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Borderlands 2 and Demolition Inc. coming to Tegra Zone


With the wave of upcoming Tegra 3 devices about to be announced later this month, we felt it was a good time to preview a couple of upcoming games for Tegra Zone. NVIDIA’s showcase app has racked up a couple million installs since it launched last year and it now boasts close to 40 games optimized for Tegra devices.

Now that more devices are coming to market, we are starting to see more quality releases (like Grand Theft Auto III and Shadowgun) and more developers are signing up to bring their games to Android. Read on for our top Tegra picks.

Borderlands 2

Last week at PDXLAN 19, Dallas-based studio Gearbox Software showed off Borderlands 2 running on a Tegra 3 tablet. Some attendees at the event were disappointed because they were expecting a demo of NVIDIA’s next-gen Kepler GPU, but this is still a significant announcement for Android.

Borderlands 2 is scheduled for a summer release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. We are still waiting for more details, but this could be the first time that a console-quality game sees a simultaneous release on Android. We know that Tegra 3 has a PC-class GeForce GPU, but only a couple of developers have taken full advantage of it.

Check out the Borderlands 2 site for future updates on this game.

Demolition Inc.

Also announced last week was Demolition Inc. from Zeroscale. This action strategy game lets you assume the role of a demolition worker and shows off the physics processing power of Tegra devices. Demolition Inc. is currently scheduled for a March release.

Highlights of Demolition Inc. include:

  • Car and building physics are fully simulated. Everything is destructible and nothing is pre-animated.
  • Use the endless possibilities of combining your tools and weapons to make devastating chain reactions.
  • Use your tractor beam to take control of cars, place anti-gravity ramps to maximize damage, use the huge wrecking ball to make way.
  • Three cities and 15 districts are awaiting to be demolished by you and lead to their true destination!
  • Compare your skills with those of your friends and the world-wide steam community.

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Source: Tegra Zone

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  • ranwanimator

    Ooh that Demolition Inc game looks super fun! Who doesn’t like explosions, destruction and mayhem?

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    More of the Tegra games support controllers now. Check out the filter “Controller” in Tegra Zone to see which games will work. Our favorite controller for Android is the Logitech Gamepad F710. It has a wireless USB dongle, so you might need an adapter if your device doesn’t have full size USB.

  • AsakuraZero

    now i need my Transformer Prime Mk2 and i will be hapyp to play this on the go with a joystick

  • https://plus.google.com/105652260730187717963/posts erik knudsen

    Demolition Inc. = wow

  • Billy

    Tegrazone seems to be really lighting it up … this is exciting.

  • xsynth

    Holy frak, Borderlands 2 on android.. consoles/pc really are becoming less and less needed!

    Still, would be great if they didn’t tie games to a specific chip

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Hell, I forgot about Borderlands 2 in general until this post! Can’t wait to check it out myself on my tablet, let alone when it releases for the 360.

      • delinear

        Ditto, I played Borderlands to death on the 360 and the sequel has been on my must have list since it was announced. I’ll still be buying it for the 360 but it’s fantastic news that it will be available on Android for gaming on the go!

    • inviolable

      Let’s relax

    • Mike

      you can use chain fire app in market and rooted phone to play tegra games on non tegra phones i use my samsung galaxy S facinate all the time, it has a good enough chip especially if i overclock to 1.4 Ghz

  • spazby

    Can’t wait

  • inviolable

    If you had a choice to use a controller, why would you use the Wii? o_O

    • delinear

      I don’t own one, but the Wii sold stacks, lots of people probably have a Wii controller or two around the house. If you were specifically buying one for use with your phone then I agree.

  • ArticulateFool

    Wow, this looks nice! Now if only this damn tegra zone exclusivity bit ends soon, this might actually benefit the Android platform as a whole.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Most of the games are not exclusive. There are been some titles that enjoy a short period of time as an exclusive, but they eventually come to more devices. All the devs want to support as many devices as possible to increase their sales.

  • Hall Lo

    Looks promising :) Very nice games!

  • donger

    can’t wait for borderlands 2.

  • zedklind

    is there a video of borderlands 2 demoed on the tegra 3 tablet?