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Ice Cream Sandwich update for ASUS Transformer Prime now available


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is rolling out to the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet today, a full two days earlier than previously anticipated. Engadget has posted a hands-on with the Transformer Prime post-update and found that the quickness of the device is vastly improved with ICS, especially when it comes to web browsing; websites that previously took 10-20 seconds to fully load now do so in about 6.

There are a few user interface tweaks in the Ice Cream Sandwich update, the most noticeable being the upgrade to the Roboto font scheme Google developed. With the ICS update comes the swipe to dismiss notifications feature, which comes in handy on tablets where the resolution is high enough that the “x” next to the notification you want to dismiss is so small.

Though the upgrade won’t magically upgrade your device to the Transformer Prime TF700T that ASUS announced yesterday, it will make your Transformer Prime tablet feel┬álike a brand new tablet. If you haven’t received your OTA update yet, be sure to head into settings and manually check for the firmware update.

Once you’ve upgraded to ICS, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know how Google’s latest and greatest OS is treating your Transformer Prime tablet.

Source: Engadget

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    Updated mines last night. Tablet is a dull blown beast now. Doing everything in half the time it used to take..only gripe. They removed face unlock.

    • BiGMERF

      Here is a video i made last night. Lol

      • sivart79


    • LukeT32

      why would they remove face unlock?

    • AmericanJedi001

      You should be able to find the Face Unlock app floating around XDA. I’m not a 100% sure if it’s just an .apk or not, but I know people have ported it to other devices.

    • zYk

      I having issues now after ICS with browser always timing out but other than that nothing but smooth perfection

  • AsakuraZero

    i hope they push the ICS fast for the Original TF, because im going ot use it till i can buy the MK2

    • Jonny

      ICS is coming to the original TF (in the UK at least) sometime after the 12th January which is the UK release date for the TFP.

    • TheManInYourSoup

      According to Asus’s facebook page they will be pushing ICS to the TF101 Tomorrow

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Gotta love those official ICS updates! It truly makes things feel brand new. Too bad I don’t have this tablet but great news for those that do. Look forward to seeing Andme users report back on this one.

  • xray49er

    updated last night and immediately noticed the difference in the browser. i didn’t get a chance to test anything else but everything seemed to be running smooth

  • Marques Brownlee

    I got my update and made a video about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKkSr0W62A4

    Feel free to embed it if you want ;-)

  • spazby

    I am officially wanting transformer prime….

  • ageesaman

    Does anyone know when this is coming to the original transformer? I would love to update mine.

    • delinear

      According to Asus’ Facebook page “asap” after the Prime rollout. Since that was meant to happen on the 12th and has actually happened ahead of time, that’s promising news for the original Transformer, but nothing firm yet.

      • ageesaman

        Awesome! Thanks.

  • jaydeeIL

    How is the Xoom not getting any love?

  • Kix

    Who cares?? If you are in an area that still doesnt have the transformer prime at the local best buy or office depot what good is it? ASUS needs to get the product out… and kind of sick of hearing about ICS now ready for the prime…

  • Jose Calzada

    I’m in mexico and received the update yestarday during the Nvidia CES keynote, everything is working fine, There is no face unlock. One thing that people is confirming in XDA forums, ASUS overclocked the prime to 1.6Ghz with this update.

    • Luis

      Jose…does your tablet crashes constantly with the update? Because mine does.


  • Taylor

    Fundamentally better. Smoother swipes, better touch sensitivity and accuracy, and generally faster. Me thinks that Honeycomb was tossed in without optimization because of an unforeseen ICS hiccup, because ICS is great.

  • Jeff Pan

    “Engadget has posted a hands-on with the Transformer Prime post-update, and found that the quickness of the device is vastly improved with ICS, especially when it comes to web browsing, with websites that previously took 10-20 seconds to fully load now doing so in about 6″

    Thats so nice to hear! ICS!!!

  • sivart79

    Now I really can’t wait to get mine on Friday! Hurry UPS!

  • TaoRenCe

    Not only did they promise the ICS update, but they delivered it 2 days early! Oh Asus…My first tablet is definitely coming from you. Any chance these guys will start making smartphones?!?

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      Asus Padphone anyone?

  • Nathan D.

    I wish I had my right now.

  • Rob

    ICS has killed my TP. It boots and gets to the main screen but I can’t interact with anything. Not looking forward to a support call to ASUS….

  • Rob

    NVM, User Error. Having never seen a preview of ICS, I didn’t realize the circles associated with the security pattern entry had been shrunk so small. It looked like a broken widget rather than the security prompt. Figured it out shortly after posting ! This was a happy user error.

    • sivart79

      Doh! ;-)

  • DesertVelo

    Updated last night without a problem.did notice that my wifi single is now *weaker*. The signal is acceptable but there was a change to the radio performance.

  • Darmal

    Just updated my Transformer Prime noticed the original google news and Weather widget i missed it but no menu button anymore to adjust the custom settings so it’s pretty worthless. Also not a big fan of the long press on the home screen only opening the the wallpaper.

  • M3rc Nate

    Please A&M and also readers with ICS T-Primes, after a while of use, can you inform us on how/if battery life has changed? I am so happy to hear/see all these great things about the ICS update, pretty much seals the deal that i am getting the 700 T Prime.

  • Andros69

    Anyone know who’s selling the TF201 in Champagne? I’m having a hell of a time finding it. Need this!

  • honourbound68

    great job asus! now only if the other manufacturers follow suit

  • rfvgyhn

    So, it looks like ICS isn’t for all of us. It appears there’s a batch of primes that don’t report their serial number (Settings > About > Status) and these devices haven’t been able to receive any updates at all.

    I have a such a device and can’t get ICS. I am also stuck on build version .27. The current solution (according to XDA folks) is to replace (not repair) it. :(


  • AstroRoid

    got my shipment notification this morning!!!! Finally! Preordered 11/28, released 12/15… finally shipped for receipt tomorrow! tigerdirect if you’re wondering, but still says unavailable on their site. First task: ICS!!!

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Received Prime today, logged into Google, all apps downloaded, contacts / calendar updated, and ICS started background download. After ICS, camera firmware update did automatic download. Setup could not have been easier. I was a bit concerned about WiFi signal strength because router is on different floor, but WiFi is fine.

    Overall, I am impressed with the Prime – great screen, wide angle viewing, very light, looks nice, super fast processor, already on ICS, and some nice ASUS enhancements. ASUS, and Samsung seem to be steam rolling in the tablet space. With the right mainstream marketing, both could kick some serious butt in the tablet arena.

    • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

      I did not use the Prime before updating to ICS. I do have the original Transformer. When invoking a complex relational filter (which is CPU intensive) in my favorite database, the original Transformer takes 11 seconds to complete the task. The Prime takes 9 seconds to execute the same filter. I assume database is not using the extra cores. Interesting results from other devices: Galaxy Nexus – 7 seconds, Nexus S (ICS) – 8 seconds, Tab 8.9 – 10 seconds, and the winner by a huge margin is the Galaxy Note – 4 seconds. That Samsung chip in the Note is an absolute screamer. The Note is like a 427 Super Snake Cobra with the twin Paxton superchargers for CPU intensive tasks.

      The database is cross platform. The same filter on the same file takes 12 seconds on the iPad 2, and a slow poke 23 seconds on the iPhone 4 (not 4S) using the iOS version of the same app. The Epic 4G, released about the same time as the iPhone 4, completes the same filter in 7 seconds. So much for the BS, and FUD about equivalent iOS apps are always better in every way than the Android counterpart. The iPhone 4 is like an early 60′s Ford Falcon with the small inline 6, and 3 on the column while the Epic 4G is like a 427 Cobra with a single 4 barrel carburetor at least for this CPU intensive task.

      • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

        Additional results:
        IPod touch 4th Gen – same pathetic 22 – 23 seconds as the iPhone 4.
        IPod touch 3rd Gen – an even more pathetic 33 seconds.
        Galaxy Player 5 – slightly less than 9 seconds.
        Nexus One (Gingerbread) – slightly above 9 seconds, less than 10 seconds.

  • Mitch Sears

    SInce the ICS update many of my google apps (gmail, calendar, browser) keep freezing and crashing. Even more infuriating is the launcher crashes all the time, not just a “stopped working” message, but the screen looks all buggy with white fragments all over. A reboot tends to fix it, but it happened a bunch of times today.

    Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions?

    • Mike

      @Mitch Sears I have been experiencing gmail crashes where the display bugs out(only way to fix without reboot I found was to force close the app from settings and then clear the cache. This started since the ICS update. Sometimes it bugs out again the next time I use it though. Also I have noticed intermittent WiFi problems. Seems like it is taking forever to even get a response from the servers, then it starts working normal again and is nice and fast. Also strangely my GPS does not seem to be functioning correctly anymore. It worked fine when I first got the device even picking up 7 satellites from inside my house, but it seems like sometimes it won’t even turn on no matter what I try.

    • Mahana

      I’m having the same problem and it all started at ICS was loaded onto my tablet. My Gmail is always freezing and the web browser seems to give me the “not responding” message all the time now! Anybody figured out how to fix it? I’ve cleared the cache for both the browser and gmail but it’s still buggy.

      • Mike

        I went to settings>apps>gmail and cleared the data and haven’t had any problems with gmail since. Anyone having a problem with apps that worked fine before the update may want to try this step with offending apps.

      • Mike

        Sorry forgot to mention my wifi problems were corrected by restarting my router then my TFP.No problems with connectivity since then.My guess is that old settings from honeycomb are causing these problems. Aside from the boot loop issue and the few with unrecognizable SNs this was a pretty smooth roll out, considering the time to market.

  • sivart79

    Received my Prime on Thursday and it immediately downloaded the ICS update and it has ran great all weekend. Just a few force closes and one random reboot last night.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, I had the same experience. Got it a few days back, updated to ics right out of the box and it’s worked great.

  • Chris

    I have a Transformer (not Prime). So far I am not happy about the upgrade:

    * The machine is much slower
    * Apps freeze (Netflix is a good example)
    * The tablet spontaneously restarts then freezes when it it is in sleep mode

    Not happy with ICS.