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Score an extra 5GB for testing Dropbox’s latest beta app


While there is certainly no shortage of cloud-based storage options available for the Android platform, Dropbox continually comes up as a fan favorite. Dropbox provides customers a paltry 2GB of free online storage, with 50GB and 100GB plans available for $9.99 and $19.99 per month respectively.

Often, Dropbox gives its users additional free storage for doing things, and today has kicked off a promotion that adds up to an additional 5GB of storage to users that are willing to beta test their latest application. For Dropbox to offer such a promotion, it would likely be due to a pretty significant change in their service, right?

The latest Dropbox beta adds some pretty handy new functionality, most notably and relevant is the ability to auto-upload photos and videos. The functionality is similar to an option provided by Google+, pictures and videos can be set to automatically upload to Dropbox’s servers after you snap them for immediate storage. With this addition, Dropbox has dropped the 180MB per file size limit they’ve had in place since launch, meaning you can make those videos as long as you want, though we’d suggest a Wi-Fi connection to upload that much data. (Update: Dropbox requires a Wi-Fi connection for large files, and will hold the update until you’re connected. Thanks, dpleus!).

Participating in the beta nets adds to your storage account the same amount of data you upload, up to 5GB. You’ll get 500 MB for auto-uploading your first picture. For every 500MB of photos and videos you upload to Dropbox after that, you’ll get 500MB added to your Dropbox account.¬†Pretty sweet deal for doing next to nothing.

If you’d like to participate in the beta, all you have to do is download the apk and install it on your device (make sure your phone is set to allow installation of non-market apps, which can be found in the settings). Happy uploading!

Be sure to let us know how the beta goes for you by dropping a comment below.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Dropbox

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  • Billy

    Sweet!! I love dropbox! Downloading …… now!

  • dpleus

    Instant upload is a feature you have to enable in the setting. It allows for both WiFi Only and Mobile/WiFi upload. If you enable Mobile upload, it will hold “large” video files and upload them over WiFi. I can tell you that it seems to work with any camera app, and the uploads are placed in a Dropbox Folder aptly called “Camera Uploads.”

  • spazby

    Let me give it a try…


    done. sweet thanks

  • cola

    Can I upload files from my computer and gain the extra storage or only from my phone?

    • zyphbear

      only from your mobile device (tablet, phone, etc) using this new version of the app.

      • John

        Not true. You can also use the Desktop beta for the same 5GB. Says so right in the forum.

        • ranwanimator

          So it is not 10GB between the two apps Desktop/Mobile, but just 5GB? I’ve been trying to confirm that.

          • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

            Yes, the space you have on Dropbox is shared. I took a photo, it was uploaded to Dropbox and the 500 MB appeared. I hope that partnership between HTC and Dropbox will give us HTC users at least 5 GB, Dropbox seems to behave better than simiar apps.

        • Jon Garrett

          link? I’m checking their forums now.

    • honourbound68

      yes you can. post on their forums says that you could. i’m trying it out now :)

    • KRS_Won

      you can use the desktop beta. But the only way you get the free storage is by attaching a camera or your phone to auto upload.


  • zyphbear

    This works great! I got the app earlier and it backs up one of the main things that you worry if you lose your device, the pictures! It was pretty painless and did it very seamlessly.

    Thank you dropbox for adding this great new feature!

  • WarDrake

    Sweet! i was running out of space already ^_^

  • Alex Vidrean

    I did all that stuff and didn’t get the extra space :( Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    • Steven Holms

      You should get the first 500 megabytes when you first login and it starts auto uploading a picture from your phone. Remember, it has to be auto uploaded, it can’t be something you tell it to upload from your phone. Though, if you want, all you have to do is put a picture or video into you camera folder on your sd card and it will upload it. I’m sending a 1.6 GB movie I had on hand using this trick.

    • mikego

      I’m also waiting on the free space. I set it to auto upload pics I already have on my camera folder and it’s in the middle of uploading 500 pics, but no sign of extra storage. I even snapped another shot right now.

    • Billy

      The update was applied to my account. You can look under ‘events’ in the web interface and it should show the update. I have yet to download 500mb yet … working on it though …

  • greeny42

    I’ve been taking random long videos of nothing and then uploading to get the extra space. I’ve received an extra 1.5gb so far! Thanks guys!

    • Jorge Vieira

      haha gonna be doing the same thing!

  • cristian cristiandonose

    This is really great . Love this. Even i have 50 Gb from Box , Dropbox is my favorite.

  • http://about.me/patrick.connelly pcon

    This works really well, and I’m impressed with the direction of the new app. The only downside is that in the web interface it shows up as a normal folder and not a picture folder like “Photos” does, so that means no Gallery option.

  • ranwanimator

    I really like the idea of this auto uploader as opposed to my pics automagically going to picasa or google+. Dropbox feels more private and secure. Plus, who doesn’t love automagic backups of your phone data? My totally free account is now up to 19.5GB. Thanks Dropbox!

  • Slith

    Love it!

  • APatte111

    So far so good… Have received a few FC’s when uploading large videos though… Uploads still completed once app was forces closes and reopened…

  • droiddewd

    After I d/led the apk and installed. My phone wigged out by repeatedly bringing up the log in screen. I couldnt even FC it in setttings. I finally had to just reboot my phone to get it to stop. Worked fine once I re-booted. Gonna have to wait to use wifi to upload some pics and vids.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Can always use more cloud memory and help out! Win win!

  • Jon Garrett

    I uploaded 2.5GB worth of videos and pictures, now I have nearly 5GB of space in my Drop Box, sweet !!

  • Hall Lo

    Sweet. Heading to download now.

    • ArticulateFool

      Uploading constantly! Need to get that 5 gb!

  • Cedric

    For the easy route to 5 gb bonus:

    - Open commandprompt (with admin rights)
    - Type ‘fsutil file createnew C:\dummy.txt 4831838208′ (without the quotes)

    This creates a 4.5 gb file with nothing in it.

    - Rename it to .avi
    - Put it on your camera folder on your phone
    - Profit!

  • Ulrik Borg

    Is it downloading as well?
    I’m using Dropbox on my work computer and I really, really don’t have 5 GB to spare on that useless pile of crap – not to mention they’d kill me if I hogged the network to download that much.