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T-Mobile, Walmart offering new unlimited family plans; no contracts, very low prices


If there’s something T-Mobile and Walmart are both known for, it’s their pocket-friendly philosophy. Both companies have just announced a new family plan for those who want to step into the smartphone world without hurting their bank accounts. Not only is this offer affordable, but it’s completely unlimited and commitment-free.

This plan offers unlimited talk, text and web at the low price of $45 (for the first line) and $35 for each additional line. This would translate to $80 for two lines, $115 for 3 lines and so on. There are no contracts involved, which may be a bit more costly the first month, but it all pays off in the long run.

Don’t run to your nearest Walmart location just yet, though. There are some important details you might want to know. First, the plan only offers 3G speeds. This means that data-hungry 4G users will not be able to keep their high speeds.

If you’re willing to live without 4G data speeds, you might want to hurry and get this plan soon. Those who sign up before March 16 will be able to enjoy 5 GB of 3G data per month, while those who sign up after said date will have to make due with 250 MB. After reaching the data limit, users will be throttled to lower speeds.

There’s also a one-time $25 starter kit per line required. All of this may add up to an inconvenient start (you would need to purchase phones at full price and pay for the bill, as well as the fees), but it will be much cheaper after months start adding up.

We would recommend this plan for those who do not mind lower speeds or the low data cap after March 16. It is very affordable compared to the other 3 major carriers, and having no contracts and limitations is always a plus. It would definitely be a great option for first-time smartphone users or for the kids.

What do you guys say? Signing up for this new family plan? Would you rather keep your 4G speeds?

Show Press Release
According to a recent Harris Interactive study, 65% of smartphone users said they use their smartphone’s picture sharing capability most when connecting with family and friends. That’s just one reason why T-Mobile and Walmart recently made their Walmart Family Mobile plan better than ever — adding Unlimited Web to their already great offer of Unlimited Talk and Text. Rolling onto shelves now, the new Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan is only $45 per month for the first line and $35 per month for additional lines and is available at Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com.

Additionally, 44% of first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with a smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before. For the first time, this monthly postpaid, no-annual contract plan is offering Unlimited Web service, providing full access to Web surfing, data and social media for all lines on the account and is one of the best value options available on any national carrier. Walmart Family Mobile was designed with families in mind, and offers the most affordable way to enjoy high-quality postpaid 3G service. To encourage families to get connected sooner, customers activating the new plan now until March 16th will enjoy the first 5GB per month per line at up to 3G speeds until March 31st. Customers activating after March 16th can enjoy the first 250MB per month per line at up to 3G speeds.

For more information about the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan, please visit www.walmartfamilymobile.com or www.myfamilymobile.com

Source: Walmart

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  • spazby

    No thanks, I am a 4g addict…

    • YMS123

      Same here…

    • Jeff Pan

      Haha lol!

      Was interesting till I read the 3G part and the 250Mb throttle!

      Nevertheless a nice move by T- Mobile.

      T-Mobile deserves more credit that what they actually get. They are the least evil among the Big 4

      • Drew

        It’s 5GB until March 16

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Stuck… in… contract…

    I can live without 4G (my area is a sad sad place for data reception). This would be a viable option but my contract has a year or so left (damn $99 Nexus S sucked me in). Another decent no-contract plan that is going to pass me by. These are the lives we lead…

    • private

      paying the penalty fee for early cancellation may still be cheaper in the long run- do the math

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    Since HSPA+ Isn’t technically 4G does that mean the 3G connection will be limited to 7.2 mbs up? Because if so, that’s not bad at all, and I could definitely handle that. Now if only my Note would work with 3G, I’m sticking with Edge on Tmobile now, because I can’t stand the thought of AT&T.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Ha ha … sorry, I can’t help but laugh out loud. Do you think a carrier will be soooo generous?

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        My Nexus S is a 3g phone, it will get up to 7.2 mbs down, just like any android phone. So why would a plan limited to 3g, get slower speeds than what it can handle? I’m just wondering the limitations, does it force the signal to only use 3g towers? Or does it throttle the data to a certain speed?

        • casey

          Agreed. My G1 maxed out at 8mbps down, and it definitely wasn’t “4G capable”.

    • Doug

      I get up to 10 megs a sec with that network in louisville ky. also get unlimited everything through a parentership with a mobile service provider that uses t mobiles network. only 49.00 a month no startup fees. much better deal

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    This is huge for family lines. AT&T and Verizon both have a $50/month prepaid unlimited plan, but those needing multiple lines don’t have any options other than to add another prepaid account for the same $50. This however, changes all of that.

    Good job T-Mobile and Wal-Mart, for offering a nice prepaid solution for family/multiple lines. Still not enough to get me to leave Verizon though.

  • DroidPower

    WOW GREAT MOVE TMOBILE!!!!! just when rumors are starting on Verizon coming out with family data plans, Tmobile out and does this!!! This is amazing. Good thing the merger didn’t happen or else who knows if this would have ever occurred…

  • hideous_strength

    It’s only “unlimited” for the promotional period I believe, then it reverts back to 250mb. The author of this post got it wrong.

    • DroidPower

      it’s still unlimited data…just that it’s only at 3G speed for 250mb.

    • shadowxof

      i’m actually surprised it took android and me this long to post about this considering it started at the beginning of the year. In reply to you, its actually unlimited but pulls a regular t-mobile throttle at 250MB of 3G to edge and to make it a little worse its “shared” web. It’s definitely something thats great for someone that uses their wi-fi more than cellular data but its kinda a bummer otherwise. I know this because i work for walmart in their Cell Phone (connection center) department.

  • anthony

    Im happy with my Evo 3D running on Boost Mobile (aka Sprint 3G Data) for $45 per month with shrinkage … most of the time I am either in the house (on my home WiFi network) or with-in Optimum WiFi network range and even when I am not the 3G data is a good enough back-up to look up directions …. run the google maps navigation app ….. read some blogs …. check my facebook and even watch a little youtube …. not to mention that my monthly bill is getting cheaper every 6 months so soon Ill be paying only $35 per month for an unlimited evo 3D!!! I defiantly think this would be cool for some body trying to connect a t-mobile phone although the $25 activation fee is a little bit of a turn off for the budget conscious

  • ytjty

    How do companies get away with advertising as unlimited were they are not unlimited.
    also people mentioning 4G whats the point of these high speeds with monthly 2-5 cap lol

    • Matt

      Not that I agree with the way companies use the term unlimited but in this case it is unlimited. They throttle you to a slower speed so you still get the unlimited just at a slower rate.

    • Amy

      I have this plan, and it truly is unlimited, yes there is a cap on the 4G now. But I have yet to reach it since I don’t live in a 4G area, plus, at home and work both my husband and I use the Wireless setting. Also, the upfront cost for the phone is there, but I bought the $25 activation package for my phone, and after 3 weeks finally received a bill for the 1st month, only $26!

      • rod garnett

        Hello I have a Vonage phone and it drops so many packets I only hear about 2 words of 5 spoken. Would these news Wal-Mart phones be any better. I don’t text much and have limited calls. I need two lines one for me and one for my care giver. Each should have different phone number. can I call Ontario for the ordinal fees or are there long distance charges

  • ytjty

    can always trust someone who lies especially when money is involved

  • James

    250 MB cap kills it, would not even sell this plan to my mom. Where’s the $50 plan with caps at 2GB? And the $55 plan with caps at 5GB?

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I think this would be nice for people who don’t really care for 4G speeds. Its nice and cheap but too bad you have to pay the full price for the phones

    • Kelly Hobbins

      I went on the WalMart website, actually, and it says you can bring the phone you already have with you. Any smart phone or an iPhone 5 will work!

  • Nathan D.

    This is a great plan but the throttle is stupid low but the price also low so maybe that balances out. Either way it’s a good plan just not great.

  • Antoine

    In France,I pay 16€ per month for unlimited calls in France, Europe, USA, Canada, unlimited sms and mms, and 3Go (HSPA+, we don’t have 4G yet! ). Internet is also full,I mean P2P, newsgroup….are allowed.
    Nevertheless you have to pay your phone

  • honourbound68

    terrible plan if you need/want data :(

  • Matt

    This couldnt have come at a better time for me..I’m close to making the jump to the Nexus and info on the SGS3 should be out before this ends..

    This plan is great with the 5gig of data that I personally would never go over. Never had 4g or even wimax on my EVO4G so I can’t miss what I never had. Besides at work and home I’m on wifi anyway.

    Unless the SGS3 is coming out soon this is the way to go!

  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I think this is great for anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone. It is the same price or even cheaper for an okay smart phone, who can complain.

    • Leslie

      do you recomend it?

  • Paul

    I wonder how this stacks up to Simple Mobile. My wife and I are on the $40/mo plan, which is unlimited talk/text/”up to” 3g speed. But they actually cap the data at 119kbps or something ridiculous. It’s crap. But enough for background email checking and such. But both our lines are $80/mo. This T-Mobile prepaid for $45+$35 may be better. I wonder if their “3G” speed is better…

    • June Caldwell

      Don’t do it not better!!!!!!! worse!!

  • Paul

    You know, I think I’ll try it. I hate Simple Mobile’s “3G” speed, their $40 plan sucks. But does T-Mobile prepaid charge for taxes and FCC fee’s and all that extra junk? Simple Mobile is 2x $40 out the door, so it’s $80. But if T-Mobile’s unlimited prepaid plan can beat 256kbps in data-speed then it’s a win. Also, I wonder if T-Mobile prepaid can use their roaming agreements, I know Simple Mobile can’t. I went to a place where there was no T-Mobile service but AT&T was there and a T-Mobile person was able to use the AT&T towers, they were able to roam, but a simple mobile person was unable to get any service.

    • monterey

      T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, all of them have to charge taxes. Since they all have some physical presence in each of the 50 states, expect to pay a sales tax. I don’t recall paying activation fees, apart from buying a sim card for T-Mobile, which you can get for under $2 on Amazon. I didn’t need a startup kit for my individual plan, so maybe it’s not really necessary for a family plan either.

      I wonder if this means that they’ll be phasing out those individual $30/mo plans (5GB at 4G) at T-Mobile. I really hope not, as I’m enjoying mine, but I’m taking a month off to save some dosh.

  • Drew

    T-Mobile doesn’t have 4g

    • Paul

      From a technology perspective you’re right. It’s more like 3.5G or 3.9G. From a speed perspective it can be considered 4G as it (T-Mobile’s HSPA+) has been seen to outperform LTE/WiMax. When LTE/WiMax becomes overloaded or there’s not enough upstream bandwidth it slows down, doesn’t matter what the last-mile technology in use is. Really they should stop focusing on upgrading the last-mile technology (LTE,WiMax,HSPA+,etc.) and focus on upgrading their bandwidth. They need more bandwidth per tower and everything would be better overall.

      I think AT&T’s in a good position, their “3G” is HSPA+ so it has the 4G-Like speeds (that T-Mobile has) and at the same time they’re rolling out LTE, a true 4G technology. They’ll have the best of both worlds. In an area, if you can get LTE, you get the greatest speed, if you can’t get an LTE signal, you switch to HSPA+ and you get greater speeds. It’s win/win. But AT&T’s network is overloaded and they have upstream bandwidth issues they need to address.

  • melenet

    For anyone with a GSM phone from T-Mobile or that has a phone with 3g data bands of 1700/2100 (lookup your phone specs on phonescoop.com), Consider getting the Starter Kit. No Need to buy a new phone, just order the kit from walmart.com which will come with a SIM card. $25 and since Family Mobile is post paid, that’s all you need up front to try it out

  • Bob Kalk

    The two top carriers are absolute enemies of net-neutrality. I think the democracy implications of supporting AT&T or Verizon are way too terrible to contemplate. Now that T-Mobile is out of acquisquishin’ danger, it seems like a viable alternative. And, even if there’s another merger threat, the absence of a contract makes it easy to ditch the relationship if necessary.

  • GrendelJapan

    This is probably my target plan when my wife’s phone comes off contract and she converts over to a smartphone. Currently, we pay ~90 bucks for a smartphone w 200 mbs, a dumb phone, more voice minutes than we ever use, and a voip landline, which is hard to beat.

  • Paul

    So I switched the wife from Simple Mobile’s $40 unlimited talk/text/3g-web plan to Family Mobile yesterday (thanks AndroidPolice!). Simple Mobile’s $40 plan rate limits data to 119kbps, it’s complete junk. But for the wife it was ok since she was on wifi mostly. I put in Family Mobile, changed the APN settings and bingo, she’s averaging 850kbps-1.2mbps data speeds. Not bad. Huge improvement over 119kbps.

    Family Mobile isn’t a full MVNO like Simple Mobile and others, it’s more of a join venture with WalMart and T-Mobile. MVNO’s handle their own support and billing, everything except the actual network. With Family Mobile T-Mobile is handling the billing and support and WalMart is handling the distribution and activations. So it’s a partial MVNO. But Family Mobile does have it’s own APN different than T-Mobile’s normal APN.

    I did notice that “Call Forwarding” still doesn’t work with Family Mobile, didn’t work with Simple Mobile either. It’s a feature Simple Mobile “didn’t get” from T-Mobile and apparently Family Mobile is in the same boat. This means I couldn’t use Google Voice for VoiceMail. Pity. So the speed is good and as a promotion they’re allowing up to 5gb of transfer monthly until March 17th, where they’ll then reduce it to 250mb of transfer at 4G (or 3G, not sure) and then reduce you to “2G” afterwords. That’s kind of a bummer as it’s quite easy to hit 250mb even for a normal user. I’ll deal with it and check out other options after March 17th, they’ll probably extend it or have a different plan I can move to by then. For now I’m happy with it over Simple Mobile and will be switching the mother-n-law over to Family Mobile from Simple Mobile as well.

    • Paul

      Sorry AndroidAndMe! I didn’t mean to say that ‘other website’ I meant to give you credit, since that other site didn’t even bother reporting this like you did. You two are my main sources of info for Android news so I get it juggled up in my head sometimes.

      Anyways, thanks to you guys Family Mobile got 2 new customers and I’m bringing my brother and sister-n-law over from Simple Mobile as well, so it’ll be 4 customers in total. I found out the billing is individual even though it’s a ‘family plan’. Each number is independent. So I can bring my brother and his wife over at $35 each, so that’s $70 for him and he can pay individually so I don’t have to worry about collecting it from him every month.

      Anyways, if I could edit or delete and re-post my post above with the right name in it I would. Sorry again for the mix up, you guys rock, keep up the good work.

  • kimminer1

    the phones aren’t exciting

  • anna campa

    I work for Walmart and they are offering 30 percent discounts for associates. And if you quit you still get that offer. So for three phones its 70 dollars which is great for me I was paying 147.00 for the three phones which is a great saving for me,

  • kevin

    “customers activating the new plan now until March 16th will enjoy the first 5GB per month per line at up to 3G speeds until March 31st.” is this TRUE? So, Only the 1st month can speed up to 3G for 5GB. what happen after 1st month? are they still enjoy 5 GB @ 3g Speed or 250 MB @ 3G after only 2G?

  • shannun

    Don’t far for this guys, T-Mobile has something even better… they partnered with solavei, a company that is offering unlimited everything on a 4G NETWORK! for only $49.99/month and is also contract free… We have phones from the HTC family, such a the new HTC one S (which I’ve heard has better color, camera, and more than the iPhone) and phones from the Samsung family, you can purchase a new phone, or keep your phone or an unlocked gsm phone and purchase an SD card for $30 (check compatibility for your phone on the website)
    you may be asking why this is better besides the 4g… Well, you will never see solavei on tv! Why you ask? Because solavei has gone a different route to help.their customers, instead of putting money into mobile marketing services, they’re putting it into us.. that’s right, they are paying US to.advertise for them… Refer just three people, and yes this can be your child, husband, aunt uncle boss… Whoever… And bam.. your phone bill is paid for! You get bonuses, paid monthly… check out the site!

  • james

    this company burned me after the phone I had bricked, not only can you not contact them personally, cause they will hang up on you if you can them, plus email responses are only generic crud, but the worst part was they will give you a bogus charge(s) for leaving them and the fact that monthly charges are never accurate. first couple of month I paid more than $45 than 30 or so now I “owe” them over $120 for having no way of contacting them. if you want good service as far as coverage and cheap and affordable, basically an all around good deal this is not it!

    • June Caldwell

      I agree!!!!!

  • Starr

    I have Family mobile and I have no complaints,for now. I already had a T-mobile 4g capable phone, so its was no problem getting it started. Just activate the sims card, stick it in and your phone will be working. My phone works just great. I like to watch a lot of videos on my phone,so the only thing I have to worry about is going over my 3GB a month.Once it is reached, I experience lower speeds. I highly recommend Family mobile.

    • wendy

      how much r your taxes and fees on family plan and how many lines do you have?

  • AustinC

    Check it out: Have you heard about this new cell phone service that costs only $29 a month if you refer 3 people to it? This service does throttle but not until 4GB each month, uses T-mobile’s network, and is a lot cheaper than Walmart’s plan. And its unlimited voice, text, and data. You can read more about it and enroll at http://www.phones49.com

  • Randy kittrell

    These phones are shit no coverage they are shit does anyone know how to contact these people

    • June Caldwell

      There is no way unless your service is off, and even then they are rude and wont help you…sry they got u too!

  • June Caldwell

    I was happy with plan even added two extra lines to my plan, until I found out that I was paying for the internet service I could not use or even receive pictures because I have a blackberry phone. But what I am most upset with about walmart family mobile is that after having service with them for over a year my sons phone was lost and they keep on billing me for his phone usage after I called to cancel his phone service in September,even though he has not used it since August and this is the end of November. Customer service agents are rude and don’t help. And now they turned off my service because I refuse to continue paying for three lines when we only use two.

    • wendy

      how much were your taxes and fees on the family plan?

  • john

    You get what you pay for. If you want to use a phone for what a phone is for-to talk and provide emergency access, and do basic text/ internet search once in a while you can have no contract and pay $20-$30 a month. If you want to be able to tweet, google, download fruit ninja games, music, tv shows, and more, you can have a contract and pay upward of $100 a month. Or you can have both and pay the basics for a phone and use your computer with the internet service it has. Since day one cell phones, with their contracts, and now with data plans, have been designed to suck every dollar they can out of a person and people willingly do it and even sign contracts. Even with this “cheap” option upwards of $200 bucks a month for a family. I imagine you have families that pay more a month for a phone bill than they do on their car payment. And what is accomplished, being able to tweet your reaction to the halftime show in the SuperBowl. The value added to anything-zero.

  • tyler

    Wrong its 1.5g of 4g then it goes to 3g why I know I have one and I’m a Walmart nerd I work their

  • D. Owens

    Customer service …forget it…being left on hold by automated system…is bad customer service….cancel my no contract now since no one answers your phones as of this date and time . Thank you.!

  • Arron

    This company that brands themselves as Walmart is really bad. They are far from it. They make it seem like you are getting a good deal but have so many fees you are better off choosing another mobile provider. I tried contacting customer service. Well I got to a computer in an hour and then a person who wants to put me on hold so they can lower their call volumes. Really, using Walmart Family Mobile was the biggest waste of my time and money. I telling myself over and over, just buy the basics at Walmart and everything elsewhere.