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Android apps in the rough, go install Glancee right now


With nearly 400,000 apps available in the Android Market, it is often difficult to discover cool new releases. We started our weekly column Top 10 Android App Updates to help our audience discover apps that others were actively using, but it only identifies the well established apps that have already have a bunch of installs.

So how do you discover the coolest apps that just hit the Android Market? Like the ones that have less than 5,000 installs. I’m sure that someone could write an algorithm to help with that problem, but for now we are going to hand pick them.

Introducing Glancee

Speaking of discovery, wouldn’t it be neat to have an app that helped you meet interesting people that had similar likes and networks? Glancee is that app that lets you discover hidden connections and meet with people important to you.

The app works by connecting to your Facebook account and analyzing your likes and friends. It then uses your location to suggest people around you that have similar interest and connections.

I travel a lot and I often find myself in new places where I don’t know many people. At trade shows and media events there are always the other bloggers that I talk with, but it’s fun to meet new people. The problem I have with meeting new people always seems to be time. I can walk around a huge room with hundreds of people, but how do I know which are the most interesting people that I should be introducing myself to?

Glancee provides that digital sixth sense that can intelligently alert you about interesting people you might want to meet.

Here are some success stories taken from Glancee users:

  •  Karen (Chicago) wrote: “I’ve been talking to this cool guy from Ecuador. It’s great as we started talking because of a book we had in common. He said he never met anyone that had read it before!”
  • Richard (San Francisco) said: “I was stuck at the airport as my flight got delayed. Glancee showed an old friend of mine as ‘steps away’ so I wrote her and she was at the airport too! I was actually happy my flight was late.
  • Alberto (Italy) was at a conference in San Francisco and got a notification that there was someone from his small hometown back in Italy. Such a small world! He would have never met him in such a large crowd if it weren’t for Glancee.
  • Maia (San Francisco) needed a designer for her startup. She added “design” in Glancee and found some people with similar interests. One was so nice to help her get in touch with a fellow freelancer.

The app is still brand new, so it won’t be that useful until more users sign up. Thankfully, they support Android, iPhone, and Facebook web so I anticipate it will grow quickly. Just like other social apps such as Foursquare and Foodspotting, Glancee is ideal for dense urban areas. If you live out in a rural area then you might not find much use for Glancee yet, but I think it’s still worth a download.

As for the other features of Glancee, I don’t want to share too much. The point of this post is to persuade you to go install the app and play around with it.


Final Words

This site only averages about one million visitors a month and there are over 250 million Android devices out there, but our community still has the ability to accelerate apps to stardom. We are the taste-makers and the ones that our friends and family go to when they have questions about their Android devices. This app might not be for everyone, but if you see the potential in Glancee please share it with your friends.

Have a suggestion for the next Android app in the rough? Message Taylor if you find an interesting app with less than 10k downloads that you think has a lot of potential and others would enjoy.

Via: Glancee

Source: Android Market

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    Definitely sounds cool. Good find Taylor.

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      More like sponsored post.

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        So what if it is a sponsored post?

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Lol I wish I got paid to promote apps. This is NOT a sponsored post. It’s just a cool app I found today and wanted to share it.

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    Downloading now.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for giving it a try. Leave your feedback in the Market so the developer can improve it.

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    Sounds like a great app

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    This could prove interesting

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    Sounds cool but useless for people that don’t use “the” Facebook like me.

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    Cool another site I can use to find hot chicks.