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Lenovo K800 to be first Intel Medfield phone, launching in China in Q2

k800 Image via: Android Police

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for the first phone running Intel’s Medfield chipset to surface. Just hours after we first caught a glimpse of Intel’s new reference design device, Intel and Lenovo have announced that they will be bringing the K800 to China Unicom in the second quarter of 2012.

The Lenovo K800 will likely be running the 1.6GHz Atom Z2460 processor and will feature a 4.5-inch 720p HD display. The device will likely feature dual cameras as we’ve come to expect with Android devices, but other specs remain largely a mystery.

We’re very interested to see how well the K800 performs in China, and we bet chipset makers will have their eyes glued to the China market as well. Intel’s processors tend to be power-sucking, though they hope recent enhancements in laptop battery life paint a better picture for smartphones. Intel has its work cut out for it if they’re going to convince the likes of HTC, Samsung and Motorola to move away from NVIDIA and Qualcomm and start working on Intel’s Medfield platform.

Update: Guess Intel didn’t have to convince Motorola too much. They just announced a long-term partnership. Check out our coverage here.

We’ll bring you more info on the K800 as it becomes available, as well as news from Intel’s other partnerships from their keynote, which is happening right now.

Source: Engadget

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    more competition = better for us !

    • LukeT32

      Isn’t Lenovo an IBM company aka US based. Why would they launch in China first?

      • jeffb34

        Lenovo is a Chinese company that acquired the Thinkpad line from IBM. They are launching in China first since it is their home market.

        • damambt

          I thought China was a communist country? So how much control does their government really have over devices with full media integration. Why would a company wanna start there?

  • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

    Yep, while I’m skeptical that Intel can keep up with ARM with Cortex-A15 on the way, they’ve made a lot of progress in a short amount of time (last I checked about a year ago, their most efficient Atom was 1/6th as power efficient as a Cortex-A8), competition is nothing but good for Android hardware!

  • cxandroid

    Bring it on, they can only get better, and spur others forward.

  • nivekkev

    Maybe by the time it makes it to the states (or where ever it goes next) they will have all of the kinks worked out and nicer battery life forcing the hand of the other chipset makers and we can all finally use our fones for a full day with just the battery it came with…

  • tarwinia

    Wow, Lenovo isn’t taking any chances is it? It’s releasing tegra, snapdragon, and medfield devices. I wonder if they have an OMAP device waiting the wings somewhere… :D

  • Minesh Rai

    Intel said that it has a 1440mAh battery which delivers 8 hours of 3G talk time, and a full 5 hours of 3G web browsing with a 14-day standby time. It will be interesting to see the performance of K800 in terms of battery life as historically Intel’s processors tend to be power-sucking…….

  • spazby

    We’ll see what motorola phones with intel perform like….

  • vid500

    This phone has a surprisingly good design and I am really curious about the performans of the device. Hope intel made a great job like usually.

  • Jayson Olson

    My initial thought: “Oh, Lenovo…will be over priced and under speced in the long run.”

  • lokidokie

    The one thing we need is better battery life, not power hungry devices

  • donger

    sharp looking phone