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SONY Ericsson LiveView 2 sighted on show floor before CES kicks off


With the CES show floor set to open in a little more than a day, it’s only natural that we start seeing some show floor sneak peeks. The latest gadget to be spotted on the CES show floor is a new watch-like device from SONY Ericsson which looks very similar to last year’s LiveView. The device features a solid green rubber wrist band and a “spring-loaded clip” which should allow users to remove the display and use it as an independent device.

Unfortunately, no description card was spotted with the device, but we’re going to assume for now that we’re looking at the SONY Ericsson LiveView 2. While many loved the concept behind the original LiveView, the actual implementation and performance of the Android accessory simply didn’t live up to consumer expectations. Let’s hope the SONY Ericsson LiveView 2 doesn’t disappoint.

We know all of you are keeping an eye out  for all those new phones and tablets that will be unveiled in the next 24 hours, but we’re expecting Android powered accessories like the SONY Ericsson  LiveView 2 and i’m Watch to grab a lot of attention this year at CES.

Source: The Verge

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  • YMS123

    But can it beat the Motoactv Honeycomb mini tablet?

    • Naveen AH

      100% it can’t beat MOTOACTV, Ericsson devices looks good in advertisement but not in live usage… I never ever go for Ericsson…

  • sean b

    Flop. Just like the last one.

  • lokidokie

    Looks promising. I’m due for a new watch.
    Make it affordable and I’m there!

    • booyootoo

      The current version is 70 euros. That’s really cheap imo. If it will be around 150 I still think it’s a reasonable price.

      I just hope this version actually works. The one I have now is just for show…

    • Futureboy

      Make it affordable AND function well, and I’m there.

  • http://gplus.to/anujahooja anujahooja

    This thing look ugly, but I love this concept. I really hope we see more brands of Android notification watches.

    • epps720

      I actually love the look of it, really sleek, may be a little bulky on the wrist. But if they fixed the kinks and it’s actually functional I may get one. Especially if that $150 price point it right. Motorola once again out priced themselves with the Motoactiv

    • stenzor

      It would also be nice to see something besides rubber/silicone bands

  • spazby

    I just don’t see any future in this at all….small segment will love it, the majority won’t bother…

    • delinear

      I probably would have thought the same a month ago. I’ve since actually started following people on Twitter and now most of the time I’m looking at my phone it’s just reading tweets where I don’t need to respond, or getting calendar notifications for meetings, or reading emails I don’t need to reply to, etc. In that case something like this would be useful so I don’t have to keep grabbing my phone.

      The key thing will be battery drain, if they can get that under control a lot of people might actually like to have something like this. Personally I’m still doubtful – my phone replaced my watch in ’98 and I’ve never really missed wearing one.

  • Leinad

    I’ve been waiting for a device to keep my phone in my pocket but stylish enough to wear out to dinner. Still missing the style I need. I’m 40-ish, I don’t need a brightly colored band! Give me a watch that looks like a watch that mirrors my phone. Stop trying to make it into something it isn’t. If it straps to my wrist, it’s a watch! There’s your style cue. Tone it down! Make the features stand out.

  • Hall Lo

    I always want an android watch… hope they will keep improving it (hardware-wise, and esp battery life-wise)!

  • seeklerhun

    Cool, just make it display TIME when losing bluetooth connection. By the way, I hope it supports bluetooth 4.0 low energy, and there are compatible phones in the work.

  • ffreak

    Go for Motorola MOTOACTV…its already much better and it gets regular s/w updates…

    I absolutely love the one I have.

  • DanH

    Typo: green not greed.

    • Futureboy

      “solid greed rubber wrist band” gave me a good laugh.
      I was surprised to read that Sony found a way to create an amalgam of greed and rubber and then put it into their products.

  • vid500

    Really cool, I’m just wondering how long is the battery time. I’m not quite sure if I wont to charge the watch every evening like all the things. The watch shuld have a long battery time for me.

    • epps720

      Agree, would hope the watch would have at LEAST 2 days of run time. Just in case you forget to charge it every night

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait

  • Jeff Pan

    MotoActv kind of device? So how did MotoActv do during the holiday season?

  • Gadgety

    I’ve been using a SonyEricsson MBW-150 Bluetooth watch for 6 years. It’s been great but the oled panel’s dying. As for the Live View I really think SonyEricsson committed harakiri with that one as it just had appalling performance and even worse back up. An insult to the consumer. So I’d wait about a year after launch to see if this gen II device is worthwhile or not. At least Moto is serving updates to the MotoACTV and it’s a far more advance product so you can forgive them for a few mistakes. The big one being not including a vibrating alert. Seems they never cater to purely sports usage.

  • Gadgety

    Those few last sentences should have reade:

    …so you can forgive them a few mistakes. The big one being not including a vibrating alert. Seems they only cater to pure sports usage.

    • Fred

      Guys hopefully the M Team is upto something pretty soon…common moto

  • strykaone

    Why are people so concerned with battery life. Most of you charge your smartphone everyday anyway. If you think of this device as an extension of your phone – which it is – simple, when you charge phone, charge watch. Made even easier since it uses micro usb like all smartphones. Since this device does a lot more than a conventional watch why would you expect to behave entirely like one.. arguement invalid.. if you cannot work these things out a guru like ‘the Woz’ designed apple products for people just like you who are ‘scared of tech’ or simply cannot work it out….. ohhh burn.. jus sayin and #TRUTH