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Google Docs update allows multiple users to edit documents simultaneously, in real-time

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The collaborative experience of Google Docs for desktop is awesome. Multiple users can access, edit and view a single document, as they see the changes being made (by all of them) in real-time. This feature is absent from our smartphones and tablets no more, as today’s Google Docs update is bringing real-time, collaborative editing to Android devices.

One can simply join a shared document and start editing away with your team. Others can see the changes as they happen, and it is also possible to use pinch-to-zoom to see the document as preferred. Google has also included rich text formatting, allowing users to highlight, bold and use bullet lists, among all the other features you may know.

To tell you the truth, things can be a bit confusing when using this feature, especially if the users are one too many. It can get to the point where there are too many things going on, but if you can organize yourselves, it is great for any team assignment.

It might also be important to note that there are still issues with certain types of documents. For example, spreadsheets and presentations don’t working natively, with the application. Word documents are opened with the app’s native interface, while other documents are accessed via a web interface.

This can create some issues while editing, especially with presentations, which still can’t be created or edited on mobile devices. We are hoping that Google can bring some improvements to these issues soon. Such downsides deny users from fully experiencing documents on-the-go. But if word documents are your thing, then these new features are great.

The interface is now closer to a full document editor, and the collaborative experience is definitely a plus. If there is anything missing, users can share and edit documents from tablets, smartphones and computers, so everyone can just fill in and fix errors.

Check out the video below to see a demonstration, and hit the Market link to get your update! And just out of curiosity, how many of you would actually use collaborative editing?


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Source: Google Blog

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  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Don’t think I would use it. Cool feature though.

    • Tiran Togov

      Why do we care if you would use it?

  • Jeff Pan

    Wow! That is a great update for Word on GDocs!

  • spazby

    sweet, I use google docs all the time at work, this will be great

  • ranwanimator

    So THAT’s where Google Wave went.

    • cthonctic

      Exactly what I thought as well when I watched the clip.

      I’m still sad about Wave but if they add all the neat stuff to their core webapps instead, fine with me. :)

  • Jimmy Johansen

    The wife and I will use this all the time. Especially for grocery lists but I can see this being helpful at least once a week!

  • thekaz

    I agree.. this will make it a feasible collaboration tool for the workplace. I’m going to check it out…

    • honourbound68

      exactly. my work finally decided to join the 21st century by allowing access to gmail. some of the big issues in our shared files are that very few know how to track changes in documents and we have zero access away from our intranet. being able to edit and share from mobile devices would be pretty awesome.

  • amgala

    Finally GDocs has rich text!

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    All I can say is Thank You Big G

  • mustybooks

    I can see how this might become chaotic if badly managed. But if it works well will be awesome for uni projects!

  • marzib

    How is nobody highlighting how HUGE this update is without considering the collaboration at all? They finally made a good editor for documents! Before today, editing text documents was near-impossible and incredibly buggy, and this update finally brings a full native editor, with formatting and everything, instead of the awkward, barely functional adaptation of the mobile web interface editor.

    I can finally use the Google Docs to take notes at work on my tablet on nice bullet points without crazy bugs.

  • https://plus.google.com/101173773699794535948/posts Hatch1988

    Awesome just making a great service even better. So happy. I do lots of team/group works and Google Docs is awesome.

  • Hall Lo

    This is freaking sweet! :D
    Makes my Android even more awesome ;)