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Verizon’s double data promo returns this Friday

Verizon store

This Friday, Verizon is bringing back their popular double-data promotion that gives users double the data allowance for the same price. The deal, along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, was the primary reason I switched over to Verizon from T-Mobile last year and I’ve been extremely happy with the service so far.

Verizon currently offers three tiers of data - 2 gigabytes for $30, 5 gigabytes for $50 and 10 gigabytes for $80. With the special promotion, subscribers will get 4 gigabytes for $30, 10 gigabytes for $50 and 20 gigabytes for $80.

The Galaxy Nexus normally retails for $299 with 2-year agreement, but we just spotted a deal where Amazon once again has the Galaxy Nexus at $99 for new customers. I believe that Amazon Wireless honors Verizon’s promotions, so it would be an extra sweet deal to combine these two offers on Friday.

Roger Cheng of CNET is also reporting that Verizon will also offer buy-one-get-one free on the Droid RAZR ($99) and Droid RAZR MAXX ($199) this Friday. That’s the same day that the Droid 4 launches, so we might see that device as part of the promotion too.

Verizon is one of the most expensive carriers around, but I think the price is deserved since they offer the fastest and largest 4G LTE network. It’s not for everyone, but if you need a super-fast network connection then I’d give Verizon a look.

Their early LTE devices like the HTC Thunderbolt suffered from short battery life, but newer devices like the Droid RAZR MAXX (3,300 mAh battery) and Galaxy Nexus (2100 mAh extended battery for $25) offer battery life that can last all day. For those that are concerned with a metered data plan, Android 4.0 adds new controls for managing network data usage.

The majority of our fans tend to agree that Verizon offers the best Android experience, since they voted the carrier as their favorite in our first Android Bowl. If you have any concerns or questions about switching to Verizon, just ask in the comments below and our community will help answer them.


Source: LA Times

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  • kazahani

    Sprint basic smaprtphone plan: 79.99 (unlimited data)

    AT&T and Verizon basic smartphone plan: 89.99 (3GB AT&T 4GB Verizon)

    It’s not really that much more expensive. Better phones, better service.

    Verizon is winning right now. I am anxious to see how Sprint does with their LTE rollout this year.

    • honourbound68

      I just made the switch from Sprint to Big Red. Taking advantage of the $99 GN at Amazon and I’m happy to hear about the double data. My area already has LTE and if I wait for Sprint, I’ll probably have to wait till the middle of 2013. Also, by the time Sprint’s 800 mhz (beach front) frequency is freed up for LTE use, Verizon will probably be on VoLTE. There are too many if’s for Sprint and I’d rather have my LTE now tyvm lol.

      • honourbound68

        I just called Big Red. CSR said that if I call on Friday, I’ll get the double data :) happy happy joy joy!

  • spazby

    Sweet deals

  • cola

    I pay $30 a month for unlimited data on Verizon. I’ve been a long time customer, and have no complaints.

    • insert_funny

      Not a longtime customer (2 years this April), but I’m also paying $30 for unlimited data. Came along just in time to get grandfathered into it.

  • yankeesusa

    Verizon is smart to this double data deal. Alot of the newer customers that came after unlimited hate the 2gb cap. This seperates verizon from att. If I didn’t have sprint I would choose verizon except for the fact that they still charge an arm and a leg for texting.

  • greeny42

    Thank you grandfather for bestowing upon me an unlimited data plan. That’s how it works right?

  • Vance

    I’m going to have to choose a new carrier when I move back to Utah next month and have been planning on returning to my beloved Magenta… but I will definitely have to give Verizon a serious look. Things that are important to me:
    1. unlimited everything (although with the double data deal, 10GB for $50 would suffice)
    2. free wi-fi hotspot phone functionality
    3. great phone selection (Nexus devices preferably)
    4. great customer service
    5. good national coverage (travel a lot)
    6. no data throttling

    Suggestions? (note: Sprint is pretty weak where I live and AT&T can suck it.. :) )

    • LukeT32

      You wont get free wifi hotspot thru VZW, but i paid $10 for an app on the market that allows me to do it without paying an extra fee every month like VZW would like.

  • sunrise

    It it getting harder and harder to stay with Tmobile.

    • sunrise

      *It is

    • DroidPower

      still find the 30 dollar 100min, unlimited text/5gb data to be very compelling though.

  • oddball

    If the Razr Maxx ends up buy one get one free I may end up taking the plunge. I have been holding off myt upgrade until all the lines on my account could be done together. If they give me a free phone I will take a chance with Motorola again. I want the Nexus but my wife is “technologically challenged” and likes blur

  • Billy

    Double Data is really good and more than most people will use. It is even enough for pretty heavy users.

    Video seems to be the big killer … if your doing lots of streaming … find some wi-fi.

  • KRS_Won

    Does any one know if double data is applicable to the hotspot feature? I currently have a broke mi-fi, and am considering tethering as an alternative.

  • GeauxLSU

    I’ve been with Verizon for over 11 years. I’m currently paying $62.34 per month for 450 minutes, unlimited txt, unlimited data plus unlimited friends & family. I’ve never had any problem with Verizon’s service. I won’t ever be able to leave them and get a better deal.

    My wife is with Verizon, but thru her company. She’s stuck with a Blackberry, but has the option of getting off their plan, but she would have to get an iPhone for them to reimburse her. This weekend might be a good time to switch her onto my account and take advantage of the buy one get one free. Just have to trick her company into reimbursing her monthly.

    • sunrise

      450 mins is not a lot of minutes, but then again I’ve noticed a trend that people on these various Android forums don’t really use their phones to talk. There are some people I know that would use 450mins in a matter of days.

      • GeauxLSU

        I don’t use a lot of minutes. My December – January statement had 132 of my 450 minutes used, and 142 free minutes between my friends & family, mobile to mobile, and night/weekend. I have an office job, so I don’t rely on my phone as a business tool.

        My last 3 month data usage averaged 2,531.42MB, so the double data would be great if I didn’t have unlimited.

  • cxandroid

    But why do they not make great deals on phones to those of us who have been with them for years?

    • GeauxLSU

      I’m still holding onto my last $50 upgrade credit. I was sad to see them do away with that deal.

  • HeLLO

    Of course the fanboys are gonna agree with this

  • zyphbear

    I’m looking forward to this and my tax return will let me switch carriers with a nice data package too! Getting some Galaxy Nexus and lots of data! Thanks for bringing it back big red!

  • Lazaro

    My contract with T-Mobile just ended a few days ago. I have been heavily contemplating heading to Verizon after many years with T-Mo specifically for the Galaxy Nexus and the lack of GSM carrier variants in the US. I know I’d be paying a bit more with Verizon, probably around $130 a month in comparison to my $104 unlimited everything on T-Mo but the one thing that was keeping me away from Verizon was the expensive data pricing…$30 a month for 2GB is a rip off. But doing the $99 GNex Amazon deal with double data might be what finally makes me do the change!

  • Richard Yarrell

    The double the data promo was definitely the reason I jumped to verizon in Nov 2011. I have 10gb of data on my Galaxy Nexus and trust me 10gb of LTE is better than anything on sprint or tmobile… Plus having that great price of 99 dollars for the Gnex from amazon no doubt what device is best..

  • Dextermorph

    Damn $80 for 10gb..I used 32gb last month w/my 3vo…

  • resnasty

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 12years now (thats crazy loyalty! Which has paid off with great customer service) So needless to say I’m a bit nervous to wonder off to another carrier…

    I’ve had my nexus one since.. well.. day one, been a great phone, but its time to grow up.
    I’m really considering this deal with Verizon/GN on amazon.. but I think I need that extra push from the community to confirm its the way to go…

    Are you VERY pleased with Verizon/GN?

  • Sameer

    I currently own a iPhone 4S that I purchased for $199 with Verizon wireless. My plan has 2 GB of data that I pay for $30 per month. My 14 day return policy ends this Sunday. Can I return the iPhone 4S and get the Samsung galaxy nexus at $99 from the Verizon Wireless store and get my data doubled? I need 4G LTE speeds instead of the 3G speeds that I currently have with the iPhone 4S. In addition having double amounts of data wouldn’t hurt, also getting the Samsung galaxy Nexus at $99 is an excellent deal!