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HTC Dev team unlocks bootloads for the Wildfire S, Wildfire, Salsa, Merge and Desire


The HTC Dev is starting 2012 off with a bang by adding support to unlock the bootloaders for five more HTC devices. If you own the HTC Wildfire S, Wildfire, Salsa, Merge or Desire you will now be able to unlock your handset using HTC’s official bootloader unlock tool directly from the HTC Dev website. HTC’s website indicates that there are currently 22 different HTC devices which can be unlocked, but that number should continue to grow as the HTC Dev team adds older phones to the list.

We’d like to remind you that using HTC’s official unlock tool carries the same (if not more) risks as rooting and unlocking your phone with tools created by the Android development community. Just make sure you know all the potential risks before you embark on your bootloader unlocking adventure.

Have any of you used HTC’s official bootloader unlocking tool on our phone?

Source: HTC Dev

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  • fatspirit

    I think that almost every Desire or Wildfire already unlocked, but at least there’s an official way too (:

  • damambt

    Maybe asus can take this as an example especially since their Transformer Primer has been difficult to penetrate

  • http://theandroidappshow.com Lane Montgomery

    Re Headline: “or”? I think you meant “and”.

  • Andreas Andersson

    The HTCDev.com unlocker does not unlock the phone completely. I used that method and I could flash recovery and root the phone without problems but any time I want to flash a custom ROM like CM I have to flash the boot.img separately with fastboot or it wont work. Just a tip for anyone that tries to do it that way.

    • maverickfhl

      Hi.! MyWildfire after unclock with HTCDev Hboot where now 1.02.0000 (Previously was 1.02.0002) I got stuck unable to downgrade or upgrade the HTC Wildfire. U have any Idea can share with me how to root and flash myy wildfire step by step… Thank You in advance.

  • BloodRain

    saw this, spent about 40 mins reading guides,

    i have a Wildfire S and couldnt do much cause of the 50-55Mb internal memory,always get the “low memory” thing,so i used the tablet for my needs (Flyer btw)

    now i have,custom recovery,custom ROM,ROOTED, app2sd(such LOW internal memory)
    and it started with this post, THANKS GUYS

    ps. since flashed, i now have 16 games and about 24-25 programs ,not ONE low mem warning

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Glad we could help!

    • Ashley

      I successfully unlocked my wildfire s 2.3.3. Then I upgraded to 2.3.5 and the unlock reversed itself. Now I get an error saying my ROM is not supported. All I want to do is root my phone, it shouldn’t be this difficult!!

  • Zeusmoir

    With the TMO UK zip, which RUU should i be running or does it not matter?

    • Zeusmoir

      Dang it, using a desire

  • lokidokie

    Awesome. This needs to become a trend

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    HTC keeps making Motorola look worse and worse.

  • droilfade

    May be the sales will go up, now! :p

  • dafi81

    The bootloaders shouldn’t be locked in the first place but nice to have a way to do it.

  • _Diego

    AWESOME! I’m curious, does this mean that if I root my Desire, that I’m able to create a partition on my SD-card and hereby extend my internal storage with the help of ADSD+?

    • _Diego

      I’m sorry, just realised my mistake, I ment A2SD+ as in App to SD+, the app, not the Froyo feature…

  • Alexey Stukalov

    It’s good that HTC is unlocking older phones — in theory unlocking should extend the life of a product a bit — the thing that manufacturers would like to avoid.

    BTW, there’s a petition to unlock Motorola bootloader being signed right now, 1500 signatures remaining: https://www.change.org/petitions/motorola-mobility-inc-unlock-all-smartphone-bootloaders-2

  • Sachin

    yesterday i was searching how to unlock my old htc wildfire…then i came to know about htc dev team method…but there is a problem, they are saying that i will not be able to get “s off”..i read somewhere that if i have s feature off then it is better to flash more custom roms….now somebody please what is the benefit of unlocking the bootloader off without “s off “…. and will the xda team new v3 method of unlocking will work in getting s off…it is new and it is not mentioned anything about rooting of htc wildfire perfectly done by anybody..so please help me…is it oh k if i use htc dev method….???

    • maverickfhl

      After several try I rooted my device..but s is still there hboot I never change still 1.02.0000. There are tools and step needed. Regard
      [email protected]

  • Carlos

    Does anyone know which RUU to download for a HTC wildfire with ROM and Hboot 1.09.0099 I am not able to find that match on the RUUs table. Thanks

    • Joseph

      I’m also having problems with hboot 1.09, when I boot into the bootloader(volume down + pwr) I get something to the effect of **locked and s-on, I’ve ran the RUU from htcdev multiple times(yes I downloaded the correct RUU)

  • richard

    I had Android version 2.3 and now I have upgraded to 2.3.5
    Ma hboot version s 0.90.000 and saying as S-ON .
    Is thr anyway to upgrade ma Mobil to higher version ??
    Pls , do reply :)

  • ant

    i have a htc wildfire i tried to root it listening to someones quid it doesnt start up the phone but it says its now hboot 6.01 but cant find a way of getting a new firmware onto it cuz unrevoked and the ruu_buzz roms dont detect my fone can anyone help me out??

  • Elena Korov

    I hunted all over the internet to get my phone unlocked. I used another site but the code never came through, i found this site i used live chat to confirm they had the code, i ordered and i got the code with 15 mins and it worked first time and it was the cheapest i found compared to other companies. check yourself http://www.unlock-wildfire.com