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My Life with Andy – Resolution


With the new year still freshly upon us, we thought it a special enough occasion to bring in Bill to hear about his New Year’s resolution. It’s probably safe to say that we can all relate – at least a little bit.

Hopefully none of you actually let your Android fry in the sun!

Angie is a designer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She's a graduate of the Communication Design program at Texas State and joined us full-time after a two-year run at a design firm here in Austin.

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  • Iria

    Little Andy is so cute :D

    Actually my Acer Liquid got really close to fry in the sun: after reaching 56° the Google Navigator voice became high pitched and started telling me wrong directions. That was scary D:

    • kazahani

      Oh, celcius…

  • azulpiscina

    That’s fun.

    Where I can find the other 15 episodes?


    • azulpiscina

      BTW I have a Defy+ and I do all this things (except the sun) without any worries lol

    • Angie Wimberly

      You can see them if you’re visiting the desktop site – its been awhile since I’ve created one of these, so our mobile site isn’t quite yet accommodating of the older ones. Just click the “my life with andy” tag.

      • Geraldo

        I love the My Life with Andy series. There should be like a monthly or a weekly feature. :) And you’re right, it HAS been a while. Glad it’s not forgotten.

        • jak2rocks

          Just realized I wasn’t logged in… ^

        • Angie Wimberly

          Thanks! It’s hard to keep up with if we shoot for doing it on a schedule, but I still like the idea of bringing it back every now and then when there is an idea I get a kick out of :)

      • Andromedo

        These are fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Nice to know my problems seem to be universal :).

  • Josh

    One that has happened to me several times is that I fall asleep with my phone on the bed, but plugged in, then wake up with a completely dead battery because it overheated while wrapped up in the bedding.

    • Josh

      on the other hand, my normally clumsy self has developed Spider-Man like reflexes when it comes to avoiding dropping the thing… Even if you combine statistics for all three phones I have had since Nov. 2009, the number of times I have dropped my phone can be counted on one hand

      • delinear

        I’ve found that the likelihood of me dropping the phone is inversely proportinate to the likelihood that it’ll be damaged. Old HTC Desire in a protective silicone case = one or two drops in two years of ownership. Brand spanking new Nexus with no cases (because it’s too nice to put in a case) = dropped it about 8 times already this morning.

        Okay, slight exagerration but seriously, ever since I decided I could live without a case, I seem to have turned into the clumsiest person alive.

  • http://about.me/patrick.connelly pcon

    At least with Tasker I don’t have to worry about the pile of clothes one

  • thekaz

    uhm.. I can still use my Nexus on the can, as long as I am more mindful of.. courtesy flushes?

    • Angie Wimberly


  • Stella

    Andy’s face in the kitchen and bathroom makes me laugh. My major concern is my phone falling out of my pants pocket or jacket.

  • spazby

    Why do do my legs fall asleep on the can?

  • taketheleap

    I always feel so guilty bringing my phone in the can with me.

    • Trinhbo

      Why? It helps pass the time. Good to get caught up on some tech blogs.

  • kazahani

    Point of Irony:

    I read this on my Android while having a poo.. =0

  • David

    I have house rules when it comes to Android devices in my house. They are not allowed in the bathroom or the kitchen it is for their own protection

    • tagon

      Dang it that was me I just forgot to login

      • jak2rocks

        Same thing just happened to me.

  • AsakuraZero

    but andy is so nice that he understand why we take him to such a place! we need to keep connected plus, if we need to run out of the can because the phone is ringing its way worse…

    i curse everytime it happens

    • delinear

      You can also call for help if you’ve run out of paper…

  • zyphbear

    This is so cute, I love it! I think you should try to do these a little more often.

    • Andy_jr

      I agree. More “My Life With Andy”, please!

  • Hall Lo

    Except frying my fone in the sun, I have actually done all of them with my G2 o_o… and of coz its still working and i m still using it xD

  • Laurentiu V.

    “In the kitchen”:

    Andy right hand looks like a ….

  • Billy

    Hehe … I have never done any of these things … cute!

  • spazby


  • Sameer

    Ha ha…Very funny .. Hats off to graphic designer for such a nice pictures