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Samsung promises full day of battery life for 2012 smartphones

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One of the biggest concerns for Android users is battery life. We’ve taken many routes to make our devices last as long as possible. Viable options include carrying charging accessories, external battery chargers, use of multiple batteries and extended batteries (usually bulky). Wouldn’t it be nice if our phones could just last us all day? That’s what Samsung is promising for devices to come. This is what Kevin Packingham had to say during an interview at CES:

When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don't want you feeling anxiety about your battery life.Kevin PackinghamVice President of Product Innovation at Samsung

The latest phones are rolling out with bright, large displays, stronger processors, 4G connectivity and specs that are getting closer everyday to matching a PC. All these specs and features come with a substantial battery drain. Some of these smartphones cannot even make it a few hours without needing a charge.

Along with all the tips and tricks we already know, manufacturers are starting to include larger batteries in order to solve this issue. Take the Droid RAZR MAXX and its 3300 mAh battery as an example.

While Samsung does plan to include bigger batteries, that is not the only solution to be included in its future devices. Samsung also plans to improve battery life by better managing the way our smartphones act. Optimizing the way the device searches for WiFi connection and more efficient 4G LTE management are included in the list. After all, Samsung devices are known for being thin. Many users would like to keep that feature.

This does not mean that every user will be able to enjoy a full day of juice, though. Packingham emphasizes the fact that power users will probably need to rely on ulterior methods for keeping their smartphones alive. But Samsung’s plan is to have the average and moderately heavy users covered for a full day.

As mentioned by our colleague Android sites, it is hard to define what an average or moderately heavy user is. Many factors contribute in the equation. Samsung has not had a bad start, though. Reports are proving that most Samsung Galaxy Nexus users are going through a full day without needing to resort to battery-saving/charging tactics.

The Galaxy Nexus does use 4G LTE and all the other great features. And we have to remember that having Vanilla Android makes quite the difference. The fact that the offered extended battery is not as huge of an impact in size is also great.

We look forward to seeing Samsung make big steps in battery efficiency and hope that they can deliver on their promises. Do you guys think Samsung will prove to be successful in this area?

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Source: CNET

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  • spazby

    how about a solar panel along with motion charging included? It will not magically solve the problem but would certainly help…

    • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

      Why not go Kinetic? The Chairman phone had it.

    • Jeff Pan

      something worth looking into. Samsung is capable of doing it!

      • Samar

        All renewable sources..Wind, Sun, Water…to give more battery life.

    • James

      Isn’t the phone in the pocket most of the time? no light there.


      • Fulaman

        If that’s the case, the kinetic energy one can give the phone through walking might be able to energize the phone.

  • AvatarZ

    Can someone tell me who these “Galaxy Nexus owners are” because I’d love to leave on LTE but I need to be on 3G to have any battery life throughout the day.

    • epps720

      My G-Nex can’t even last a half day on LTE!

      • ben dover

        I leave lte on and I get all day battery. granted I’m connected to wifi at work and at home but still, the radio is on and I lightly use the phone all day long.

        • LukeT32

          if your connected to wifi is doesn’t look for 4g signal… So even though it is “on” it really isnt.

          • ben dover

            This wasn’t so with my Evo 4G. if I left 4G on even while connected to WIFI, it would drain the battery in no time!

          • Chris

            To agree with “Mister Dover,” thats not the case with most 4g devices…although it should be !

    • NBR

      I’ve gone 10 hours on battery and it still had 82% charge. I don’t know what y’all are doing wrong, but the only time I’ve HAD to get to a charger is when I play video for an extended period of time (more than an hour and a half).

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I just have my LTE toggle off 5 minutes after the screen turns off. Makes a world of difference, I always have LTE connection whenever I’m really using my phone, and even when I’m not using it, my phone has a plenty-fast-enough connection. It’s great! (AOKP ROM has this feature)

    • Kevin

      I agree, it’s not great but any means. With screen brightness all the way down and on wifi while at work, I’m currently at 10 hours with 60% left. But, if I’m going to be running around all day on a weekend or out late one night, I’ll take my spare battery with me.

  • triangle

    Battery improvements can not come soon enough. While I love my Galaxy Nexus, the battery drains pretty quickly. LTE technology definitely needs to improve, on top of how the phone operates. But with a screen as big as the Galaxy Nexus, I understand that it’s going to go through the battery pretty quickly.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    My Galaxy Nexus can easily last for a whole day without charge, but my son’s can’t. The biggest battery eater is the display. My son texts all the times, which explains why his GN only lasts a couple hours (even when he switches to use 3G.)

    To me, though, the GN is a great improvement over my OG Droid, which barely lasts for 8 hours even if I just let it sit on top of my desk (the background activities alone, such as keeping my 4 gmails account in sync, is enough to kill it before the end of a day.)

    • delinear

      Playing with the brightness can help a lot – I find if I’m inside, even the half brightness setting on the power control bar is too bright. I have mine set to just less than that and I’ve not run out of battery yet with heavy texting/twitter use (I’m not in the US so I’m on 3G/HSDPA which sounds like it helps).

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Big +1 here. I tend to use my phone inside most of the time (at which point, in a lighted room, ~30% is ideal brightness). Then if I’m in a dark room, I actually turn the brightness all the way down because even 30% is too bright.

        One might say, “Why not use auto-brightness?” Well, that actually drains your battery. Just consider all of the sensors and continuous adjustments it makes. It doesn’t actually save battery life, it just makes your screen be a theoretically-ideal brightness for comfort purposes.

  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

    I think companies have been focusing too much on making larger displays, 4G capability, and thinner phones, but not realizing they need more battery power. I don’t mind a few extra mm of thickness to have a phone that can last a full day.

  • staryoshi

    Battery tech has left A LOT to be desired – It isn’t advancing nearly as much as other fields. I’m assigning you aspiring electrical engineering majors a task of great import – Revolutionize batteries for mobile applications!

    • Cakeisalie

      Battery research is going at an astonishing pace, it just doesn’t seam to be highlighted in the news as often as electronics tech, you also have to consider that the processor/memory technology being release today whilst awesome, it is (in a very basic way) built using a somewhat known template, whilst with battery tech there are a lot more variables and unknowns.

      When I was at uni a few years ago there were a couple of research papers released about improvements in battery technology, on by MIT where they made carbon nanotube electrodes

      There was also a paper about another carbon nanotube battery/fuel cell, I’ve tried searching for it but it seams to have vanished (Oil Company Conspiracy :) or I’m thinking of some random movie plot), I only remember some of the details but basically it was a long nanotube and a liquid compound, they started the reaction at one end and it would ‘burn’ slowly down the tube until the end where they would replace the liquid and start again (instant recharge), I vaguely remember the article listing some possible uses one of which was the Russian Military wanting to make remote outpost power plants.

      Finally there was the Cola powered mobile made by a Chinese Student for Nokia, it was an early stage concept but the basic design of the battery worked, not enough to make a call admittedly but with some more research, who knows it could be used for phones in areas where there is limited electricity in a few years

      • staryoshi

        We’re still using Lithium Ion batteries that can’t keep up with technological advances.

        • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

          This. The battery technology we’re using today is the same technology used years ago. The most significant advancements that I’m aware of is that they no longer explode in our pockets…

  • Meister_Li

    While the battery life on my GSM Galaxy Nexus seemed quite lacking at first, (A day of moderate use would leave me around 40%, which is okay, but I also sometimes have days of heavy use) It steadily got better and better. First, some of the Radio/Rom-Updates improved it significantly, and since a little bit I also use a Custom Rom that Undervolts the device and I use SetCPU and Franco’s tool to limit the CPU to 350 Mhz and one CPU core when the screen is off.

    All of those measures don’t impact the daily use of the device at all and now I am at about 80% at the end of the day – so that’s a definite improvement there.

  • Jeremy

    I dont understand how you reach the title of this article from the quote you provide.

    I don’t want anyone to be poor. That doesn’t mean I promise to give anyone a cent.

    • Chris

      um, you’re on the wrong page, bro… xD

  • YMS123

    The Galaxy SII is thin and light enough, they should just put a bigger battery in the SIII, problem solved.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    We’re getting phones insanely thin. Thinner than I even care for. Just add a little more bulk and put in a 3000+ mAh battery in the smartphone. Make it designed for a large battery.

  • Vance

    I like the idea of motion charging capability. Imagine the resurgence of swivel phone belt clips!

  • ashclepdia

    Car batteries people….trust me…when u see a break thru in car battery life our phones will make it thru a week on a charge , screw a day…it isn’t far off in the future either…trust me …imagine…a week on a single charge!

    • Dave

      I don’t have to imagine it. Since I don’t have a smartphone I have a phone that I chrage about once a week. Remember when “aarhw, I have to charge my phone almost everyday ’cause the battery has gone crappy!” was a good enough reason to buy a new phone?

  • YNWA

    Just pop a 2200-2600 mah battery in all your smartphones and you will be gold Samsung. The extended on my Galaxy Nexus is working out great!

  • Oskar Wismierski

    It would we a nice addition to SGS III ;)

  • http://whysoangrybirds.com mikeyDroid

    “Reports are proving that most Samsung Galaxy Nexus users are going through a full day without needing to resort to battery-saving/charging tactics.”

    Do those people ever turn their screens on?

  • Matt

    my stock battery on my evo 3d last about 5 hours screen on with wifi. about 4 hours screen on with 3g. thats me looking at the screen. thats good in my opinion. considering my evo 4g got about 1/2 that, so they are 1 year apart. so that would be awesome to get just 8-10 hours screen on on my next phone :D. its already that i end my day at about 50% left lol

  • falltime

    I can get a week of battery on any smartphone – shut off the radios.

    The problem isnt ‘managing’ battery life – the problem is we need BETTER batteries.

    • pjax

      I don’t want to sound like an iPhone fanboy here
      (I’m not. I have a D2G on a custom ROM)


      the iPhone has an enviable 10 hour battery life

      the D2G heats up a lot. Usually when on 3G or doing processor intensive tasks. This phone definitely could do better with a well managed battery life.

      • GF1 fanatic

        The iphone skso has a tiny screen and is limited to 3g. My Galaxy Nexus lasts from 6am to 10 pm. It had a much bigger display and am on 3g mist of the day. The iphone doesnt use any fancy technology to get its battery life. Jyst like a car. Reduce your speed from 70 mph to 55 mph, and see howmuch better fuel consumption you get.

        • pjax

          bigger screen means bigger battery. the iPad has a humongous screen and amazing battery life

          performance of an iPhone 4 is comparable to my D2G, similar screen area, 3G only. Any “fancy technology” on my D2G is most likely on the iPhone too: play music in the background, push email, background sync etc

          my point: Android AND device manufacturers can do a lot to manage battery life. The Droids should have never been released given the overheating issues

          PS: the iOS 5 got flak for battery drain and it sounded like the Apple was such a terrible manufacturer. the Droids heat up far more and drain much quicker, but we carry on

          PPS: I still love my Droid. Just please do better next time

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    My Galaxy Note easily lasts a whole day, it’s typically at around 40% by the time I go to sleep. It’s been so nice not having to charge my phone in the middle of the day, or carry a spare battery around. Which seems extremely strange to me because of the display, even though it has a 2500 mah battery.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Its awesome how Samsung is making phones last longer by not just making the battery bigger. That would make the phone a little unwieldy IMO.

  • userx

    Is this an old post? my Tmobile GS2 last for 2 days with Wifi and 4g on the ENTIRE time.

    All other carriers / manufacturers are doing it wrong.

    • userx

      The fact that you idiots down pointed this just shows your mostly iphone fans out there.

      seriously, YOU HAVE THE WRONG PHONE!
      buy the RIGHT phone, get REAL battery life.


  • thekaz

    How is Samsung planning to make the days shorter??

  • Peter Sinnott

    Whenever I get around to updating my Desire I would much prefer a phone that had twice as good a battery over one that was half as thick.

  • Billy

    I will take any improvements to battery life. Go Samsung.

  • Nathan D.

    Let see what their first hand held devices under this mato will be, it will probablybe beast either way :-)

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can only speak of my beatiful Galaxy Nexus. Extended battery i get 18hrs of use, normal battery 14hrs of use. People should study their device real closely because the answer lies in running process on your handset. Games that we love on our device like to run in the background even if your not playing those games DO YOURSELF A FAVOR UNINSTALL THOSE GAMES. Take a real good look at what’s running and syncing on your device and control it. The Galaxy Nexus is wonderful device that really hasn’t been appreciated to it’s fullest yet. Android beam is the JOINT and GOOGLE WALLET i used at radio shack and boy that was fun…

    • squiddy20

      You really are an idiot. Here’s why:
      1. Some 3rd party apps that you use, aren’t reported under “running processes”, so you have no idea which apps are REALLY draining your battery. What’s more, some Google apps don’t show up either furthering the misinformation you’re seeing when you look at the “running processes” screen.
      2. You (stupidly) recommend that people “uninstall those games” simply because they *could* be running in the background when not in use. Under that train of thought, you might as well not install anything on your phone if you’re that worried about battery life. Sure, the more apps you have, generally the quicker your battery drains, but that’s only if the apps themselves were written poorly and/or you don’t know how to change the settings so they’re not as much of a resource hog. Simple things like unchecking the checkbox to “automatically sign in” (on boot) in apps like Google+, Foursquare, Google Talk, Facebook, etc, have pretty much been proven to improve battery life. Less things syncing constantly in the background means longer battery life. Speaking of which, going to Settings>Accounts and Sync, and unchecking “background data” and/or “auto-sync” will also drastically improve battery life for the same reason.
      I think it’s utterly hilarious that you think the best thing to do is *uninstall* the apps when we’re not using/playing them. Not only is that a hassle for people to re-download the apps, but then for some of those apps, having to go through some amount of set-up time. Just exit out of the app properly every time and/or use a task manager (not task *killer*), and you’re good to go. Shows how little you know about Android. What a joke.

  • Carlos

    FYI, after making some tweaks with no rooting and no third-party apps, I’m able to get 30 hours out of battery life on a single charge with my T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

    • jovy

      How do you get 30 hours of battery life on a single charge cuz i have the same phone.

  • Goodfella

    My Galaxy S2 still has around 60% battery left by 6pm when I get up home every day. That’s with GPS on, wifi on occasionally, checking two email accounts every ten minutes, average phone calls, regular texting and browsing etc. I don’t have to be careful thinking about how I use my phone like I did with my Nexus One or my Desire HD. I read that this is down to the Dual. Core processor helping by doing most of the work?? Either way I’m sure Samsung can pull this out the bag. Certain games are definitely what kill my battery more. If my daughter plays on them for ages.

  • Hall Lo

    Indeed. I dun like how smartphones has dual cores and large displays but dies in half a day, and this will definitely need to get more attention. Good move Sammy!

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    IBM scientists promise for 2011-2015 batteries rechargeable from the air, as well as the kinetic energy (shaking, walking, etc.). 3-D holographic phone calls and mind-reading phones http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/3-d-holographic-phone-calls-and-mind.html

  • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

    It sucks that this is actually a big deal

    • http://www.jdotreach.com Joshua Reach

      right?! I feel like with all the “technological breakthroughs” we have with phones, battery life should have been the first thing tackled…

  • Mobile Video Sharing Application

    Sounds really good… Me too bothering about my batter life.. When we can get this facility in our mobile? or it already in market.. I want that for mine….

  • GF1 Fanatic

    This is silly. There is only one way that makes sense and that is easy battery replacement. As my user name may suggest to some people (the GF1 is a fantastic digital camera by Panasonic), I am a digital camera fan and never leave my house without my camera and I take hundreds of photos each day. When the battery dies, I can change it in less than 5 seconds. I always carry several extra batteries. No photographer goes crazy demanding that the camera battery “last all day.”

    Unless someone figures out some way to defy the laws of physics, no miracle battery is on the horizon. If we want to cruise the internet all day at 4G speeds, watch videos and play games, we need an easy to replace battery. How hard can that be. Or are we still playing by Apple’s rules, no replaceable battery?

  • honourbound68

    custom roms + juice defender ftw! as it is, my phone easily lasts the whole day with moderate usage. that being said, i’d love for it to last 2 days with battery improvements. go sammy for making this a directive. now can you also pls fix the random reboots and loss of signal bugs that seem to be troubling your phones??

    • http://www.jdotreach.com Joshua Reach

      haha, seriously. My captivate reboots itself randomly at least a few times a week. It’s become a part of my everyday life now… ugh.

  • James


  • lucask207

    I have the Galaxy SII…
    Will I get one of these for my phone or it’s just for new devices?!

  • rashad360

    Well, they talk the talk….

  • eestubbs104

    All I am hoping is that this technology is here and available when Samsung brings the Galaxy Note to the market. To have that phone with a great battery would ‘make my day”.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great news. Except that I dont use samsung phones. I hope htc follows suit. But with the nexus for sprint coming in the next months and hopefully an lte epic I may switch over if the battery life has improved by then.

  • Anselm Friedrich

    i already get ~35 hours battery life with heavy usage under cm9 alpha. so what’s with all the fuss?

  • http://www.jdotreach.com Joshua Reach

    Finally! Someone is actually taking action and tackling the terrible battery life on Androids. I honestly don’t mind carrying a heavier and bulkier phone, as long as it’s designed to fit nicely in my hand.

    And those “extended batteries” you can buy, make the phone look terrible…design the phone around a bigger battery. Let’s see what you got Samsung! :)

  • curtis

    I have an currently typing on my samsung galaxy s2. As it stands, im at 1 day 3 hours an 9 minutes with 16% left. WIFI has been on the moment i unplugged it. brightness at 40% an moderate usage. i.e, whats app, youtube, web browings, email, some gaming e t c. I have enabled the system power saving an custom power saving, juice defender and GO power master active. I think its got something to do with that lol. Either way i average 18 hours before a recharge on my phone an put my friends iphones to shame. They operate their screens in darkness, no wifi, an do only texting an cant last 9-5 lol. Android <3