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Prepare to get Samsunged with the longest Super Bowl ad


How much money is Samsung spending on their first Super Bowl ad? That’s the question many wondered after Samsung revealed today that their 4th quarter ad would be one of the longest in the game at 90 seconds.

Samsung Mobile shared on their social channels today that they would be “launching a device so exciting that only the biggest game in America can do it justice.” That device is the AT&T Galaxy Note, which goes on pre-order for $299 this Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th.

Sources have reported that NBC is charging companies $3.5 million for a 30 second spot and over $6 million for a 60 second spot. That means Samsung should shell out around $9 million to promote the Galaxy Note on AT&T, a carrier that is dominated by the Apple iPhone.

We don’t know what the content of the ad will include, but most have assumed it will follow The Next Big Thing series that have been playing in full rotation on TV.

In an interview with AllThingsD, Samsung marketing executive Younghee Lee said she wants consumers to be “obsessed with the company and its products.” Lee went on to say that “People are obsessed with Apple. It’s time to change people’s attention.”

Are you a fan of the “Samsunged” campaign? Let us know if you think Samsung’s big Super Bowl ad will score with fans in the comments below.

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  • n25philly

    They are good but need to be more creative. They should hire a barista

    • CactusCat

      They tried but he was waiting in line and couldn’t be bothered while he “created”.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      Honestly watching it makes me feel like maybe they did hire a barista. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this but the guy with the galaxy kinda comes across as more of a douche than the apple guys. Oh and samsunged sucks, big time as a catch phrase

      • aykutb

        that is correct,entirely.

  • spazby

    go sammy

  • apo

    I think that that samsung lady is a little mistaken, we do not give a s*** about apple, do we?: )
    Go Samsung

    • Fone_Fanatic

      We don’t, but Apple has really good marketing and sucked in the general public. They are usually the people that refer to all android devices as droids (thanks verizon), and that’s who samsung is after.

  • Nate B.

    I want to see the S III. The Note is a bigger SII to me.

    • Paul Jamieson

      Actually the Note is bigger .. 5.3″ Bigger !!
      Why don’t you all check out the site and see for yourself ..
      There are lots of videos of what it can do …
      It is the evolution of the smart phone-tablet …

      Wait till MWC (Feb 27th), and see the direction smart phones and tablets are
      taking … the pen is back, and becoming a useful tool finally !!

      Yes, the S III will be a kool new phone, but it will not be out till Q3 or Q4, and it is
      only a phone !!

      Try to think out-side the box for a change …

      • Chris Lewis

        “Actually the Note is bigger .. 5.3″ Bigger !!”


        5.3 – 4.3 = 2 inches bigger…

        All kidding aside, what box are you thinking out-side of? the Galaxy SIII is going to be amazing and the galaxy note is kinda old news.

        • Pjamies

          2″ is huge .. as phones go .. but
          That is not the point ..
          The S III does not bring anything new to the
          Table (that we know of ..yet) and stating that
          A faster processor and graphics processor are
          Newer is just Crap … Yes it is faster and you will
          Be able to play more intensive games, but that is
          Not the point!
          Adding a pen is adding new functionality .. adding the ability
          To do more .. that is thinking outside the box ..dude..

        • Paulo

          u sure about ur math?

          • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

            Obviously not, ’cause 5.3 – 4.3 = 1

          • pjamies

            Ya .. lol .. math is not my strong suit .. !! I just took the difference from Chris’s comment .. I should have caught that 1 ..
            Substitute 1″ difference then .. still is bigger tho … lol

  • teecruz

    I’m stoked! :)

  • kest009

    I like the samsung’d commercials, but they’re going to spend all that money for the note…really…come on…why not put all that ad money toward the galaxy nexus.

    • rojo623

      Absolutely agree. Why hasn’t there been any sort of a real marketing push towards the G-Nex?
      Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus commercial has to do with G+ circles. Who cares?

      G-Nex is an incredible phone, and people outside of us Android enthusiasts barely even know the phone exists.

      • SGB101

        no galaxy phone to date has been pushed in the UK, at my local ‘Carphone warehouse’ (one of the big sellers in the UK), they only had a dummy phone, of the last nexus, and the same with this one.

        a real shame, i dont think the nexus’s, have the sales bonus behind them, as the carriers cant (dont) put their crap on them. so there is no incentive for the sales rep to push it over say a galaxy/htc/iphone etc device.

      • delinear

        My guess is that it’s good for a manufacturer to have the “prestige” of being Google’s official Nexus producer, but they don’t actually want to sell a lot of the devices because they don’t want people to get into the habit of vanilla Android (since it takes away each company’s “USP” UI). That’s why I think they’re happy to sell a Nexus but would rather push their other range.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice ad making iPhone fan look stupid, no offences of course.

  • YNWA

    Yeah, 9 million would be better spent on promoting the Galaxy Nexus or the SGS 3!

  • staryoshi

    I’ll be watching! I enjoy their commercials.

  • Max.Steel

    A Galaxy Note? Really? Wow….

  • aranea

    I like this new Samsung add campaign. I think it shows how a hype was built around apple and it’s just another bubble that will burst soon with everything it’s behind relative the competition i.e. samsung and android.

  • userx

    im into the ad campaign. when showing off my fresh GS2 to mums, she expressed her love for Samsung stuff, and im into that

    I think sammy could pull off creating big hype. i easily influence the crew i work with,i suppose some Samsung monitors are in order..

    in the end, i do feel the 9m for a ATT ad is a waste of money though, without a doubt.

  • Vance

    Um…. hmmm.. where do start? I love the Superbowl and am excited to see Sammy join the ranks of those willing to pay a premium for a SB commercial slot.
    As for the device: … nah. I have a tablet, and I have a phone, I don’t want a huge phone or a mini tablet. I don’t want to use a stylus on my phone, but I love it on my prime. I don’t want to use ANY phone, EVER that requires I join forces with the dark side formerly known as AT&T.
    But… this post isn’t really about “the Note or not the Note”, is it? It’s about Samsung’s ad campaign and I, for one, like it. I would appreciate a little more subtlety, but maybe that’s part of the burn, that certain stereotypical device users aren’t sharp enough to pick up on subtle satirical references to themselves? In any case, I’m stoked to see the Giants slap Bill Belli-cheat in the grill and for Samsung to mesmerize me with it’s marketing savvy.

  • tomgillotti

    Love the marketing direction Samsung is taking. Especially love that the fruit company is the target. Nicely done Samsung.

  • EolianPipes

    I’ve always really enjoyed this campaign by samsung. It really hits at the people the crazy die-hard enthusiasts instead of the actual product (which isn’t terrible).

    My apple obsessing friend even came with me when I got the Galaxy Nexus. It made him seriously think about switching over. This whole campaign always reminded me of that.

  • CTown

    Wonder if this ad can bring back the stylus.

  • rojo623

    The first of these ads was the best and funniest (barista). They have gone kind of downhill since then. But regardless…. Samsung needs to advertise the Galaxy Nexus, because Verizon has totally dropped the ball.

    • Pjamies

      Funny, I see lots of advertisements for the phone…
      Actually there was 1 on 30mins .. about facial recognition
      I live in Toronto tho .. so it might just be a Canadian thing ..

  • myandroid99

    its funny cause its true

  • bigrob029

    I like the “In jail, in jail outfit” subtext… subtle.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy Nexus is EXCEPTIONAL best smartphone period. The Galaxy Note definately a WOW FACTOR espically on verizon….

  • booyootoo

    I live in the Netherlands and I don’t know of a channel that airs the superbowl live. and also haven’t seen these commercials on tv here.

    I did see them on youtube and I think they are really cool.

    • Fone_Fanatic

      You’ll be able to catch all the commercials online after the superbowl. There are a few websites that are dedicated just for superbowl commercials! haha

  • Jahmon

    I like the fact that Samsung is playing Apple on their own game, these adds are similar to the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”

  • honourbound68

    I’d get the note if it went on sprint.

  • Louis A

    I remember before I bought my GNex I was telling myself, 4.65″ screen is a little to big for me. Know that I have it and using it for multimedia entertainment, I will never go back to anything smaller. 5.3″ supper amoled display is be just the perfect size for a mobile device. I’d pick this up if I was on the market for a mobile phone.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I can appreciate a great commercial. It’s better for Samsung to make these ads than sit by and do nothing other than release phones. If people don’t know about their products then they won’t seek to find out more information (since they don’t even know what they’re named or that they even exist in some cases).

    I haven’t had cable in awhile, so I could be wrong, but has HTC made any commercials since they had the ones with the quick beat and the same phone changing scenes? Ringing any bells? Have their been any ads since then? Besides the carrier related ones that Verizon or AT&T do, I mean an ad from the OEM.

  • GE918

    I attended a meeting last night and sat next to a lady that had her Iphone on her lap. I sat down and pulled my Galaxy S2 from my purse and put it on my lap. She looked over and said lucky you,that’s the phone I want. I replied but you have the Iphone and she replied it doesn’t do shit. Lol.

  • George

    If Samsung gave me the 9 million in cash, I would get them more sales than this ad ever will. Promised.

  • Ivan Todorov

    AWESOME! iPhone pricks! :)

  • perlowin

    I love these commercials! I like it when you see the guy “imprisoned”, very subtle mind play there!

  • autonomousgerm

    Instead of bashing the competition, just show me the phone and what it can do. Out of the 30 seconds the commercial airs, the phone is visible for about 2 seconds. They don’t come across as confident of the device, just petty that you have to spend that much time bashing Apple. That will work for people who are already aware of Android and its capabilities, and it will certainly galvanize the fanboys. But it will do absolutely nothing to entice new customers.

  • Billy

    9 million to push the GNote on ATT … hopefully they launch on a few more carriers to sell more units and make that up .. .haha. … Loving my GNEX btw.

  • doseas

    I’ve liked all the Galaxy S commercials until now: not a fan of the “Samsunged” catch phrase.

  • DroidPower

    i’m guessing they’ll do something more than just to introduce the Note on AT&T. can’t wait to see it!

  • jamboy5590

    I can give a shit about there ads because although their phones are the best samsung f**king sucks BIG time when it comes to customers care.

  • vindicatedbliss

    I live in the UK and have had my Galaxy Note for around three Weeks. This is seriously the best but of tech I’ve ever owned. A true convergence device. The screen is amazing, the s-pen is useful and tucks away nicely when not in use. It’s super fast, crisp and has killed all my desire to by a tablet as this does it all. Couldn’t recommend it higher!