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Swype updated with Android 4.0 and Galaxy Nexus compatibility


Back in early February, the Swype Twitter account announced an update to the ever-popular alternative keyboard would be coming soon. At the time, Swype didn’t say what the update would include. I reached out to them on Twitter for more details, and they confirmed that the update planned would indeed include Android 4.0 support. Today, that update has finally been made available.

Of all the alternative keyboards to ever grace Android, Swype is undoubtedly the most popular. Instead of pressing each individual key to spell out words, Swype allows you to touch on the first letter of the word you’re spelling, and swipe your fingers through the letters in the rest of the word. Once you reach the last letter, lift your finger and voila, that’s all there is too it.

Hacked versions of Swype for Android 4.0 have been around ever since Ice Cream Sandwich was first made available to the masses. Unfortunately, the hacked versions of Swype have never really been bug free. The main purpose of today’s update to Swype is to get the keyboard fully functional on Android 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The latest version of Swype also includes downloadable languages for tablets, accuracy improvements and add-ons for DragonGo!.

To download Swype for your device, head on over to the Swype beta website and follow the instructions provided.

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Source: Swype

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  • T1392

    I’m using Swype right now on my Galaxy Nexus & so far so good. Real smooth. =)

    • jonathan3579

      I’m glad to see that Swype is on ICS now and getting some pretty positive scores. However, it’s gonna be hard to pry myself away from the built-in keyboard for ICS.

      • dcds

        While the ICS keyboard is great, it doesn’t compare to Swype, in my opinion. I’m using it right now on the galaxy nexus.

        One word: amazing.

        • Jorge Vieira

          Yeah I’m truly impressed. And the dragon dictation is also great! I use Dragon dictation to do this whole post!

        • epps720

          Completely agree after using Swype for so long I cannot go back to a standard keyboard regardless how good it may be. I was going nuts when I first went from the OG to the G-Nex but couldn’t get Swype for weeks.

          For those who don’t use Swype, give it an honest try for a few days w/o going back to the stock keyboard and I GUARANTEE you’ll be hooked!

    • NeoJesus

      swype was great but its auto correct sucks ass

    • Jb

      where do you download this from? there are a couple of different versions on market available, not sure which one is the official “swype” for ICS?

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Has anybody figured out how to use the ICS speech-to-text engine? All I can figure out is how to enable DragonGo. I would MUCH rather have the ICS engine… :-/

    • mikeyDroid

      I may be missing something here, but are you just referring to hitting the mic key in the bottom left when sending a text message?

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. I have no such key but I do have the ability to install a DragonGo plug-in.

        • dcds

          On my phone, there is some kind of flame icon in the bottom right corner. When I touch it, I can dictate. I believe it’s the ICS engine since I don’t have this dragon thing installed. Let me test:

          I’m dictating this.

          Yep, it works. :-)

          • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

            Ahh, I guess I should stop expecting a button that looks like a mic and instead, look for a campfire… :-/


          • dcds

            lol… yes! it seems a mic is a flame is a mic these days…

        • Gr8Ray

          When the Swype keyboard comes up, you should see a keyboard icon in the notification bar. You can use it to quickly switch back and forth between Swype and the Google Voice Typing input methods.

          • dcds

            But you can also use the voice input from within Swype. Just click the flame icon in the bottom right corner (to the left of the ENTER key), as I said.

            Ah… and Google Voice Input must be enabled (besides Swype, obviously) in the configurations for it to work.

  • David Hughes

    Exciting news, my wife depended upon swype and when she got her nexus this week she was not liking it.. now maybe there’s still hope

  • spazby

    I like that news, used to swype already, hard to give it up

  • Robert Hallock

    A shame it’s completely broken with 240 DPI.

  • Deeds

    Love swype, it makes typing without a keyboard so much easier

  • tonis79

    Just downloaded it myself this is awesome. And I just typed this whole sentence using my voice input.

    • Dustin Earley



    I’ve been using it the whole time anyway but nice to see the update it’s working fine

  • PapaLos

    I love swype and its good to hear its going to be supported when I finally get updated to ICS.

    What would make this news even better?

    They fix it so when everytime I go to swype ”People”, it doesn’t come out as ”Purple”.

    I’m tired of tweeting how stupid purple are.

    • R.S

      Yeah, I get that a lot as well. What’s more annoying is when it chooses not so common words like dunt instead of don’t. My current phone doesn’t but my previous one always did even though it didn’t appear in Swype’s dictionary.

  • amgala

    Finally Swyping on my Galaxy Nexus!!! Going to give SwiftKey a break and run Sywpe for a while, but just in the first few swypes I can tell it is so much more accurate than before! Really nice work Swype. I’ve got to try out these new features too!

  • Starship

    This is great news. Just got to get used to it again. Been a Swiftkey addict since Amazon gave it out for free.

  • Mark

    I don’t understand the dragon key. How can it use the Dragon Speech-to-text engine instead of Google’s? Doesn’t that key just call on some type of API or shortcut that brings up Google’s speech-to-text program, which transmits speech to google’s servers and the translation is sent back? So how can Swype use a completely different engine? Is the speech translated in-house or is it sent to Dragon’s servers and sent back, like how Google does it?

  • Hall Lo

    Amazing! Heading to market now! :D

  • txbluesman

    I have been using swype for about 8 months. I just got the new update today for my Nexus S 4g. I don’t know how I would go without it now. Love it!

  • ArticulateFool

    If only the Swyping and user interface was blue to match ics.

    otherwise a great keyboard!

  • imperticus

    Needed a change in the look, to be consistent with ICS theme.

  • Adam Curtis

    So how was Swype buggy before? I haven’t noticed anything in the past two months…

  • delinear

    Feels a bit weird going back to Swype, but I used to absolutely love this on my Desire so I’ll stick with it – it didn’t take long to pick it up last time around but I’ve not used it for about 8 months and probably going to have to spend a few minutes re-learning it. Great work though, Swype team, I just wish you’d get the thing out of Beta – I’d happily buy it as a paid app if it meant not having to re-install manually all the time.

  • fletchtb

    Finally Swype for my Galaxy Nexus. Now I just need Android 4.0.4!

  • Billy

    Thank the android gods … I have missed swype so much.

  • Scot

    swype not working with the 4.0.4 update.. parsing error… figures. Cant have your cake and eat it too.

    • michael


    • Jess

      same here i’m struggling with the regular keyboard and no punctuation.