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Here at Android and Me, we have a lot of fans of Samsung’s Exynos processor. Samsung LSI took note of this and wanted to reward one reader with a free Galaxy Note smartphone. All you have to do is leave a comment about why you would demand the Exynos processor in your next mobile phone or tablet.

The Prize: Samsung Galaxy Note

Highlights of the Galaxy Note include 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 5.3 inch WXGA (1280 x 800) HD Super AMOLED display, unique S Pen stylus, 16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP with LED Flash,  2 MP camera, and a massive 2,500 mAh battery.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States. Entries will be accepted for 24 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to Enter

We’re going to make it super easy for you. Simply leave a comment below and tell us why you will “Demand Exynos” in your next mobile device. For this contest, users must be logged in to comment. Please join the site if you have not signed up yet.

Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be entered once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Adryan Maldonado who was randomly selected as the winner of the Galaxy Note from Samsung.

Disclaimer: This contest is sponsored by Samsung LSI.

Source: Samsung Exynos

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  • htowngtr

    I demand Exynos because it’s the best mobile processor for gaming and has better battery life than Tegra or maybe even the TI processor in my Nexus. I want the best for gaming and I’d love to use the S-Pen on that thing.

  • kb3037

    I’m not an Apple fan, but am sure they didn’t choose Samsung LSI for their processor manufacturer for no reason. I love what I have on my Galaxy S II I9100, and expect the same best-in-class excellence on my next phone.

  • kimminer1

    Very cool name, much faster processor! thank you

  • shimawn

    Because it powers the GS2, still one of the fastest phones out

  • jharoldp

    Because everyone LOVES Exynos. X & O’s = Exynos Get it?

  • e07015

    I DEMAND EXYNOS on my next Android device! I will definitely get a Samsung as my next phone! I demand the power that EXYNOS provides!

    I am excited about the Note because it fits my needs as a commuter who needs a phone and a tablet as the Note from Samsung would do it all on one device!

  • tttullyt

    I Demand Exynos because of the reliability and speed of the processor. I have had a phone from every manufacturer with every chip and samsung is by the best!

  • Thom Cuneo

    I like the notion that the there probably going to be produced in the USA at the samsung plant in TX

  • jthill909

    I demand Exynos because of the simplicity of complexity that it provides to power a device. It offers better 3D and CPU performance while consuming much less power than top AP seller Exynos 4210.

  • Skapheles

    I demand Exynos because it sounds like abnoxious like me!!!!

  • tjwwm0m

    I’d demand it because my husband would suggest that I do.

  • Aaron Nguyen

    I demand Exynos please. Because its different from the other processors and dont want it to die off. more choices is always good!

  • devoncatt

    Demand Exynos because it is a great quad or dual core processor to make your phone do more than it ever did before.

  • marilyn70

    Exynos is the best because it is fast.

  • MrSewerPickle

    Because its a ARM reference design.
    Because its the fastest.

  • Kevin Amundson

    I Demand Exynos so that my father will get a new phone.



  • bcbuller

    I Demand Exynos because of the reliability and speed of the processor

  • Y2Dre

    I “Demand Exynos” because I don’t treat myself often. But…when I do, I want the best. My next treat will probably be a new cell phone since my current contract is up in April. So, it’s only right that it has the best processor in the game today!!!

  • dharr18

    Because. It works.

  • crazydeo

    I demand Exynos because not only will it knock the socks off of iPhone 5, but it will just provide the users an amazing experience! Let’s put Apple on notice!!

  • roosterk506

    I demand Exynos because i would rather have the best than settle for less.

  • sentientbn

    I Demand Exynos because it is fast!

  • Crickerman

    I want an Exynos SoC in my phone for many reasons. Compared to Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments configurations, Exynos gives the smoothest experience. I’ve tested several phones with different SoCs and Exynos is by far the closest to give Apple a run for their money in terms of lag and browsing smoothness. The Mali 400mp GPU isn’t the best one out there but it gets the job done and is better than the Power VR SGX-540 (it doesn’t compare with Nvidia’s or the SGX-543 though).

    Please pick me!

  • ncb1010

    I demand Exynos because the 5250 with dual ARM Cortex-A15 cores clock at 2.0 ghz on 32 nm would put the power of a computer in your pocket.

  • jamesgp

    I demand exynos because it is legit.

  • gabewalters

    I demand exynos because it is made by Samsung which is my favourite mobile company.

  • Nimbuzord

    I demand an exynos because i demand amazing games!

  • spyrog921

    I demand exynos because it’s a beast of a processor!

  • Tom Murphy

    I will demand a Exynos in my next mobile device because of of Samsung’s quality and attention to detail, and of course don’t forget the 5.3 inch WXGA HD Super AMOLED display!

  • Silgrond

    I demand exynos, because I have lost my Galaxy S two weeks ago, and I have no money for a new Android :(

  • Numbertwo

    I demand exynos to feel the power in my pants!! If it can fit in my pocket, then whip it out like the voltron sword to anihalate the competion

  • sungam

    Watch Video on the go and write some app.

  • ssan

    Exynos, sounds important. Like it’s an ancient Greek god or something. So I’d imagine Exynos would be the one doing the demanding. “Bring me thy phone, I’m in the mood for some powerful processing today!”
    But if they’re giving away a free phone, I’d be willing to risk the wrath of the gods and Demand Exynos!

  • ajfink

    I demand Exynos because it’s always paired with the best hardware.

  • gqkevyn

    I would love the Exynos version of the Note. Much better hardware!

  • phor11

    I demand Exynos because it is SonyXE backwards.

    • ElSteverino

      The Galaxy Note has everything I need, Exynos is just icing on the cake.

  • g0dsgreen

    I demand Exynos because choice drives competition.

  • mrbigglesworth0

    I demand Exynos because it is the mobile chip processing leader when it comes to speed and performance and I look forward to testing it out on my new Samsung Note!

  • jerenda

    I demand Exynos because I want nothing but the best, because why would you surf the web with a processor that’s going to slow you down and interfere with the best of your web experience? Exynos is the newest and the best, and if I get a tablet, I want nothing else.

  • acevedodac

    I DEMAND EXYNOS on my next Samsung device because i demand amazing games!

  • chicken_g0d

    I demand Exynos because I always look forward to the good technology.

  • alex.hilman

    I demand Exynos because it squashes the competition!

  • rykk2000

    I would Demand Exynos because I prefer nothing but the best!

  • hkz4lf

    I demand Exynos in my next device because I demand the best! Gosh darn it.

  • guailifit

    I Demand Exynos because take unlimited tools to my creative on mind

  • David

    Exynos & Samsung, a match made in Android heaven.

    • David

      And I demand to be in Android Heaven!

  • Kilo720

    I demand Exynos because it’s the best processor for mobile hd gaming and has better battery life than any other phone processor

  • Marvles

    I demand Exynos because it sure wouldn’t hurt anything

  • CJ LaFleur

    I demand exynos because its made by the BEST smartphone manufacturer ever! Ever since my og gs i have been a samsung diehard and will not accept anything of lesser quality!

  • s2fan

    I demand Exynos because it comes from Samsung, a company that already brought us the “Next Big Thing”.

  • Najeeb Alghabri

    I demand Exynos because I like and trust the new technology special if it is coming from a big name like Samsung”.

  • virexed

    I demand Exynos because of CM9.

    • HumBum

      ¡sɹǝǝɥɔ˙ ɐʍoɟɐ/lƃ˙ooƃ//:dʇʇɥ :ʇǝƃɹoÉŸ ʇ,uop puɐunpıs/lƃ˙ooƃ//:dʇʇɥ ʇɐ puɐ ‘ǝdzb/lƃ˙ooƃ//:dʇʇɥ ʇɐ ǝɔuǝıɹǝdxǝ ǝloɥʍ ǝɥʇ ǝʇoɯoɹd & ƃolq ‘ʇɐɥɔ uɐɔ ı os dn-ǝpıs-ʇɥƃıɹ plɹoʍ ʎɯ ƃuıuɹnʇ uı ǝɯ ʇsıssɐ souÊŽxǝ puɐɯǝp ı

  • christiaangombert

    Why residents of the United States only?

  • malenkydroog18

    I demand exynos because it blows all other processors out of the water.

  • daboma

    I demand Exynos because it’s such an awesome dual core processor, and Samsung leads the industry in quality smartphones.

  • myandroid99

    i demand exynos because Samsung forgot to put in the galaxy nexus!!!!!

  • kjwrbm

    I Demand Exynos because my phone does not have it.

  • auburngirl1

    I demand an exynos in my next android because I want to have the fastest processor available.

  • Kevin

    I demand Exynos because I can!

  • mv356584

    I demand exynos its great because its open source hardware and it would be great to implement into an open architecture system unlike the nvidia or qualcomm chip sets which have locked data sheets.

  • chinot66

    It blazing fast! Geeks and normal folks approved.

  • Jon Garrett

    Exynos? what’s that?

  • James J.

    I demand Exynos because is fast, quick, and gets the job done.

  • mjrotatori

    winning the lottery – slim
    making millions of dollar – probably not
    demand Exynos – definitely. I want my Exynos

  • mmmark111

    I want Exynos because it’s totally rad.

  • paco1234

    I demand exynos because i think its the fastest processor in the market and I really want that phone please!

  • rafael schopp

    I Demand Exynos because it creates a true Samsung experience from the software to the hardware.

  • androidhacker88

    I demand a Exynos processor so i can overshadow my cousin who has the At&t version of the Note!

  • yowanvista

    I simply ‘Demand Exynos’ because Samsung’s previous implantation of mobile processors had obviously an advantage over the competition and I have no doubts that the 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos processor powered Galaxy Note would be a wise selection for an Android user. Featuring power-saving features coupled by a high level of performance & flexibility. The Exynos is definitely the best Dual Core processor on any Samsung Smartphone yet and it really deserves to be called as such. Such a device would be a nice upgrade to my older SGS, Exynos + Android ICS = Great combination since the full power of that processor shall be revealed.

  • tjb1018

    I demand exynos because it makes for a faster, smoother experience above competitors

  • jb9217a

    I demand exynos because every device its in shines above the other processors out there and it makes the international Note MUCH better then the AT&T Note ;)

  • WlfHart

    I demand Exynos, because when the 5450 hits the market, the competition will be left in the dust!

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/ibbarkingmad ibbarkingmad

    Because I need a processor that is smooth and not a power hog!

  • sic4672

    I demand Exynos because Samsung always includes better graphics processors in all their chips. I also love how they customize their ARM architecture to optimize for low power and high performance.

  • Blazian

    I demand Exynos because of the raw power it offers its devices to handle the software that need a powerful processor to work properly and effortlessly.

  • nuniboi26

    I demand Exynos because I demand the best!!!!

  • Bozzified

    I Demand Exynos because I think the new chips will allow us to build some truly amazing visual apps on Android that will brings us to the quality of desktop interactive experiences.

  • jrazorfgp

    Usually, I don’t demand anything…I’m not that tough. But, I demand Exynos because I want to win a free phone!

  • beneyc

    Because Exynos has the power I want

  • Bhagavath Kumar

    I Demand Exynos because I would like to replace my desktop at somepoint.

  • elmcitizen

    Love the size, it can be my mega-phone or mini-tablet!

  • securifirm

    I Demand Exynos because I want desktop processing power in my hand

  • Viequense

    I demand exynos because my nexus one is tired and wants to be replaced by a robust and strong machine.

  • donger

    I Demand Exynos to be faster than my home computer.

  • deeoh1084

    because Exynos processor is superior than any other processors and also, it’s too strong, too fast, too good just like D Rose!!! YIIIIEEEEEEEP!!!

  • themost

    I demand Exynos because Texas Instruments OMAP4460 isn’t enough.

  • axehandle

    I Demand Exynos because all ARM processors are not created equal. Samsung’s chips run faster than most competing chips based on the same core architecture, which is quite impressive.

    Add in the S Pen, and Samsung has a very compelling Android platform offering.

  • cjreedjr2

    I demand exynos because its F’n awesome…Sorry…ill make a “Note ” to watch my language lol *womp womp*

  • crazymex62

    I demand for Exynos because as a teacher of elementary and middle school kids it will finally allow me to be ahead of the class!!

  • joe23521

    I demand Exynos because I WANT a Galaxy Note!

  • LeoLeal

    I Demand Exynos because my brain needs a decent upgrade!

  • Yonas

    i will be honest here,I demand an Exynos on my next phone because i want to win a Samsung Galaxy Note. *Walking out with dignity*

  • almoslino

    I know that Exynos is demanded by me and fellow industry members!

  • mingchan06

    I demand the new processor because it is amazing with games and it’s nice to have an option that is not intel or nvidia.

  • endersdestiny

    I demand Exynos because my Galaxy Captivate is on it’s last leg and I need to upgrade big time! I need a phone that can keep up with me!

  • samhgabriel

    I would love to have one!

  • ph4nthom

    I demand Exynos because it’s awesome.

  • jsweetser2

    It’s over 24hours, but that doesn’t mean i don’t want my Exynos! It’s fast and low power, i demand exynos!

  • DaveFinn

    I’ve wanted an Exynos SoC since the first rumor about them. I was dying for a Galaxy SII but it never made it to Verizon… Then I was excited that The Galaxy Nexus was coming to V then I heard it had a TI SoC…. I got the GN but would have rather had it with an Exynos! I wan’t…. no I need a Galaxy Note!!!!!

  • draak

    I demand Exynos because it’s the best thing since Jesus Christ!

  • jjmaestro

    I DEMAND the EXYNOS because it spells SONYXE backwards so I think SAMSUNG is trying to pull one over on SONY. Not too shabby SAMSUNG!!! I like it a lot!

    • madbot666

      I think it sounds more like “so nice”. Samsung is SO-NYXE! That will be the new slang.

  • xtryder

    EXYNOS is the best thing in this world and in this samsung galaxy. because in this galaxy we are the stars. thanks samsung for the creation of this 8 powerful wonder.

  • DarthTedd

    I demand Demand Exynos because it’ll make all my Apple fanboy friends insanely jealous!!

  • LittleGreenDude

    I demand Exynos because of its amazing efficiency and power. And because its just simply the best in my opinion..

  • marzy57

    I Crave the Latest, Fastest, Most Feature Rich Devices. I;ve always been a ”
    First Adopter” This new processor is Fantastic !!!

  • choeffel

    I demand Exynos because Samsung in one outstanding company!

  • dacatalyst41

    I demand Exynos because you very power and efficiency at its best. It’s like having a HEMI and good gas mileage at the same time!

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan Almanzar

    I demand Exynos because it blows Snapdragon processors out of the water and I can’t wait for them to be compatible with LTE.

  • absolutedbl

    I demand Exynos because samsung is cool, yo! WORD

  • kofighterx

    Great! I always think Exynos is far superior than other SoC.

  • msgnyc

    I demand Exynos because I was told to demand it to enter this contest. :)

  • ghadoor

    i love it galaxy note so much < and i want it so much , i like it the pen , it's perfect .
    realy i would be winner <3

  • disassembler

    I demand Exynos because it leaves my Tablet’s Tegra2 treading water, and it completely outshines my phone’s Hummingbird.

  • jesrul

    Great phone manufacturer plus great processor = win!

  • mayneman

    Because with an EXYNOS processor my everyday life is no longer a process.

  • raymatt

    Please. I have an iPhone I can barely read because the sceen is so small. The EXYNOS processor sounds great.

  • tacehtxilef

    exynos is so much nicer than the snapdragon in my evo 4g

  • madbot666

    I demand exynos simply because I demand the best, and nothing less -from Samsung!

    • madbot666

      Also, if you put EXYNOS backward it will spell out SONYXE = so nice. Redefining the way we speak. :P Samsung is sonyxe man! Exynos is sonyxe dude! This girl is so damn sonyxe! :)

  • ninjandroid

    I DEMAND Exynos because it’s just one of Samsung’s ways of destroying Apple.

  • zetta290371

    As Samsung promised: it will more faster, more lower power level, more higher 3D graphics performance; it will demand me so much. LTE?Wow…. that much greater offer. I believe live with it can become easier, more productive and more enjoyable. I can step to the future with more confident.

  • Irteza

    I demand Exynos 4212 because it features a higher clock frequency and “50 percent higher 3D graphics performance over the previous processor generation.

  • ali abdeyazdan

    I demand Exynos because i want to advertise sumsung across aplle.I want to destroy apple.

  • ali abdeyazdan

    I want to win in this contest to show people Iranian people also can win the contests.

  • ali abdeyazdan

    I want it because it is improving by technology and it is the best cellphone in the world.
    Thank you.