SHIP DAMNIT! Ordered 11/22/11…. should be one week away.

  • lokidokie

    Rad. I want a Tegra 3 tablet. Not sold on the Transformer tho… Wifi issues bother me, and so does the sub-standard speaker.

  • Hall Lo

    Should i get the MeMO or the Prime…. both are so attractive and awesome :/

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Have the Prime but very interested in the $249 unit if it actually is released. Not really a gamer (Angry Birds on occasion does not count), oibut am looking forward to business oriented apps which take advantage of four cores.

  • classic_hero

    Now I really want one

  • http://www.neilcalvin.com Neil Calvin

    I would love to post up somewhere with my tablet and play some Skyrim, or some BF3, or anything else that’s absurd to see on a mobile device. It would be hilarious.

  • Paul

    “…running the app on a computer with any NVIDIA processor paired with the mobile app on a Tegra based device”

    What kind of PC/Computer has an NVIDIA processor? It’s either intel or amd.

  • kicost

    Can’t wait to get it :D