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Huawei to announce quad-core Ascend D1 Q at Mobile World Congress?


Chinese manufacturer Huawei is mostly known for their low-end smartphones in the US, but the company has been revealing some pretty impressive high-end devices at recent trade shows. At CES they showed off the Ascend P1 S, which was billed as the thinnest smartphone at 6.68 mm thick and also one of the first new phones to ship with Android 4.0.

Our very own Nick was so impressed with the Ascend P1 LTE that he said it was one of his favorite Android phones of CES.

Now new information has leaked out about Huawei’s upcoming Diamond series, which is said to offer the “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphones.” Japanese site Blog of Mobile is reporting that Huawei will unveil two devices at Mobile World Congress this month, called the Ascend D1 Q and MediaPad 10.

A lot of this is speculation, but some are taking the name Ascend D1 Q and interpreting “D1″ as Diamond series and “Q” as quad-core. Huawei has partnered with NVIDIA and used their Tegra 2 processor in previous tablets, so it’s not that surprising to hear they could also be using the quad-core Tegra 3 in some new devices.

We have already billed Mobile World Congress 2012 as the quad-core phone show, where we expect at least a half-dozen devices to be unveiled. It will be tough to stand out from the crowd of quad-core devices, but Huawei sounds pretty confident about their Diamond series.

Mobile World Congress is only two weeks away, and I will be on-site to report on the hottest devices, so check back soon to see if Huawei can live up to the pre-show hype.

Via: Unwired View

Source: Blog of Mobile

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  • spazby

    Can’t wait for the show…

    • whitney houston

      I need moar cocaine

  • aranea

    Does that mean they are going for high-end phones or quad-core cpus are already becoming cheap?

    • honourbound68

      Huawei has decided to join the party in making mid-tier & high-end phones. I gotta say, without seeing the prices, that they’re making a good impression. But I wonder how they’d do on one of those independent fair labor association audits lol ;)

  • jonathan3579

    Huawei is on a roll. I love my Galaxy Nexus (which is better than any iPhone) but they’re making some phones that I’d definitely consider buying as a spare! The P1 S is definitely on my watch list especially considering the prices they’re promising!

  • Deeds

    A high quality, quad-core phone that also doesn’t cost that much could be a success in the US if they know how to market it right

  • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

    Huwaei are doing pretty good things. won’t be long before they’re competing with the big boys I think

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. I don’t see myself jumping from any of the major manufacturer into a two year contract with a more or less “no-name” company.

      • honourbound68

        you could say the same of HTC as a “no-name” company until they hit it big. look up “wallaby” and you’ll figure out where xda-developers got their name from. if you build it (a good phone), they will come….

  • SGB101

    this phone is looking sweet, if Cyanogen take this phone on, il defo be interested.

    is this a mock up pick, or a gen photo, as im liking the stock ics

    • uknowme

      I don’t know if it’s genuine but I don’t think they have skinned any of their phones.

  • greeny42

    What’s the first Quad-Core to come to Verizon?

  • Brennan

    Brennanwei is rumored to be working on their own quad core chipset. Seems pretty likely. Nvidia is taking the shortcut route to get the first mover advantage on their tegra 3 chipset, where they’ll fix all their BS problems in their 3.3 implementation. But for the time being, it looks like most hardware manufacturers are staying away from the tegra 3, and the problems that come with it (ASUS learned the hard way) in favor of a cheaper, more optimized chipset (from a company that actually knows how to meet deadlines)

    Being that hwawei is an asian company, they’ve been, more or less, kept under the radar for tech analysts, but if they have a quad core, low power optimized, <40 nm process, chipset in the works, they could really give qualcomm some problems over the next few quarters….

    • inviolable

      Asus learned what the hard way?

      • Brennan

        Check out the status of the Transformer Prime…everywhere. It’s been sold out everywhere since mid-december, and they’re not filling the backorder. This is all speculation by various different sites, as nvidia has a habit of refusing to take the blame for their delays (one of the benefits of creating “middle man” products), but if we are to learn anything by the way they hushed up their tegra 2 launch disaster(s), and the fact that the tegra 3 has been out for almost 4 months now with no announcement for a phone iteration (or even another tablet), we can be quite sure history is repeating itself.

        That being said, I do congratulate them on being the first manufacturer to get an ARM based quad core offering to market. but if they had done so without so many hiccups, it could have really benefited them…

  • inviolable

    Somebody get that phone a ham sandwich

  • RRR

    Ask yourself
    - Can you look at anything less after seeing true 720p RGB display?
    - Can you enjoy any other screens after having SuperAMOLED?
    - Are you interested at smaller devices then 5.3″ after Note?

    My 3 answers were “No way” and for third one also “i always wanted large phone and after Note size smartphone everything else literally disappeared from the Earth even with 16 cores”

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      A qHD resolution is enough on a 4,3 inches screen. 720p is a little too much.

      SuperAMOLED screens are not that cheap, I’ve heard a colleague with a Galaxy S II saying that the photos don’t have the colors the SuperAMOLED screen is showing.

      If I want a tablet, I’ll buy a tablet. People were telling me that my HD2 (with a 4.3 inches screen) was big. My opinion is that 4.3 inches is more than enough for a phone. But that is just my opinion.

      • Raptor

        5+” phones usually kill ordinary people

  • benben

    What’s with the fruit salad?

  • CJ LaFleur

    Never even thought about huawei devices. Lets see if they can top the galaxy sIII or the gnex.

  • Owain

    They should give out free phones to Cyanogen and other well-known developers – I’m sure given the right support from the right people these guys are gonna hit it off big with that community – and in tern generate decent reviews for the mainstream users to go on and buy, if it came with CyanogenMod 9 in the box, that would be uber mega-awesome!

  • rashad360

    I think some of these phones will soon outclass my 4 1/ 2 year old laptop… Wow, I really need a new laptop

  • slurms mckenzie

    4 1/2 try 9 year old POS dell latitude D600 wilth 512mb of RAM and some broken keys, disc drive doesnt work. my gs2 is more powerful than that thing. i dont even know why i still have it

  • jamal adam

    That pure ICS looks so delicious on the device hopefully it comes with ICS.