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Here at Android and Me, we have a lot of fans of Samsung’s Exynos processor. Samsung LSI took note of this and wanted to reward one reader with a free Galaxy Note smartphone. All you have to do is leave a comment about why you would demand the Exynos processor in your next mobile phone or tablet.

The Prize: Samsung Galaxy Note

Highlights of the Galaxy Note include 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 5.3 inch WXGA (1280 x 800) HD Super AMOLED display, unique S Pen stylus, 16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP with LED Flash,  2 MP camera, and a massive 2,500 mAh battery.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the United States. Entries will be accepted for 24 hours after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

How to Enter

We’re going to make it super easy for you. Simply leave a comment below and tell us why you will “Demand Exynos” in your next mobile device. For this contest, users must be logged in to comment. Please join the site if you have not signed up yet.

Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be entered once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Adryan Maldonado who was randomly selected as the winner of the Galaxy Note from Samsung.

Disclaimer: This contest is sponsored by Samsung LSI.

Source: Samsung Exynos

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  • shepx2

    Because it has the best blend of power and battery savings

  • Craig DO

    Of course Exynos. Everything else lags behind.

  • dgtal36

    I demand Exynos simply because it is the future…

  • Al Chandler

    Smooth UI across the board, even if your ram falls under 50MB.

  • rauelius

    That fantastic and efficient dual-core, with slick graphics, the Exynos practically sells itself!

  • http://www.androiddevblog.net Krishnaraj Varma

    Because it’s the future.

  • http://savejay.com zombiepartz

    I demand Exynos simply because compared to all the other dual-core processors, it is omnipotent!

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    I demand a CPU that is made by a company that supports the android developer community! Samsung has been very good as of recent months of supporting us. So I demand that this Galaxy Note be MINE! (plz?)

  • David

    Because it’s the best.

  • Futureboy

    I demand Exynos because it is fast and has a cool name.

  • ghost114

    i Demand Exynos because the iThing will never have one.

  • Stella

    I demand Exynos for the awesome combination of powerful processor plus battery saver. It’s a no brainer.

  • Y314K

    Exynos processor owns the last 6 Months since SGII…

  • cxandroid

    ’cause Samsung Rocks!

  • thel0nerang3r

    I want an Exynos processor for the smooth eye candy, and to play stutter free games.

  • Arber Beq

    I demand exynos cause its the only mobile CPU that can be compared to sex

  • EspadaA

    Because its awesome the sgs2 one of the best phone over used. Hope _iwinn

  • fernthat

    The Next High Performance.

  • Rgbarret

    I would finally have a phone that could keep up with the power I need for work.

  • http://www.wearerebo.wordpress.com Pagney

    I demand pure EXCELLENCE in all things. That’s why I choose Exynos.

  • mwf236

    I’m a college student and my Captivate has a shattered screen but is still operational. I want to experience the speed of the Exynos processor!

  • keemworld

    Exynos is the best, plain and simple.

  • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

    I demand exynos because I want something that can not only power ICS, but set the standard for it. I demand exynos because sometimes picking processors based off the cheapest bidder isn’t the way I want my manufacturers to do business. I demand exynos because I don’t want to have to compromise, and I’m itching to see my friends drooling over my phone.

  • Brett Lebow

    Exynos & Samsung are a pair made in heaven!

  • JohnBryanJr

    No lag, super fast. Better performance

  • levigarret

    I demand exynos because it beats the panty crickets off my current device!

  • ags29

    I demand Exynos because I only do silent e’s.

  • lambsharkxo

    I demand Exynos because it kills all the competition!

  • Baller

    I demand it because it’s bad aas!

  • tengo

    I demand Exynos because it powers some kick-a** mobile technology!

  • Luis Lopez

    Exynos, I’ve used the rest… now I’ve stuck with the best.

  • http://www.pizzafiles.com Gordon Wheeler

    I demand Exynos in my next device, so that I might win this sweet device.

  • dirtyd

    Exynos, exynos. Wherefore art thou exynos? In the most beastly man-phone ever! I feel like my geek-cred would increase dramatically!

  • GrendelJapan

    Demand Exynos for power and performance.

  • impendingdoo

    i will “demand exynos” in my next phone because exynos blows all the other androidodoes!

  • acieffe

    The processing speed of two
    Is better than just one
    So it is me you will chose to
    Receive the Note because I won!

  • jamal adam

    I Demand Exynos because it is by far the best, most powerful processor with a great battery life. I demand it on my next devices. Without a doubt the best processor.

  • spaceinvader0165

    I demand an exynos because it is by far the best. It offers the greatest performance and smooth responsiveness.

  • wildkarrde21

    Exynos is sex.

  • aaronjphillips

    Can’t wait for this to hit Verizon!

  • ashleybueno

    When I get a new phone, I want the best.. that means I need a phone with the exynos processor!

  • Shazam

    I Demand Exynos because I want, no I need, a Samsung Galaxy Note so that I can achieve world domination in a timely manner.

  • shhon75

    I Demand Exynos because it’s a beast of a processor with the best blend of power and battery saving qualities that deliver excellent gaming smoothness.


    I demand Exynos because i support Samsung and Exynos is made by them.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Why do i demand exynos you ask???? Well while the other chipsets are certainly good their not top quality. Samsung led the pack back in the single core processor days. I feel they are leading the pack in the dual core and the quad core pack as well. If im going to pay top dollar for a phone i want top quality processor in that phone as well

  • questroid

    I demand an Exynos because I require the best.

  • kazahani

    Why Exynos? I believe Samsung will be the first to market with a 2GHz+ dual-core chip in a smartphone. I need all the horsepower I can get. Exynos and I are going to make those Angry Birds fly high!!!

  • Iconyx

    I demand Exynos because the Exynos chipset has proven to be top of the pack in terms of performance and I always want something that will do well and not slow down my phone.

  • OsiMood

    I demand exynos because I really need a new phone

  • bboytaione

    Well, while all processors aren’t made equally! Exynos chips seem to have one thing in common. They blow the competition away, they are rock solid and provide the best fusion between superb performance and great battery life.

  • Ajficarra

    I demand Exynos because I only want the very best!

  • Grandmaster

    Put simply I demand the Exynos processor in my next phone because there the best capable mobile cpu’s around point blank period!

  • thecityboy781

    I demand Exynos…not having Exynos is like dating that ugly chick in high school that no one likes.

  • Dan13

    I DEMAND an Exynos processor because, quite simply, it stands up to the competition very well even six months after its release.

  • twospirits

    I demand an Exynos processor in my next device simply because its powerful, offers great battery life, is efficient and there is no need to cripple a device with any other processor. It offers the best performance hands down. Devices now a days need to have the very best and the Exynos is it.
    Kudos to Samsung for making it.

  • mdwilson37

    I demand a Exynos for the same reason I dont drive crappy cars, its all about the speed!!! vroom vroom!!

  • nyb72

    I demand Exynos because nothing else compares

  • xsessive182

    i demand it…cuz i can!!!

  • Anjie Cai

    xynos 5250, 2ghz quad core 32nm technology based off cortex A15, newest mali gpu (i hope). Why would you not want a beast like that? It better be in the galaxy s 3 lol,it will blow any other phone out of the water if it ships with a processor like that

  • pedroza01

    I love my Galaxy S II :) and because of it I Demand Exynos on my next mobile product

  • pedroza01

    I love my Galaxy S II :) and because of it I Demand Exynos on my next mobile product!!!

  • sylar

    I demand Exynos because it is a solid processor that is reliable and works well. It makes any phone it is installed in shine. Because it has proven to be a top of the line processor that even months after being announced and released still makes its newer competition work for it. Put simply, why would I not want it?

  • Tyler Donahue

    I Demand Exynos because I demand speed and battery life with ICS, Not the chip from the lowest bidder. No Exynos with ICS is like having the body of a Lamborghini Aventador with the engine of a Honda Accord. Looks amazing, with no performance.

  • Jay242

    I DEMAND Exynos because it is the best CPU/SoC. It brings both performance and efficiency. Awesome GPU, processing power, and battery life. I demand Exynos in my next smart–superphone.

  • azsl1326

    Consistent, lag-free performance that is second to none!

  • http://415designs.com tommynoshitsky

    I DO DEMAND Exynos for the goodness of evolution and revolution ! :)

  • tnicolaou

    I demand it because its the best processor available.

  • saeedb3r

    More cores , performance and frequency

  • bd1212

    I demand Exynos because it is the best SOC out there compared to competitors.

  • Dmtdroid

    I demand exynos because samsung is light-years ahead of others when it comes to there stylish processors

  • KRS_Won

    I Demand Exynos because of the 50% lower power consumption while perfoming 2x faster! Bring the Pain to the Game!

    • KRS_Won

      And when I say Exynos, it’s like Samsung is giving my a hug and a kiss!

  • m117

    i need this phone. more importantly, my brother needs this phone.

  • NUGA94

    I demand the Exynos processor because……..it’s Exynos. Nothing else can compare to the power and efficiency of the processor. I still have the Samsung galaxy S and would like to have a new phone with one of the newer Exynos processors in it. Hopefully, the 2 ghz quad-core Exynos processor which has been rumored about.

  • yusef.abouremeleh

    I demand an Exynos processor because it’s power efficient and will let me use my device for a longer time, a necessary feature for those who use their phones heavily throughout the day.

  • Androidcrazed6

    I demand Exynos simplly because it is the one that I believe is that truly blasted off Android. Sure, I mean Android was great before, but when the Exynos 4410 accompanied the Samsung Galaxy S2, it sold millions, 22 million I believe. I mean I’ve never actually had a Android device of my own, yet, and I still think that it is 100 billion times better than whats out there! Exynos just set the standard for the processors! Haven’t you seen the step-ups of companies, such as HTC with their new One line. And what about Motorola, their new RAZRS’s came after the S2. Exynos just changed the playing grounds. And I know they will again
    P.S. I am hoping to get the Samsung Note or the S3 when they come out. Those phones are the smoothest forms of Android I’ve seen and are/or are going to be (S3) game changers.

  • cecilyen

    I already have a Galaxy S, a Galaxy S2 and this is definitively my next phone!

  • iSlackerz

    Curious why I demanded Exynos? Simple… it was a no compromise choice. Performance (CPU & GPU) that blows away the competition when needed and it sips power like an elderly British woman sips tea. That’s why when I first read about the GS II coming to the U.S., I waited… and waited… and waited (mostly patiently) for it finally hit my carrier of choice. I went out the day it was announced and purchased it.

    I passed up numerous phones to wait for the GS II and haven’t regretted it for a moment. That’s why I will continue to demand Exynos.

  • lucasmpinelli

    After having exynos, i wouldn’t want anything else! Who would?!

  • calvintran1993

    Why would you not have exynos? Have you not heard of how OP it is over the others?

  • prochnow

    I need the best! I’m always on the bleeding edge with everything. I need the processor that will gie me the most battery life and best performance for programs and games! That is the need!

  • fartyarty

    I demand exynos because I would like to use my smartphone for more than a few hours before having to recharge again!

  • vinubond

    Exynos is the Speed Demon

  • intel8140

    The Exynos is the best CPU on the market. Samsung knows how to make CPU’s. Even Apple uses Samsung chips in the I pads ans iPhones. I want the best in the market and by having a Exynos I will have the best in the market.

  • landodie


  • spacecake

    Because that’s how I roll.

  • Luke Haviland

    I demand Exynos Because of it’s amazing sheer power. It Is the top processor and will power the best devices of 2012.
    The Note looks like an amazing devices with so many capabilities.

  • Trex75

    I’m Samsung fanboy. That’s right I said it. Exynos is powerful and makes Samsung products speedy & powerful devices. I demand it in a demanding and changing mobile world

  • nevernyc

    I demand Exynos because I demand progression

  • Ryansosick03

    Because its not for me, its for my mother who is also a android fan and is in desperate need of a upgrade from her old school black berry so she too can enjoy the life android has to offer first hand :).

  • acuda27

    I demand Exynos on all future android devices because anything else would be old news and irrelevant!

    Exynos FTW!

  • mrvander

    I demand Exynos because that is a requirement for this contest.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    I prefer an Exynos processor because my past experience with devices has shown that that they are the fastest for processor intensive tasks. My devices with Exynos processors wipe up the competition when it comes to applying filters using my favorite database. If I have a choice, Exynos is the processor I desire in my devices.

  • cheezespread

    Because : ( admit it. The giveaway is for Note and it has Exynos) would love to win something in a giveaway in any site. Would love to use a smartphone which would fit my hands :) . May the best man/woman win.

  • synyster84

    I Demand Exynos on my next phone so it can make Iphone fanboys cry and B**** Slap Siri.

  • eldenW

    I demand Exynos because it is fast as lightening

  • vnyack2525

    Exynos!!!! only the best processor in a galaxy note faster in every way I JUST WANT ONE!!!!

  • Infrontofthetimes

    This is the only phone big enough for my hands and fast enough for my needs.

  • Roger Rabbi

    Ixynos, Uxynos, we all nous for Exynos

  • More Core

    Big performance for Big phone!!!

    I like big things!!

    and that’s what she said

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600719141 JIrayut Rotjanacheewa

    Exynos is the best

  • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

    Exynos is the best SoC that Samsung has deployed in their mobile devices. Make mine Exynos!

  • spottyelephant

    Because if I’m going to throw my rattle out of the pram for a phone feature, it may as well be for the phone’s heart.

  • rr2009

    2 GHz dual core process – faster, powerful, high resulation graphics (3-D) and better battery life. Then, why not Exynos.

  • Monkeyman364

    Exynos offers the best performance and samsung actually supports android developers. I demand only the best.

  • ElvisonD

    Exynos is going to run 2012….im lovin it…cant wait for my Exynos powered Samsung Galaxy S3

  • http://youtube.com/patsandsoxfan5 Alex Carlson

    I demand exynos because it is simply amazing

  • mavendreas

    I demand exynos because it is the highest quality chip you can get in an Android phone!

  • AvenueTheory

    I demand Exynos, because it’s an anagram for Onxyes, which is what my Pokemon team consists of.

  • antoine66

    i want it cuz i want the best!


    Why do I demand Exynos…. I demand it because its Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall cell phone towers in a single bound!! :-D

  • sushanth143555

    exynos is the fastest processor and the best in which a mobile can work.the main success of galaxy s2 is because of exynos processor embedded in it and it takes the bench again with the latest galaxy note .i demand samsung to make the exynos processor compatible with the lte technology and please use the processor in all variants of samsung galaxy s3 which we are waiting hard to rock the world ….

    love u samsung .we love all your products

  • Alex Pena

    I demand Exynos, because it’s great on battery life!

  • mrbill187

    I demand the fastest processor\SoC on the market. Its GPU is quite impressive as well.

  • aburgthing

    Why is this even a question? Exynos 5250 has to be in the next Samsung flagship for them to be masters of the game for another year.

  • jeasy

    I have had a I9000. But my wife take it since we have a blog. We need a new sphone with high-performance as exynos dual core device..

  • sealcouch

    My Motorola Atrix just died today. I went to the AT&T store to try this phone out and it completely blew me away. I won’t settle for anything else. The processor is outstanding. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay that entire upgrade fee.

  • seaps

    Lag = what lag? Battery life = glorious happy unicorn fun times.

  • akareem89

    Its made my Samsung. And that is all

  • NurseDane

    I demand an Exynos because my cellular device is like a vital organ for my life and it deserves nothing but the BEST ! ! ! ! !

  • KennyL

    I demand it because it butters my bread, washes my hair and gives me foot-rubs. Oh…and it’s the sweetest SOC out there!

  • http://www.vanguardevelopers.com Nexusforce

    I demand Exynos because its the best SOC on the market and constantly pushes the boundaries of performance, thus providing the best user experience.

  • http://ivanarellano.com hubbu

    Allows my fellow gamers to push more pixels onto the screen!

  • zigfreid5

    I demand Exynos because it is the most powerful. I didn’t buy the Galaxy S II for T-mobile because it didn’t have the Exynos. I’m serious when I say i DEMAND it!

  • dracer777

    Because its faster than my EVO 3d. :D

  • tabata

    I demand exynos to finally get rid of my crappy wildfire! :P

  • 3108as

    Exynos! I need something more powerful then my Ace so exynos is real thing.

  • Haloruler64

    I DEMAND Exynos because it provides the absolute best and smoothest experience on any platform, be it iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. There is no smoother phone than an Exynos-powered device! It destroys the competition and I refuse to buy a phone without it!

  • Chris Kwok

    ExyNOS for phone is like NOS for a car, so much POWER!!!!

  • jamesc0519

    I DEMAND Exynos because it OUTPERFORMS all other ARM processors!

  • Taylor

    I demand Exynos because Samsung has NEVER let me down. I love my Tegra 3, but the Hummingbird is a tried and true keeper; Exynos will be the same!

  • adring

    I’m tired of slow devices. We need the future, today.

  • cb2000a

    This would be perfect for my wife to be as she could use it as a tablet phone (and give me her Asus Transformer).

  • RRR

    Good silicone. What would u expect? Made by the same company which makes Apple processors

  • aykutb

    I’d like to see Exynos’ potential,if it’s as good as they say

  • Alex Vidrean

    The reason I demand Exynos is the reason I demand Samsung. I like my gadgets to have high quality and powerful hardware.

  • bubba3192

    Cause its the best out there, just like Samsung phones… It’s the future

  • mackster248

    I demand an Exynos because the CPU plus the all powerful Mali-400 GPU easily outclasses any mobile processor out there!

  • alee

    I demand Exynos because I want speed!

  • http://www.ryanbrock.com Brocklesocks

    Sexy knows Exynos like Exynos knows techy noses.

  • droidlover

    Exynos processor is awsome it is fast and make your android device a pc so if u have a exynos powered phone so why do u still need a pc…

  • wangkom

    I demand an Exynos because the current Qualcomm ones are crap. I just returned my AT&T note because of the poor performance of the cpu/gpu!

    I’ll be waiting for the international one I am about to win!

  • kenbr1960

    I demand an Exynos just because I like fast things.

  • wit_ben

    Because I’m worth it.â„¢

  • shooyu

    Demand an Exynos to be able to get high speed news updates of android exclusively at androidandme.com :)

  • johan.s

    I demand an Exynos because it once set the standard for a mobile processor and now we want the same to happen again.

  • mdawg924

    Because Exynos never gets tired of doing my bidding!

  • coldarchon

    I will demand Exynos because it needs more cowbell!


  • Garet

    I demand Exynos in my next device so I can win a Note with Exynos and I can be happy…

  • tun4f1sh

    Do want.

  • Qrkchrm

    I demand an Exynos because the cpu/gpu is the best all around combo.

  • staxchipswell

    I demand exynos because I love Samsung….

  • Chuxter

    It’s a great phone and I could use an upgrade!

  • justmorewordsonascreen

    I DEMAND an Exynos processor in my next free Galaxy note.

  • richardd1989

    That’s easy, you just don’t want me to buy an iPad

  • krishna sheth

    its fastest soc outthere

  • krishna sheth

    its fastest soc out there

  • Mac_n_Jack

    I love Exynos processors and just want it in my phone. Samsung does pretty great job with it.

  • Zofel

    Owning a phone without a Exynos processor is like owning a Ferrari without a proper engine, in the end you’ll just finish last!

  • zYk

    Because I want to draw pictures of pants on every photo I take!

  • mpciii

    I demand an Exynos in all Samsung phones. Why wouldn’t they put that powerhouse processor in their phones?

  • damambt

    I love Samsung phones. I own a Nexus S that i loved so much it bricked — yes, i loved it that much! Last week I was at my carrier store and got a chance to test drive the Galaxy Note. From the moment i touched the screen I knew somehow that device was meant for me. The Exynos speed was exhilarating and the impressive, it set a new expectation on what a phone should be.
    I want Exynos. I demand Exynos. But most of all WE need Exynos!

  • srickstr

    When I demand EXYNOS I get this tingly feeling all the way to the core of my soul. Let me try this again, “I demand EXYNOS!” Whoa….what a rush.

  • Laurentiu V.

    In my opinion Exynos is simply the best dual-core processor till date.

  • protozeloz

    I demand exynos because is fast it has one of the best GPU out there and energy friendly. 3 major points not any processor has

  • Jeremiah Akin

    I will demand exynos – until the next version of the chip comes out…

  • BikerBob1789

    I demand Exynos because it has it all – power and battery life.

  • smwinn7

    I demand exynos because who doesn’t like power sipping powerhouse processors hiding inside the best designed devices

  • trees247

    speed i want speed!

  • Schmidty850

    I demand Exyos processor because I want a phone that isn’t constantly lagging. I want a fast phone that will be able to play great games, especially on that huge 5.3″ screen. I would love to have this phone!

  • joecyclone

    I sick of the lag from other name processor! I demand Exynos!

  • rantmo

    I demand Exynos for it’s place as part of the forward march of innovation!

  • mzA

    I would like to win because I want something that won’t be lagging like the OTHER processor.

  • lloyddefrance

    My next device WILL BE an EXYNOS! Why settle for hamburger when you can have filet mignon?

  • dpleus

    Love to see one of these in person.

  • Varekai

    Why would I want a phone, no let alone a device with a Exynos SoC? More like why WOULDN’T I want one! A device that can keep up with all my daily use, running RSS feeds from Android and Me while streaming music and checking email and text messages without having to worry about the phone slowing me down is all I want.

  • DroidPower

    I demand Exynos because it’s fast and… awesome!

  • prakreet

    I want only the best. So I don’t have another option other than EXYNOS.

  • wedjohn57

    Because I need a big screen phone to enjoy reading android and me.

  • xray49er

    I demand exynos because I’m tired of

  • xray49er

    Meant to say because I’m tired of

  • xray49er

    Snapdragon I keep deleting it

  • Paul Salvatore

    In practical use the Exynos chip just seems to top the competition

  • ozzzz

    Because is fast!


    anyone who knows anything.. knows samsungs processor is superior right now.. good luck all

  • aufan1

    I demand an Exynos because of the quad core.

  • http://lawrencesamantha.com olentz

    Exynos, I ditch Siri for you

  • redraider133

    Because everything is smoother with an exynos, one of the best out there

  • Billy

    Power, speed, efficiency .. and sounds like something from a comic book. Awesome!! Give me Exynos!

  • thekaz

    After getting my GNEX, I’ve learned to demand the best – not just in OS, but hardware, as well.. exynos just kicks a$$, so I am definitely demanding it in my next.. well, I’ll probably be in the market for a new tablet before a new phone, but either way…

  • zerosix

    Because I believe in Samsung.

  • yungcutt

    I demand an Exynos in my next phone and tablet. I simply demand it. Its time to step out of the past of HTC and the EVo and into the future of Samsung with the Galaxy Note.

  • AeyJay

    Mate.. note even a question

  • Voliam

    I need it to speed up my throttled data! :D

  • biturbomunkie

    cos it’s simply awesome!

  • ArKay

    Why ?
    Processing power is one thing. Battery life is another. But to have both… that’s what I’d like.
    On a phone having the ability to use it all day long without fear of the battery going is tops to me. But if I can get that and still be able to play some games… I wants it.

  • ndub21

    I demand Exynos because it’s the best! I demand it because I know I will have tons of power to handle all of the multitasking I can possibly need!

  • gtrovil

    That is one big honkin phone! Add Exynos and I DEMAND to be the winner!

  • Joel

    hm….cant think of anything clever to post…its just…iDemand one


  • fletchtb

    I will demand an Exynos for my next phone because of it’s track record of high performance in legendary phones like the Samsung Galaxy SII. Exynos brings unbelievable graphics perforamnce and multiple cores with high clock speeds to make Samsung phones fly. What more could you ask for?

  • VS

    I demand a processor that has great battery life, quick speeds and multi tasking performance… I demand the Exynos!

  • tokarrai

    I demand it because I’m a very demanding individual.

  • jj14

    Fast, power efficient, able to breathe high energy life into any device – Exynos SOC – FTW!

  • Ennon

    Is this even a question? It’s clearly the best out there!

    • mikeearwood

      Demand Exynos because it’s the bomb!

  • AceoStar

    I demand the power to choose. :D

  • KoroshiyaNo1

    I demand Exynos processors because they provide great performance while not costing us tons of battery life!

  • darksteppa

    Why wouldnt i want one in my phone they are hella fast!

  • trevorutk

    I demand Exynos because Samsung knows what the F they are doing.

  • Cajj

    I demand Exynos because Samsung has yet to disappoint me. In fact my Samsung phones have converted several of my anti Samsung friends to join in on this Exynos experience. So heck yea I demand Exynos.

  • Johnathan Prochaska

    I demand Exynos because I need to prove to other people that Apple is not the dominate smartphone maker anymore.

  • Cesar Torres

    I have a Droid X and I need to upgrade to this awesome device

  • levelm

    Samsung Galaxy II with Exynos processor voted best smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Need I say more?

  • mrkrstphr

    I demand Exynos because I NNED the powerful computing power without killing my battery!

  • Stump-1

    It’s the best 5.3″ device!!!

  • Distemper

    Exynos = Sexynos.

  • SCJaredJ

    I demand the Exynos because I’m tired of messing around with phones that claim to be great but fail to deliver. Time to be great. Time to go with the Exynos!

  • kylez64

    I demand an Exynos prc because its better then that OMAP 460 they put in my Nexus.

  • acetylyne

    I demand an Exynos in my next phone because everything I’ve read about it makes it look like it stomps everything else!

  • Jeremy Johns

    demand Exynos because I am tired of having outdated tech specs and watch everyone else be one step ahead.

  • Alan Reboli

    I demand power, so I must Demand Exynos.

  • thetechman123

    I demand Exynos in my dnect device because i feel that it is one of the best and fastest processors out there.

  • Mustin

    Battery life, baby! Bring me your processor!

  • slaytanich

    Demand and expect excellence with Exynos. Accept nothing else.

  • twitchyone

    i want Exynos in my next device b/c it performs better than the others available.

  • aj34

    Exynos is fast and I love fast!

  • Se7en2

    Because I’m stuck with an EVO 4G with a cracked screen.

  • FranzVz

    I demand Exynos because of it superior speeds!

  • bp

    I demand Exynos because Samsung’s SoC is awesome!

  • Benchmade7

    I could use all the Exynos power to total my tipping FASTER.

  • jazzboyrules

    I demand Exynos because if I am already crazy exhilarated using the dual-core on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II, I wonder what will happen when I lay my hands on the SGS-III. Even thinking of that gives me goosebumps! :D

  • bellken

    I demand Exynos, because it is the best processor.

  • Rory Oldham

    Why wouldn’t you want Exynos? It is ridiculously fast and I love Samsung.

  • jordanfritzsche

    I demand exynos because it’s a cool name and for the fact that it’s the best chipset out there, it keeps everything smooth and silky.

  • theschneidster

    I demand it so that I can use it and win. The end.

  • theluck

    i want this. like everyone else!

  • WhiteDevil222

    Samsung is top of the line for Android products of late. The Exynos SoC is fast, well backed, and low-power. Nothing to complain about, period.

  • l.i. bruce fan

    Cause the Exynos is the flavor of the month in smartphone processors! Now can I win one, please?

  • Jason Toering

    I demand Exynos because they are giving away a free phone, so they rock!

  • surg3d

    I’ll demand Exynos for speed and performance! Especially for games!

  • Jason Hernandez

    Definitely for gaming. Top notch processor for top notch gaming.

  • thechad

    I’ll demand Exynos for the pure awesomeness!

  • ddaniel87

    I really appreciate the idea and how well things work with Samsung, processor, display, phone, etc, all designed by samsung and for the Note. And It works better together. My SGS2 was so much much than my skyrocket. So yes, I demand Exynos, for a better experience and device.

  • jakejardashian

    Give me Exynos, or give me death.

  • cabrone

    I demand Exynos because it is the future…

  • RAWLogic

    I demand Exynos because Samsung has officially won me over!

  • droid tider

    I demand exynos because of its speed!!

  • djizzybeats

    Demand Exynos is the future

  • RD

    I demand Exynos in my next mobile device because it’s crazy fast!!

  • Donre

    I demand exynos because it gives me a pc like experience. On a phone. Wherever I go.

  • Ashish Raj

    I “demand exynos” in my next mobile device since it is the “cutting edge” that every tech blog/site has been dreaming/talking about. It is the BEST!

  • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

    i “demand exynos” because it has the best name that i’m not quite sure how to pronounce.

  • PaulPaulson

    I demand an Exynos processor because they’re the best around. I demand the best.

  • la_resistance28

    I demand Exynos because I demand speed and perfection! Note it!

  • yoaj

    Why Exynos? Because its ahead if ALL the game.

  • Jay

    I will “Demand Exynos” in my next device because my next device will be Samsung… I have the Captivate, one of the best first offerings and trying to decide which Samsung for my next upgrade. With Samsung making the processors they can take advantage of a broader scope of quality control for the devices they create overall.

  • nory82688

    I demand TI OMAP a15!Lol … I mean Samsung Exynos! The processor that should’ve been in my galaxy nexus. I think ,any Samsung smartphone or tablet, should have the exynos processor, because then the hardware and software would be much more optimized giving you the best user experience since Samsung makes both. So exynos it is!

  • Ope

    I, Demand Exynos, because I demand what the competition can not produce.

  • ikando2on2

    to tell you the truth, i really dont know anything about the samsung devices, i always stood by the HTC devices, but that doesnt mean i dont like samsungs i would love to try another device like the note and check what samsung is all about, the samsungs device must be good becuse i see alot of people poping up with them every where i go..they are nice device wouldnt mind changing

  • 80cent

    Why do I want the Exynos processor? Because I don’t like having second best.

  • wipfom

    I am still using an original Driod. Nothing would make me happier than to experience the silky smooth performance available with the awesome Exynos processor.

  • kkozuch1

    I want the Exynos Processor because it is the best processor on the market!!!

  • Matthew Varallo

    I need for reading books and playing games when I ignore my books!

  • bos02124

    That fantastic and efficient dual-core, with slick graphics, the Exynos practically sells itself!

  • YorTheMAN

    32 nm architechture efficiency seems a good reason to admire the Exynos.

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

    Exynos processor!!!!! Technological advancement is needed otherwise Android will lose it’s popularity because of all the bugs, failed to load apps, and unreliability of use when you need it on Android phones. People will start navigating to Windows phones. And please don’t make it outrageously expensive for us normal folks. Thank you!!!

  • Hydra_Hunter

    I demand Exynos, because why resort to anything less?

  • Matthew

    I demand/request Exynos because it would make way for higher performance graphics in video games and allow more power hungry programs!!!

  • blasbenoit

    the chip doesn’t need presentation is just perfect

  • peejaybee

    Because two cores are never a bore!

  • chkn

    I demand a exynos because it’s the best chip out there.

  • labellemichele

    Exynos is the smoothest and fastest when it comes to performance. We all want instant gratification with all the oohs and aahs so naturally I have to have the best!

  • animguy

    If it ain’t exynos, it ain’t a chip.

  • amazingtaters

    Exynos- The power I need, the efficiency I deserve.

  • rc213

    Sir Exynos come slay the Snapdragon and save me!!!

  • Zagdroid

    I will demand Exynos because I don’t have it and I always want what I don’t have…

  • Yonas

    I Demand Exynos and will eventually have one on my next phone (SG3 or Note) because simply Samsung hardware can’t be comparable to others.

  • slacker1337

    I will demand Exynos simply for its efficiency.

  • bhake

    I DEMAND EXYNOS so I can multi task my work and personal applications by day, conserve power when not multi tasking, and enjoy games, designing, and media by night. :)

  • mitch8995

    demand it cause I need the best!I

  • Kam_Pewter

    I demand Exynos so that I can start gloating now about how my device is already better than the next (still unannounced) iphone!

  • S1W

    I demand Exynos because it’s the right thing to do…..

  • rabhw

    I demand Exynos because of the smooth UI performance.

  • billownz

    Why demand Exynos ? Superior performance and endurance. There aren’t many chips out there that can match Samsung’s Exynos in speed and power consumption. Its just the perfect balance.

  • Shawn Clark

    I demand Exynos because simply it exceeds expectations and is also very reliable…makes everything better than whats expected.

  • jreed

    It’s the next step forward!!! So bring it!

  • daveezy

    Every badass needs an Exynos processor.

  • iconiciroinc

    With Exynos processors, I would be able to finally enjoy my phone without any horrible lag

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Samsung, shouldn’t y’all already know? Exynos is the bees knees! It destroys other dualcore processors!

  • eallan

    I will demand Exynos

  • MrDSL

    I want Exynos because it has the best gaming performance!

  • hd2000


  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    I want Exynos in my next device because I’m sick of the lag! Godspeed Exynos! Godspeed!

  • Deveal2014

    I demand Exynos because the speed, I hear it’s good battery life, and the name sounds hella cool!

  • dnharrell

    Because, right now, Captain, I just don’t have the pow’r {imagine Scottish accent}

  • tvalentine

    I “Demand Exynos” because the screen size is great for the web, email, evernote … etc.

  • Zak Lambert

    Because I want the best.

  • androidindia

    us only :/

  • jakymiwm

    I will Demand Exynos because I need the speed on my mobile device.

  • nateysmith

    I demand Exynos because it is developed by one of the best Android manufacturers around.

  • clshores

    I demand Extnos because it is the best platform out there and Samsung product simply ROCK!

  • canoy07

    I wantz new processor because I hate picking from only two AMD and Intel for my next custom CPU beast