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Is this really the successor to the ASUS Transformer Prime?

tf300 featured

The ASUS Transformer Prime may be the hottest Android tablet around, but that doesn’t stop manufacturers from moving forward. A couple of images have been making rounds through the interwebs, displaying a device that might be a successor to the ASUS Transformer tablets.

Its certification from Quietek names it as the TF300T. The first Transformer was the TF101, and the Transformer Prime, TF201 – so there’s definitely reason to believe this is next in line.

While that seems like exciting news, we do not yet know anything about this product. With ASUS announcing the TF700 during CES – which is basically a Transformer Prime with a better screen (1920x1200p) and front-facing camera (2 MP) – this makes us wonder if this is really the next iteration to the Transformer family, or just a slightly different ASUS Transformer Prime.

As Captain Obvious would say, 700 is a higher number than 300. Could it be a Transformer Prime without the GPS issues that have been reported (hence the different back), and a screen that is not as great as the TF700 but better than the TF201?

It might very well be the next Transformer, but since there are no details about the specs, let’s just wait for more details. If you are digging the new back, stay tuned for more as you can be sure we will be following this one.

What do you guys say? New Transformer? Better Prime?

Via: Engadget

Source: NCCC

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  • n25philly

    Someone needs to tell these companies to come out with more models. My headache from trying to keep up isn’t intense enough yet.

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      I think this is the new better Prime Transformer. Did I nail it or what?

      Now I get serious. They need to deliver quality products, I don’t think they will come out really well with too many Transformer products. They need to stop this (learn from HTC) and focus on what they have.

      • socomdark

        Asus doesn’t have the same problem that HTC had. HTC released so many phones last year it’s ridiculous but you can count on one hand how many Asus had released including tablets. Even though they screwed up the launch they still provide the most timely updates than any other company. The mobile world is just going way you fast on general, you can’t really blame Asus for trying evolve. As long add they keep up their timely updates then i won’t care.

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          This avalanche of Transformer tablets is not good, this is what I was referring to. I’ve read this is suppose to be midrange Transformer tablet, it is aimed to be cheaper and more accessible. I just want Asus to be regarded as a good manufacturer and for them to sell as many devices as they can. They also need to be careful about fragmentation too.

          • honourbound68

            nod. less models is better.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Better prime.


    swinging wildly in my house……

  • Owain

    Prime+ :P

  • madtnotn

    Thinking this is a standard prime with a different back to address the connection/GPS issues, but time will tell.

  • YMS123

    I think it’s the TF201 with a more wireless friendly back cover, but who knows, it could be a Windows 8 tablet..

  • M3rc Nate

    Yeah this is confusing. Like you said, one would assume (and i will until more info is out) that its the replacement for the TF201, probably identical but fixed wifi/gps etc issues.
    It only makes sense considering you would think they wouldnt want to CONTINUE selling faulty TF201′s …so stop producing them and fix the problem and re-release it.

    My guess, the TF700 will be the $599 price point and this new TF301 will replace the TF201 in the same $499 price point.

    • M3rc Nate

      What has me a little upset is the back of this tablet (pictured) is waaaay cooler than the TF700 tablets back. I really hope the back of the TF700 was a not finalized version they quickly made so they could show the tablet at CES..and that this back is what will be used on the TF700 and TF301

  • Nate B.

    The material they used for the Prime is the same material they used to make their Zenbook laptops. That also had wifi issues. I won’t be surprised if they use another type of material. I don’t see why they don’t go with these specs in the first place if they always happen to have something that can be a little better.

  • azulpiscina

    could be the Padphone, no?

  • inviolable

    Rodimus Prime?

  • ranwanimator

    I’m not having any issues with my TFP other than slightly wiggly lines in sketchbook Pro. Even though it only shows 2 bars of wifi strength I still manage to max out my internet in speedtest. I haven’t had an occasion to use the GPS so I don’t know if that is functional or not.

    Overall, very happy with my TFP.

    I’ll have to stop looking at posts about new items in the Transformer line to avoid gadget envy though. A carbon fiber back would be pretty sweet.

    • azulpiscina

      do you think is worth buying now?
      I’m in doubt with many TF300, TF700 things…

      I do not think I’ll use a lot gps, but is one thing nice to have.

    • uknowme

      I’m happy to hear that. I’m probably going to go with the TD700 though. Not just because of the better specs. I’m stuck with a bunch of Best Buy gift cards and I’ve been waiting for the 64GB model. Apparently that isn’t coming out anytime soon. Sigh…

  • Rfvgyhn

    If it is a Prime with a new back-plate, I sure hope I can send my current Prime in and have the back-plate replaced.

  • greeny42

    So I’m confused. Why didn’t they just make the Tprime correctly the first time? – slightly disheartened but still happy TF201 owner.

    • inviolable

      I don’t think they purposely made a unit with a defective feature.

      • greeny42

        I know, but they had to be aware of the problem before launch, and it was pushed out anyway. I had mine pre-ordered in November and I absolutely love it, but I would have gladly waited for them to fix the problem before shipping. Instead, it seems they will just make a “plus version” and charge extra for it. Once again, early adopters get the short end of the stick.

  • spazby

    Keep these products coming

  • Vance

    Crossing my fingers this is what they are planning to send me for free in exchange for my Prime whose WiFi device BLOWS (but which is otherwise the sexiest piece of tech I’ve ever owned)

  • aranea

    It may be transformer prime “plus”. that seems to be trend nowadays.

  • yankeesusa

    All i know is that aus is making some sweet tablets and an asus may be my next tablet. Maybe they’ll start making some great smartphones.

  • inviolable

    I just want ice cream sandwich on my Transformer and I’ll be good. I’ve heard a lot of good things from Xoom owners after the upgrade.

  • dacatalyst41

    I hope its a wifi-issueless and gps issue-less prime.

  • party714

    I wager it’s a fix on the Prime. Seems much too soon for the next step up.

  • masterpfa

    It may not even be an Android tablet as Asus do provide Windows too (W8?)

  • Bigtop77

    Boy that thing is fugly!

  • Oskar Wismierski

    It’s probably a “beefed up” transformer prime ;) It would be a shame if ASUS starts to take samsungs strategy and keep on releasing PLUS versions of their devices.. makes people who bought one regret it after few weeks

  • Nathan D.

    Well my transformer prime is just fine the way it is and don’t need anything better for a while.

  • K2theIzzo

    I just want a Prime, TF200, 300, 700 IDAF!!! I just WANT! WANT! WANT!

  • smeghead68

    I agree with the first post….we need more model numbers with very little differences between them! I am at a point where i can almost figure them out.

  • WlfHart

    Nice design, but I sure hope they keep the Amethyst Grey colour… That orange/red shade doesn’t sit too well with me.

    • delinear

      Maybe they’ll do a colour range – could this be a slightly re-specced TFP available in a range of colours? I agree the classic grey looks really nice but can see my GF going for something like this.

  • Lightning7

    Maybe Google and ASUS partnered for the rumored Nexus tablet, and this is the result..

  • perlowin

    Whatever it is I hope they release it soon — I need to buy a tablet and would prefer one with a higher resolution then the existing Prime…

  • Yonas

    Let’s just hope that it got a 3g internet connection !