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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Verizon and Sprint?

Samsung Galaxy Note pen input

The Samsung Galaxy Note was a hit for Samsung and AT&T last week during CES. This device was advertised all over the city. While many would believe its 5.3-inch display to be overbearing, others see it as a great feature. Regardless, it would be great to see it placed on other carriers’ shelves. And according to a recent rumor, this bad boy is headed to both Verizon and Sprint.

According to Daryl Deino, Los Angeles Gadgets Examiner, an Industry Analyst confirms that this device will “certainly” come to both Sprint and Verizon. He goes on to mention that it will possibly be named the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

The Galaxy Note will very likely be offered by other carriers in the US, but we have to take this specific rumor with a grain of salt (or a spoon-full). Daryl’s source, Paul Mueller, has been wrong before. Mainly when Mueller mentioned last July that Verizon would be the first US carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S II (as the Samsung Function). That rumor proved to be wrong. In fact, Verizon was the only main carrier in the US to not see the Galaxy S II.

Taking the Industry Analyst’s past rumors into account, we will recommend that you don’t hold your breath on this one. This does not mean this device will not be coming to other carriers, though. In fact, we hope it does. The device may be a bit large, but it works great, and its bigger screen offers a lot of functionality. It definitely creates a great balance between a phone and a tablet. And while it looks uncomfortable, it actually feels surprisingly great in the hand. (Its weight and thinness definitely help).

There’s also the fact that there’s no CDMA version of the Galaxy Note. It is definitely not impossible to make one, though, and it has been done before. Verizon has mentioned that smartphones will only be released with 4G LTE connectivity from now on, though. If this rumor happens to be true, we might be able to rock the Galaxy Note on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. That would be quite the lure.

For now, let’s stay put and hope we get more information about the future of the Galaxy Note. Would you guys sign up for this bad boy if it hits carriers other than AT&T? I definitely would, if it happens soon enough.

Via: Droid-Life

Source: LA Gadgets Examiner

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  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

    I’d love for this to make it to Sprint with 4G LTE. But it probably won’t be happening anytime soon :(

    • Jeff Pan

      Its gonna be awesome with Verizon 4G LTE

    • Dave

      Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe Sprint does not use LTE, but CDMA technology for there 4G..

      • Dusty

        You’re only half wrong! It’s true Sprint doesn’t (currently) use LTE, but CDMA is just a 3G technology. Their 4G is wi-max.

        • Tim

          Dusty, you’re half wrong. Spring is converting to LTE and have abondoned Wi-Max. Future Spring phones will be LTE.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    This seems like a great device. But not for me. The screen is just too big for me. I honestly doubt Verizon will hold this device though. Something in my gut just tells me that. Lol

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. The screen on my GN is big enough. Its just at the verge of being too big to hold one handed and type a message….

      • delinear

        Anyone who is worried about this but hasn’t tried on, I’d recommend seeking one out and giving it a go. I thought it would be too big too, but I tried one for size in the shop Sunday and it doesn’t feel too big compared to my GNex. I don’t have particularly big hands, either but it didn’t feel uncomfortable to hold one handed (any bigger and I would have had to start stretching).

    • redraider133

      I hope they get the gs3 this year and hopefully that will have a similar size screen to the nexus in the size of 4.3 phones. The note seems a little large for me. I am sure it will be a big seller though for those who want a larger phone than what are currently out there.

  • R.S

    Though just a rumor, T-Mobile is left out again. :-\

    • Rick

      exactly all of this good phones are left out of tmobile why? they should sell in all of them..

      • Shadowlore

        Biggest reason I can see for T-Mob to be left out of so many phones is simple market share. T-Mobile’s coverage is significantly smaller than VZW, AT&T, and even Sprint. Companies want their devices to sell, so they pick the most likely candidate(s) of providers.

        I always liked them as a provider, but when we moved just 40 miles outside a major metropolitan area, their coverage went from full bars inside, to barely 1 outside our front door.

        Then mix that with the fact there were times when we were travelling we’d lose ALL coverage on the phone (yes, including voice). At first I thought I could deal with it, but when we were travelling to Cleveland a few years back, we actually had a car issue between Indianapolis and Cleveland and couldn’t place a call at all.. Luckily I had my work phone in my bags (VZW) dug it out, and was able to place a call just fine. (even had data service to look up a local dealership to call to the scene)

        It was at that time we decided to switch.

        Hopefully if T-Mobile and AT&T start some peering agreements this year, it’ll help T-Mobile grow, and we’ll see some better device competition out of them.

        • Danny

          How does this explain Verizon not getting a variant of the Galaxy S2?

  • oddball

    I would love to see this device on big red. It is the only device on the market currently that would lure me away from the nexus

  • spazby


  • Richard Yarrell

    Definately my DREAM DEVICE so trust me sometime in May or June Verizon will be seeing the Galaxy Journal. Now I have to decide is it going to be this or the Nexus tablet it’s going to be another luxuary summer…..

    • 666

      Nexus Tablet for sure. As nice as this device is, it wont be as nice when you’re dealing with buggy ROMs just to feel up to date.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    It’s like T mobile froze when the merger plans were released. Yet another phone that everyone else is getting but not a peep from T mobile. I’m trying to be patient but eveyone else is (saying) they will be getting phones and not a peep from T mobile.

    • n25philly

      It’s beyond that, someone took one apart over on XDA and the one that is already out has a chip that supports the T-Mobile bands, so they programmed it to not work with T-Mobile.

      • BiGMERF

        Yea I read that too. If it’s true then it’s more to it than we think

        • DroidPower

          Samsung and Tmobile might still be under negotiations, or Samsung just got mad that Tmobile announced they’re trying to become iPhone-compatible

  • rev2redlineguy

    If this were to come to Sprint, I would definitely get this one. This would be so perfect for me. I don’t think the screen will be too big for me. In fact, it is going to be just right! C’mon Sprint, bring it to us!!!!!!

  • n25philly


    The damn original supports the T-mobile bands and you refuse to make them accessible. WTF?

    • noteplz

      im 100% supportive of t-mobile and i agree…. T-MOBILE !!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT THE NOTE !!!

  • Thomas Biard

    Its going to be hard to hide this phone while talking and driving in a “hands-free” state (for all those who try to hide the phone with a popped collar or behind the seatbelt)

    4.65″ is the biggest I’ll go, but the device looks awesome!


    Damm man , would have loved this for Tmo.. I hope the rumored second one makes it to Magneta

    • WlfHart

      Maybe T-Mo will make up for not having the first by being the first to have the second! (One could only hope right?)

      • BiGMERF

        Truthfully I do not see it happening. We are going to have to import it.if it has the bands

  • Ion

    i’m saying though, can we get a release date on this thing first? then we can talk about what other carriers will be getting it. I want a release date and an effin price tag already lol

  • inviolable

    Not that I care for this mini tablet, but I am starting to get concerned for all these phones not coming to T-Mobile.

  • Kevin

    Verizon, I hope this is true. You need to get this phone so I don’t have to become an AT&T customer!!!

  • Anthony44

    Well the galaxy nexus is all my hands can hold but after a few weeks the screen doesnt seem that big.
    I was at a bar and all i heard was thats a gigantic phone.lol. The galaxy nexus is dwarfs the nexus s . I think this is my max besides the note is already old .We seem to get these samsung phones way too late besides no ice cream ill pass

  • Nathan D.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it did after seeing that survey a few days back.

  • Dan13

    Really looking forward to this device. It doesn’t matter to me what carrier, let me have it!

  • DroidPower

    Can’t wait to see this in real person, aka in a store, and play around with it.

  • Melissa

    Oh please let us have one for Sprint!

  • Woodstock

    If this were available on T-Mobile, I would put in a pre-order today.

  • evobb10

    If this rumors are convert to realty. I’ll not the owner of tablet

  • staryoshi

    Don’t tell me that there’s a chance it will come to sprint… I just got my E4GT in december and tha’d the only other phone I’d want right now :P

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    I like Samsung Galaxy Note very much, even more than Galaxy Nexus :) Past, present and future of mobile phones http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2012/01/past-present-and-future-of-mobile.html

  • honourbound68

    hmmm.. gotta try this as an e-reader. its definitely tempting to get this and forget about carrying my phone and a 7″ tablet..

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I think it would make for a great intermediate device. A lot of people where complaining about the Dell Streak’s size before. But many others loved the fact that it was bigger, and they could get the benefits of a tablet in their phone (sort of).

  • Jerome

    I got an upgrade(current phone ns4g) coming in summer and i’m just gonna hold off a few more months to see what Sprint releases in the fall…i’m also interesting in see what the next iPhone will look like and if its lte

  • RRR

    ROTFL…as usually Sammy delays the dinner waaaay past the midnight so it becomes a breakfast.

    Let me guess – the non-pentile superAMOLED HD screen on the Note will appear not earlier then in the mid 2013. I know today it sounds crazy.

  • cfj6358

    I really want a Samsung Note but I’m not budging from Sprint. As soon as it’s available on Sprint, my order is in!

  • Grandmaster

    I find it crazy how T-Mobile was the pioneer of the android movement but they receive the least of android phones compared to the other big 3

  • triangle

    I would love to see this device on more carriers. I don’t know how much I would use the pen, but I love the fact that it is an option. The screen is so big, it is fantastic.

    Looking forward to this with LTE and ICS.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      I hardly use the pen on my Note. But when I do need it, tasks become much easier on me. I’ve found myself using the Note for writing things down at work, and for multiple tasks. Plus it’s fun to draw on pictures, or create little drawings in your free time.

      Just think of it as a bonus feature. ;)

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Well what I like about this one is that the device has a place to stick the pen in. If you do not use it, you can simply forget about it, unlike other devices, where you have to carry it around. And it can be very helpful sometimes.

  • Billy

    This looks sharp! I just got my GNex … but that is what Craiglist is for … maybe I will swap.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      That’s what I did! It was well worth the trade. :)

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I will probably be doing the same! lol

    • yankeesusa

      So how do you like the gnex? I’m still not liking the no memory card thing.

  • Necro

    Of course I would buy it if it went on Sprint. With an unlimited everything data plan this bad boy would do wonders on Sprints network. With a big screen and the guts to go with it a big Phone star like this is exactly what Sprint needs to take a bigger share of the market. Phones like this are the death toll of the mobile GPS industry. I would rather have a multi function device that can do this than a stand alone gps unit for my car.

  • Ogy

    Best mobile device ever created – period!

    Got mine for about 1 month now and love every single thing about it (apart from the price)

    • Chris

      Yup, absolutely love it. Unfortunately it means that I’m pretty much stuck for an upgrade unless/until they bring out the Note 2. Still, for now, no need to worry about that.

      Quick tip re: price, if you can, do what I did. I got an upgrade from my current carrier via 3rd-party shop. That 3rd-party shop somehow managed to screw up the upgrade. However because it took a while to notice, they had no way of running it back and doing it again.

      Then Vodafone called and offered me an upgrade – the request never made it to their systems. The shop say they can’t do anything about it because their systems won’t let them, and they’re going to honour their warranty etc., so basically, I have the Note for a grand total of 0 pounds. Also, I switched to a £10-per-month sim-only deal instead of the £41 per month 2-year contract I should have been on.

      So, hooray for 3rd-party dealers with inflexible systems, is what I say. I’d guess that would be fixed pretty soon though…

  • kimminer1

    hope so

  • Malcolm Leonard

    They Don’t need one.

  • honourbound68

    5.3 screen isn’t so bad being that the phone is thin. in comparison to the old brick phones of my youth, i can still stick this in my pocket without it looking hideous.

  • yankeesusa

    So is this a phone or a tablet? I’m confused. Although it looks really nice and i wouldn’t mind having it. I think people are catching on to the bigger screen thing. I started the big screen with the evo and once I went evo i didn’t look back.

  • donger


  • Kerb

    I am excited to finally see a big screen phone! I prefer to have a 6×4, 6in screen with a 4in slide out keyboard and about 4.5 long with a tegra 3 and 16mp camera 8mp front camera! This is what I think the perfect phone would be!!!

  • Elizabeth Whitmire

    I have really small hands, but I want the biggest screen possible on a phone that will fit into my hand. And I’m not one of those who has to be able to reach across the screen with my thumb. I just want to be able to hold it in one hand. Swiping, tapping, and whatever else I can do with the other hand. If that other hand’s busy, the phone can wait. :) I’m eager to see this thing in person.

  • G Denys

    I’ve been waiting on a phone with a 5 in screen! What’s so crazy is I am a 4’11″ woman with tiny hands and I still want a phone this big. Unfortunately I am with Verizon. My upgrade is up this month and seeing this makes me want to wait a while to see if something I want will come out. I was so excited when they rumored the Bionic to have a 5″ screen. Oh how disappointed I was when it turned out to only be 4.3 I usually don’t like Samsung phones but would learn to like them for that screen. (but I do have a great Samsung laptop and the Samsung hot spot so maybe a phone would work for me too)

  • Michael T

    Verizon only provides phones that maximize its profits. Verizon does not care what i or others wish to have; they are not into love business. Remember Apple iPhone. They waited and waited until ready to get Apple iphone. And now they want to maximize their profit based on Apple iPhone. This is the reason that since they secured a contract with Apple, they concentrated on iPhone and not on phone quality.
    If the Samsung note is that important to you, then switch to AT&T because I doubt Verizon will bring anything that can compete with iPhone. It is just not in their best interest.

  • bacon8r22

    Verizon better get the samsung galaxy note soon!!! i might be switching from AT&T to Verizon in a year!!! Verizon, you better get it b4 then!!!

  • Amir Fazadh

    IF it makes it to VZW, it won’t be before September. Keep in mind that ATT has exclusivity for 6 mos., and add in another month or two for “testing” on the VZW network, plus all the added bloatware needs to be tested and vetted by the VZ marketing geniuses…lucky if it hits in time for “Winter Celebration” season. By then, we will be looking at a device that is running Gingerbread while every other phone will be on Jellybean, so it will be TWO revs back. Even if ICS is predominant by then, it will still be one rev back if it is running ICS when released.

    Better situation would be a new design, quad-core phablet with at least 1.5 GB RAM, running Jellybean. Worth the wait? Maybe…

  • beetle69

    It would be great. I would drop my Galaxy S2 and get a note on Sprint.

  • JAJ

    Sprint had better get on the ball or else. I would jump ship for this phone in a New York minute.

  • C torrres

    When would verizon sale the galaxy x2 5.3

  • Jfreak

    Read online today that T-mobile will be getting the Galaxy Note in July!

  • Girlnextdoor

    I agree with 90% of you guys & gals. I’m with verizon and I need a smart phone plus a note tab/pad/kindle. I honestly can’t handle carrying my laptop, smart ph & note(whatever). It’s a pain. That phone will get rid of everything.
    I’m sure I’ll kill a few batteries. It’s a killer phone and that magic pen no more PO at the touch screen Fups.
    If Apple shared everything & Samsung doesn’t they’re morons.

    Write 2 Samsung and see what happens.