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Leaked image attests Verizon shared data plans to come soon


As the smartphone world continues exploding, many users still fear the extra fees that data connected devices can bring. We mentioned last December that a great solution for this would be family data plans, and Big Red even mentioned the possibilities of seeing them in 2012. If the image below is correct, it seems Verizon is very close to having these ready for us.

Engadget┬árecently received a leaked image from a secret tipster. This is an image taken from the training material to an updated account management application. Said screenshot includes a new option, which is labeled as “account level data plans.”

According to the tipster, it seems we will be able to share our data, similar to how we currently share our voice minutes. There will be a charge for the main data plan and a $10 fee for every device to be added to said family data plan.

We often hear people say that they would love to have a smartphone, but data plans add up fast and sometimes come close to doubling monthly charges. Family data plans would be a great solution not only for smartphone newcomers, but for many other subscribers, as well.

This solution would make it easy to have other internet connected devices, such as tablets, netbooks, laptops and WiFi hotspot devices. Currently, a bill with a smartphone, a tablet and a WiFi hotspot would add up to at least $90 just in data charges. If we were able to start with a $30 data plan, this fee would go down to about $50. (This is simply an estimated demonstration, and does not reflect what the prices will actually be like).

There is no doubt consumers would be much more likely to get more smartphones (as well as other devices) if this option were available. If you think about it, and as I said last December, we’ve already moved to tiered data plans and are paying for our exact amount of gigabytes. It’s only fair that we’re able to use that data as we please.

We certainly hope we see these changes come soon. Until we hear more details about this, let’s stay tuned and be patient. What do you guys say? Will this move make it better for smartphone new-comers? Will you be more likely to purchase other devices like tablets, netbooks and WiFi hotspots?

Via: Engadget

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  • dpleus

    I hope this comes true. It will draw more customers to Verizon and save them money.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Wait until we hear about the details. Given how evil the carriers are, I wouldn’t be surprised that even with the shared plan, consumers are not going to save too much. In fact, we could potentially getting less by paying more. My prediction is that they will have something similar to the following:

      5Gb to be shared will cost $40/m, each line sharing the plan will cost $10/m

      So, basically, the first line will pay $50/m for 5Gb — exactly the same as how much it will cost for a non-shared plan. Add a second line and the total will become $60/m for 5Gb. That gives each user 2.5Gb for $30. When you add the third line, the total becomes $70/m, with each line getting about 1.6Gb for $23. The reason why I think Verizon will unveil something like that is because while the price tag looks lower for the consumer, Verizon actually doesn’t lose anything except when there are only 2 lines in the plan.

  • Angela

    I sell phones at a third-party dealer. We get questions all the time about family data plans. There’s definitely a demand for it.

  • spazby

    The more options the better

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I just hope they do it right and give a special price to those who have been grandfathered in on their unlimited plans. Please Big Red?

  • dclaryjr

    I’d love to see it. I have a single VZW line and five lines on a Sprint plan. I’d consider moving the family plan to VZW if they get this right.

  • thekaz

    I’d have to think about it.. right now, my wife and I each have a grand-fathered in unlimited plan.. it’d have to be a good deal to switch to one shared plan. My G-Nex is still so new, I don’t even know how much data I’d really need.

  • romy134

    Im hoping the unlimited data I have will be usable but I wont hold my breath…

  • JPB

    I have 2 kids who are dying for data plans but I’m not going to touch this if they kill off my grandfathered unlimited data. I’m willing to pay a little more though to add their two accounts in.

    • D

      Same here…kids want data but i don’t want to share a few gb with them to save a couple bucks…i can’t be hopping from wifi to wifi hotspot

  • Deter

    currently have 4 smartphones on my plan. granted we are grandfathered into the unlimited plan for $30 per month, but my brother all together pulling from one pool of data may be cheaper.

  • sunrise

    If they increase the data cap from 2gb to 4gb, and include this family data then that would be awesome

  • DroidPower

    i hope they do this soon (ATT also said they’ll deliver this). This will definitely make it easier for families to start data plans. Maybe they should look into lowering the minutes on some of these plans since many people use much more data and texts than minutes. Lowering minutes on these plans will allow consumers to use that money to buy more data.

  • AndyE

    This is great for a family that has one data hog, and one data-lite (or mainly wi-fi) user.


    If this happens, Verizon will have a new customer. I really want a tablet with a mobile connection, but I refuse to pay for a second data plan. This is definitely the future of the mobile industry.

    As if I am about to make some revolutionary statement here, these wireless companies need to realize that data comes first, and voice is secondary for a lot of people. This is the first step in showing they understand that.

  • Billy

    Excited to see the shared data plan … sadly I think we may be underwhelmed though. Here is to optimism though!

  • Richard Yarrell

    The future is bright verizon knows people will add lines i already have 2 lines in 2 short months. No question i will add more lines and more devices as the future months arrive.

    • squiddy20

      You go ahead and do that. While you’re squandering your (extremely) hard earned money on useless things like cell phones and tablets, me and the rest of the world will be putting that money to better uses such as higher education, moving up in jobs, and real enjoyment in life. Besides, what’s the point in having two or more personal cell phones for yourself? You can only use them one at a time. Gluttonous old fool.

    • mensetmanus

      ZOMG Richard, do you take your phones and put them all in a circle, wallpaper people’s faces on the screens, put little hats on the phones and have parties with them? I know you’re a little…”off”, but seriously, what the hell do you do with these things? You’re not a developer, and never will be. Do you play out weird fantasies with your phones and pretend they’re little people? Do you get the E3D and the GN and bash them together so you can see which one pimp slaps the other, then hold up the winner and run around in circles yelling triumphantly? Do you clip them all on your belt and walk down the street pretending to talk to someone like your important; “Yes, Martha, I want the 300,000 shares of Google Stock, sell the 500,000 Microsoft stocks, and book me a flight to Gstaad leaving tomorrow first thing. I’ll be in the office in half an hour to meet with the Vice-President of the Galaxy”.
      LMFAO, you are one seriously screwed up individual. Your delusions are hilarious at times though.

  • Fone_Fanatic

    Makes you think, why hasn’t this been done sooner? There already is the option for shared minutes and message with all the carriers.

    On At&t if you have a family plan and unlimited messaging, you have the option for $10 unlimited medianet (which is intended for dumb-phones). Currently I’m paying $100 for data on 5 lines with At&t ($30 unlimited, 2x$25-2GB, 2x$10-unlimited non-smartphone)

  • ibap

    “Currently, a bill with a smartphone, a tablet and a WiFi hotspot would add up to at least $90 just in data charges. If we were able to start with a $30 data plan, this fee would go down to about $50.”

    Do you really think that they’ll let tablets and hotspots sip from this same cup? I’m betting not – that it will apply only to phones on the same plan. And for people worried about data caps, is this an answer?

  • KRS_Won

    Awesome. So I only need my grandfathered unlimited plan? lol

  • Jeremy Shankman

    None of this matters when there are capped data plans anyways. As the smartphones become capable of more and more we automatically use more data. Im only with verizon now because of my three grandfathered in unlimited plans.

  • greeny42

    Grandfathered unlimited plan FTW!