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Google, still working to bolster patent portfolio, acquires 200 more from IBM


Back in July and September of 2011, Google acquired 1,000 patents from IBM, bumping the total number of  patents acquired from IBM to 2,000. But they weren’t done for the year. On December 30, Google made their final patent purchase of the year, buying 200 more IBM patents for a grand total of 2,200.

Representatives from Google wouldn’t comment on why the patents were acquired, but after examining what the patents cover it’s not hard to figure out. The latest round of patents added to Google’s portfolio cover a wide range of technology, including “email management, server backup, tuning and recovery, e-commerce, advertising, mobile Web page display, instant messaging, online calendaring and database tuning.” Clearly, Google is still working on improving their arsenal for legal battles and protecting their products.

Last year was the year of the patent troll, with lawsuits and licencing deals involving nearly every Android manufacturer on the planet taking place. There’s no reason to believe 2012 will be much different, but the hubbub surrounding legal problems is likely to be muted compared to the past. Regardless of how much attention Android-related lawsuits garner, Google is still in need of the weapons to protect their intellectual property.

With the acquisitions made from IBM and Motorola combined, Google is finally reaching a position where it will be able to defend itself when the time comes. Hopefully that won’t be necessary, but it’s nice to see Google taking the proper precautions.

Source: PC World

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  • aykutb

    well it’s somewhat good, almost feels like giving Frodo the ring of power..hope it doesn’t end the same

  • xallies

    Finally we will have something to take to court if Apple decides to take their new multi touch Patent for a ride

  • oddball

    The patent wars continue. I hope this year we see a reduction of the ridiculous lawsuits and a return to actual innovation amongst tech companies. True competition allows all OS’s to improve and innovate

    • scores87

      hopefully this patents are actually useful for android (not every patent google buys is for android)

    • epps720

      I would like to see a report as to how much money these companies are pumping into these patent wars

  • spazby

    I don’t think too many people care anymore…

    • mustybooks

      Yeah I only cared when there was a chance all this sueing was going to slow down androids growth… this obviously didn’t happen. Now it’s annoying that a ton of money is getting either sucked out by parasitic companies or expensive lawyers.

      • mustybooks

        *Instead of going to r+d

  • redraider133

    Good to see Google is looking out and bolstering it’s patents to protect itself and partners.

  • erikiksaz

    It’s unfortunate it has to come to this, but whatever it takes to keep the patent trolls at bay (ahhemm Apple ahhem)


    Any one else seeing a mobile nuclear war coming?

    • lokidokie


  • lokidokie

    Always good to hear

  • Chaoz

    Would be interesting to know what kind of patents google got hold of.

    I do love the Microsoft related link there though : microsoft-tries-to-block-googles-purchase-of-nortel-patents-says-its-unfair …haha, like MS is fighting fair :)

  • Kindroid

    The money spent to purchase patents to protect Google and Android is much better spent than to give it to patent trolls like Microsoft, Oracle and Apple.

  • Hall Lo

    hope this really helps…. patent wars are getting more and more stupid and just doesnt make sense :/

  • jeff.j1990

    Would be interesting if Google sues Apple

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    I hope very much that companies will pay more attention to new technologies than to patent lawsuits this year. In 2011, patent wars were sometimes really ridiculous An ideal Samsung phone from Apple’s point of view http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/12/ideal-samsung-phone-from-apples-point.html

  • vid500

    Today there’s no other way than to have patents as I can see. But hopefully all the companies will some day figure out, that thay could work with each other instad of against it. But good for google and other, sience thay had to make many changes last year on the products becouse of the suits, may be this will change this year with less focus on changes to be made and more developing new great things.

  • aranea

    You know, S Jobs vowed to kill Android. Rather than defending itself I think Google should arm to go after Apple. The best defense is offense.