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Verizon: 3G is in the past, only 4G LTE smartphones from now on


Verizon has invested its entire attention to the development of its 4G LTE network, and it looks like they’re ready to make the full switch. Big Red has stated that it will be making 4G LTE connectivity a requirement for device manufacturers, and every smartphone to roll out will come with this feature (including iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices).

Of course, there will be devices still operating on their 3G network. Feature phones should be on the list, as well as Push-To-Talk phones. Aside from such exceptions, the Verizon network is going to start to get filled with 4G LTE devices. But, will this come with its downsides?

Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network has been experiencing issues all along. Just last month, the network dropped three times, leaving millions without blazing speeds or even 3G sometimes. An overload of 4G LTE devices just may cause a bit more strain on the network than we would want. We sure hope Big Red gets things stable before we all commit to 4G LTE.

Not to mention that 4G LTE is known for sucking the battery life out of phones. This is being improved lately. Phones like the Galaxy Nexus offer much better battery life than the HTC Thunderbolt did. There’s no doubt that a smartphone will still last longer if 4G is turned off, though. Many users would prefer sticking to 3G only if it means the phone will cost less and battery life will be better.

Sit tight, and let’s see how things turn out before Verizon completely rolls out its 4G LTE network in 2013. Were you planning to purchase only 4G LTE smartphones from now on? Would you like to have the option to choose between 4G and 3G?

Via: Cnet

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  • Bryan Stoner

    Bout time!

    • Jeff Pan

      Hope they dont charge extra!

      • Starship

        The only extra you pay is for the phone. I pay the same amount for for LTE service. I’m not sure if Sprint or Att still charge $10 extra a month for their 4g services.

  • Arturo Castro

    They should do this when they stop having outages.

  • spazby

    i guess that guarantees an LTE iphone this year… somewhere i read that apple would only make the switch when the impact to battery life was minimal…. not that I care, i have android!!!

  • triangle

    I would only consider 4G LTE devices in the future. I think the only reason some people wouldn’t want to upgrade to 4G LTE would be battery life, though I think with pretty much every 4G device, you have the option of going CDMA only. Apparently, there are a lot of people that don’t care about 4G since they keep buying iphones.

    I think it makes sense for Verizon to only introduce 4G LTE phones since they don’t want to invest more in 3G and people keep buying iphones.

  • Jim Nutt

    Battery life issues will improve when there’s no longer a need for 3g and 1x radios. Part of the problem now is that multiple radios are needed for the different Operating modes

  • Billy

    Do It!! 4G and Coke! Do it! 4G only!

    My experience … My GNex, Droid 2 Global, and Droid X all have about the same battery life on the standard battery. I put OEM extended batteries in the DX and GNex which really improved both. The Droid 2 was probably the worst.

    I leave 4G on all the time and live in a decent 4G city .. so that probably helps.

    • Billy

      Oh yeah … I also had an Evo and battery life kind of sucked.

    • Bearofpanda

      …Droid X and Droid 2 Global are both 3g phones.

  • philnolan3d

    It turns out Verizon likes adding $10 to your monthly bill.

    • GeauxLSU

      There is no extra monthly charge for 4g on verizon. Just a more expensive phone upfront. Hopefully they will get back to introducing phones at $199 instead of $299 when there are no more 3g phones.

      • Starship

        Confirmed. my bill did not change when I upgraded to the Nexus.

  • Azaurath

    All I can think is that maybe this is the only way for them to find the rest of the issues in their 4G. I just hope the speeds don’t start to go down now.

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    If the iPad 3 comes out in March, I wonder if it will have 4G, or if they will delay it until later or not have it at all…

  • anon

    Id like to use verizon lte exclusively but even in my “covered” area, 3g is far more available.

    • anon

      I’m in 20190 and 20147 by the way. Can I get some signal verizon?

  • Techrocket9

    How much do you want to bet VZW would still carry the iPhone 5 if it didn’t support LTE?

    • DroidPower

      there’s an exception to every rule, i guess

  • danielmkim

    So what happens when 4G goes down… And is VZW going to charge extra…

  • CTown

    So, are Verizon’s PHONES (not asking about Verizon’s network) going to be eventually LTE (hopefully with VoLTE) and GSM, like the international ones?

  • lokidokie

    We need LTE to roll out in Australia. I know Telstra has some infrastructure in major cities, but that needs to expand quickly! Oh, and more than one 4G phone would be good too!!

  • Richard Yarrell

    In my world i been rolling with 4g only since the sprint days. Now with Verizon and my Gnex it’s LTE or NOTHING plain and simple… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSSulYcE47Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • squiddy20

      Ummm 4G has only been around “since the Sprint days” so I don’t know what other 4G service/technology you could be talking about. Flat out stupid…

  • jus

    Imagine AT&T will adopt this to keep neck and neck. Every new Android LTE phone will be throttled from now.

  • shoreline view

    LTE chipsets aren’t there yet for power consumption and won’t be until summer. Until they can at least put voice, 3G and 4G support on the same baseband chip — and preferably go through another die shrink as well — they are going to suck the life from batteries because two or three chips are doing the work of what one chip would do in something like the 3G/3.5G-only iPhone or Droid 3. Every article on this subject should mention this upcoming switch; by the fall, this debate will likely be forgotten as the new products finally come to market.

  • Thomas

    Whereas I agree that 4g is the future, it’s not here as of now. It’s not even selling like hot cakes.

    Verizon sold 1.6 million 4g smartphones in the last quarter, making it only 20.78% of their 7.7 million smartphones sold.

    Which sounds pitiful when 3g-only smartphones was 79.22% of their total smartphone sales last quarter.

    • Thomas

      PS That’s even with the double data promotion for 4g phones that Verizon had going on for Nov & Dec.