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Unity powered Portal clone leaves us begging for more

companion cube Image via: Android Police

Of all the video games to come out in the last five years, Portal might just be one of the best. If you’ve never played the game, it’s an absolute must. It’s won a ton of awards, and thanks to its immense popularity, has been made available for Windows, OSX, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the game has never gone mobile. But with today’s high-end Android hardware and game engines, it’s possible right? Yes. And there’s even a proof-of-concept clone to prove it.

Android Police‘s David Ruddock recently got his hands on a proof-of-concept Portal clone for Android. According to David, the clone not only works, but does so impressively well. Controls are functional, and graphics are great. David says that there’s not a whole lot to play right now, and one of the most important aspects of the game, the portals themselves, aren’t fully functional, but it’s enough to leave us excited for the future of Android gaming.

If a group of Russian software developers can build their own Portal clone in their free time, the day when Android is included as a normal launch platform for high-quality games can’t be far off. Right now, there’s several app developers pushing Android to its limits. As great as that is, we’d love to see the next Call of Duty, Battlefield, Portal, Fallout or any other high-end game launch on Android right along with Xbox, PC and PS3. The quality of today’s Portal clone let’s us know it’s possible.

C’mon Valve, we know you have the resources, Android users want to think with portals too.

Source: Android Police

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  • ranwanimator

    I would buy this in a companion cube heartbeat.

    • WlfHart


  • TatiG

    Video broken. at least for me.

    • Jason13L

      For me as well.

    • Dustin Earley

      Thanks for the heads up. Not sure what happened, but it should be fine now.

  • Joby

    Does it strike anyone else as a hearty disconnect to say that it’s Portal, and it “works” when the portals that make it Portal “aren’t fully functional?”

  • Adam Snyder

    pretty please. pretty sure many of us would buy this game

  • http://daniel.friesen.name dantman

    What, clone?

    All I see is rudimentary standard game physics, 3d modelling to look like a portal level, and bugs even within the physics handling (cubes aren’t supposed to spin like that when you hold them).
    The “portals” appear to be simple event driven objects that relocate your character when you touch them.
    This proves absolutely nothing.

    I would have been happier with a rectangular tiled room with nothing but an untextured cube and a working portal. THAT would have actually proved something.

    Anyone can recreate 3d modelling on any 3d engine. You can’t prove that you can make Portal until you have a portal that properly bends the engine’s physics so that portals have a working view of the other side of the portal and allows you to be simultaneously split between two locations in the environment. There is no extra modelling necessary as a prerequisite. The only thing you need is a working portal, but you can’t prove anything without one.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      ^^ THIS!

      That was my reaction as well. There aren’t any “Portal” elements here except for the modeling. That’s the easy part. It’s like walking to the grocery store and showing off as a “proof of concept” that I’m a gourmet chef who can cook enough 5-star food to feed 3,000 people in one night.

      • phly95

        Portalizer does a much better job at this and it’s even on the Play Store! It even has the 3D elements!

  • http://tinkerdad.blogspot.com xfaith

    I want to try it, but based of Dantman I might wait a little bit till its iron’d out. Hope they can get it working on android.

    • Dustin Earley



    I want more hardcore games on android!!!

  • phly95

    I found a fully working Portal clone (not as exact to be copyright infringement so it’s on the Play Store), It’s called Portalizer. It gets slow when things are inside portals unless you press slow motion button (x1 button). The portals work pretty well though if you have an extremely high end phone/tablet.