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Motorola Droid 4 release date tipped for February 9 and 10, more details


The Motorola Droid legacy is about to receive its latest iteration, the Droid 4. This 4G LTE, slide-out keyboard device is undoubtedly one of the most awaited in Verizon’s network, especially for all the keyboard lovers out there. We were expecting this bad boy to hit the streets last December, but rumors indicate that the release was pushed back. But this time around all stars are lining up, and it looks as though the device will be released next week.

The first, and most important sign is the fact that the Motorola Droid 4 has recently showed up at the Droid Does website. Such instance is usually followed by a release, very soon. In this site, we can see all the main features and specs, as well as sign-up for more information.

If you have not heard of the specs, they include a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4-inch qHD display, Android 2.3.5, 8 MP rear-facing camera (1080p recording), front-facing camera (720p recording), 4G LTE connectivity and a 5-row slide-out physical keyboard. Also, remember that this phone will be getting GSM global roaming capabilities. All the travelers out there might be interested in this.

Its appearance at the Droid Does website definitely makes the Droid 4 a bit more exciting. But it tells us nothing we don’t already know. The specs and features have been known for months now. What we want to know is when and for how much we will be able to get this piece of technology in our hands. For such details, we have to turn our heads to the rumor wagon.

Just yesterday, our buds from Droid-Life received a tip that confirmed a February 9 release date. Rumors also state that this bad boy will go for $199 on a 2-year contract, which is not a bad price compared to the other new 4G LTE devices.

That was all good and dandy, until this morning, when Droid-Life got another tip. This time it is a screenshot from Verizon’s equipment guide, and it states that the Droid 4 will be launching on February 10 instead (image below).

But whether it is the 10th or the 9th, odds are that it will be coming very soon. Get ready to let your flying fingers type away at 4G LTE speeds, texting demons! This bad boy is finally getting here. Is anyone signing up for this one?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Droid-Life

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  • redraider133

    I think it is smart verizon started pricing their lte devices at $199 rather than everyone being $299 like before.

    • Jeff Pan

      Exactly! If Nexus was priced at $200 and not $300, it would have sold more

  • Zer0-9


    • Owain


    • Edgar Cervantes

      Sorry about that. Worst typo EVER! Fixed.

      • Zer0-9

        Especially in the title, but at least it was caught before too many read it.

  • Brent

    I have to admit it’s tempting. It’s a tough call since it sounds like it’s going to have the same locked bootloader b.s.

    But I really want a slider, and given Verizon’s history with sliders this may be my best option for a while. Plus the wife seems interested in one so I may have to cave just to keep her happy.

    • thekaz

      yeah, my wife is all about the physical keyboard.. she has the 2, and the 4 seems like a nice device.. I am just not a big fan of motoblur.

      Of course, her homescreen pretty much just looks like an iPhone with row after row of apps anyhow…

  • spazby

    I love the price

  • warner

    Yeah androidandme, you got the title wrong… its February not January

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Fixed. I am very sorry about that one.

  • Thomas Biard

    I am impressed that Moto has kept the Original Droid line going for so long. Not only do they keep the slider (which many people think is old tech now), but they keep the specs at the top of the line with each release, while still keeping the price quite affordable. Kudos to Motorola

    • Jay

      I’m still using my old nokia N97 I absolutly hate touch screen texting. Would I change my keyboard at work for a touch keybord no way lol, so why would I want my phone that way???

      No phone yet has made we want to upgrade but this one it’s a no brainer and keyboard lovers out there will rush to buy this device I am sure.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    I love the qwerty!

  • greeny42

    I’m just going to wait until the Droid 15 comes out. Should only be a few more months…

  • yankeesusa

    This phone is nice. But I’ll stick with HTC and their unlocked bootloaders. Thanks but no thanks moto. Maybe after google finally takes over things will change.

  • nice

    Well everyone has been talking about the droid 4,i love the slide out ketboard and the price is affordable because when the bionic came out it was pretty expensive so im really looking forward to this new device :)

  • Hall Lo

    Yay for hardware keyboard! I really hope there will be another phone with hardware keyboard that is on quad-core ;D

  • Anderson

    Wait a minute it was the Feb 2nd last month , now it is the 9th , and the original date was suppose to be in January 26th.
    No one really knows and now it is old tech with locked bootloader .

    Who cares anymore !

    for more discussion you can also visit http://www.motoask.com

  • Scott

    How about a Droid 4 Maxx… would love some additional battery capacity…

  • jamesj0

    Yawn. More of the same from Motorola. No ICS. No 720 HD display.


    This will be first time since OG Droid came out that I will not be upgrading. Had the OG Droid, then Droid 2, Droid 3 but not seeing Droid 4 in my future and the ONLY reason is because of the non-removeable battery. Do not think I can ever have a phone without having a removeable battery. Hope Motorola rethinks this and makes future phones with removeable batteries like they always have or I might have to switch to another brand.

  • Supraket

    GSM global capabilities. Does that mean I can use this device, bought without contract for $ 549, work outside US in gsm mode? Just wondering if I will get MD4 working in my country anytime soon?

  • Grady

    Don’t suppose anyone knows if this phone will work in Australia? If so, I’d happily order one right now and have it shipped here. I’m just looking for an unlocked version so I can pop my sim card straight in and start using it.

  • Jade

    I recently upgraded to the droid 4…I have to tell you..love the phone..battery life sucks..I’m impressed with the speed and downloading time on this phone. I also like the camera features…Cool phone and great price. The slide out keyboard is really nice because well swype isn’t exactly perfect so ill hit the keyboard for corrections. Id reccomend the phone though…sounds great as well when playing music…camera is very cool. …good job except the battery…I’m told if the battery goes out which it will, I have to replace the entire phone due to the battery being built in…oh well can’t have it all I supposed .(yet)!