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Console gaming goes mobile, NVIDIA announces five new titles for Tegra Zone

Tegra Zone

This week at Mobile World Congress NVIDIA’s partners announced a ton of new Tegra 3 devices, but the big focus was on mobile games and other experiences that Tegra delivers. Last night we had the opportunity to attend an NVIDIA party where we got some hands-on time with several upcoming games headed to Tegra Zone.

NVIDIA had set up several classic consoles including Xbox, PlayStation 2, Atari, and Dreamcast, which were placed next to Tegra devices running similar games. It was a night filled with nostalgia, but it was also cool to see how these devices that fit in our pockets are now replacing dedicated game consoles. Read on to check out which games are coming to Tegra Zone.

Sonic 4: Episode II

Growing up I was a Nintendo fan so Mario was always my favorite character, but I had several friends who preferred Sega and their blue-haired hedgehog. This week NVIDIA announced they had partnered with Sega to bring Sonic 4: Episode II to Android devices. The latest episode in the historic franchise features 17 all-new levels, co-op mode with Sonic’s old sidekick Tails, and real-time water effects and dynamic backgrounds in 720p HD. Hopefully this is the start of a long-term relationship with NVIDIA that will see Sega’s other franchises find their way to Android devices.


Eden to Greeeen comes from popular Japanese developer iNiS. This turn-based strategy game is a mix of tower offense and plants vs alien machines. I had the chance to play through a couple levels at an NVIDIA event, and it was one of my favorite mobile games at the show. The graphics were powered by Unreal Engine, which we wished more Android developers used. Look for the game to be available for free on Tegra Zone later in 2012.

Dark Kingdom THD

Dark Kingdom is a classic role-playing game that has now gone mobile. This version optimized for Tegra devices features higher-polygon models, dynamic shadows, dynamic lighting, and even rag-doll physics.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD

Hamilton’s Great Adventure is another epic PC puzzle game that has gone mobile. The developer Bitsquid has ported their DirectX 11 engine to Android with Tegra 3 optimizations and quad-core scaling.

Golden Arrow THD

I didn’t get to play Golden Arrow THD, but this hack-and-slash game looks pretty awesome. The version optimized for Tegra devices will feature higher-resolution textures, high dynamic range lighting, soft shadows, lens flares, explosions and fires galore.

Via: NVIDIA Blog

Source: Tegra Zone

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  • spazby

    get those fingers ready!!! golden arrow looks good…

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    going to tegrazone lol

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet they all look good, can’t wait to see them in tegrazone

  • AsakuraZero

    this make me wonder if i should wait for the snapdragon command center (correct me if im wrong i dont remember the name of the game hub of Snap)

    or sell my og transformer, get the infitty and get the padphone so i can have the best of all worlds or sometihng like that

  • fletchtb

    I’d go with Sonic. I prefer the classics.

    • thekaz

      heh. I feel the same way — I guess I am old when think the other games look awesome, but too complicated for my tastes. Sonic brings back memories and is more my “style” of game.

      (although I am old enough to miss the days of zork and even Adventure on the Atari)

  • delinear

    Some of these look amazing – Dark Kingdom and Golden Arrow in particular but Eden to Greeen also looks like it could be good (hopefully we’ll also have the option of playing as the invading machines, that looks much more fun…)

  • Xpeira Fever

    The graphics are good but tbh I don’t like 1 of the games, I prefer racing and COD style shooters, maybe even a bit of GTA.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Sonic sounds amazing, as for the rest of the games, f’ yeah thank you nVidia.

  • Hall Lo

    Very nice and attractive :D More reasons for people to get a Tegra 3 tablet!

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    Lookin’ good!

  • Chaoz

    Huzzah give already :)

    Android needs more good looking games.

  • kzlife

    Golden arrows looks the most fun in my opinion =)

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    yes more HD games.