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Isis lands first banking partners as summer release approaches

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While Sprint remains committed to Google Wallet for Near Field Communications based mobile payments, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are all backing Isis. Slated to make an appearance on smartphones this summer, Isis is making news today with an announcement of their first banking partners, and a screenshot showcasing what to expect from the service.

Along with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, Isis can now boast partnerships with Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard. All three institutions will bring credit, debit and pre-paid cards to Isis, covering over 100 million card holders in the US right out of the gate.

Isis also released a screenshot of their payment management app, revealing some of the special features bundled with the service. Users will be able to manage multiple cards from the app, as well as follow merchants for deals and coupons, view a directory of locations that support Isis and keep track of Isis related news and announcements.

Isis may be lacking behind Google Wallet in terms of release date, but with the carrier support, financial and hardware partnerships they’ve managed to acquire, there’s good reason to believe Isis will turn the mobile payment game upside down.

Mobile payments, especially when it comes to NFC, have suffered due to a lack of widespread adoption. Once Isis is available on three of the largest carriers in the US, with hardware from HTC, RIM, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony, that problem will instantaneously disappear.

Look for Isis to launch this summer in Austin and Salt Lake City. Over 1,000 merchants will participate in the initial rollout, with more signing on as Isis makes its way across the country.

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Source: GigaOm

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  • thekaz

    *sigh* why couldn’t Google have made these deals for Google Wallet? I’d rather they be managing my NFC payments than some company AT&T and Verizon are pushing…

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      That can only be explained by Google’s lack of understanding of the consumer space. While I love my Galaxy Nexus, but Google clearly don’t know how to market the phone (well, one can argue that Google never wants to make it a consumer phone and doesn’t even want it to compete with its hardware partners.)

      • jonathan3579

        Umm, I partially agree with you but have you seen the Galaxy Nexus commercials? It’s clearly being marketed as a consumer phone.

        • LukeT32

          Never seen a commercial for it. I would love to use Google wallet if I could just download it on the market…..

  • Joel

    Hm cool – I see quite the potential here.

  • nateysmith

    Can’t wait for this to come to Utah. Will be testing this for sure as soon as it is released!

    • teecruz

      Same! I can’t wait!
      I hope they incorporate lots of this at City Creek!

      Used Google Wallet the other day .. pretty cool stuff! :)

  • Zak Lambert

    While I wish Google Wallet would reign king, I’m glad to see some progress is being made with NFC payments.

    • delinear

      Yeah, we’re now only like 8 years behind Japan x_x seriously it feels like this is taking forever to arrive.

  • Zeratoda1

    i noticed last week that we got Google wallet payment option in the Foot Locker in my town it was probably there for a long time since i only buy a new pair of shoes once a year

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What a lot of folks don’t seem to realize that that the “Pay Pass” Mastercard option works just fine with the Google Pre-Paid card…. You can go ANYWHERE that has the tap to pay system that’s been around for years and Wallet will work just fine. The store doesn’t need to have “Google Wallet” stickers everywhere.

      • halo0

        I think we realize it. Continually loading and reloading money onto the google card is a huge pain in the ass, Not to mention you lose the ability of tracking individual purchases made on your CC. Not worth it.

        • delinear

          It’s a replacement for cash though, not a replacement for credit cards. Both the things you dislike also apply to cash – topping up is a security feature so you can never lose more than the equivalent you’d likely be carrying in cash (not sure why they can’t list your usage though, given that I’m sure it all gets logged in the system).

        • thekaz

          I was fortunate enough to already have a Citibank Mastercard when I got the GNEX. I think if Google could have struck more deals, Wallet would be more widely praised.

  • Vance

    I wonder if my phone will fit in that little receipt book they bring your bill in at the restaurant..

    • delinear

      I just hope they don’t cut my phone in half at my table if it’s out of credit…

    • Tariq

      Thanks that made me laugh so much, I don’t think any of us could be parted with our phones for that long

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      I’m going to start dressing up in applicable restaurant waiter clothing and steal people’s phones.

      “Rick went on break, I’ll be your waiter for the next 30 minutes. Are you paying with Google Wallet today?”

  • Stigy

    Anyone else think it looks like an iPhone app with the buttom menu like that? Or just me?

  • GeauxLSU

    It’s still going to take 2 years for people to cycle through to a phone that actually has an NFC chip. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon should have been demanding NFC chips to be included in all phones made in 2011 and going forward so that half of their subscribers would be able to use the service when it goes live.

  • Hall Lo

    Great! More use for the NFC chips is awesome news :) brings convenience to our lives

  • Ian Sapp

    Utah getting some sort of new tech first? I don’t believe it!
    I’ll be trying this out for sure if the Amaze 4g is enabled by summer

  • spazby

    Google should step up marketing and get more companies on board and give people plenty of incentives to get hooked…

  • rashad360

    I am the only one disappointed to find that the “Isis” in this article had nothing to do with ISIS from the show Archer?

  • Max.Steel

    I’d rather have my balls chopped off before I give a carrier especially Verizon or AT&T access to my bank account. Like hell…

  • fletchtb

    I don’t really care whose wallet product I use, I just want to be able to make payments using my phone everywhere I shop… gas stations, grocery store, etc. If ISIS is that platform I will use it.

    I have wallet on my VZW Galaxy and I use it, but it is kind of a pain in that I don’t have a Citi Mastercard so I have to use a Google Prepaid Card, which means I need to make sure I have enough of a balance on the card prior to making a purchase and that I am essentially pre-paying for items in advance of even knowing what I am going to buy. I don’t really enjoy tying up my money that way.